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Fifth Generation

82. George DODSON82 was born about 1755.37

Received into the care of the Broad Run Bapt Church on 9 Oct 1763 as the son of Lazarus Dodson.

George Dodson married Hannah Wall on 19 Apr 1787. John Bennett was bondsman. Charles Wall, father of the bride, gave permission. John Adkinson performed the ceremony.

George served in the Revolution. He enlisted under Capt Benjamin Terry and was transferred to Capt Joseph Morton. He was marched to Guilford Court house where George was severely wounded in the knee. He applied for and received an Invalid Pension in 1829 and Dr. Raleigh White certified that "the wound was no better than it first healed up". After 1782, the Pittsylvania County Court exempted George from the payment of taxes. His 2nd wife, Lucy Dodson, received a bounty land warrant in 1855 for his service. When he applied for the pension, he state he was then supporting a wife and three children - he surely had children by both wives but they haven't been identified.

George received his father's homeplace when Lazarus died in 1799. He qualified as executor of Lazarus's estate 16 Sep 1800. He lived all his life in Pittsylvania Co.

Pittsylvania Co DB 8
21 Apr 1788 Lazurus Dodson & George Hardey to Silvany Gardner. 25#'s. Tract of 75 acres on waters of Sandy Creek. Begin sd Dodson's corner, said Hardy's land. Signed: Lazerus Dodson, George Hardey
Wit: John Chilton, George Dodson, Bennett Chelton
21 Apr 1788 Proved by oaths of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co DB 9
p.199 10 Feb 1792 Lazarus Dodson to Thomas Madding. 100#'s 150 acres. Both sides Bare Branch a prong of Sandy Creek. Begin Lazarus Dodson's old line. Signed: Lazarus Dodson
Wit: Silvany Gardner, Larkin Ingram, George Dodson 16 Apr 1792 proved by witnesses
p.204 8 Sep 1791 George Hardy Junior to Lazarus Dodson. 32#'s Land on waters of Sandy Creek. 72 acres. Joseph Terry's line. Signed: George Hardey. Wit: George Dodson, Silvany Gardner, Thomas Madding.
16 Apr 1792 proved by wit.

Pittsylvania Co DB 10
p.158 14 Feb 1795 John Spencer for $250 paid by John Madding to sell wagon, feather beds, household furnishings, etc. signed: John Spencer
Wit: Gideon Ragland, George Dodson, Wm Herring
The within Bill of sale is to keep sd Mading from being damaged by Security on a Replevin Bond given Samuel Calland. Signed: John Mading 20 Apr 1795 Proved by witnesses
p.334 1 Feb 1796 John Creel to Thomas Madden. 30#'s. pd by sd Thomas Madding. 100 acres Waters of Sandy Creek. Begin oak in Lazarous Dodson's line, pointers in Henry's line, Rawley Dodson's line, sd Maddings line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Peggy (X) Dodson [probably widow of Fortunatus Dodson], George Dodson. 18 apr 1796, Ack by Creel
p.334 15 Dec 1795 John Creel to George Dodson. 35#'s. 217 acres. Waters of Birches Crk and Sandy Creek. Begin Oak in Lazarus Dodson's line, Chelton's line, at the Mountain road, as the road runs, Henrys line, Lazarous Dodson's line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Thomas (X) Madden, Peggy (X) Dodson. Ack 18 Apr 1796
p.335 10 Mar 1796 Jacob Chaney Senr & Jonathan David to Caleb Dodson of Halifax Co. 13#'s. 55 acres. Beg said Chanies line, another of Chaney's lines. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney, Jonathon (X) Davis. Wit: George Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney, Nathan Chaney 18 apr 1796 Proved by wit.
p.431 25 Jul 1796 Jacob Chaney Senior & Jacob Chaney Jr. to Ezekiel Chaney $280 150 acres on waters of Birches Crk Begin near Joneses Spring, sd Jacob Chaney's line near the Mountain Rd. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney, Jacob (D) Chaney wit: Charles Chaney, William Chaney, George Dodson 19 Sep 1796 Ack by Jacob Chaney & Jacob Chaney Jr. Mary, wife of sd Jr relinq dower rights.

George DODSON and Hannah WALL were married on 19 April 1787 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Hannah WALL, daughter of Charles WALL and Elizabeth BATES, was born (date unknown).

George DODSON and Lucy DODSON were married on 22 December 1803 in Halifax County, Virginia. Lucy DODSON, daughter of Caleb DODSON and Elizabeth PETTY, was born on 23 February 1781.