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Fourth Generation

42. Rev. Lazarus DODSON29,31,37 was born on 7 October 1728 in Richmond County, Virginia.21,29 He died about 1799 at the age of 71 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.29

Laz. Dodson found on a list of taxpayers for Hamilton Parish, Elk Run & vicinity, 1751. From the account book of Capt. John Crump, Sheriff of Prince William County. After 1759, this area became Fauquier County.
Published in the Bulletin of the Fauquier Historical Socity, June 1923, p.239-242. Reprinted in the Newsletter of the Prince William County Genealogical Society, V.10, No. 6, Dec 1991, pp.43-45.

Lazarus married a cousin according to Rev. Elias Dodson. Lazarus and Alice were living in Fauquier Co in 1763, when they joined Broad Run Baptist Church [baptized on 9 Oct 1763]; they were dismissed to the church in Halifax and lived there in the part that became Pittsylvania Co. Lazarus was a Baptist minister, pastor of Little Sandy Creek Church on the Dan River in 1780.

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782: Lazarous Dodson, 450 acres.

Pittsylvania Co DB 7
p.510 September 19, 1785 We Lazarus Dodson, Reubin Payne, & Jeremiah White are held & firmly bound unto Patrick Henry, Esq Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Sum of 500 pounds. The Condition of the above Obligation is such that the above Bound Lazarus Dodson this Day produced Credentials of his Regular ordination in the Communion of the Society of Christians called Baptists & obtained a Certificate to impower him to perform the Rites of Matrimony
s/ Reubin Pain, Jere White
September 19, 1785

p.603 28 Nov 1785 Joseph Terry to Lazarus Dodson 50£ Tract on waters of Sandy Creek of Bannister River. 100 acres. Begin Lazarus Dodson's old line. Signed: Joseph Terry
Wit: Thomas Madding, David Dodson, Thomas Shaw. Proved by witnesses 17 Apr 1786

Pittsylvania Co DB 8
21 Apr 1788 Lazurus Dodson & George Hardey to Silvany Gardner. 25£. Tract of 75 acres on waters of Sandy Creek. Begin sd Dodson's corner, said Hardy's land. Signed: Lazerus Dodson, George Hardey
Wit: John Chilton, George Dodson, Bennett Chelton
21 Apr 1788 Proved by oaths of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.199 10 Feb 1792 Lazarus Dodson to Thomas Madding. 100£ 150 acres. Both sides Bare Branch a prong of Sandy Creek. Begin Lazarus Dodson's old line. Signed: Lazarus Dodson
Wit: Silvany Gardner, Larkin Ingram, George Dodson 16 Apr 1792 proved by witnesses
p.204 8 Sep 1791 George Hardy Junior to Lazarus Dodson. 32£ Land on waters of Sandy Creek. 72 acres. Joseph Terry's line. Signed: George Hardey. Wit: George Dodson, Silvany Gardner, Thomas Madding.
16 Apr 1792 proved by wit.
[George Dodson, probably Lazuus' brother.]

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.334 1 Feb 1796 John Creel to Thomas Madden. 30£. pd by sd Thomas Madding. 100 acres Waters of Sandy Creek. Begin oak in Lazarous Dodson's line, pointers in Henry's line, Rawley Dodson's line, sd Maddings line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Peggy (X) Dodson, George Dodson. 18 apr 1796, Ack by Creel
15 Dec 1795 John Creel to George Dodson. 35£. 217 acres. Waters of Birches Crk and Sandy Creek. Begin Oak in Lazarus Dodson's line, Chelton's line, at the Mountain road, as the road runs, Henrys line, Lazarous Dodson's line. Signed: John Creel
Wit: William Creel, Thomas (X) Madden, Peggy (X) Dodson. Ack 18 Apr 1796

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.278 23 Dec 1797 David Dodson & Fanny his wife to Rholy Dodson [Rawleigh] 25£ On Waters of big Sandy Creek 150a Begin branch being Edmund Fitzgeralds corner & with his line, David Dodsons corner, his line, Thomas Shaw corner, Robt Cloptons line, Silvang Garners line, William Lewis & Lazarus Dodsons line, Thomas Madings line Signed: David Dodson 16 Apr 1798 Ack by David Dodson

Will of Lazarus Dodson, 1795 - Pittsylvania Co. VALWT Lazarus Dodson being weak and infirm but of perfect mind and memory. To my well beloved wife Alie Dodson a negro woman called young Lucy and a Negro Marjory, the use of my house and plantation, as much of my household furniture as she desires during her lifetime. To my son George Dodson my land and plantation after the death of his mother. To my daughter Margaret Dodson a bed and furniture, a flax wheel, mare and saddle which is called hers. I give the remainder of my personal estate equally, between my seven children: Elisha Dodson, George Dodson, Elisabeth Ingram, Rachel Mading, Rhoda Dodson, Tabithia Dodson, and Margaret Dodson. Appoint my son George Dodson executor.
Lazarus (X) Dodson
Witness: George Dodson, Robert (X) Mading, Larkin Ingram
George Dodson, Robert Clopton, and Robert Madding security for the executor
From: Will Book 1 Pages 219-220
Pittsylvania County Virginia
2 May 1795
Pr: 16 September 1799

Rev. Lazarus DODSON and Alice "Alcy" DODSON were married.29 Alice "Alcy" DODSON26, daughter of Thomas DODSON and Elizabeth ROSE, was born about 1734 in prob Prince William County, Virginia.26

Married Lazarus Dodson, first cousin, son of her uncle George & Margaret Dagard.

Rev. Lazarus DODSON and Alice "Alcy" DODSON had the following children:



Elisha DODSON was born about 1753 in Halifax County, Virginia. He died on 1 August 1828 at the age of 75 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Elisha married Rachel Henry.



George DODSON.



Elizabeth DODSON was born about 1757.

Elizabeth married William Ingram.



Rachel DODSON was born about 1759.

Rachel married Thomas Madding.






Tabitha DODSON.



Margaret DODSON.