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Fifth Generation

98. Letty DODSON38,39 was born (date unknown).

Married name was Cheney. This daughter was not named in the will of Joseph Dodson dated 12 Apr 1772. In fact he stated four daughters, Rhoda, Elisabeth, Anne & Mary. Records indicate she was probably not deceased, or perhaps she doesn't belong in this family.

Letty DODSON and Ezekiel CHANEY were married.92 Ezekiel CHANEY31,93, son of Jacob CHANEY and Sarah MIDKIFF, was born before 1752 in Halifax County, Virginia.94 He died on 21 August 1815 at the age of 63 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.94

Sarah Midkiff may not have been his mother. His father may have had an earlier wife.

Ezekiel Chaney's deed show that he lived near several of his wife's brothers, Elias, Joshua & Caleb Dodson. Other children besides daughters Nancy and Polly, probably include Joseph, Ezekiel Jr, William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Rhoda, and Sally.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 5
p.360 21 Dec 1779 Jacob Chaney to Ezekiel Chaney, son of the said Jacob. For natural love & affection & for his better maintainance. Tract in his possession now being part of the tract Jacob Chaney now lives on. Begin at Curbey's corner, Jacob Chaneys line, crossing a branch, Kerbys line. 100 acres.
21 Dec 1779 Ack by Jacob Chaney

1782 Land Tax List, Pittsylvania Co, includes Ezekiel Chaney with 100 acres.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.194 14 Apr 1792 Jacob Chaney to Nathan Chaney 50£ 100 acres Waters of Burch Crk; Elias Dodson's line; Ezekiel Chaney's line. Signed: Jacob Chaney
Ack. 16 Apr 1792
p.196 1 Jan 1792 Jacob Chaney Senr to Abram Chaney 50£ 133 acres. Waters of Birches Crk. James Henry's Order line on Miry branch, Samuel Stokes line, Elias Dodsons line, Ezekiel Chaneys line, Ack. 16 Apr 1792

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.335 10 Mar 1796 Jacob Chaney Senr & Jonathan David to Caleb Dodson of Halifax Co. 13£. 55 acres. Beg said Chanies line, another of Chaney's lines. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney, Jonathon (X) Davis. Wit: George Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney, Nathan Chaney 18 apr 1796 Proved by wit.
p.430 15 Sep 1796 Jacob Chaney to Ezekiel Chaney $31 16 acres Begin sd Ezekiel Chaney's corner in Elias Dodson's Line, thence with Dodson's line, new line, meanders of the branch to pointers in Jacob Chaney's lines, to Ezekiel Chaney's corner pine with same to the beginning. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney
Wit: Geo. Dodson, Wm Chaney, Thom Chaney.
19 Sep 1796 Ack by Jacob Chaney
p.431 25 Jul 1796 Jacob Chaney Senior & Jacob Chaney Jr. to Ezekiel Chaney $280 150 acres on waters of Birches Crk Begin near Joneses Spring, sd Jacob Chaney's line near the Mountain Rd. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney, Jacob (D) Chaney wit: Charles Chaney, William Chaney, George Dodson19 Sep 1796 Ack by Jacob Chaney & Jacob Chaney Jr. Mary, wife of sd Jr relinq dower rights.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.156 3 Mar 1800 Jacob Chaney to Thomas Hill. $130 133a. Begin said Hill's line, branch of Jeremyahs fork above said Hills Still House. Signed: Jacob (x) Chaney Wit: George Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney, Charles Chaney, Thomas Midkiff, Asa Dodson 21 Jul 1800 Proved by three of witnesses.
p.159 21 Jul 1800 Ezekiel Chaney to William Chaney. $100. 140a. Waters of Birches Crk. Begin Henry's & Chaney's corner. Said Henrys line. Said Ezekiel Chaney's line. Signed: Ezekiel Chaney. Ack by him on 21 Jul 1800
p.384 17 Sep 1801 David Dodson to Ezekiel Chaney Junr. 150£. 215 acres on waters of Birches Crk. Said Dodson's line, branch at Ezekiel Chaney Junr fence, down the branch, said Dodsons corner in his field, Heath Gardners corner, his line. Signed: David (x) Dodson. Eliza. Dodson. 21 Sep 1801. Ack by David Dodson Senr & Elizabeth his wife; she reliq. Dower.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.50 2 Jan 1804 Ezekiel Chaney to Thomas Chaney. 125£. 107 acres on waters of Birches Creek. Said Ezekiel Chaneys line, Whitlocks line. Signed: Ezekiel Chaney. Ack 16 Apr 1804.
p.411 17 Jul 1805 Daniel Reaves to Ezekiel Chaney. 60£. 60 acres on Waters of Birches Crk. Begin pointers Joseph Hill's line, Donaldson's line, Welden's line. Signed: Daniel (x) Reaves. Wit: Geo Dodson, Joseph Hill, Abraham Chaney. 16 Sep 1805, Ack by Daniel Reaves.
p.412 15 Jun 1805. Micajah Dodson to Daniel Reaves. 50£. 100 acres on waters of Birches Crk. Begin George Dodson's corner post, William Dodson's. line, Elisha Cooks corner & his line, Bitts & George Dodson's line. Signed: Micajah Dodson. Wit: Geo Dodson, Margaret (x) Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney. 16 Sep 1805, Ack by Micajah Dodston.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.182 13 Sep 1806 Thomas & John Hill to Ezekiel Chaney. $900. 276 acres on waters of Jeremiah Fork of Birches Creek. Begin Joseph Hills corner, Heath Gardners line, Chaneys conrer, Chaney's line, Dodsons line, pointers at Jeremiahs fork, as it meanders to the said Dodson's line. Signed: John Hill, Thomas Hill. Wit: Benjamin Watkins, William Tate, Moses (x) Chaney, Thomas Chaney 15 Sep 1806. Proved by witnesses
p.273 26 Nov 1803 John Henry to William Chaney. 6# 3h 6p. 9 ½ acres. Begin chessnut at Ezekiel Chaney's line, with his line, oak on the Mountain road. Signed: John Henry. Wit: John Shelton, Ezekiel Chaney, James Madkiff. 16 Apr 1804. Proved by two of the witnesses. 16 Feb 1807. Proved by another witness.
p.479 16 Sep 1807 Nathan Chaney & Elizabeth his wife to Beverly Barksdale of Halifax Co for 120£. Waters of Birches Crk, 100 acres, being the land whereon the said Chaney now lives. Begin Elias Dodson's line, Ezekiel Chaney's line, pine in Joshua Dodsons line, Caleb Dodson's line to the Beginning. Signed: Nathan (X) Chany, Eliza (x) Chany. 21 Sep 1807. Ack and Elizabeth privily examined.
p.1 15 Apr 1808 Ezekiel Chaney Junr to Ezekiel Chaney Senr. For 21£. 19 acres on waters of Birches Crk. Begin sd Ezekiel Chaney Senr line, small branch, Joshua Dodson's line, down the hollow. Signed: Ezekiel Chaney, Jnr. Ack by him on 18 Apr 1808.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 16
p.10 15 Apr 1808 Ezekiel Chaney Senr & Ezekiel Chaney Junr to Thomas Chaney. 90£. 88 acres on waters of Birches Creek. Metes & bouns. Signed: Ezekiel Chaney Senr, Ezekiel Chaney Junr. 18 Apr 1808, ack. By the Chaneys.

p.488 9 Nov 1809 John Shelton to Thomas Shelton. 20 acres on Waters of Birches Creek. Ingrams line; Thomas Shelton's corner. Signed: John Shelton. Wit: Benj. Watkins, William Dodson, Geo Dodson, Ezekiel Chaney Jr. 21 Nov 1809 ack. By sd John Shelton

Letty DODSON and Ezekiel CHANEY had the following children: