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Fifth Generation

96. Elias DODSON31 was born about 1760 in Fauquier County, Virginia.90 He died in 1812 at the age of 52.90

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.194 14 Apr 1792 Jacob Chaney to Nathan Chaney 50£ 100 acres Waters of Burch Crk; Elias Dodson's line; Ezekiel Chaney's line. Signed: Jacob Chaney
Ack. 16 Apr 1792
p.196 1 Jan 1792 Jacob Chaney Senr to Abram Chaney 50£ 133 acres. Waters of Birches Crk. James Henry's Order line on Miry branch, Samuel Stokes line, Elias Dodsons line, Ezekiel Chaneys line, Ack. 16 Apr 1792

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.430 15 Sep 1796 Jacob Chaney to Ezekiel Chaney $31 16 acres Begin sd Ezekiel Chaney's corner in Elias Dodson's Line, thence with Dodson's line, new line, meanders of the branch to pointers in Jacob Chaney's lines, to Ezekiel Chaney's corner pine with same to the beginning. Signed: Jacob (X) Chaney
Wit: Geo. Dodson, Wm Chaney, Thom Chaney.
19 Sep 1796 Ack by Jacob Chaney

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12
p.418 21 Dec 1801 James Nelson & Sarah his wife to Elias Dodson of Halifax. 85£. 205 acres adj lines of Charles Harris, William Wilkinson, Matthew Moore, Benjamin Twedwell, Ezekiel Russel & Israel Matherly. Signed: James (x) Nelson, Sarah (x) Nelson. 21 Dec 1801
Ack by Nelson; Sarah relinq dower.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.168 13 Sep 1806 Jeremiah Cole & Nancy his wife to Elias Dodson of Halifax Co. 80£. Tract of 119 acres adj lines of sd Dodson, Israel Matherly & Thomas Wilkerson & Benjamin Twedwill. Signed: Jeremiah Cole, Nancy (x) Cole. Wit: Benjamin Matherly [rest off bottom of page. 15 Sep 1806 ack by Jeremiah & Nancy relinquished dower.
p.479 16 Sep 1807 Nathan Chaney & Elizabeth his wife to Beverly Barksdale of Halifax Co for 120£. Waters of Birches Crk, 100 acres, being the land whereon the said Chaney now lives. Begin Elias Dodson's line, Ezekiel Chaney's line, pine in Joshua Dodsons line, Caleb Dodson's line to the Beginning. Signed: Nathan (X) Chany, Eliza (x) Chany. 21 Sep 1807. Ack and Elizabeth privily examined.

Elias DODSON and Nancy STAMPS were married on 23 November 1785 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.79,82,90 Nancy STAMPS77, daughter of JOHN STAMPS and ELEANOR DODSON, was born in 1769.63,77 She died in February 1837 at the age of 68.63,77

Married Elias Dodson, 23 Nov 1785 in Halifax Co VA. The certificate was signed by John Stamps. Nancy signed her own consent.

Nancy and Elias were 2nd cousins. The Hull database gives a marriage record in Halifax Co for 23 Jul 1785. The marriage was recorded in Pittsylvania Co. Lazarus Dodson was the minister.

Elias DODSON and Nancy STAMPS had the following children:



Rev. Elias DODSON Jr.79,91 was born on 27 October 1807 in Halifax County, Virginia.91 He died on 13 December 1882 at the age of 75 in Wilmington, New Hanover County, North Carolina.91

Elias Jr. never married. He was only a young boy when his father died. He attended the Baptist Seminary at Richmond VA and William & Mary College in Williamsburg where he graduated 2 Jul 1838. He was ordained a minister in Richmond that year. Most of his ministerial career was as a home missionary in North Carolina and Tennessee.
He wrote a manuscript on the Dodson family for a relative in Tennessee; it has been found to contain few errors.

Minutes of Trinity Bapt Church Record Book [in Hull papers]:
Sat, 29 May 1841 Sermon by Bro. E. Dodson
Sun, 30 May 1841 Sermon by Bro E. Dodson
Aug 1850, Bro Elias Dodson re-appointed Missionary
Nov 1851 Elias Dodson preached
Sat, Mar 1853 Elias Dodson preached



Rev. Obadiah DODSON was born (date unknown).

Rev. Elias Dodson Jr in his genealogy stated that his father, his brother Obadiah and himself were all preachers.



Mathew DODSON was born (date unknown).



Mary DODSON was born (date unknown).