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Fifth Generation

95. Joshua DODSON31,33,88 was born about 1757 in prob Fauquier County, Virginia.88 He died in April 1850 at the age of 93 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.87

Joshua married (1) Ann "Nancy" Shelton/Chilton, daughter of Charles on 21 Sep 1779 in Pittsylvania Co. Thos. Tunstall was bondsman. He married (20 Sarah I. Brummer on 21 Jun 1836. Children (10) were all by his first wife.
He enlisted 9 Apr 1776 in John Donelson's Co and went on an expedition against the Indian and was present at the Long Island of the Holston. He received bounty land in the Military District of Ohio. He testified for his brother Caleb's pension hearing.

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists 1782: Joshua Dodson, 150 acres.

Joshua in Pittsylvania DB 9:
p.55 1 Jan 1791 James M. Munday to Joshua Dodson. 50£. Tract of 100 acres on Waters of Lower Double Creek. John Spencers line, Samuel Walkers line, Walkers Spring branch, Robert Maddings, Mouth of Richard Childresses Spring Branch. Signed: James M. Munday Wit: John Harris, David Dodson, Charles Chilton.
[Samuel Walker married Lucy Walters, daughter of Thomas & Lucy. David Dodson was probably a son of George and a 1st cousin once removed to Joshua. Joshua married Ann Shelton, Charles "Chilton" perhaps kin.]
p.445 24 Dec 1792 Robert Mading and Champness Mading of Cazwell Co NC to George Dodson of Patrick Co, VA. 80£. Begin at Robert Water's corner & running on Bennet's line to corner pointer with Samuel Watkins line, Joshua Dodsons line, Dodson & Spencers line. Old field belonging to Spencer, crossing branch to Robt Waterses corner in Slayden's line, thence with sd Walterses line to the beginning. 211 acres being land willed to the sd Madin's by John Madins dec'd. Signed: Robert (X) Mading, Champness (X) Mading. Wit: John Vaughn, Charles Collie, Robert Walters, Thomas Madding.
15 Apr 1793. Proved by two of wit.
21 Oct 1793. proved by 3rd wit

Pittsylvania DB 11
p.41 15 Apr 1797
Jacob Chaney to Moses Chaney. 335$ Waters of Birches Creek 250 acres. Begin Joshua Dodsons corner, Hills line, Jacob Chaney's line, said Dodsons line. Signed: Jacob (x) Chaney Wit: Geo Dodson, Wm Chaney, Thomas Chaney, Ezekiel Chaney, Joseph Chaney, Charles ?Charner Proved 17 Apr 1797 by three of witnesses
p.42 1 Feb 1797 William Mading to Joshua Dodson 29$ 29a said Joshua Dodson's line, Spring Branch of Dodson's, Watsons Mill branch, down the mill branch. Signed: William Mading Wit: George Dodson senr, George Dodson Jr, John Dodson 17 Apr 1797 - proved by Mading
p.52 17 Apr 1797 Robert Walters to William Seal 28£ 10s
47 acres. Begin white oak in Dodson's line, sassafras corner in Tates line, wagon road, with the road to said Tates, up the road to an old Blacksmith's Shop, Spring in Joshua Dodson's line with sd Joshua Dodsons & George Dodson's line. Signed: Robert Walters 17 Apr 1797. Robert Walters acknowledged
Note: Joshua Dodson's daughter married Robert Walters' son.
p.436 1 Apr 1799 Robert Gooding of Halifax to Joshua Dodson of Pittsy. Later in deed called John Dodson. Tract on waters of lower Double Creek, 65a. Begin pointers in Slaydon's line, with Slaydon's line, John Maddings & Walter Goodings lines, Watsons line. Signed: Robert (x) Goodwin. Wit: B. Barksdale, George Dodson, Wm Barksdale, Robt Walters
15 Apr 1799 Ack by three of witnesses

Pittsylvania Co DB 12
p.322 25 Oct 1800 Martin True to Joshua Dodson. $200. 100 acres on waters of Jeremiah fork of Birches Crk. Begin in fork of said Jeremiahs fork near a wagon road. Pointers in Walters's line, with his line, Richardson's line. Signed: Martin (x) True. Wit: Allen Dodson, Robert Madin, Thomas Chaney, Jonathan Weldon 20 Apr 1801 proved by two of wit. 20 Jul, proved the 3rd witness.

Pittsylvania Co DB 13
p.226 28 Aug 1802. Robert Gooding of Hallifax to William Johnson. 75£. Tract of 135 acres on lower double creek. Joshua Dodsons line, said Johnsons spring, George Dodson's line, Slaydens corner, line. Mouth of Cloptons spring branch. Signed: Robt (x) Goodwin. Wit: Thos. Shelton, Robt Walters, Wm Shelton, Walker Goodwin 18 Apr 1803 Proved by witnesses
p.228 16 Apr 1803 John Hill to Joshua Dodson. 15£. 10 acres, waters of Jeremiahs fork of Birches Crk. Pointers in said Dodson's line, Chaney's line. Signed: John Hill Wit: Robert Madding, Thomas Hill, Ezekiel Chaney. 18 Apr 1803 Proved by witnesses.
p.234 15 Apr 1803 Joshua Dodson to Allen Dodson. For love & good will & better maintenance of Allen Dodson, land of 100 acres. Waters of Jeremiahs fork of Birches Creek. Begin beech in the forks of Jeremiahs Fork, Joseph Hills line, Donaldsons & Dodsons lines, Timothy Dodson & Walterses lines. Signed: Joshua Dodson 18 Apr 1803, ack by Joshua Dodson. [Tract bought from Martin True?]

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 14
p.495 15 May 1805 John Hill to Thomas Chaney. 12£ 16sh.for 17 acres on waters of Birches Crk. Joshua Dodson's line. Signed: John Hill. 16 Dec 1805, Ack by John Hill

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.323 18 Apr 1807 John Shelton and Mary Shelton to Joshua Dodson. 34£, 10 sh. 100 acres on waters of Birches Creek and Tobies Creek. Line formerly called Amos Hills line, line formerly called Robert Madings line, Moses Chaneys line. Signed: John Shelton, Mary (X) Shelton. Wit: George Shelton, Vincent Hardey, Spencer Shelton, Henry Shelton, William Shelton. 20 Apr 1870 Proved by oaths of three witnesses.
p.49 19 Apr 1806 Moses Chaney & John Shelton to Joshua Dodson. 200£. Waters of Birches & Tobeys Crks, 350 acres. Begin oak in sd Dodson's line, with his line, Hills line, Caleb Dodsons Corner with his line. Signed: Moses Chaney, John Shelton. 21 Apr 1806 presented & ack by Moses Chaney.
p.479 16 Sep 1807 Nathan Chaney & Elizabeth his wife to Beverly Barksdale of Halifax Co for 120£. Waters of Birches Crk, 100 acres, being the land whereon the said Chaney now lives. Begin Elias Dodson's line, Ezekiel Chaney's line, pine in Joshua Dodsons line, Caleb Dodson's line to the Beginning. Signed: Nathan (X) Chany, Eliza (x) Chany. 21 Sep 1807. Ack and Elizabeth privily examined.; 13 Aug 2004
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Joshua Dodson to son Allen Dodson, a gift of land. Apr 1803
Joshua Dodson to granddaughter Lydia Chaney, a female slave about one year old. Aug 1835.

Had a second marriage to Sarah J. Brummer, 21 Jun 1836, Pittsylvania, VA.

Joshua is listed in the 1850 Mortality Census for Pittsylvania Co VA. He was 93, died in April born in Virginia and cause of death was given as "old age".

Joshua DODSON and Ann SHELTON were married on 21 September 1779 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.82,89 Ann SHELTON was born (date unknown).

Joshua DODSON and Ann SHELTON had the following children:



Elizabeth DODSON.