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Third Generation

18. Thomas DODSON1,36,37 died on 21 October 1783 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

About 1733, Thomas sold his land received from his father [he received only 5 shillings in the will of his father likely because he had previously been given this tract.] and moved to Prince William Co, the part that became Fauquier in 1759, and settled on Broad Run of Occoquan Creek. He was a founding member of Broad Run Baptist Church, 3 Dec 1762. Thomas and other relatives were later dismissed to moved to Halifax County (spring of 1766). Some of the land holdings in Halifax became part of Pittsylvania; they bounded Birch Creek.

A HISTORY OF BROAD RUN BAPTIST CHURCH, Fauquier Co VA 1762-1987, John S. Moore, 1987
Chapter Two, p.13-15
On December 3, 1762, Broad Run Church was orgainized by David Thomas and John Marks with ten members who were: Edmund Hays, Peter Cornwell, Joshua Dodson, Thomas Dodson, William Stamps, Elizabeth Hays, Sarah Cornwell, Ruth Dodson, Elizabeth Dodson and Betty Bennett. All of these ten charter members except Elizabeth Dodson were listed on the Mill Creek Church roll. [Mill Creek was one of only 3 Regular Baptist Churches in VA prior to Broad Run.]
.....At the May Court of 1763 (Fauquier Minute Book, 1763-64, p.43) the names of 41 persons including 17 members of Broad Run Church were presented by the Grand Jury "for absenting themselves from the parish church within six months past." There were: David Thomas [the pastor], Thomas Dodson, Abraham Dodson, Elisha Dodson, Joseph Dodson, George Dodson, Edmund Hays, Peter Cornwell, Obed Conwell, William Davison (Davis?), John Davis, Timothy Stamps, William Stamps, John Bennett, Joshua Dodson, John Creel and Joseph Morrison.
[Thomas, Abraham, Joshua & Elisha Dodson were brothers; Joseph and possibly George were sons of Thomas; John Creel was a son-in-law of Thomas. Timothy & William Stamps were brothers of the John Stamps who married Eleanor Dodson, dau of Elisha.]

Fauquier Co VA DB 2, p.444 26 May 1766 Thomas Dodson Sr & wife Elizabeth and Thomas Dodson Jr and wife Mary of Hamilton Parish to William Hunton ..400 acres on south run of Broad Run ...corner Joseph & George Dodson, Humphrey Brooks near REv. Mr. Stuarts line.; 13 Aug 2004
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Thomas Dodson to son Jesse Dodson, gift of land. Mar 1772

Pittsylvania DB 3
p.361 22 Jun 1773 Thomas Dodson to John Creel. 50£. Tract on both sides Burch Creek, 200 acres. Crossing the mill pond. Signed: Thomas Dodson Senr
Wit: Jeffery Johnson, David Dodson, Caleb Dodson
23 Sep 1773 Proved by oaths of wit
p.362: 22 Jun 1773 John Creel bound for 1000 £ to provide a place for Thomas Dodson and wife to live during their lives which shall be the place whereon they now live or such place as shall content them. Signed: John Creel Wit: Jeffrey Johnson, David Dodson, Caleb Dodson Both deeds recorded on 23 Sep 1773.

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782. Thomas Dodson Senior, 280 acres.

Will made on Aug 12, 1779, proved Oct. 21, 1783 [Pittsylvania Wills & Deeds, B11, p.133] names grandson Thomas, son of Joseph Dodson dec'd; sons Thomas, George, William; daughters, Sarah Nevil, Elizabeth Bennett, Else [Alice] Dodson, Rhody Creel; wife Ellinor; and to the Baptists, use of the meeting house near John Creel's mill with 3 acres of land. Executors: Wife and son George.
It's interesting that the above abstract omits youngest son Jesse who is to inherit the home property. And it gives a surname for daughter Elizabeth that isn't in the Will. However, it's also interesting that the following transcription does not mention daughter Rhody/Rosannah Creel at all.

Source: Originally posted by "margaret findley" <> on the Dodson surname list on March 25, 2003.
This has been copied verbatum from a xerox copy made at the LDS library in SLC, page 260 found in THE DODSON FAMILY OF WARREN, COUNTY, TENNESSEE AND ALLIED FAMILIES by Catherine Gaffin Lynn, 1974----
Margaret Dodson Findley--
"WILL OF THOMAS DODSON of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia - dated August 12, 1779 - Proved Oct.21,1783
In the name of God Amen this twelfth day of August in the year of our Lord 1779, I THOMAS DODSON of Pittsylvania County of the State of Virginia being in good health and perfect and sound memory.....
I give to my grandson THOMAS DODSON, son of JOSEPH deceased, the sum of one shilling Sterling.
Item-I give and bequeath to my son THO'S DODSON my whip saw.
Item-I give and bequeath to my son GEORGE DODSON a Negro LEVINA, to him and his heirs forever.
Item-I also give and bequeath to my son WILLIAM DODSON after the death of my wife the plantation and tract of land whereon I now live to him and his heirs forever.
Item-I give and bequeath to my daughter SARA NEVIL one shilling.
Item-I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth. . one shilling.
Item-I give and bequeath to ELSE DODSON. . .one shilling.
Item-I give and bequeath to my loving wife ELLINOR DODSON all my moveable Estate excepting my still and whipsaw, such as horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep with all my household and kitchen furniture provided
(this is not quite clear to me but is as copied by Court Clerk)- she will give up her join and what I had with and if not as much to be sold as will pay her and she shall have the remainder likewise I lend her the use of my Negro woman named Violet, her natural life and afterwards to
and his heirs forever.
Item-I also leave my still to be valued at my decease and for my son JESSE to have the still by paying his brothers and sisters their equal proportion according to the valuation of said still.
Item-I also give to use of the Separate and Regular Baptists to meet in the worship service of the Lord, the Meeting house near John Creeks Mill with three acres of land to the same more or less.
Item-I also appoint my loving wife Elenor DODSON and my son GEORGE DODSON my only and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other former will and Legacies and Executors by me in any ways before this time named, willed and bequeathed Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, as witness whereof I have hereunto Enterligned before signed.
Signed, sealed and delivered by the said THOMAS DODSON to be his last will and Testament in the presence of the subscribers.
*Note: A synopsis of this will is also found in THE DODSON (DOTSON) FAMILY OF NORTH FARNHAM PARISH, RICHMOND COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Vol. 2, pp. 1424-1425. Additional information on Thomas Dodson, Jr. is found in the Dodson book on pages 15-16.--gg

Thomas DODSON and Elizabeth ROSE were married on 3 April 1726 in Richmond County, Virginia. Elizabeth ROSE1, daughter of John ROSE and Mary [ROSE], was born about 1706 in Northumberland County, Virginia. She died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.35

[Either the marriage date is incorrect, are Joseph was not born in 1725.] Or Thomas Dodson might have had a brief earlier marriage...

Thomas DODSON and Elizabeth ROSE had the following children:



Joseph DODSON.



Thomas DODSON38,39 was born on 3 October 1728 in Richmond County, Virginia.21,38 He died before 1816 at the age of 88 in prob Hawkins County, Tennessee.38

This Thomas lived on the second fork of Birch Creek and became known as "Second Fork" Thomas, probably to distinguish him from the several Thomas Dodsons in Pittsylvania and Halifax counties. He is said to have married first a Dodson cousin but her identity is in dispute; they had two children. He married 2nd to Mary Neville, daughter of Joseph Neville of Prince William County and I have seen as many as twelve children to include a Jesse, born about 1774 - Jesse married Judith Combs, 19 Mar 1794, Halifax, VA.

Second Fork Thomas was baptised at Broad Run Bapt Church 11 Aug 1765. He was dismissed to Halifax 11 Nov 1766. About 1788 he appears to have left he Halifax/Pittsylvania area and moved to Hawkins or Grainger County in East Tennesse. The records of the Baptist Church, County Line in Hawkins Co showed among its members in Mar of 1792, Thomas & Mary Dodson, Elizabeth Dodson, ?Utally Dodson, and Alsey & Winifred Johnson [daughters who both married Johnsons]. The church was near the Hawkins/Grainger County line. In Mar of 1811, Thomas made a deed of gift to his children of the property which came to him as heir-at-law of his deceased son William. By 25 Mar 1816 he was referred to as Thomas Dodson, dec'd, in deeds relative to settlement of the William Dodson estate in Pulaski County, KY.

Halifax Co VA Will Book 0 [Zero]; p.292
17 Sep 1770 Appraisors of estate of John Davison: Thomas Dodson, Joseph Dodson, & Thomas Richards.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 6
p.60 20 Oct 1780 Thomas Dodson to Rhoderick McDaniel. 1000£. 30 acres. Pointers in sd Dodsons line, crossing Birches Creek, to the Meeting House Spring, to a road. Signed: Thomas Dodson
Wit: Geroge Dodson, Thomas Bennet, Alexander Lee 17 Oct 1780 proved by wit.

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782. Thomas Dodson Jr., 150 acres.

A FindAGrave contibutor has linked Thomas as the father of Rev. Jesse, rather than his older brother. The will of the elder Thomas does not name a son as Jesse.
Find A Grave Memorial# 92200709
Thomas's wife there is listed as Mary Neville, daughter of Joseph Neville and Ann Bohannan, she was born 16 Jun 1730, died about 1816, and is said buried County Line Church Cemetery, Big Creek, Hawkins, Co TN - as is Thomas.
County Line is in the line of Hawkins & Grainger Counties.



Mary DODSON26 was born on 16 June 1730 in Richmond County, Virginia.38

Mary's married name was Childs/Chiles.



Sarah DODSON26 was born on 27 May 1732 in Richmond County, Virginia.21,26 Sarah & Betty were twins.

Sarah's believed to have married John Neville, a brother to Mary Neville who married her brother Thomas. Their parents were John and Mary Bohannon Neville.



Elizabeth DODSON26 was born on 27 May 1732 in Richmond County, Virginia.21,26

Elizabeth was a twin to Sarah.

Married John Bennett according to records of Rev. Elias Dodson.



Alice "Alcy" DODSON.



Rev. William DODSON was born about 1738 in prob Prince William County, Virginia.40 He died on 6 May 1832 at the age of 94 in Iredell County, North Carolina.40

Rev. Elias Dodson said William was one of the greatest speakers. He could make up songs as he sung them and wrote poetry.

He was pastor of the County Line Baptist Church from 1781-1790 - this was the oldest of the churches in Pittsylvania Baptist Association, constutued in 1771 at Peytonsburg. This was Samuel Harris's church.

They moved to North Carolina soon after 1795.



George DODSON41 died in January 1816 in Fairfield County, Ohio.41 He was born in prob Prince William County, Virginia.41

Both family records and county records are very confusing about the George Dodson. There was a preacher in the family named George, but it doesn't seem to be this one. Thomas Dodson appointed his son George his Executor, and the 1779 tax list of Pittsylvania Co lists, George Dodson, son of Thos. He made a nuncupative will just before his death in 1816, told to William and Rhoda Dodson. He mentioned sons Thomas, George & Presley, daughter Frankey, and wife, but her name not stated. His first wife appears to have been Anne and they were members of the Broad Run Baptist Church in Fauquier Co and they were dismissed to Halifax Co.

Nuncupative Will 8 Jan 1816; recorded 20 Jan 1817, to William and Rhoda Dodson. He mentioned sons Thomas, George & Presley, daughter Frankey, and a wife [name not stated]. His land to be divided betwedn his sons after the death of their mother.
Thomas and Frankey Dodson were taken under the care of the Broad Run Church, Fauquier Co, 12 Feb 1764.



Rosannah DODSON.



Rev. Jesse DODSON.

Thomas DODSON and Ellenor SLOAN were married on 3 April 1776.35 Ellenor SLOAN1 was born (date unknown).

Eleanor was the widow of John Sloan who died in Pittsylvania Co, VA in 1769.