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Third Generation

24. ELISHA DODSON1,31,52 was born on 22 February 1727 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.16,21 He served in the military in 1777 at Ensign, Militia, Pittsylvania Co, VA in Revolutionary War. He died after May 1791 at the age of 64 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Elias Dodson found on a list of taxpayers for Hamilton Parish, Elk Run & vicinity, 1751. From the account book of Capt. John Crump, Sheriff of Prince William County. After 1759, this area became Fauquier County.
[Since the earliest known Elias Dodson was not born until 1760, this is most likely Elisha.]
Published in the Bulletin of the Fauquier Historical Socity, June 1923, p.239-242. Reprinted in the Newsletter of the Prince William County Genealogical Society, V.10, No. 6, Dec 1991, pp.43-45.

December 4, 1762 Elisha Dodson and Sarah Dodson were baptized in the Broad Run Baptist Church, Fauquier County. Their son Elisha Jr was one of the infants received into the care of the church on 9 Oct 1763. It is indicated in such records that Elisha and Sarah Dodson were "dismissed to Halifax" - date not shown.

From Fauquier Families, Vol 1, p.96
DB 1, p.355 1762. Release to Greenham Dodson of Amelia Co, and Abraham, Joshua and Elisha Dodson of Fauquier of claims to Estate of Thomas Dodson, dec'd. Wit: David Thomas, Gilbert Mason, Benjamin (X) Morris
1764. Joseph, Thomas Sr., Abraham, Joshua, Elisha, William & Lazarus Dodson among those indicted for not going to church.

In 1774 Elisha patented 400 acres in Halifax Co and appears on the tax lists there from 1782 until 1787 when he apparently moved to Pittsylvania. He continues on the tax lists in Pittsylvania Co through 1796, so apparently died at at hat time. He had perhaps taken care of his estate distribution previously by a deed of gift to his children.

Elisha Dodson is in the DAR patriot index. He is listed in the Pittsylvania Co. Court Order Book 4, 1777-1783, p.127 as a ensign in the milita, Capt. Richard Gwynn's Company.

Pittsylvania DB9, p.11
p.11 27 Apr 1791 Elisha Dodson to Presley Dodson, William Dodson, Margaret the wife of Railey [Rawleigh]Dodson, Lydda the wife of John Waller, Ruth the wife of Jesse Dodson, Sarah the wife of Thomas Dodson, Jemimah the wife of Joshua Hardey & Elisha Dodson Jr. For natural love & affection to his said children and also for 5sh, makes over to them, the land whereon he now lives. 300 acres on Toby Creek unto his sd sons Presley & William to be divided between them Presley the N side & Wm the S including to William 4 acres on N side known Antain Land reputed bounds thereof. Also the following slaves: Simon, Harry, Sam, Winney, Milley, Lettey, Cresia, Suckey, Aggy & Ever. And all his moveable estate of what kind of quality. Said Negro Harry to be delivered to John Waller and with him to remain until a debt is paid which the sd Elisha Dodson is now owing the sd Waller. Negro Aggy already given & in possession of sd Elisha Dodson Jr. After sd Debt is paid then Harry to be returned into a division. Slaves & moveable estate to be equally divided between all the afore named children.
Wit: W. Wright, Ann Wright, Martha (X) Wright.
Ack by Elisha Dodson 16 May 1791

A FindAGrave memorial states his death as 27 Apr 1791 - the date he wrote his will..

The Rev. Elias Dodson in writing his history of the family claimed that Elisha Sr was blind due to an eye injury in his youth; he also stated that Elisha Jr and perhaps daughter Peggy [Margaret] were born in Maryland. There's no explanation for this statement. [There were Dodsons in Maryland with some of the same given names, but they are of no relationship - some of the early researchers have confused the families.] Rev. Dodson stated that seven daughters were born before they had a son; he named two children that were not named in the deed of gift that perhaps had died before 1791. Eleanor is not named and she was still living. Eleanor had perhaps already received her inheritance or had elected to opt out if she had no need of additional property.

ELISHA DODSON and SARAH EVERETT were married about 1748 in Richmond County, Virginia.52 SARAH EVERETT1,4, daughter of WILLIAM EVERETT and MARGARET [EVERETT], was born on 13 April 1729 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.52,53

Father said to be William Everett, born 15 Mar 1691 in VA; his father was Daniel Everett.

"Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia, 1649-1800" by Robert K. Headley Jr., published 2003, page 110
DODSON, Elisha & EVERETT, Sarah; bef. 12 Dec 1754: groom was a son of Thos. Dodson; bride was born 13 Apr 1729 in North Farnham Parish, a dau. of William (d. 1759, Rockingham Co) & Margaret Everett. Elisha & Sarah Dodson moved to Fauquier Co VA by 1762 and to Halifax Co, VA by 1782; they finally settled in Pittsylvania Co, VA in 1787.

ELISHA DODSON and SARAH EVERETT had the following children:






Margaret "Peggy" DODSON.









Jemima DODSON1 was born about 1757 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Married Joshua Hardy.



Sarah DODSON1,54 was born about 1758 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Married Thomas Dodson, son of Greenham.



Tabitha DODSON1,55 was born about 1759 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

Rev. Elias Dodson stated that Tabitha died unmarried. The Dodson Family book had no information on her except that she was not named in her father's deed of gift to his children in 1791.
A WorldConnect database has that she married Micajah Dodson but this is wrong as the Tabitha that married Micajah was the daughter of Lazarus Dodson [George3, Thomas2, Charles1]



Elisha DODSON Jr.1,56 was born about 1761.37,57 He died in 1846 at the age of 85.

Received into the care of the Broad Run Bapt Church on 9 Oct 1763 as son of Elisha Dodson.

Elisha married (1) Hannah Lawson on 21 May 1789 in Halifax Co. He married (2) Mary Lipscomb Pettus Jordan, widow, in Lunenburg Co VA - marriage contract dated 11 Jun 1832.

MARRIAGE: married Hannah Lawson-Fuqua on May 21, 1789; "Revised Edition of
the Fuller Manuscript" by Charles Thomas Stamps. [Apparently Hannah was nee Fugua. Hannah is said to have married Thomas Lawson, 4 Jan 1782, Halifax, VA.]

Rev. Elias Dodson said that his "Uncle Eli" died at age 85 in 1846.

This would seem to be Elisha's wife's former husband and his stepchildren.

Halifax Co VA Will Book 3
p.5  Sept Court 1792
Estate of Thomas Lawson  ...Theodorick Carter,Guardian  Pd Elisha Dodson for sundry articles.  Corn for widow Lawson.  Half barrel wheat for Martha Lawson. [If Martha was another child of Thomas as is seen in many databases, she may have died soon, as there do not seem to be guardianship records for a third child and the couple had not been married long enough to have a child who did not require guardianship - see more later]  Sundries furnished by Peters Dodson.  Hire of seven Negroes included Esther and old Peter to Theodorick Carter, Sukey & 3 children to Elisha Dodson.  Rent of high land Plantation to Presley Dodson; rent of river field to William Richardson.
25 Sept 1792   Account of Smith & Susannah Lawson Orphans of Thomas Lawson returned by Theodorick Carter, Guardian & ordered recorded

p.119 Account of Theo. Carter, Guardian, estate of Thomas Lawson   22 Sep 1794

p.197   November Court  Sept 25 1794 to Sep '95   Theo. Carter's accounts for Thomas Lawsons'orphans. Smith & Susanna named. Slave Sarah hired out to Elisha Dodson. Presley Dodson, rent for land. Estate of Smith & Susanna Lawson's orphans of Thos Lawson. 

 p.264  Oct Court 1796   Estate of Thomas Lawson Decd in account with Theod. Carter, guardian. Bushels of wheat to widow Lawson.  Dr. Holland for attending the orphans & slaves.  Elisha Dodson hire of Rachel & 3 children..  Account of Elisha Dodson.  Boarding, clothing &schooling.  Returned 24 Oct 1796

p.282  Sep Court 1801   Account with Elisha Dodson,guardian of Smith Lawson.  Included clothing, William Dossey for schooling; Samuel Carter for taxes 1799 &1800; sundries  paid old Wm. Lawson as Smith's part; Store a/c with James Chalmers. Hire of Negro man Dick; Negro woman Sarah, boy Simon. Orphan of Thomas Lawson.  Ordered recorded. 

p.402  Oct Court 1797   Thomas Lawson dec'd in acct w/ Theo Carter,guardian.  Blankets for Negroes, tax on 260 acres.  Corn & wheat furnished M.Lawson.  Boarding, clothing &Schooling to Elisha Dodson for Smith Lawson. Account ret 23 Oct 1797

Will Book 6
p.44  Oct Court 1798   Orphans of Thomas Lawson w/Theo Carter guardian.  Items frunished widow Lawson    To Elisha Dodson, boarding Smith Lawson

p.123  Oct Court 1799   Susanna Lawson to Guardian Charles Wall.  Begins May 1798.  Sept 25 1796 to Sep 1797 – Mrs. Charles Wall to Elisha Dodson, boarding and other expenses. [Charles Wall was also guardian of David Wall, Polly Wall.  His return 28 Oct 1799. ]

p.127  Estate of Thomas Lawson/acct with Theodorick Carter, Guardian.  Paid Attorney for services rendered.  Suit of clothing for Smith Lawson, tutor, boarding, etc.

p.189  Sep court 1800   Smith Lawson in a/c with Elisha Dodson, his guardian.  Board for year 1799.  Corn & pork for Mrs. Lawson, sundries at Chambers's store, Voss's store.  Hire of slaves.  Rent of river plantation in Presley Dodsons bond.  22 Sep 1800 returned & ordered recorded.

p.201   Oct Court. Miss Sus. Lawson to Charles Wall, her guardian.  a/c with Mr. Beverly Barksdale.  Paid Martha Lawson, corn & pork.   12 months board.  Hire of Negroes.  27 Oct 1800 ordered recorded.

p.455 Jan Court 1803    Susannah Lawson in account with Charles Wall, guardian

p.530 Elisha Dodson, guardian of Smith Lawson, orphan of Thomas Lawson, dec'd.  Account reported on 25 Sep 1803 and ordered recorded.

Here is a different Lawson - Francis - who may have had a widow, "Patty" - is this the Martha who receives payments from the estate of Thomas Lawson?
Halifax WB 6
p.129   Dec Court 1799    Sale of estate of Frances Lawson, dec'd held 23 Dec 1798.  Thomas Brandon, guardian of orphans of Frances Lawson.  Jun 1798 pd John Irwin for Frances Lawson. Pd. Ann Lawson.  For Mrs. Patty Lawson, her allowance.  Board, clothing three children 2 years, 1 month.
p.402    Priscilla, Caty, Dudley, & John Frances Lawson, orphans of Francis Lawson, account with Thomas Brandon.    Mrs. Patty Lawson her allowance.   Board, working, lodging, clothing three children from 1 Jan 1801 to 1 Jan 1802.  27 Sep 1802   Ordered recorded    Note:  three children boarded & clothed but four are named in two places.

1820 Census. Marseilles, Halifax, VA
Elisha Dodson: 1m 16-26, 1m over 45; 1f 16-26, 1f over 45. Several slaves.

1830 Census. Halifax, VA (alpha)
Elisha Dodson: 1m 30-40, 1m 60-70; 1f 5-10, 2f 15-20. 39 slaves.



Rev. Presley DODSON.



William Everett DODSON.