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Fifth Generation

139. Mary "Molly\Polly" STAMPS was born about 1766 in Fauquier County, Virginia.77

Is this Mary in 1820 in Wilkes Co, GA? If so, some of her adult children are living with her.
Mary Echols, 1 m 10-16, 1m 16-26. 2f age 16-26, 1f 26-45, 1f over 45. 2 Slaves.

Mary "Molly\Polly" STAMPS and Joseph ECHOLS were married about 1780.77 Joseph ECHOLS33,96, son of Richard ECHOLS and Catherine EVANS, was born about 1757 in Halifax County, Virginia.77 He died on 2 April 1814 at the age of 57 in Jones County, Georgia.77

Rev. Joseph Echols [838.5.6] (c.1755- 2 April 1814) married Polly Stamps a daughter of John Stamps who mentioned Molly Echols in his 1812-will in Pittsylvania County.
The father of five sons and four daughters, Echols was head of a household of nine whites in Pittsylvania County in 1782. He owned no slaves, but was then taxed on 400 acres.
Rev. Echols, a Methodist preacher, died 2 April 1814 at fifty-eight years of age, in Jones County, Georgia

Pittsylvania Land Tax Lists, 1782. Joseph Echols, 400 acres. There was also a Joseph Jr. with 440 acres - probably not a son but perhaps a nephew.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.424 17 Sep 1784 Joseph Echols of Halifax to Elkaner Echols of same for 500£. Parcel in Pittsy Co both sides of Stinking River. 400 acres. Signed: Jos. Echols.
Wit: Samuel Calland, Wm Short, Wm Wilkinson, Spencer Shelton.
18 Apr 1785. Ack by Joseph Echols
p.456 20 Sep 1784 John Short to Joseph Echols of Halifax. 175£. Tract in Pittsy whereon said Short lives. 157 acres. Old Wagon ford on Banister. On Waldrons to Clabrooks line, Finney's line. Signed: John (X) Short. Wit: Wm McCraw, Spencer Shelton, Wm Short, Saml Calland
p.623 17 Apr 1786 John Hubbard & Kezziah his wife to Joseph Ekhols of Halifax Co. whereas John Pigg dec'd late of Co of Pittsy did by his LW&T gave to his daughter Keziah Hubbard a tract, part of land whereon he lived in Pittsy Co. 250£ signed: John Hubbard, Kizia Hubbard
Ack 17 Apr 1786.

From EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA: John Hardin Foster and his wife Patsy sold 630 acres on Beaverdam Fork of Long Creek to Joseph Echols on 19 Feb 1787.

12 Aug 1797, James Spratling Sr of Wilkes Co, GA sold to John Stamps Sr of Pittsylvania Co VA, 200 acres on Cloud's Creek on the waters of Broad River, part of 500 granted Spratling Aug 1786. John did have a brother living on Cloud's Creek at the time.
Wilkes Co GA, Tax Digest: In 1805, Joseph Echols, his son-in-law held this 200 acres in trust for John Stamps, Sr., a non-resident. Joseph Echols is also listed with this land in 1806.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.247 2 Dec 1806 John Stamps appoints Joseph Echols of Wilks Co Georgia his attorney to sell & dispose of a tract of land in Oglethorpe Co. About 200 acres conveyed to me by a W. Spratlin. Signed: John Stamps. Wit: George Spratlin, John (x) Jennings, William Stamps. 16 Feb 1807, proved & ordered recorded.

The source stated that Echols died about 1855 in Wilkes Co GA. However, in EARLY RECORDS OF GEORGIA, Mary, widow, and Mary, next friend to orphans of Joseph Echols, dec'd, received a draw in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1819.

Mary "Molly\Polly" STAMPS and Joseph ECHOLS had the following children:



Simeon ECHOLS died in Wilkes County, Georgia.77

Married Caroline Van Allen GEORGIA PIONEERS, VOL. 5

Stamps source listed death before 25 Jun 1818, but in the Land Lottery of 1821, a Simeon Echols was entitled to two draws.



Victoria ECHOLS77 was born (date unknown).



Reuben ECHOLS77 was born about 1781 in Virginia.77 He died after 1845 at the age of 64 in Neshoba County, Mississippi?.77

Married Betsy Owen, 1 Dec 1803, Oglethorpe Co GA.



Tabitha ECHOLS77 was born about 1786.

Married Thomas Cooper, 24 Sep 1818, in Wilkes Co, GA.



Catherine Evans "Caty" ECHOLS77 was born about 1788 in Wilkes County, Georgia.77 She died on 26 June 1864 at the age of 76 in Jasper County, Georgia?.77

Married Archibald Standifer on 29 Apr 1838



Levi ECHOLS77 was born about 1792.77

Married Mary A. Hubbard 4 Jul 1814, Oglethorpe County, GA.



Rebecca ECHOLS was born on 3 June 1793 in Wilkes County, Georgia.77 She died on 28 April 1868 at the age of 74 in Coweta County, Georgia.77



Josephus Dickerson ECHOLS77 was born about 1798 in Wilkes County, Georgia.77 He died on 5 December 1848 at the age of 50 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama.77

Married (1) Elizabeth England and (2) Margaret England.



Nancy Olive ECHOLS77 was born on 20 September 1800 in Wilkes County, Georgia.77 She died on 24 August 1879 at the age of 78 in Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia.77

Married John Dougherty.



Dr. William R. ECHOLS was born about 1803 in Wilkes County, Georgia.77 He died after 1832 at the age of 29.77