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Fourth Generation

70. ELEANOR DODSON1,76 was born about 1749.77 She died on 10 July 1816 at the age of 67 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.77

Eleanor said to be of Richmond Co VA.

Strangely Eleanor Stamps was not mentioned in the deed of gift from her father Elisha to the other children in 1791. Perhaps as eldest she had already received her share. The Dodson Family book assumed she had died but she was very much alive. She was named as a daughter of Elisha & Sarah also in Rev. Elias Dodson's manuscript and since she was his maternal grandmother, that seems credible. Her name is recorded as Leannah in some records, including the will of John Stamps, and some believe they may be two different ladies.

A note in the Dodson book, p.21, referring to the children of Joshua Dodson [a brother of Eleanor's father Elisha] shows a possible daughter named Eleanor. A grandson of Joshua, George Washington Dodson, said that his father had a sister, name not remembered, who married a Stamps. That would seem to indicate Eleanor was a daughter of Joshua, not Elisha. Of course given the numbers of Stamps and Dodsons, this could have been a different person altogether. This grandson could also have been mistaken about the relationship. He also said that one of his father's sisters had married a Creel. The Dodson lady that married a Creel was Alice who married William Creel and Alice was a sister to Joshua and Elisha and would have been in the grandfather's generation not the father's.

Death Info: date mentioned is in the inventory of Leannah Stamps' estate, court date being 21 Apr 1817.

ELEANOR DODSON and JOHN STAMPS were married on 16 December 1765 in Broad Run Baptist Church; Fauquier County, Virginia.77 JOHN STAMPS31,77,78,79, son of THOMAS STAMPS and MARY ROSE, was born about 1746 in Prince William County, Virginia.77 He died in 1812 at the age of 66 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.77,79

John was born in the part of Prince William County that became Fauquier Co VA.. John and his brothers Timothy and William, were all members of the Broad Run Baptist Church.

[Grandson Rev. Elias Dodson said that John Stamps first married Rachel Gooding; I have not seen this anywhere else; she died without children.] The minutes of the Broad Run Baptist Church show that received into the care of the church on 14 Apr 1765, was the infant Ann Stamps, daughter of John Stamps. This was about eight months prior to John Stamps' marriage to Eleanor Dodson. The Hull papers state that Lucy A. Hall #113742 DAR, also claimed an earlier wife Eleanor and a second wife named as Leannah in his Will. I believe that Leannah is likely a pet name for Eleanor.
Family said to have moved from Fauquier to Pittsylvania County a year or two after the birth of the first child. [Fauquier Co formed from Prince William in 1759.]

Fauquier Co VA DB 2, p.451 25 May 1766 John Stamps and wife Leanna and Thomas Dodson Sr and wife Elizabeth [His aunt, Elizabeth Rose, and uncle] all of Hamilton Parish to Parnach George of same ..149 acres ..Humphrey Brooke, Henry Taylors line, near Mr. Stuarts line, devised to John Stamps by last will and testament of his father Thomas Stamps, dec'd, where John Stamps now lives.

1767 John and his brother Timothy were listed as tithables in the district of John Dix, Pittyslvania Co. Timothy's sons, Thomas, Timothy & John were listed in John Wilson's District the same year.

Charles Kinnon's list, filed in Chatham, names these persons who took the oath of allegiance in 1777: Hightower Dodson, Polly Dodson, Thomas Dodson, Fortunatus Dodson, William Petty, Robert Walters, and John Stamps Sr. Court Book, p.26-27
Commissioner's Book 5, at p. 27, Richmond VA, states that John Stamps Sr furnished supplies to the troops during the Revolutionary War.

25 Sep 1778. Robert Walters appointed 1st Lt., John Hall, 2nd Lt, and John Stamps, ensign in Capt George Carter's company of County Militia.
[I believe this is more likely the younger John Stamps, his nephew & son of Timothy.]

Pittsylvania Co Land Tax Lists, 1782. John Stamps, 194 acres.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 7
p.437 17 Nov 1784 Benjamin Stimson to Jeremiah Stimson. 20£. On little dubble Creek near the head where the said Jeremiah Stimson now lives. 122 acres including the plantation according as John Stamps has marked off already. Remainder of land shall be on NE side of the Creek. Signed: Benjamin Stimson. Wit: John Stamps, William Stamps, Joseph Flippen.
18 Apr 1785 Proved by witnesses

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 10
p.78 12 Aug 1794 John Stamps to George Hanks. 80£ 365 acres both sides of Jeremiah's Fork of Birch Crk. Crossing the wagon road. Signed: John Stamps. Wit: Thos Hill, Jonathan Hill, Moses (X) Hanks.
15 Sep 1794 proved by two of witnesses. 15 Dec 1794 proved by 3rd witness

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 11
p.176 14 Oct 1797 John Stamps to William Rice. 12£. Small tract on S side Sandy Creek, about 22 acres. Being Ambross Huckers line, Edward Burgess line. Signed: John Stamps Wit: Samuel Pruett Junr, Zachariah Butt, Timothy Stamps 16 Oct 1797. Proved by wit

p.177 29 Apr 1797 Basel Hawker to John Stamps.[Hawker/Hucker] 8£ Tract on branches of Sandy Creek, abt 16 acres. Begin post oak Erasmus Stinsons line on Wilson's old road, John Stamps line Signed: Basel (x) Hucker Wit: Samuel Pruett Junr, Zach Butts, Timothy Stamps 16 Oct 1797 Proved by witnesses.

12 Aug 1797, James Spratling Sr of Wilkes Co, GA sold to John Stamps Sr of Pittsylvania Co VA, 200 acres on Cloud's Creek on the waters of Broad River, part of 500 granted Spratling Aug 1786. John did have a brother living on Cloud's Creek at the time.
Wilkes Co GA, Tax Digest: In 1805, Joseph Echols, his son-in-law held this 200 acres in trust for John Stamps, Sr., a non-resident. Joseph Echols is also listed with this land in 1806. See later for Power of Attorney for Joseph Echols to sell this tract.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 12

p.189 25 Apr 1800 Simon Matthews & Mary his wife of Fauquier Co VA, legatee of William Stamps dec'd. Said Simon Matthew as attorney in fact of William Stamps, another legatee of the co Bourbon & state of KY and John Stamps of Co Pittsy of the other part. 47£ paid by John Stamps. Two-third parts of tract on Jeremiahs fork formerly property of William Stamps decd and devised by his LW&T. The whole containing 365 acres. Simon Matthews & Mary his wife and Simon Matthew for William Stamps. Signed: Simon Matthew, William Stamps Wit: Thomas Stamps, Timothy Stamps, William Burgess, John Stamps
[This would appear to be the 365 acres that John Stamps had already sold to George Hanks in 1794. See DB 10, p.78]

p.532 ___ of ____ 1802. James Woody to John Stamps. 10sh. One acre including the meeting house, it being for the use of public worship. Bounded by said James Woody's land. Signed: James Woody. Wit: R. Jones, Allen Waddill, John Walters. 19 Apr 1802, ack by James Woody.

Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.247 2 Dec 1806 John Stamps appoints Joseph Echols of Wilks Co Georgia his attorney to sell & dispose of a tract of land in Oglethorpe Co. About 200 acres conveyed to me by a W. Spratlin. Signed: John Stamps. Wit: George Spratlin, John (x) Jennings, William Stamps. 16 Feb 1807, proved & ordered recorded.

p.270 25 Dec 1806 John Stamps & William Rice to Leonard Clark. 20£. 55 acres, waters of Sandy Creek of Dan River. White oak said Stampses line, Edward Burgesses line, Waddills line, Hawkers line & Stampses line. Signed: John Stamps, William (X) Rice. Wit: William Stamps, William Burgess, John (x) Jennings. 16 Feb 1807 proved by two oaths. 19 Oct 1807, proved by another.

Pittsylvania Co DB 16
p.226 4 Nov 1808 Loyd Stimpson & Patsey his wife to Erasmus Stimpson. $00. 234 acres. Sd Erasmus Stimpsons line, Elijah Cooks line, Dec'd. John Stamps line, William Stimpson's line Signed: Loyd Simpson, Patsey Simpson Wit: Achillis Whitlock, Anderson M. Waddill, Ep. White, Coleman Stimpson, Wm. Simpson, Wm, Burgess, Erasmus Stimson, Junr. 16 Jan 1809 - proved by three of the witnesses.

John Stamps' will names children: Molly Eckhols, Nancy Dodson, Wm Stamps, Rhoda Wilson, Catherine Walters, Timothy Stamps, Thomas Stamps, John Stamps Jr, and Lydda Stamps. Wife Leanna Stamps. Dated 2 Nov 1812. Wit: Joseph Hatchett, Mathew Fitzgerald, Charles Waddill.
Son William presented the will in Court, 21 Dec 1812 at which time it was proved by the witnesses. His securities were Creed Tanner, Samuel Flippen, Mathew Fitzgerald and Charles Waddill and he was granted probate. The will was again presented in court on 18 Jan 1813 by Thomas Stamps.

In the name of God, Amen, I, John Stamps Senr of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia, being of sound memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, revoking all others heretofore made.
Item, I lend to my beloved wife Leanna Stamps all my estate both real and personal during her natural life or widowhood and afterwards to be disposed of in the manner following, viz:
Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Molly Echols one horse beast to the amount of fifty dollars which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item, I give to my daughter Nancy Dodson the valuable horse beast which my estate may be possessed of which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item, I give and bequeath to my daughter Lydia Stamps one Negro woman named Eva and her child Rainey with all their future increase, one cow and calf, one bed and furniture and one folding table, all of which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item, my will and desire is that all my stock not already disposed of, consisting of horses, cows, sheep and hogs should be sold and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided between my five daughters, viz: Molly Echols, Nancy Dodson, Rhoda Wilson, Catherine Walters, and Lydia Stamps.
Item, my will and desire that my Negroes, George, Harry, Milly, Ritter and Rachel, with their future increase, also my household furniture and kitchen furiture, plantation utensils and etc. should be sold and the money arising therefrom to be equally devided between my children, viz: Molly Eckhols, Nancy Dodson, Wm. Stamps, Rhoda Wilson, Catherine Walters, Timothy Stamps, Thomas Stamps, John Stamps, Jr. and Lydia Stamps, provided she should be unfortunate as to lose those Negroes or either of them already left her, but if fortunate my will and desire is that she have no part in the above negroes, Xc.
Item, I give and bequeath equally to my two sons Thomas Stamps and John Stamps, Jr., the land which I now live upon consisting of five tracts and containing by survey three hundred and nineteen acres which give to them and their heirs forever.
Item, I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons, Wm. Stamps and Thomas Stamps executors of this my last will and testament, as witness my hand and seal this second day of November one thousand eight hundred and twelve.
John Stamps [seal]
In presence of: Joseph Hatchett, Matthew Fitzgerald, Charles Waddill

21 Dec 1812. The will was present in Court and proved by the oaths of the three subscribing witnesses. It was ordered recorded and William Stamps, one of the executors made oath and entered into bond with Creed Tanner, Samuel Flippin, Mathew Fitzgerald and Charles Waddill, his securities, in the amount of $10,000. Certificate granted William Stamps.
18 Jan 1813. Thomas Stamps, with securities Joseph Flippin, James M. Williams & Creed Tanner, was also granted certificate to execute the will of his father.

30 Jan 1813. Appraisal of the estate of John Stamps. Included were the slaves George, Ritter, Milly, Rachel, Eve & Rainy. Cattle, hogs, sheep, horses. 2 carts. a parcel of books and a looking glass.
Richard Jones, George Spratten, & William Simpson were appraisors and the inventory was ordered recorded on 15 Feb 1813.

ELEANOR DODSON and JOHN STAMPS had the following children:



Mary "Molly\Polly" STAMPS.



William STAMPS.






Elizabeth "Betsey" STAMPS was born about 1772.77 She died about 1793 at the age of 21.77



Sarah "Sally" STAMPS was born about 1774.77 She died about 1780 at the age of 6.77



Rhoda STAMPS77 was born about 1776.77

Married Martin Wilson in 1800; married by Rev. Richard Elliott. Martin was a son of John Wilson and brother of Leah who married Timothy Stamps.






Timothy STAMPS.



Thomas STAMPS.



John STAMPS Jr..