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Fifth Generation

145. CATHERINE "Catey" STAMPS was born about 1778 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.77 She died in July 1839 at the age of 61.

Archer Walters and Catey Stamps, daughter of John Stamps who consents. Surety, William Walters. Married by Rev. John Atkinson, 16 Oct 1789.

Found in MARRIAGE & DEATH NOTICES, 1826-1845; GenealogyLibrary Online
Mrs. Archibald Walters died in Caswell County. Published 27 Jul 1839.

Archer married Elizabeth Richardson Rice 2 Jul 1840.

CATHERINE "Catey" STAMPS and ARCHIBALD "Archer" WALTERS were married on 16 October 1798 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.77,95 ARCHIBALD "Archer" WALTERS1,82,97,98,99,100, son of ROBERT WALTERS and SELETHA MCBEE, was born between 1770 and 1780.77 He died in 1846 at the age of 76 in Caswell County, North Carolina.101

Censuses indicate Archibald was born between 1770 and 1780,

The following may be this Archer witnessing a deed of his father's. If so he had to be at least age 14 or born by 1778. Could also be his uncle of the same name, particularly given the location on the upper Double Creek and the neighbors named.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 9
p.290 18 Jul 1792 Robert Walters of Pittsylvania to Pleasant Shields. 22£ 10sh. Tract both sides of upper Double Creeks. Begin William Richardsons line & Daniel S. Farley's line near the old road, where the old road crosses on Richardsons line, thence his line, Shields line, up the creek, corner hickory of Nimrod Scotts line, Farley's line. 22 ½ acres.
Signed: Robert Walters Wit: Danl Farley, Betsy Walters, Archer Walters, John (I) Hall, Littleberry (X) Shields, Jonathan Hill, William Richardson. 17 Dec 1792. Proved by oaths of 3 witnesses. [Probably Betsy & Archer Walters who witnessed are two of Robert's children. His brother Archer has a wife Elizabeth but she had died a year before the date of this deed]

Archer Walters married Catey Stamps on 16 Oct 1798. The bondsman was William Walters. John Stamps, her father, gave permission. John Atkinson was the minister.

Pittsylvania Co Va DB 12
p.96 18 Jan 1800 Robert Walters to Archer Walters of Halifax. In consideration of love, good will & affection to the said Archer and for the better maintenance of the said Archer Walters, confirms to him a tract of 103a. In Pittsy Co. S side of lower double Crk; metes & bounds. Signed Robert Walters. Wit: Laban Walters, John Slaydon, Geo. Dodson
17 Feb 1800 ack by Robert Walters

The witness of this deed may be his uncle Archer, since it is on the upper double creeks and includes Samuel Walker & William Walker who would have been a brother-in-law and brother to the uncle.
Pittsylvania DB 13
p.98 22 May 1802 Henry Cook of Halifax to Achilles Whitlock . 177£, 2sh. Tract on upper double Crrek, 99 and ¼ acres. Begin at corner pine, metes & bounds. Signed: Henry Cook. Wit: Wm Barksdale, Samuel Walker, Bird Moore, Bartlett Cates, Presley Dodson, John Dismukes, Archer Walters, Jas. Richarson, Wm Walters, Robert Carter, Benjamin Marable, Stepn Edwards, Fleming Bates. 20 Sep 1802 Ack. By Henry Cook

This deed is also likely the uncle's since he is known to have been in Caswell Co about this time. The younger Archibald did not move to Caswell until about 1832. However Jackson Walters was young Archibald's brother.
Pittsylvania Co VA DB 15
p.81 29 Nov 1805 Jackson Walters to Archer Walters of Caswell Co NC. For $350. Tract of 125 acres in Pittsylvania on the Lower Double Creeks. Begin black walnut tree on S side of Creek, course with the sd Archer Walters line, red oak in Pillipses line. John Walterses line, down the meanders of the creek. Signed: Jackson Walters Wit: Thomas Walters, William Simpson, Lemuel Walters, John Dodson. 16 Dec 1805 presented by one of witnesses. 16 Jun 1806, ack by Jackson Walters. Polley the wife relinquished her right of Dower.

An Archibald Walters was a private in the 4th Regt (Greenhill's) Virginia Militia in the War of 1812. database.

1820 Census. Pittsylvania Co VA. Archer Walters enumerated next to Pleasant Waller.
1m -10 [Azariah], 2m 10-16 Alexander & Felix; 1m 26-45 [Archibald]; 3f under 10 [Martha, Mary Frances & Matilda]; 1f 10-16 [Permelia]; 2f 16-26 [Leannah & Rebecca]; 1f 26-45 [Catey].

Pittsylvania Co. Deeds of gift from Deed Books [1767-1850].
Abstracted on Pittsylvania Co Message Board.
Jan 1828 Archer Walters & wife Catherine to Alexander J. Walters, gift of land.

1830 Census. Pittsylvania co VA. Archd. Walters. 1m -5 [unknown], 1m 10-15 [Iverson], 1m 50-60 [Arch]. 1f 5-10 [Eliza], 1f 10-15 [Martha], 2f 15-20 [Mary & Matilda], 1f 50-60 [Catey]

Caswell Co Will Book M, July Court 1835
p.477 Inv and sale of estate of Andrew Harrison, 17 Apr 1835. Buyers included Wm. W. Richardson, Azariah Walters, Archibald Walters, Noel Burton.

Caswell Co Deed Books:
DB AA, p.380-2 18 Aug 1832 Willis D. Harrison & Martha his wife to Archibald Walters of Pittsylvania Co VA for $3641, 331 A on Dan River & Moon's Crk adj Everett, part of tract owned by Andrew Harrison Sen decd and conveyed by him to Willis D. Harrison, Jan 1827. Wit: Jno P. Richardson, John Everett, Azariah G. Walters [First land purchase in Caswell Co]
DB DD, p.247-8 10 Mar 1837 William W. Richardson to Stephen Sergent for $7000, 293 A & 59 pole on Dan River adj Azariah G. Walters, Archd Walters; to mouth of Hogan's Crk adj Evans B. Knight, Noel Burton. Ack.
DB DD, p.267 28 Apr 1837 John Everett to James R. Harrison for $66.10, 10 1/4 A said land sold him by James R. & Mary Harrison in 1832 and by mistake as it seems to be property of Archibald Walters on a side of Moon's Crk on mill road adj Azariah G. Walters. Wit: Azariah G. Walters.
DB EE, p.54 17 Sep 1838 Andrew Harrison, Clerk & Master, to Archibald Walters for $2355, 85 A on Moon's Crk with mills adj John P. Harrison old line, Azariah Walters. Wit: H. McAden

Caswell DB EE, p.259 1 Jul 1839 Archer Walters to daughter Rebecca Thomas, wife of Nathaniel P. Thomas, for love & Affection and $1, negro Mary with all her children now possessed by them and to be an extra donation not considered in distribution of estate. Wit: N. J. Palmer

NC Marriage Bonds: Archer Walters to Elizabeth Rice, 2 Jul 1840, Rockingham Co, Security: Robert J. Richar...[possibly Richards or Richardson, truncated], Witness: J. Holderby.

Caswell Co Will Books:
Book P:
Jan Court 1847; p.388 Allotment to Elizabeth Walters, widow of Archibald Walters dec'd.
p.400 Sale of property of Archibald Walters dec'd 29 Oct 1846. Buyers included sons Iverson B., Alexander, and A. G., as well as the widow Elizabeth Walters.
p.404 Property of Archbald Walters decd sold 7 Nov 1846 at his plantation in Pittsylvania Co VA. Buyers included Hugh Falding [Fallen], Pinkney B. Walters. By Azariah G. Walters, Admin.
p.405 Allotment to Elizabeth Walters, widow of Archibald Walters decd, her share of slaves, 37 in number, 9 of whom are held under terms of last will of James B. Rice of Pittsylvania Co who bequeathed them to Elizabeth Walters who had been wife of said Rice.
p.443 Inventory of property of Archibald Walters decd taken at his late residence 7 Oct 1846. Azariah G. Walters, adm.
p.450 Sale of negro slaves of Archibald Walters. A. J. Walters, Iverson Walters, & H. Fallen were among the buyers.
Book Q
p.170 Azariah G. Walters, adm in account with estate of Archibald Walters decd. Pd. John Kerr atty fee. A. G. Walters for hauling tobacco, clerks of Caswell & Pittsylvania Counties, Pd Thomas Day $25 for coffin; commission to A. G. Walters $318.20.

Survey: Plat represents tract of land belonging to the estate of Archibald Walters deceased, containing 345.9 acres on which 166 acres was laid off and assigned to the widow Elizabeth Walters and bounded as specified in the report of the Jury annexed. Surveyed June 17, 1847. Henry Bushnell, CCS.
Boundaries shown do not give neighbors. One is "Down the river" and shows 25.38 poles bordering a river. Moon's Crrek is one of the boundaries, as it empties into the River. There is also a boundary to the road and "with the road", which is probably the Mill Road.

CATHERINE "Catey" STAMPS and ARCHIBALD "Archer" WALTERS had the following children:






Felix M. WALTERS1,102,103 was born on 13 January 1801.4

Ancestral File shows marriage to Martha T. Cock in Feb 1828.

Caswell Co NC Deeds
DB S, p.232 1 Nov 1817. Thomas Boulden of Milton to William Irvine for $10. 20 front ft. on Libery Street adj Irvine on lot #8. Wit: Felix M. Walters, James Daniel

DB S, p.270 13 Apr 1818 Romulus M. Sanders to Nicholas Thompson & John VanHook for $2600. 26 front feet in Milton, lot #23 on Main St adj Sanders. Wit: Henry Hooper, Felx M. Walters.

DB S, p.286 4 Apr 1818. Thomas Boulden to Patrick Hamilton of Granville Co NC, lot #55 in Milton on Liberty St. Wit: Archimedes Donoho, James Daniel, Stith Boulden, Felix M. Walters. [as a witness had to be only 14, this seems to be the right Felix.]

DB V, p.333-4 17 Dec 1821 Warner Williams to Felix M. Walters & to John Ragland of Milton to whome debt of $564.92 is due & a debt of $583.92, for $1, all his right to land purchased of Thomas Boulden by Henry M. Clay & Co of Milton of which Williams is a partner. If debt is satisfied same is deeded to Romulus M. Sanders. Wit: Jno E. Lewis, W. Sharp. Proved by oath of William Sharp.



Leannah S. WALTERS.



Alexander J. WALTERS.



Permelia F. WALTERS.



Azariah Graves WALTERS.



Matilda C. WALTERS102 was born on 17 December 1812.4

Ancestral File shows marriage to James Carter on 13 Dec 1832. Name given as Matilda Carter in settlement of father's estate.



Mary Frances WALTERS.



Martha C. WALTERS.



Iverson B. WALTERS was born on 1 April 1820.4

14 Nov 1849. Iverson B. Walters was appointed postmaster for Ringgold, Pittsylvania Co VA.

1850 Census. Pittsylvania Co VA
An Iverson J. Walters, age 35, manufacturer, b. VA, was living in the household of Thomas J. Shelton. There were five single men living together - possibly a small rooming house. The age is wrong, but Iverson likely did not give the information.

There is an E. Walters, 70 year old female, b. VA, in Caswell in 1860. Living with her was Thomas Turner, age 33.
Probably this is Elizabeth, stepmother of Iverson. I have no information about her death.
The household just previous was I. B. Walters, age 40, b. NC, a single man. I'm sure this would be Archibald's son and Elizabeth's stepson, Iverson - he did not marry until 1861.

Iverson B. Walters married Emily Griffeth, 26 Dec 1861, Rockingham Co NC.

1870 Census. Dan River Twp, Caswell, NC, Hh 337
Iverson Walters, 50, Farmer, b. VA
Emily 36
Priscilla Lawson, 13, house servant
William Harrison, 13, house servant



Ann Eliza WALTERS.