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Fourth Generation

61. Millian DODSON71 was born on 7 September 1744 in Richmond County, Virginia.71,72 She died before 1808 at the age of 64.72

The Holtzclaw records show her name as Barbara, but that was her mother's name.

Millian DODSON and Jacob HOLTZCLAW were married. Jacob HOLTZCLAW71,72,73, son of JOHANN HEINRICH "HENRY" HOLTZCLAW and ANNE HARDIN, was born in 1743.74 He died in 1809 at the age of 66 in Fauquier County, Virginia.71,74

Jacob Holtzclaw found on a list of taxpayers for Hamilton Parish, Elk Run & vicinity, 1751. From the account book of Capt. John Crump, Sheriff of Prince William County. After 1759, this area became Fauquier County.
Published in the Bulletin of the Fauquier Historical Socity, June 1923, p.239-242. Reprinted in the Newsletter of the Prince William County Genealogical Society, V.10, No. 6, Dec 1991, pp.43-45.

1809 was the last year Jacob appeared on the tax rolls of Fauquier Co. It's not known when Millian died, but Jacob had a wife Theodosia in a record in 1808.

Children: Susannah, Winnie, Alexander, Elizabeth, William, George, Elias, Harden, Anna
Before 1808 Jacob married (2) Theodosia ??? The first four children were definitely Millian's, Anna known to be a child of Theodosia.

Millian DODSON and Jacob HOLTZCLAW had the following children:



Susanna HOLTZCLAW75 was born about 1768.75

Married 18 Jun 1787 in Fauquier Co VA to John Lyons, son of Andrew Lyons. The family lived in Harrison Co VA.



Alexander HOLTZCLAW.






Elizabeth HOLTZCLAW47 was born about 1775.47

Married 4 Jan 1798 in Fauquier Co to William Parsons. Jacob Holtsclaw, bondsman.



Frances HOLTZCLAW47 was born (date unknown).

Married in 1800, Fauquier Co, Lewis Yates.



Caty HOLTZCLAW47 was born (date unknown).

Married 1801 to Joseph Lawler, Fauquier Co.



William HOLTZCLAW75 was born about 1781.75

Married Sarah Cox on 7 Nov 1810, Fauquier Co. Sarah was the daughter of William Cox, a Revolutionary soldier. They moved about 1818 from Fauquier to Frederick Co, living in the part that became Clarke Co.



George HOLTZCLAW47 was born about 1785.

Placed as son of Jacob as there's no where else to put him. He appeared briefly in the tithable lists of Fauquier Co 1790-1800's.



Elias HOLTZCLAW47 was born about 1788. He died about 1827 at the age of 39 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Wife's name was Nancy; they moved to Frederick Co about 1816.



Anna HOLTZCLAW47 was born about 1791.47

Married Isaac Saffle on 5 Dec 1808, Fauquier Co. She is known to be a daughter of Jacob's 2nd wife, Theodosia, as may be some of the other children.



John Hardin HOLTZCLAW75 was born about 1793.47

[If John was born as late as 1795, he is more likely a son of the second wife, Theodosia.]

Married Martha Beard. After 1815, they moved to West Virginia and then to Lloydsville, Belmont Co, Ohio where he is buried.