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Seventh Generation

597. Deborah COMSTOCK died in 1829.199

On the 1800 Tax List "Second Census of Kentucky" is Enos Harned, in Hardin Co.

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ENEAS7 HARNED (JOHNATHAN HARNED6 SR., EDWARD5 HARNED, JONATHAN4 HARNETT, EDWARD M. HARNETT3 JR., EDWARD M. HARNETT2 SR., EDWARD1 HARNETT)6 was born 1752, and died 20 October 1830. He married DEBORAH COMSTOCK 10 February 1814 in Hardin, Ky., daughter of WILLIAM COMSTOCK and RACHEL ALDRICH. She was born 1763, and died 1829.
From Oct 31, 1782 to Nov. 25, 1782 he served under Capt. James Samuels on an expedition against the Indians. He was a prominent member of the Union Baptist Church. He divided his estate equally among all his children, mentioning sons David and William as exors. Sons-in-law Henry Lawson and George Hoskins are also mentioned.
Burial: Old Cemetery of the Union Baptist Church, Harden Co Ky
8. i. AMY8 HARNED, b. Abt. 1780.
iii. JONATHAN HARNED, b. 8 December 1788.
iv. WILLIAM HARNED, b. 21 August 1793.
ix. NANCY HARNED, b. 1807.
x. SUSAN HARNED, b. 1808.

Generation No. 6
6. JOHNATHAN HARNED6 SR. (EDWARD5 HARNED, JONATHAN4 HARNETT, EDWARD M. HARNETT3 JR., EDWARD M. HARNETT2 SR., EDWARD1 HARNETT)5 was born 1730 in Salem, Mass., and died 12 April 1813 in Vertrees, Harden Co., Ky. He married CATHERINE BEAN/SMITHERS 1754 in Hunterton, NJ. She was born 1730 in Locktown, Huntaden Co. N.J..
Reference has been made several times to this Jonathan. In a number of early deeds in Nelson and Hardin counties he signs as Jonathan Harned, Sen'r with Caterina or Cate his wife. One tradition says his wife was a Rebecca Arvacost (Arbogast), which seems to be again said by deeds.

Record of the Harned family found in Genealogies of Kentucky Families, from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1981 -- found at the Kansas State Historical Society in Topeka, Kansas. Pages 450-486.

The records of the Kingwood Baptist Church (at or near Locktown, Hunterdon Co., NJ, where Edward Harned settled about 1735) show that Jonathan Harnet became a member in 1749 or soon after. This Jonathan could not have been a descendant of Nathaniel Harned. For a few years before his removal to Kentucky (1780), Jonathan Harned lived near Ten Mile Baptist Church in present Washington Co., PA (where his daughter, Margaret Harned, married Alexander Keith about 1773-74). This church was served at various times between 1773 and 1783 by three brothers as pastors, James, Isaac, and David Sutton, who came from Hunterdon Co., NJ, of whom the Rev. David Sutton had formerly been pastor of the Kingwood Baptist Church. The coming of the first Sutton to Ten Mile Baptist Church may have had some connection with the arrival of Jonathan Harned at the same place, or it may have been the other way around. At any rate there seems to be some significance in this association. Likewise some of the Rittenhouse family removed from Locktown, NJ to the same part of Penn. (the Redstone country) prior to the Revolution. There are some associations given but I regard the above as sufficient to identify Jonathan Harned of Kentucky with the Jonathan Hornet who joined the Kingwood Baptist Church and to justify me in making him the son of Edward Harned.

Aside from his joining the Kingwood Baptist Church in 1749 or soon after no farther mention of him is found in the New Jersey or Pennsylvania records, which fact is in curious contrast with the repeated mention of him in the Kentucky records. We know he was married as early as 1754, possibly as early as 1750, for his son Jonathan was born in 1755 and there appears to be two children older than he. The family name of his wife is unknown but her first name was Catherine. There are traditions and associations which suggest that her family name was Smithers or Bean. The possibilities of the latter name, I think, should be explored by future genealogists. The earliest date of birth of one of their children of which we are certain is 1755 and the latest is 1782 - a spread of 27 years, possibly more, between the oldest and youngest. In spite of this wide spread, I feel certain that Catherine was Jonathan's only wife.

The earliest mention of Jonathan Harned in Kentucky is dated Aug 23, 1780, the date on which a petition was presented to Congress from Kentucky settlers, which petition was signed by Jonathan Harned. He probably arrived the preceding spring. He settled first near present Boston, Nelson Co., KY, where he lived till 1800 at which time he sold out and moved with a part of his family about 20 miles westward to the vicinity of Vertrees in Hardin Co. (joining Nelson Co.) There on April 12, 1813, Enos Harned was named as administrator of the estate of Jonathan Harned, dec'd. His estate was appraised May 10, 1813. In the inventory his name appears both as Arned and Arnett. The inventory was prepared by Benjamin Stith, Jacob Hartley, and Joseph Vertrees. He and his wife were undoubtedly among the charter members of the Union Baptist Church, the records of which prior to 1818 have been lost.

I shall give only part of the many surveys and land transactions of Jonathan Harned. Jonathan Harned's improvement on a drain leading into White Oak Run, a branch of Froman's Creek is mentioned in a survey of William Keith, March 26, 1781. On Dec 3, 1781, the Jefferson Co., KY court orders that the surveyor lay off 400 acres for Jonathan Harnett. On Dec 25, 1782, by virtue of the preceding authorization Jonathan Harned enters 400 acres on the waters of Beech Fork - joining Alex. Keith. Jonathan Harnet of Nelson Co., KY patented 400 acres Feb 20, 1788, which had been surveyed Dec 16, 1785, on the head of North Fork of Froman's Creek, a branch of Beech Fork. Likewise Jonathan Harnet on Feb 20, 1788 patented 365 acres (surveyed Jan 21, 1785) on Froman's Creek, a branch of Beech Fork. Also on Mat 15, 1790, Jonathan Harnet of Nelson Co., KY, patented 200 acres (surveyed Jan 20, 1788) on Froman's Creek. (This last patent may refer to the Jonathan Harned, born 1755). By these patents Jonathan Harned came into possession of about 1000 acres.

On Apr 14, 1790 Jonathan Arnet and Catrine, his wife, sold to James McGee 100 acres on Wilson's Creek. Signed, Jonathan Harned and Cate Harned. On Sept 3, 1791, Jonathan Harned, Sen'r, and Cate, his wife, sold to James Deckade land on Froman's Creek. On Sept 10, 1791, Jonathan Harned, Senior, and Cate, his wife, sold to Elexander Keith, both of Nelson Co., KY, six and 1/4 acres near Lick Creek. On the same day Jonathan Harned, Senr, and Cate, his wife, sold to John Erwine, both of Nelson Co., KY, 50 acres in flat on Lick Creek and Wilson's Creek - at corner of Alexander Keith. On same day, Jonathan Harned, Sr., and Cate, his wife, sold to Eneas Harned, both of Nelson Co., KY, 200 acres on the waters of White Oak Run.

The above deeds and others of Jonathan Harned are recorded at Bardstown, Nelson Co., KY. From the court minute books we learn that on July 8, 1788, Jonathan Harned, Sr., was appointed surveyor of roads from mouth of Beech Fork to Bardstown in the room of Abner Luce. No other public service, civil or military, of Jonathan Harned has been found. There is nothing to indicate Jonathan Harned's attitude toward the political issues of the day. Two of his sons did service on the frontier in behalf of the American cause. About 1800 he removed to the new settlement on Vertrees Creek in Hardin Co., KY. There on Jan 10, 1804, Jonathan Harned bought 50 acres of Nathan Harned (his son). On Sept 3, 1805, Jonathan Harned sold to Enos Harned, both of Hardin Co., KY, 47 acres on Vertrees Creek. No wife signs but she certainly outlived her husband, Jonathan Harned.

The name Bean comes from the Scotch clan Vean, the letters, b & v in Gaelic being interchangeable signify mountain; however, it may be derived from the fair complexion of the clan's progenitor, bean, meaning white or fair, used by the Highlanders to distinguish a man of fair complextion. The clan Vean of MacBean was one of the tribes of Clan Chadttan, which occupied the Lochaber territory 1300. Some trees list her as Catherine Smithers.

7. i. ENEAS7 HARNED, b. 1752; d. 20 October 1830.
ii. MARGARET HARNED, b. Abt. 1753.
iii. JOHNATHAN HARNED, b. 11 May 1755.
iv. WILLIAM HARNED, b. Bef. 1760.
v. NANCY HARNED, b. Abt. 1770.
vi. EDWARD HARNED, b. Abt. 1760.
vii. BENJAMIN HARNED, b. 3 July 1774.
viii. NATHANIEL HARNED, b. 15 November 1777.
ix. HANNAH HARNED, b. 20 October 1782.

Deborah COMSTOCK and Enos HARNED were married in Nelson County, Kentucky.199 Enos HARNED was born (date unknown).