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Seventh Generation

595. Samuel Oliver COMSTOCK251 was born about 1766 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.199 He died in 1839 at the age of 73 in Martinsville, Clark County, Illinois.199

Moved to Virginia in 1783; then Breckinridge KY; between 1830-1840 to Cownelton, Perry County, IN. Wife's name unknown to me, but he apparently married in Virginia. At least 10 children known. This family removed to Illinois.

In the 1800 tax lists of Kentucky, Oliver Comstock is listed as paying tax 25 Aug 1800 in Shelby Co, KY

Breckinridge Co KY Court Record Book 1, p.350-351 20 Oct 1806. Oliver Comstock served on jury. p.358 21 Oct 1806 Oliver Comstock v. James Duncan, Jr. for debt. Case dismissed by mutual consent.

There is a marriage in Perry Co IN for an Oliver Comstock to Ruth Wakefield 8 Jan 1829. Perhaps a 2nd marriage in his older years.

1830 Census. Anderson, Perry Co IN
Oliver Comstock, 1m under 5. 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 60-70. 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 50-60.
Nathan Comstock was on the same page. 1m under 5, 1m 20-30. 1f under 5, 1f 20-30.
Daniel Comstock was in Clark, Perry Co IN: 1m age 20-30. 1f under 5, 1f 15-20.

The place of death as Montinsville as printed in the John A. Comstock book, is likely misspelled. The town was probably Martinsville.

Samuel Oliver COMSTOCK had the following children:



Elizabeth COMSTOCK.












Mary "Polly" COMSTOCK.



Susan COMSTOCK252,253 was born (date unknown).

Never married according to Lawrence Payne, but this is apparently an error.

Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008
From: "Mark L. Ress" <>
For years, I have been trying to run down a Susan Comstock b. abt 1815 KY who lived here in Perry County, IN. Since Samuel Oliver Comstock was in Perry Co. at the right time, and also in KY around 1815, this seemed the right connection, but I never had seen her listed as a d/o S. Oliver.
I see that you have a Susan d/o Samuel Oliver, but that you have her unmarried. The Susan I am looking for m1 Summers m2 William Mackey.
She and Mackey are the great grandparents of Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde fame). I see that you list Lawrence Payne as the source. I communicated w/him many years ago. If still alive, he would be quite old (84?). In 1997, he was living on Comstock Road in Ithica. Do you have any more current contact info on him? I descend from Elizabeth Comstock and Jacob Lasher, the same as Larry.
Mark L. Ress

Susan Comestock to William Sumner, Spencer Co IN, 21 Feb 1839.
A WorldConnect database has Sumner dying in Dubois Co in 1843 and shows a son, William D. Sumner, born 11 Sep 1840. William D. Sumner married twice and had at least eight children.
A Wm Sumner was in the Spencer Co IN 1940 census. 1m 20-30, 1f 20-30.

Susan Summers married William Mackey, Perry Co IN, 5 Jul 1847

1850 Census, Anderson, Perry Co IN [Oliver Comstock also was in Anderson in 1830]
Hh 193
William Mackey, age 50, b. Ohio
Susan, age 35, b. KY
William D., age 10, b. IN [This child may have been William D. Sumner]
Mary, age 1, b. IN [Susan's child]

I have just discovered your RootsWeb freepages site for the Comstock family genealogy. My name is Janet Mackey-Bodine and I am researching the Mackey family line. William Mackey, who was Susan Comstock's 2nd husband, is believed to have been a brother of my ancestor, James Mackey (1790-1820). Most area historians believe the 3 headstones on William Mackey's property are for William, Susan Comstock, and our James. We have recently had a Y-DNA test performed on a direct line descendant of James Mackey, and these results may very well affect your own research efforts into the ancestry of Susan Comstock. Our Y-DNA results have been confirmed as an exact match with several other known descendants of Blue Jacket, the Shawnee War Chief. We initially dismissed this as an error of some sort, but the evidence does indeed keep pointing in the direction of this particular heritage. We have reason to suspect that James and William Mackey were the sons of a Mc Kee woman (relative of the Indian Agent, Alexander Mc Kee) and they were probably children by a "career marriage" with a relative of Blue Jacket. These marriages were not recognized by the white community. One of Alexander Mc Kee's nephews moved into Hardin county, KY in the later 1700s or early 1800s - one of his daughters, Mary, married in 1801 at the age of 31 - this would have allowed for the birth of both James and William prior to her marriage. Our first known record of James was in 1812 with his marriage to Susanna Miller in Breckinridge county, KY - which is right next to Hardin county. Two of Mary Mc Kee's brother moved up into Crawford county, IN which is neighboring Perry county. More and more evidence seems to support this explanation. On closer inspection, we find several clues that James' wife was half Seneca Indian. Which might also indicate that Susan Comstock may possibly have a similar heritage. It could even be possible that she also was a child of a "career marriage" and so there would be no official record of such a marriage. I just thought I would share a bit of our research findings for your consideration. I hope it might prove to be useful or helpful for your own research efforts.



Enos COMSTOCK254 was born in 1809 in Kentucky.

Became insane early in life. Lived with brother Bennett through the 1880 census.

1850 Census. Clark Twp, Perry Co IN, Hh 60
Bennet Cumstock, age 37, b. Kentucky
Disey, age 31, b. Indiana
Melvina age 9. Virana age 7. Margret E. age 4. Sarah age 1.
Wilson Conner, age 17, b. IN
Enos Comstock, age 41, b. KY "idiot"

1860 Census. Clark Twp, Perry Co IN Hh 988
Bennett Comstock, age 48
Marey, 25
Melvina 19. Viona 16. Jessy 9 (male). James 11. Franklin 4. Wesley 2.
Eanos Comstock, age 50, Insane

1870 Census. Clark Twp, Perry Co, IN, Hh 10
Bennet Comstock, 58, b. KY. Mary, 35, b. KY.
Frank 14. Wesley 12. Isaac, age 10.
William Dodson, 15.
Enos Comstock, age 61, b. KY, Insame

1880 Census. Clark Twp, Perry Co, IN, Hh 51
Benet Comstock, 68, farmer, b. KY, father b. Rhode Island, mother b. KY
Mary, 45, wife
Isaac, 17, son, has fits
Sarah C., 16, Servant girl
Enos Comstock, 71, insane, b. KY, father b. Rhode Island, mother b. KY