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Fifth Generation

240. Nathan COMSTOCK105,178,179,180 was born on 6 December 1735 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.108 He died on 10 October 1816 at the age of 80 in Farmington, Ontario County, New York.108,172

Nathan went first to Adams, MA about 1769, and then on to Ontario County about 1790.

First sale from Phelps and Gorham purchase was to Nathan Comstock and Benjamin Russell; comprised Farmington in Ontario Co NY, six miles square, at 12 1/2 cents per acre. In 1789, Nathan and his sons, Otis and Darius, and Robert Hathaway along with some cattle, came from Adams, Berkshire Co MA to the new purchase. The first winter all but Otis returned to Massachusetts; he stayed to tend the stock. In Feb 1790, Nathan and his family along with Nathan Aldrich and Isaac Hathaway, followed a day later by Nathan Herendeen, his son William and two sons-in-law, Joshua Herrington and John M'Cumber. They had to make their own roads as they proceeded; arriving at their new home on th 15th of March.

Many of the early settlers, including Nathan and his wife who was a speaker, were Friends; they had been formally disowned for their rash enterprise of going away to the Genesee country. They were later restored and erected a meeting house in 1801.

Nathan Comstock was the surveyor general of roads in the area. The first marriage in Farmington was Otis Comstock to Huldah Freeman in 1792. The first birth was Welcome Herendeen, born in 1790, a son of Joshua. Almost the whole town of Farmington was settled by emigrants from Adams, Berkshire Co. The first town meeting was held at the house of Nathan Aldrich in 1797; Jared Comstock was chosen supervisor, another town officer was Otis Comstock. They voted to pay $10 for the scalp of each wolf killed in town.

Deeds from Ontario Co:
16 Jan 1789 Book 2, p.126 Nathaniel Gorham & Oliver Phelps to Nathan Comstock & Benjamin Russell for 1152 pounds. Township 11 in 3rd range of Townships, Ontario Co NY.
6 Feb 1789 Book 2, p.306 Benjamin Russell of Adams, MA sold to Nathan Comstock 1/2 of Twp 11, 3rd range. 36 square miles. 576 pounds. Witnessed by Daniel Sawyer & Jared Comstock
9 Feb 1789 Book 2, p.197 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA for 100 pounds to Nathan Herrendeen of Adams. Witness: Joseph & Jeremiah Smith. Signed: Nathan & Mary Comstock.
20 Feb 1789 Book 1 p.27 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to David Smith of Adams 4 lots in Twp 11, 3rd Range. Witnesses included Darius and Otis Comstock.
27 Jun 1789 Book 1, p.48 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to Stephen Warner of Cumington in Hampshire Co MA 31 lots in Twp 12 of 3rd range in Ontario Co.
13 Feb 1790 Book 2, p.185 Nathan Comstock of Adams, Berkshire Co MA to Jeremiah Smith of same. Augustus Lapham & Jacob Smith witness
8 Nov 1790 Book 1, p.187-191 Nathaniel & Rebecca Gorham and Oliver & Mary Phelps grant Township 11 in 3rd Range (23,040 acres) to Nathan Comstock & Benjamin Russell and Township 12 in 3rd Range (23,040 acres) to Stephen Warner and Nathan Comstock
3 Oct 1791 Book1, p.269 Nathan & Mary Comstock of Twp 11 in 3rd Range to Oliver Phelps for over 597 pounds - 16 lots in Twp 12. Signed by Nathan and Mary.
14 Oct 1791 Book 2, p.15 Nathan to Isaac Hathaway - 7 tracts of land in Twp 11, 160 acres each. for just over 265 pounds Witness: Seth Pomeroy, David Comstock [Darius?]
14 Sep 1792 Book 2, p.313 Nathan to Ephraim Fisk of Adams for 76 pounds - total of 1150 acres. Signed by Nathan and Mary Comstock. Witnesses included Otis Comstock.
21 Dec 1792 Book 2, p.199 Nathan Comstock of Canandaigua District to Welcome Herrendeen for 40 pounds ...tract in Twp 11 in 3rd range; 160 acres, Lot 21. Witnessed: Otis Comstock, Mary Comstock
24 Jun 1794 Book 2, p.309-311 Two deeds from Nathan Comstock to Jared Comstock for over 1200 acres of land - some in Twp 11, some in Twp 12.
2 Jul 1794 Book 2, p. 402 Nathan to Judah Colt - Lot 108 in Twp 10, for 160 pounds. Witnesses: Jared Comstock, Asa Lapham
5 Jul 1794 Book 2, p.301-303 Nathan Comstock quit claims all rights and titles to Isaac Hathaway for land overage resulting from new survey in Twp 11, 3rd range. Phelps sold the overage to Isaac Hathaway - 1592 acres for 796 pounds

Nathan COMSTOCK and Mary STAPLES were married on 29 March 1764.178 Mary STAPLES was born on 16 October 1739 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.178 She died in 1820 at the age of 81 in Niagara County, New York.178

Nathan COMSTOCK and Mary STAPLES had the following children:



Jared COMSTOCK179 was born on 31 December 1764 in Rhode Island. He died on 3 September 1834 at the age of 69 in Lockport, Niagara County, New York.

Married (1) Amy Fish and (2) Susannah, surname unknown.



Jemima COMSTOCK was born on 22 June 1766 in Rhode Island. She died in 1793 at the age of 27 in Farmington, Ontario County, New York.

Married Isaac Hathaway



Darius COMSTOCK179 was born on 27 July 1768 in Rhode Island. He died on 2 June 1845 at the age of 76 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.179

Darius was a contractor upon the Mountain Ridge and after the canal was completed he moved on to settle near the present village of Adrian, Michigan.

He was married (1) in 1791 to Phebe Smith, born Adams, MA on 25 Mar 1772, died Palmyra NY, 20 Apr 1820, and (2) 4 Jul 1822 to Mrs. Anson Brooks who died in Adrian, MI, 25 May 1866.

Darius and Addison J. were contractors in 1825, for the construction of the Erie Canal, near Lockport.

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004
Darius Comstock was born 7/12/1768 in Cumberland, RI moved to
MA and married Phoebe Smith. They moved to State of NY about 1790 where
they were joined by Darius' father, Nathan. In 1817 Darius and his son,
Addison J., came to Michigan in the River Raisin area and bought land.
In 1826, Darius moved his family to Michigan. Addison J. Comstock
founded Adrian, MI

From History of Ontario Co, New York; Everts, Ensign & Everts
Philadelphia; 1876
25 Dec 1806 Committee to prevent divide of Ontario County. Myron Holley was clerk. Committee to draft remonstrance to the legislature: Nathaniel W. Howell, Peter B. Porter, & Myron Holley.
Jan 1819 Formation of agricultural society for Ontario Co. Myron Holley chosen clerk. One of the vice-presidents was Darius Comstock.
Oct 18, 1819 First agricultural fair. For second year, vice-presidents included Darius Comstock & N. Allen.

28 May 1827. First township elections in Adrian, were held at the home of Dairus Comstock. He was elected Superviser, Addison, his son, township clerk.






Nathan COMSTOCK Jr..



Mary COMSTOCK was born on 26 June 1775 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 29 May 1814 at the age of 38.

Married name was Warren.



John COMSTOCK179 was born on 23 March 1778 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He died in June 1851 at the age of 73 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan.

Still living in 1851 on a farm near Adrian, Michigan. Married Rowena Bradish about 1801. She was born 30 Sep 1776 in Massachusetts, died Raisin Valley Twp, Lewanee Co, MI on 8 Feb 1870. Rowena was the daughter of Col. John and Hnnah (Warner) Bradish of Palmyra, Ontario Co, NY.

John was a lawyer in Ontario County and later in Lockport, having moved there in 1816 before it was a town. The family moved to Raisin Twp, Michigan, near Adrian, about 1830.



Joseph COMSTOCK179 was born on 3 March 1780 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. He died on 5 August 1821 at the age of 41 in Lockport, Niagara County, New York.179

Married Sally Hathaway, 13 May 1802. Sally was born 17 Aug 1781, died 15 Apr 1862. She and her children moved to near Adrian, Lewanee Co, MI, along with her in-laws, after Joseph's death.