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Tenth Generation

1103. Amanda COMSTOCK434 was born on 13 October 1861 in McDonald County, Missouri.336,356

1880 Census. Taylor Twp, Greene Co MO Hh 266
W. T. Hawkins, age 32, b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. KY
Mary J., age 26, wife, b. TN, parent b. TN
Nathaniel B., age 8, son, b. MO
Florance P. age 4, dau, b. MO
Amanda Comstock, 18, sister-in-law, b. Mo, parents b. TN

Amanda was living in Springfield, Mrs. A. B. Caldwell, in care of Nat Benton, circa 1945. John A. Comstock wrote to her saying he was compiling a history & genealogy of the Comstock Family. Her brother, John P. Comstock had given him many facts but he wanted more information to complete the record of Leander Brown Comstock's family. Dated Jun 15, 1934 He sent a questionnaire for her to fill out. She wasn't very helpful. The questions are abbreviated:

1. What town were you born: McDonell Co [McDonald], Missouri
2. Date of your birth: Oct 13, 1861
3. Date of your marriage to Alonzo B. Caldwell: Oct 21, 1880
4. Date of your brother William Kendrick's marriage to Narcissa Fondren: he was so much older I can't remember
What town did they marry? Strafford, Mo.
5. Date of your sister Mary's birth: can't say
What town did Mary die? Strafford, Mo.
6. Date of Mary's marriage to Taylor Hawkins. can't say
7. Date of sister Sophronia's birth? 3 years older than me
8. Where was Sophronia born: can't say
9. Date of Sophronia's marriage to Jackson P. C. Langston. [no answer]
10. What town was your brother George Oliver born: can't say
What was the date: [no answer]
11. In what town did his marriage to Florence Dolly Branch occur. Strafford, Mo.
What was the date [no answer]
12. Did George have children? Names and addresses. one son, Strafford, Mo
13. What town was borth Thomas Henry born? Strafford, Mo
What the date? 3 years younger than me
14. What was the date of George's marriage to Caroline Delp don't know
There was an error in the question - John A. meant to ask about Thomas Henry's wife - he's the one who married Caroline Delp. 15. Will you kindly give me the present addresses of George's children. Strafford, Mo.
16. Have you a picture of your father, possibly also your grandfather, that you can lend me long enough to make a copy. The originals will be returned to you in good order.

Amanda wrote in pencil on the back of the questionnaire:
sorry, I have been so long
in telling what little I know
which isn't much. I am the youngest
or next to the youngest of a large
Family, 7 children 3 years Between.
& I can't remember there Births &
ages marriages.
if you will write to George's
Wife at Strafford Missouri Green Co
Sophronia Langston. also have the
same address. they can tell you
more than I can as they are older.
George's Son live there too.
Sophronia should know all about
Mary & Kindrick
Haven't any Picture of Father.
Mrs. A. B. Caldwell

Amanda COMSTOCK and Alonzo B. CALDWELL were married on 21 October 1880.336 Alonzo B. CALDWELL was born (date unknown).