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Tenth Generation

1281. John Phelps COMSTOCK430,448,453 was born on 14 February 1857 in McDonald County, Missouri.350,370,371,454 He died on 8 September 1952 at the age of 95 in Greene County, Missouri.

He was a freighter in his early years, operating as many as twenty wagons between Springfield, MO and Arkansas. Finished college in 1877 and then taught school.

1880 Census. Benton Twp, Christian Co MO, Hh 312
John Comstock, age 23, farmer, b. MO, parents b. TN
Tiddie, age 18, wife, has bilious fever, b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. KY

1900 Census. Jackson Twp, Greene Co MO, Hh 51
John P. Comstock, b. Feb 1857, age 43, married 21 yrs., b. MO, parents b. TN
S. G., wife, b. Apr 1862, age 38, has had 4 children, b. MO as were her parents
Ola, dau, b. Jun 1883, age 16
Clara, dau, b. Oct 1885, age 14
Claud, son, b. Oct 1887, age 12
[John's brother Thomas lived next door]

Found in Missouri Death Certificate Index. John P. Comstock died Sept 1952, Greene Co MO.

John and Sophronia are buried Danforth Cemetery, Strafford, Greene Co, MO

An unknown author of a questionnaire sent John A Comstock, John P's address, circa 1945. John P. was at that time living in Strafford, MO, Rt. #2. Someone had also contacted John P. and sent a questionnaire for the proposed history and genealogy, a copy of which was in the file - but this doesn't seem to be John A. Comstock's usual query - it may have come from an even earlier time as it is not dated. John A. wrote a note that he had sent a copy on to S. W. Comstoack. At the time John P. was living in Strafford, Mo, farming. He stated he was born in McDonald Co MO, but gave no date. His father was Leeander Brown, born Tennessee, died Greene Co Mo, 31 Aug 1877. His mother was Nancy, born in Tennessee. He did not know the name of his Comstock grandfather or her wife. John P.'s wife was Tiddy Simpson, born in Christian Co MO. Her parents John & Lizzie Simpson. They married Green Co on 15 Jun 1879.

John P.'s children were listed - he did give their birth dates but some do not agree with what appears in the book.
Vernon, Feb 8th, 1881
Ola, June 1, 1883
Clara, Jul 4, 1885 [book says 23 Aug 1885]
Claude, Sep 5, 1887 [book says 27 Oct 1887]
Dohn, Jan 7, 1907 [book has Jul 12 1907]
Stated that none of his children were married. [He must not have understood the question, or the letter was written prior to any of their marriages.]

As other living relatives he listed Dolphus Comstock of Ft. Smith, Ark [a date here of 21 Mch, 1934, might be when someone attempted to contact Dolph Comstock. However this would be Randolph Comstock, John P.'s cousin who was living in Crawford Co Arkansas across the river from Ft. Smith, but Dolph died 1924. That would also indicate this correspondence had taken place some years earlier.]

When asked to list his father's children, births & deaths, he simply listed:
Kendrick, Mary, Sophronia, Amanda, George, John, Thomas.

On the back, written in pencil, is:
There were three Brothers (Comstock)
came to the United States at an early date
one of which was my grandfather
One of them settled in New York
One in Ioway, & the other in Ky
The one that settled in Ky was my Grandfather
They came from Switzerland to this country
Any information that I can give you
will be glad to do so.
Any questions that you want to ask me
I will gladly answer.
Yours Truly
John P. Comstock
Strafford, MO
RFD #2

It's truly amazing how many errors are in the above information. The only remotely accurate statement other than his name & address, is that his grandfather was in Kentucky for a time.

John Phelps COMSTOCK and Sophronia Geraldine "Tiddie" SIMPSON were married on 18 June 1879 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.350 Sophronia Geraldine "Tiddie" SIMPSON455, daughter of John P. SIMPSON and Elizabeth Ellen HADEN, was born on 11 April 1862 in Linden, Chariton County, Missouri.430,454 She died on 27 March 1953 at the age of 90 in Greene County, Missouri.

Full name came from webpage.

Found in Missouri Death Certificate Index. Sophronia J. Comstock died Mar 1953.

John Phelps COMSTOCK and Sophronia Geraldine "Tiddie" SIMPSON had the following children:



Vernon Phelps COMSTOCK456 was born on 8 February 1881 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430 He died on 14 November 1953 at the age of 72 in Marshfield, Webster County, Missouri.

Married 1st Rose Etta Dunn, Apr 18, 1899 in Springfield MO; 2nd Jannie Nancy Barnes on Mar 21, 1914 in Springfield MO. He was a photographer. Children by Rose were Amos Burney, born Jan 29, 1900; Winnie Elizabeth, born Sep 14, 1901; Mentor John, born Feb 23, 1903; Herschell Ingram, born Nov 18, 1904; Richard Allen, born Aug 30, 1906; Gracie, born June 17, 1910 and died Dec 28, 1914. Children by Jannie were Dorothy Tid, born Jun 11, 1915; Charlene Claire, born Nov 25, 1917; Bonnie Leon "Bonetta", born Nov 5, 1924.

12 Sep 1918 World War I Draft Registration
Vernon Phelps Comstock lived at RFD 1, Strafford, Greene Co, MO. He was 37, born 8 Feb 1881.
Medium height, stout build, dark blue eyes, black hair. He was a farmer, self-employed. His wife Janie Comstock was his nearest relative.

Death Certificate for Rosetta Comstock gives her death as 16 May 1912 from acute atrophy of the liver. She was born 12 Dec 1877 and was 34 years, 5 months, 4 days, when she died. Her father was John B. Dunn, her mother Sarah L. Hickman. Vern Comstock, her husband, was the informant. She was burined Danforth Cemetery. (Vernon is also buried Danforth Cemetery, Strafford.



Lula Viola "Ola" COMSTOCK.



Minnie Clara COMSTOCK was born on 23 August 1885 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430

Married A. Frank Brayfield, Mar 2, 1902



Joseph Claude COMSTOCK457 was born on 27 October 1887 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.458

Married Willa Fitch, Oct. 10, 1912 in Springfield, MO. Was in the grocery and meat business. Children born in Springfield: Jaquetta May, born Jun 16, 1913; Eugene Maxwell, born Dec 23, 1914; Geraldine Adelia, born Sep 10, 1916 and died Sept 10, 1917; John Fitch, born Feb 17, 1918; Virginia Louise, born Feb 13, 1920; Joseph Claude, born Dec 24, 1923.



Dohnaldine Lester COMSTOCK458 was born on 12 July 1907 in Newburg, Phelps County, Missouri.458 He died on 8 January 1953 at the age of 45 in Mount Vernon, Lawrence County, Missouri.

Married Mary Louise Martin on Dec 28, 1935. They are buried Danforth Cemetery, Strafford, Greene Co, MO.

1940 Census. Springfield City, Greene, MO, Hh 240
1228 E. Commercial - lived in same place in 1935
Emma L. Martin, 58, b. MO as was everyone
Don L. Comstock, son-in-law, 33, Car Washer, Kidds Auto Co
Mary L., dau, 24
Gereldine, granddau -age 3
Jackie D., grandson, 8 months

Mary Louise's parents in 1930
Campbell Twp, Greene, MO, Hh 184
Edward J. Martin, 59, married 1st time at 19, b. PA, father born unknown, mother b. Scotland, Operator of a Garage
Emma L., 49, b. MO, father b. Germany, mother b. France
Mary L., dau, 14, b. MO