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Tenth Generation

1278. William Kendrick COMSTOCK448 was born on 10 June 1850 in Tennessee.370,377,449,450 He died on 1 July 1897 at the age of 47 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.350

When John A. Comstock was preparing to write Comstock Family in America, he apparently sent out questionnaires. He included the return, "Kindly answer and return to Dr. John A. Comstock in enclosed addressed envelope"

An unknown author answering the questionnaire gave Kendrick's profession as "Farming and buying cattle. His daughter Hattie [Mrs. Willoughby] was living on East Division St in Springfield, MO.

1880 Census. Linden Twp, Christian Co MO Hh 104
William Comstock, age 29, farmer, b. TN, parents b. TN
Narcissus, age 20, wife, b. Mo, parents b. TN
Luther, age 3, son, b. MO Arthur, age 1 month, born in May
Green Walker, age 17, farm labor

Buried Danforth Cemetery, Stafford, Greene Co, MO

William Kendrick COMSTOCK and Narcissa FONDREN were married about 1876 in Christian County, Missouri. Narcissa FONDREN, daughter of Fine FONDREN, was born on 16 December 1859 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430,450 She died on 22 August 1920 at the age of 60 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.

1860 Census. Linden Twp, Christian Co, MO, Hh 869
A. Founder, 28, b. TN
Nancy 21, b. MO
Malinda, 8 months
Mary Founder, 51, b. GA
Jno. 18, b. TN

1870 Census. Jackson Twp, Greene Co MO, Springfield, P.O., Hh 2103
Ambros Fondren, 37, b. TN
Nancy, 30, b. VA
Narcissa, 10. Mary 9. Josaphine 4. John 2. All b. MO.
Richard Morgan, 20, Farm Hand

1880 Census. Hh 250
A. Fondren, 47
Nancy, 40, wife
Mary, 19. Josephine 17. Louise 14. John 12. Loucy, 9. Ambros 7. Robert 5. Nancy, b. Oct.

1900 Census. Jackson Twp, Greene Co MO, Hh 12
Narcis Comstock, b. Dec 1859, age 40, widow, 8 children, 7 living, b. MO, father b. TN, mother b. VA
Fine, son, b. Apr 1882, age 18
Oscar, son, b. Mar 1887, age 13
Cleveland, son, b. Mar 1890, age 10
Mary, dau, b. Jun 1892, age 7
Hattie, dau, b. Dec 1894, age 5
Nancy, dau, b. May 1897, age 3

1910 Census. Jackson, Greene, MO, Hh 51
Narcissus M., 50, Widow
Cleveland, son, 20
Mary, dau, 16
Hattie, dau 14
Nancy, dau, 13

The Comstock book has Narcissa's birth wrong. It has 1 Aug 1860. In 1900, Narcissa herself said she was born in December of 1859 which agrees with the information on her Death Certificate below.

Found in Missouri Death Certificates index:
Narcissus Comstock, lived at 1960 Spencer, Springfield, MO. She was born 16 Dec 1859 and died 22 Aug 1920 at 60 years, 8 months, 6 days. She had chronic nephritis and heart disease. She was a widow. L. B. Comstock [presumably her son] was the informant for the death certificate. Her father given as Trina/Tuna Fondren [perhaps should have been Fine - maybe the handwriting is just awful], mother unknown. Actually she was in the household of Ambrose Fondren in 1870. She was buried Danforth Cemetery on the 25th.

William Kendrick COMSTOCK and Narcissa FONDREN had the following children:



Luther Brown "Luke" COMSTOCK.



Arthur COMSTOCK was born in May 1880 in Christian County, Missouri.450



Fine James COMSTOCK451 was born in April 1882 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430

The Comstock book gives his birth as Jan 1881. The 1900 census has Apr 1882.

Married Nancy Coates, Feb 22, 1906, in Springfield, MO. She was the daughter of John Harrison and Becky Ann (Steward) Coates. Children were Kendrick, born Jan 8, 1907; Emily born Mar 27, 1908; Melvin, born 1911.



Mary Jane COMSTOCK430 was born in 1894 in Greene County, Missouri.

The 1900 census lists a child as Nancy. There was no child listed as Mary Jane - she might have already been married.

Married Alvin Potter.



Oscar COMSTOCK451 was born in March 1887 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430 He died on 20 January 1916 at the age of 28 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430
Most of the dates of birth of this family as given in Comstock Family in America do not seem to be quite correct. The 1900 census says Oscar was born in Mar of 1887, not 1888.

Married Myrtle Grace Clause, June 11, 1905. Myrtle was the daughter of William Henry and Ruth Brown (Connett) Clause. Children were Jewell Alta, born Mar 26 1906; Margaret Almeda, born May 25 1908; Fern Marie born Sep 11, 1914.

Death Certificate lists his cause of death as diabetes; died 20 Jan 1916. He was 28 years, 10 months, 6 day. Date of birth given as 26 Mar 1887. Father Kendrick Comstock, b. TN. Mother Narcissa Fondren, b. MO. Narcissa was the informant for the death certificate. He was buried Danforth Cemetery.



Grover Cleveland COMSTOCK452 was born in March 1890.430 He died in January 1952 at the age of 61 in Greene County, Missouri.

Married Allie Martin in 1911. Children: Jack, Bill, L.C., John, Alline

Found in Missouri Death Certificates online:
Harold Ernest Comstock, age 7 days. Died of suffocation on 6 Jan 1913. He was born 30 Dec 1912. His father was Cleve Comstock, his mother Allie Martin. Fine Comstock [brother of Cleve] was the informant. Buried Danforth Cemetery.

Cleve Comstock, died Jan 1952, Greene Co MO.



Hattie COMSTOCK430 was born in December 1894 in Strafford, Greene County, Missouri.430

The book Comstock Family in America has a birth of 7 Dec 1896 and also reversed the birth order of Hattie and Mary Jane, as compared to the 1900 census. The census data seemed to have been provided by their mother and in cases where I've been able to compare, the census has proved to be accurate. Whoever gave the data to John A. Comstock for the book, was not quite correct.

Married Oscar Willoughby, 1913.



Nancy COMSTOCK430 was born in May 1897.430

Married in 1916 to William R. Rogers. Died of smallpox.