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Seventh Generation

694. Elizabeth COMSTOCK was born on 21 May 1792 in Connecticut.287 She died on 19 February 1877 at the age of 84 in Madison County, Kentucky.287

Fayette County Kentucky Records, Vol. 3
Michael L. Cook, CG, and Bettie A. Cummings Cook, CG
Cook Publications 1985
p. 72
Nathaniel S. Porter to Eliza Comstock, with Lyndon Comstock as surety. January 8, 1811. Daniel Comstock gave consent for his daughter.

Nathaniel was of Rye, New Hampshire. The Porter book states Elizabeth's death as says that she was aged 85 years when she died. If this is true, she was born ca 1792.

1820 Census. Pleasant Twp, Switzerland Co, Indiana
Nathaniel S. Porter: 1m under 10, 1m 26-45. 2 f under 10, 1f 16-26.
Next enumerated was George Cogshell, her sister's husband.

1830 Census. Madison Co KY, Richmond
Elizabeth Porter [indexed on Ancestry as "Peter" but very plainly is Porter]
1m -5 [John], 1m 15-20 [Samuel]. 2f 5-10 [Sarah & Eliza], 1f 10-15 [Caroline], 1f age 30-40 [Elizabeth] - born between 1790 and 1800.

Is this Elizabeth Porter in 1840? The ages fit the children that would still be living at home. Elizabeth would be older than 30-40 however, I think.
Madison Co KY; Elizabeth Porter:
1m 10-15 [John]; 2f 15-20 [Sarah & Eliza], 1f 20-30 [Caroline], 1f 30-40

The 1850 census on Ancestry for Richmond begins with Hh 59, although the other districts begin with Hh 1 - it appears some of this census is missing.

1860 Census. Madison Co KY; Richmond, p.145, Hh 53
Elizabeth Porter, age 58, b. CT [she was married in 1811 so this age is wrong]
Caroline, age 35, b. Fayette Co, KY [b. abt 1825]
Sarah, age 32, b. Indiana [b. abt 1822]

In 1870, Carrie and Sarah, were living together but there mother was not with them. They had also aged mysteriously:
Foxtown, Madison Co KY, P.O. Whitehall; Hh 12
Carrie Porter, age 55, b. KY. Sarah, age 50, b. KY

Elizabeth Porter is said buried Richmond, Madison Co KY in the Richmond Cemetery, Section D, lot 52. Born 21 May 1792; d 19 Feb 1877. Son John S. Porter is also in that plot, d. 16 Jun 1876.

Lyndon Comstock wrote the following tribute on
Elizabeth was the daughter of Daniel Comstock (1745-1814) and Sarah nee Fuller (1761-). Daniel died in Lexington and Sarah probably did as well; their grave locations are unknown. Elizabeth married Nathaniel Sargent Porter (who was born May 29, 1789 in Rye, NH) on June 8, 1811 in Lexington, Kentucky, later moving with him to Richmond, Kentucky. Her husband died on August 30, 1827, his grave location is unknown. She had seven children with him. Of those seven, the following have unknown grave locations: Oliver Fuller Porter (1814-1815), born and died in Lexington); Emily Comstock Porter (1816-after 1880), married Christopher Crittenden Ball and had ten known children with him, moved to Jasper County, Missouri; Caroline "Carrie" Porter (1818-after 1880), lived in or near Richmond, KY for the balance of her life; Sarah Anne Porter (1821-after 1880), lived with her sister Carrie in or near Richmond, KY for the balance of her life.

Elizabeth COMSTOCK and Nathaniel Sargent PORTER were married on 8 January 1811 in Fayette County, Kentucky.288 Nathaniel Sargent PORTER, son of Huntington PORTER and Susanna SARGENT, was born on 29 May 1789 in Rye, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.287 He died on 30 August 1827 at the age of 38.287

The only Nathaniel Porter I found in KY in 1820 was in Port William, Gallatin Co, KY - probably not him.

Notice in the Kentucky Gazette 21 Jan 1812.
The Subscriber Respectuflly informs his friends and the public, that he has given bond and security in the clerk's office of this county, as Constable, and hopes by a strict attention to that business, and prompt payment of any monies collected by him, to merit a small share of their consideration.
He continues to attend sales in town and country. Any orders left at the store of Mr. Elijah Noble, opposite, to the upper end of the marked house, will be strictly attended to by
N. S. Porter
January 20th, 1812.

There was a mortgage deed in Fayette Co DB I, p.1-2. Dated 4th day of April 1814 from Nathl. S. Porter of the Town of Lexington to Danl. Bradford of the aforesaid Town. Nathaniel was indebted to Daniel Bradford in the sum of $500. Bradford wanted to be secured and indemnified. For the consideration of $1 paid the sd Porter did set over and transfer to Bradford his household goods:
Two feather beds with pillows and bolsters; One high post bedstead, Two low post Bedsteads, Two straw Beds, four Counterpanes, four coverlids, Eight sheets, four blankets, One trunk containing Women's Apparel, One Desk with Drawers with household furniture, Six Green chairs, One armed chair, three common chairs, One small picture, one looking Glass, One pr Brass handirons, One pair Fire Dogs, one pr shovel & Tongs, one Cupboard, 6 Silver Tea Spoons, One Cream Ladle, One pr Sugar Tongs, One Castor, Three dozn Plates, Two dozn Knives & forks, One Gold Watch, Two large and one Small Dish, One dozn cups and saucers, Two bottles, Two Casks, Two jars, One writing Desk., One Suit of Bed Curtains, Two half round Tables, One Dining Table, Two Small Tables, 1 large and one small pot, Two Dutch Ovens, 1 Gridiron, Two Dutch Ovens, 1 large kettle, a pr Waffle Irons, One Cradle. Porter is to pay the sum of 500 Dollars on or before the first day of January 1816, in which case the conveyance to be void. If the sum is not paid Bradford is authorized to sell the sd property at public auction to the highest bidder and to apply the proceeds thereof to the payment of the debt.If the sale produces more than the amount secured together with cost & expenses of sale then the suplus to be refunded to said Porter.
Signed: Nathl. S. Porter
Signed Sealed and Delivd in presence of Robt R. Barre
Fayette Couty Clerks Office Apr 4 1814
This deed of Trust was this day at the hour of ten o'clock in the morning acknowledged before me by Nathl. S. Porter to be his act and deed to Danl. Brandford a true copy of which deed is in my office record.
Attest: John D. Young

A second mortgage, p.3 &4. Same date - April 4, 1814. Nathaniel was indebted to Fielding Bradford for $421. He offered the following goods for security: One shot Gun, Two Barrles of Whisley, one half barrel of whisley, Fifteen Pounds of Candles, Fifteen Barrels of apples, One barrel with Ten Gallons of Vinegar, Thirty three porter Bottles, One sett of Measures, One Dozen Chairs, Six dozen Blacking Bottles, two and one half dozen Jars, Two Dozen Cruits, One and one half Dozen Creams, One Dozen ?Rummers, One half dozen Mustard Pots, Six Jelly Glasses, Six Quilts, Three Sugar Dishes, Three Slop Bowls, Six Quart Decanters, thirey seven Pounds Castings, Ten pounds ?Copperas, One Pair Scales and Sett Weights, three funnels, One Coffee Mill, one half Dozen white plates, Six pounds of Gunpowder, four Crocks, Two tables, One dozen large and small Tumblers, Six Packs playing Cards, three Empty Barrels, One pair Andirons, One Barrle and a hlaf of Cyder Royal, One Barrel of Madeira Wine containing twenty Gallons, one Barrel of Jamaica Spirits Containing Ten Gallons, One Barrle and a hlaf of Port wine, One Barrel of Whiskey... Porter is to pay the debt of $421 before the 4th day of July next or Bradford can sell at public auction to the highest bidder with the same caveat as the previous deed.
Signed: Nathl. S. Porter
Signed, Sealed & Delivd in presence of Robt R. Barre, Thos. F. Barre
Nathaniel acknowledged as before and John D. Young, Clk, recorded the deed.

Elizabeth COMSTOCK and Nathaniel Sargent PORTER had the following children:



Samuel Huntington PORTER.



Oliver Fuller PORTER was born on 14 September 1814.287 He died on 17 April 1815 at the age of 0.287



Emily Comstock PORTER was born on 15 May 1816.287

Emily married Christopher Crittenden Ball on 17 Oct 1839. They left Richmond KY for Missouri in Oct of 1867, settling with his family in Carthage, Jasper Co. Their children were born in Richmond.

1850 Census. Madison Co KY, p.204, Hh 53
C. C. Ball, age 37, b. Madison Co KY
Emily, age 33, b. Madison Co KY
Ellen 8, Louis 6, Francis 4, Christopher 3, Caroline, 9 months

1860 Census [not indexed on Ancestry] Madison Co KY, Richmond. Hh 11
C. C. Ball, age 42, saddler and harness maker, b. Lincoln Co KY
Emily, age 42, b. Fayette Co KY
Children all born in Madison Co KY: Ellen 18, Lewis 16, Francis 14, Christopher 12, Caroline 10, George 8, Sarah A. 6, Emily 4, William 1
James Pumphrey, age 20, apprentice, b. Garrard Co KY
Lyman Brown, age 18, apprentice, b. Madison Co KY
John Sidney, age 28, saddler, b. New York
Thomas H. Faulconer, age 33, saddler, b. Fayette Co KY

1870 Census. Jasper Co MO, Marion Twp, Carthage, Hh 105
Cristopher C. Ball, age 51, Farmer, b. KY
Emily C. age 48, b. KY
Lewis H. 26, Carolina 18, George 17, Anna 15, Emma 12, William 9, Porter 7
[children all born in Kentucky]

1880 Census. Jasper Co MO, Union Twp, p.410, Hh 1
C. C. Ball, age 67, Farmer & Justice of Peace, b. KY, parents b. VA
E. C. Ball, age 65, wife, b. KY, father b. Mass., mother b. R.I.
L. H., age 35, son, Deputy Co. Collector, b. KY
Caroline L., age 26, daughter, teacher.
Annie S., age 24, daughter.
Emily W., age 22, daughter.
Wm. L., age 20, son.
Nathl. P. age 17, con. [b. Missouri]

Both Christopher and Emily must have died in Jasper Co prior to 1900. That year I found:
Jasper Co, MO, Preston, Hh 171
William L. Ball, age 42, b. Apr 1858, head of household, farm labor
Emily W. Ball, sister, age 44, b. Feb 1856, author
Lewis H. Ball, brother, age 57, b. Mar 1843, farmer
Caroline L., sister, age 50, b. Dec 1850, teacher
Porter N., brother, age 38, b. Mar 1862, lawyer and salesman



Caroline PORTER219 was born on 22 October 1818.287

Said to have lived in Richmond, KY. Never married.

Caroline wrote two letters to Noah D. Comstock in 1879 when he was researching the Comstock family. She apparently never married. Noah's correspondence is in the manuscript collection of Samuel Willett Comstock at NEHGS in Boston. Both men seemed to have been gathering information to publish a Comstock book, but neither finished the task. When John A. Comstock compiled The Comstock Family in America, he used these letters.

What is truly amazing about the letters is that I also have a transcript of a letter Caroline "Carrie" wrote to her sister-in-law, Bettie Porter on 28 Jun 1879, widow of her brother Samuel. In this letter she says, " I had another letter from Mr. Comstock, he is Distantly Related to Ma and is trying to get up a Genealogy of the Family. The Comstocks are a very Old Family." The date on the second letter to Noah Comstock reveals that she had already answered him.

Probably the first letter.
N. D. Comstock Sir your Letter
of inquiry reached me to day
and I am sorry that I have only
Family Tradition to write to you
My Mother having been One of
the youngest of the Second Family
of My Grandfather Daniel Comstock.
Whatever Family Records they might
have Possessed were in the keeping
of Older Members of the Family.
My Dear Mother Elizabeth Comstock Porter
Died two years since in her 85th
year. I have Often heard her say
that her Father said that all the
Comstocks in the United States were
related being the Descendants of three
Brothers who came to this Country
From Wales at an Early day.
My Grandfather in the first settlement
Of Ohio came West to Live at
[line missing under binding]
His family he Brought with him
Two Sons by his first Marriage,
William & Seth. but the Indians
Were so troublesome that my Grandmother
who was his second Wife and had small
Children was unwilling to risk the
dangers, and he returned to Providence
Rhode Island with his younger son.
But Uncle William staid behind
and afterward Settled in Hardin Co
Ky where he was Married to Miss Hardin
Whose Father the county was named for
Uncle W. had two Children a son and
a daughter the son I think was named
Ephraim I do not Remember the
Daughters name. Some years after
Uncle Lyndon Comstock who was
My Mothers Eldest Brother left Providence
RI and settled in Lexington Ky
he Married but had no Children. Five
years afterward My Grandfather though
then 70 removed to Lexington Ky
with his Family where he his Wife
and most of his Children & GrandChildren
are Burried. My Uncle Brown
Comstock my Mothers youngest Brother
was Married had One Son Dr. George
Comstock a very Promising young
Man he Died leaving two sons One of
Them afterward Died Leaving One Lyndon
Comstock the Last we heard of him
he was Living with his Mother in
Columbus Indianna. Uncle Brown
Died a number of years Since
Uncle William & his Wife have been
dead many years I do not know
whether his Children are Living or
not if so they must be very Old.
as far as I know my three sisters
and Myself are the Only Living
Decendents of the Comstock Family who
Emigrated to Ky I believe in the
Year 1808 Uncle Lyndon C went
Out Privateering during the War of 1812
and never returned and the Family
p. 4 [this page reads down, up the side & then back across the top]
never knew what his Fate was
I think it Probable that your
Wife's Great Uncle was Brother
to my GrandFather as I have often
heard my Mother speak of visiting
her Fathers Relatives at Smithfield
RI [part of line cut off by photo] Nathaniel
Sargent Porter of Rye New Hampshire
Was Married to My Mother 8th Jun
1811 they had 7 children. Samuel H. Porter
was Oct 13th 1812 & Died Feb 19th 1875
Oliver Fuller P. was Born Sep 14th 1814
and Died April 17th 1815 Emily C. Porter
was Born May 15th 1816, Caroline Porter
was Born Oct 22nd 1818. S. A. Porter was
Born 17th April 1821 Eliza Porter was Born
the 26th July 1823. John S. Porter Born
6th April 1826 Died June 16th 1876
Perhaps it may give you some else to know
that my Grandfather was Raised a Quaker
[up the side of the page]
or Friends as they are sometimes called and was nearly Related
[upside down at the top]
to the Browns of Rhode Island who
have done so much to Build up
Brown University. if you should receive
this Please Let me hear from you again
if it is any assistance to you.
Respectfully Caroline Porter
[Another page added at the end]
After writing the above it
Has Occurred to my mind that
the Old Home of the Comstock
Family to which my GrandFather
belonged was in Connecticut, but I
do not Remember the Co. He and
his two Brothers were Famers He
moved to Providence after the Death
of his first Wife was was a Miss
Jenks My Grandmother his second
wife was Miss Sallie Fuller of
Providence RI Respf. C. Porter
To N. D. Comstock

Second letter - the first was not dated
Richmond, May 17th 1879
N. D. Comstock Sir I received
your second letter some days since
and as you must [have?] some more definite
information about the Comstock Family
will give you what I can.
My Grandfathers Children By his first Wife
were Seth, Jenks, William,
Chloe, Cinthia, Abby. Jenks at
the time my Grandfather removed to
Ky Lived with his Brother Seth who
was a Tailor by trade but was
engaged at the time in the Manufacturing
of Hemp. If I Remember right
in Conn. After the Death of My
Grandfather correspondence between the
Familys seems to have ceased. His Children
By his Second Wife Sarah Fuller My
Granmother, were Lynden, Sarah,
Ann, Elizabeth, Andrew, Brown.
Ann Married Francis Walker
from England. Sarah married
George Coggshell from Rhode Island
Elizabeth, Nathaniel S. Porter from
Rye, New Hampshire. Andrew
Died in Lexington Ky when quite
young. My Uncles & Aunts with
all there are Dead. With Respect
to my uncle Lyndon who was
the Eldest of the Family his fate
is not known. The Last Letter
the Family had from him he was in
the Seas Privateering, but there
were two or three Persons who
had known him in Lexington said
they had met and conversed with him
some time after the letter was
written. He contracted in some
Respects an unfortunate Marriage
he had no Children, and Uncle
Brown always belived that was
The reason he never returned as
He was mainly Attached to his Own
Family. He Left his Property with
his Wife who lived many years
and Married again. Uncle L.
told One of the Persons he met that
he had heard that his wife was
dead. my Mother thought it
Probable that under that impression
he had contracted a second Marriage
his Family troubles and consequent
absence was a great trial to all
his Family as he was almost Idolized
By them all. I do not know
of any Other Comstocks in Ky,
as you have the same name
what Branch of the Family do you
Belong to? And if it is not
impertinent are you getting up a
Genealogy of the Family, the Porters
have Lately Published One, we have
not Received a copy yet.
My Great GrandMother Comstock
contracted a second Marriage with a
Farnum, had One Son Stephen
His Wifes name was Ruth and
they had 14 children My G. Grandmother
lived to be nearly 100 years Old She
Died after my Grandfather moved
to Ky. I do not know whether
Dr. George Comstock Son is living
or not we have had no Letters from
from My Uncles Widow. Uncle Brown
kept up a correspondence with
My Mother while he Lived. The
Last we heard from My Aunt she
her Daughter in law & grandson were
Living in Columbus Indianna.
I believe I have told you all I
Know of the Family.
Yours Respt. Caroline Porter

To N. D. Comstock
Please Excuse all mistakes as I am
An Old woman in 61st year. C.P.



Sarah Anne PORTER was born on 17 April 1821.287



Eliza PORTER289 was born on 26 July 1823.287 She died on 30 April 1888 at the age of 64 in Colton, San Bernardino County, California.

Eliza married Dr. James C. Peacock on 8 Jan 1840. He went to California in 1850 and in 1855 moved his family, settling in San Bernardino.

1870 Census. San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA, Hh 269
James Peacock, age 60, physician, b. Pennsylvania
Eliza, age 45, b. KY
Thomas 13, b. CA. Jane, age 9, b. CA

1880 Census, San Bernardino, CA, Hh 24
Dr. J. C. Peacock, age 70, b. PA, father b. PA, mother b. Indiana
Eliza, age 56, wife, b. KY, father b. Mass., mother b. R.I.
Thos. age 23, son, druggist, b. CA
Charley, age 25, cook, b. China, parents b. China

She is buried Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San Bernardino Co, CA
FindAGrave lists these children:
Thomas Frances Peacock(1856-1935)
Sara Jane Peacock(1862-)
Edwin Robert Peacock (1842-1886)
William Sargent Peacock (1842-1886)
Emily Peacock (1858-1860)
Florence Ellen Peacock (1863-1870)
James Corbitt Peacock(1850-1909)
Caroline Peacock (1848-1849)
Martha Elizabeth Peacock(1846-1871)



John Sargent PORTER.