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Seventh Generation

574. Alpheus COMSTOCK was born in 1790 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut. He died on 2 March 1851 at the age of 61.

I wonder about this place of birth as given in the John A. Comstock book. All indications are that the family was in Great Barrington, MA prior to 1800. His father's home was formerly New London County CT where Stonington is located. Some say Peregrine removed to Great Barrington soon after the Revolution - if so, Alpheus was more likely born in Massachusetts, and indeed the 1850 census gives Massachusetts as his place of birth.

I found a Family Group Sheet of the family online at the website of Jon W. Stewart.
There are obviously daughters that have been unidentified.

1830 Census, Great Barrington, MA
Alpheus Comstock: a single male, age 40-50. 2 girls under age 5 [Mary, age 4 could one of these daughters - the other unknown], 1f 5-10 [Jane, age 6], 1f 10-15 [Mariah - age 12], 1f age 30-40 [probably Polly}

1840 Census, Great Barrington, MA
Alpheus Comstock: 1 male child under 5 [Henry], 1m 50-60. 2f 5-10 [Harriet, 7, and another unknown daughter], 1f 15-20 [Jane 16, or Mary 14 - neither thought to have yet marrried, unless one was counted with Harriet by mistake], 1f 30-40 [Polly seemed not to have aged - it may have been the dates the censuses were taken]

1850 Census. Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA, Hh 1522
Alpheus Comstock, age 51, Laborere, b. Mass.
Ann P., age 49, b. Mass.
Henry, age 13, b. Mass.

Earlier censuses do indicate that Alpheus was more like 61 in 1850. Alpheus lived next door to a Thomas Comstock, age 37, also born in Massachusetts - his wife was Hannah. Thomas was too old to be a son of Ann Pixley and was not a sibling of Alpheus - perhaps he was a nephew.

Alpheus COMSTOCK and Anne PIXLEY were married circa 1815 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. Anne PIXLEY was born in 1801 in Massachusetts. She died on 27 January 1864 at the age of 63 in Granville, Mahaska County, Iowa.

Anne must have gone to Iowa with her children following the death of Alpheus. She is said to be buried Baldwin Cemetery, Richland Township, Mahaska County, Iowa where some of her children are also buried. She is listed on in that cemetery with no birth date and the death date 27 Jan 1864, age 63 years.

In 1860 Ann, age 62, was living with daughter Harriet and her husband William Horton - the enumerator misunderstood the surname and has them as "Wharton". They were in Richland Twp, Mahaska Co, Iowa.

Alpheus COMSTOCK and Anne PIXLEY had the following children:



Mariah COMSTOCK was born on 17 July 1818 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died in 1915 at the age of 97 in Poweshiek County, Iowa.

Mariah is said to have married Riley William Case, 30 Nov 1837; probably in Great Barrington.

They were already in Iowa for the 1850 Census, Columbus City, Louisa Co, Hh 164
Riley Case, age 33, Teacher, b. CT
Maris, 31, b. MA
Mary A., age 9, b. CT
Jane 6, b. Iowa
Joseph W., age 1 month, b. Iowa

1860 Census. Richland Twp, P.O. Granville, Mahaska, Iowa, Hh 481
Riley Case, 42, painter, b. CT
Maria, 41, b. MA
Jane 15. Joseph 9. Truman 7. Albert 5. Eiza 2. All born in Iowa
Living next door was Wm "Wharton", actually Horton, and Maria's sister Harriet - their mother Ann was living with them.

She is buried Baldwin Cemetery, Richland Township, Mahaska County, Iowa

FindAGrave doesn't seem to have this family as buried in that cemetery.
I did find A. R. Case [probably son Albert] who was born 30 May 1855, died 6 Aug 1895.



Jane COMSTOCK was born on 4 July 1824 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 20 November 1896 at the age of 72 in Granville, Mahaska County, Iowa.

Jane married Hyman Hynes/Haines before 1849, Great Barrrington. He was born 27 Jan 1819, Pennsylvania, and died 5 Aug 1888, Granville, Mahaska County, Iowa. They are buried Baldwin Cemetery.

In 1850, they were Oquawka, Henderson Co, Illinois, Hh 197
Hymen Haynes, age 32, b. PA, Saddler & Harness maker
Jane, 27, b. MA
William, age 12, b. Iowa
[Had they gone to Iowa and returned?]

1860. Sugar Creek Twp, Poweshiek County, Iowa, Hh 224
Hyman Hyanes, 42, farmer, b. PA
Jane, 35, b. MA
Children all born in Iowa: William 10, Maria 8, Pauline 5, and John 3 months
Jane's sister Mary, married to Alfred Linsted was next door.
Baldwin Cemetery, Mahaska Co, Iowa
Hyman Haines: Born 27 Jan 1819, died 5 Aug 1888
Jane Haines: born 4 Jul 1824, died 20 Nov 1896



Mary COMSTOCK was born on 29 November 1826 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 15 April 1892 at the age of 65 in Mahaska County, Iowa.

Mary married Alfred P. Linsted.

In 1850, they were still in Massachusetts, in Lee, Berkshire Co., Hh 26
living with Elenor Daley, age 60, and the family of William P. Johnson
Alfred P. Linsted, age 26, paper maker, b. MA
Mary, age 28, b. MA
John A. age 4
Sylvester, age 4 months

1860 Census. Sugar Creek Township, Poweshiek Co, Iowa, Hh 325
Next door to Mary's sister Jane Hyman.
Alfred Linsted, age 35, farmer, b. MA
Mary, 32, b. MA
John 14, Sylvester 9 - born in MA
Edwin, 6, said born in Maine
Baldwin Cemetery, Mahaska Co, Iowa
Alfred P. Linsted: Born 15 Nov 1823, died 12 Aug 1900
Mary E. "Lenster": Born 29 Nov 1826, died 15 apr 1892
John Linsted: Born 4 Apr 1846, died 18 Sep 1860



Harriet COMSTOCK was born on 31 August 1833 in Great Barrington, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Harriet married William L. Horton, 1 Jan 1854, South Lee, MA
She should have been in the household with her parents as she was only about 17, but she was not. Neither did I find her in Great Barrington at all.

children said born at Granville, Iowa:
Emma, 12 Apr 1860,
Benjamin S., 29 Oct 1865

In 1860, the census enumerator apparently misunderstood the surname - he wrote them down as "Wharton". Richland Twp, P.O. Granville, Mahaska Co, Iowa, Hh 482.
Next door to Harriet's sister Mariah.
Wm Wharton, age 28, Blacksmith, b. NY
Harriet, age 27, b. MA
Mary R., age 5, b. MA. Emma, age 1 month, b. Iowa
Ann "Compstock", age 62, b. Massachusetts.