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Fourth Generation

106. John COMSTOCK21,83 was born on 26 March 1693 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.9,56,81 He died on 12 January 1749 at the age of 55 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.105,106

Was a blacksmith associated with his wife's family in working brass and iron.

The Comstock book gives no dates of marriage.
Date of John and Esther's marriage is based on birth of oldest child.
The date of marriage to Sarah Dexter assumes all children were born to 1st wife. Her will left bequests only to her own sisters and children of her sisters indicating none of the children were hers.

23 Mar 1717. John's father, Samuel Comstock, deeded 83 acres near Woonsocket Hill to John

The Early Records of the Town of Providence
Vol. IX, p.129 October ye 30th 1728. Taken up by John Comestock two stray hiffers
Vol. IX, p.108 August ye 31st 1741. This Day John Comstock Gave Notis that he had Taken up A stray Meair.
Vol. IX p.68 6 Apr 1723. A highway in Providence neck is laid out "Begining at a Black oake bush; marked standing Close by the Country Roads a Little way Easterly from John Comestocks house."

Smithfield RI, DB 1, p.256-257 10 Jun 1735 John Comstock to Daniel Comstock, 10 acres bordering the Branch river and the land of their brother Ichabod Comstock.

The Comstock book states the following deeds
16 Jan 1736 - John to son Samuel, 30 acres
14 Mar 1744 , John, blacksmith, to his son Joseph, blacksmith
24 Mar 1745, to son Joseph, 17 acres
7 Jul 1757, to son Jeremiah, 150 acres
15 Aug 1749, deed to son John (acres not stated)
16 Aug 1749 to sons John, Jonathan, James, Nathan & Ichabod, 170 acres

John Comstock of Providence was on a list of freemen in 1747 and in 1751. It's likely the first was this John and the second in 1751 was his son of the same name - or both are the younger John.

12 Feb 1750 Administration of John's estate granted to his sons, Samuel and John.

Buried in North Burialground, Providence along with son Samuel and his wife Anne Brown, and two of their sons, Capt Joseph & Capt Jesse Comstock

John COMSTOCK and Esther JENCKES were married about 1714.105 Esther JENCKES, daughter of WILLIAM JENCKES and PATIENCE SPRAGUE, was born about 1695 in Pawtucket, Providence County, Rhode Island.107,108

Either the date of Esther's birth in 1695, or the marriage of William Jenckes & Patience Sprague in 1703 is wrong. Or William Jenckes was married more than one time.

John COMSTOCK and Esther JENCKES had the following children:












Jonathan COMSTOCK.



Jeremiah COMSTOCK.









Dr. Ichabod COMSTOCK.




John COMSTOCK and Sarah DEXTER were married after 1735.105 Sarah DEXTER, daughter of John DEXTER and Alice SMITH, was born on 27 June 1698 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.98,109,110 She died on 8 July 1773 at the age of 75.98,106

It is likely none of the children of John Comstock were Sarah's. Her will dated 22 Mar 1769, Providence, and proved 11 Jul, 1773 made bequests to her sisters Abigail Green and Alice Olney and to the children of sisters Abigail and Anne Brown.

Buried at North Burial Ground, Providence.