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Fourth Generation

102. Hazadiah COMSTOCK13,83,84,85 was born on 16 April 1682 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.9,56,81 He died on 21 February 1764 at the age of 81 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.59

Date of marriage to Catherine Pray is based on birthdate of oldest child.

Hazadiah was married [2] to Martha Balcom, 10 Aug 1703, by Jonathan Sprague, Justice

The Early Records of the Town of Providence
Vol. IX, p.184 Jun 9, 1704. Hazadiah Comestock of Providence Tooke up a stray Horse
Vol. IX, p.179 January ye 6th 1709. Hazadiah Comestock apprised a stray mare for Alexander Balkcom.
Vol XI, Town Meeting 1, p.161 28 apr 1712 Bill preferred by Samuel Wilkinson Junr, Tho. Smith, Samuel Aldrich, & Hasadiah Comstock requesting a highway through the Northern part of the Township as far as inhabitants dwell. Granted the towns two surveyors lay out lands and begin at the northern end in the tract of land belonging to Edward Inman & his partners.
Vol. IX, p.29-30 23rd of Aprill 1716. Laying out of a highway through Wesquetomscutt and Wansocott [Woonsocket] Lands and so over the River Called the branch ...."Crassing the said path sevorall times with bounds plainely marked by Hazadiah Comestockes and a Long by Samuell Comestockes and Richard Spreagues to the Branch of the River" Signed by John Arnold, Henry Mawrey, Samuell Comestock Junr.
Vol XIII, Town Meeting No. 2, p.17. 1 Jun 1719 Hazadiah Comestock Chosen Constable. [No notation that he was engaged, although the others in the list were so marked.]

Found in the Manuscript collection of William A. Mowry, Mss 290, Box 3:
Folder 35: Hazadiah Comstock 1719-20
To Hazadiah Comstock, Constable. He is to take into custody the body of Capt Josph Mowry upon complaint of Henry Mowry, 19 Feb Action of trespass
in reference to a piece of land 50 acres according to his father's will on north side of sd father's homestead. Father was Nathaniel Mowry, deceased.
15 Feb 1719-20

19 Nov 1730. Hazadiah deeded 100 acres to sons William and Gideon.

Smithfield was created 1731 out of Providence - wasn't necessary for the Comstocks to move as they were incorporated into Smithfield.

Smithfield, RI, DB 1, p.304 26 Mar 1731 Deed of partition between Hazadiah Comstock, son of Capt Samuel Comstock, John Arnold, son of Capt Richard Arnold Dec'd, and William and Daniel Arnold, sons of said John Arnold, all of Smithfield. Town of Providence, 14 Apr 1707, granted Capt. Richard Arnold and Capt. Samuel Comstock a parcel of land at the time within the township of Providence but now within Smithfield, known by the name of Wonsocut. Land was never divided between the two men. Now set to run between Hazadiah Comstock's dwelling house and Daniel Arnolds, [various metes and bounds], comes to Pawtucket River.

There are many, many deeds of Hazadiah and his sons, not noted here.

Smithfield, RI, DB 1, p.91-92 29 May 1733 Hazadiah to son William 84 acres. Boundaries mention line between Hazadiah and David Comstock [nephew of Hazadiah] and the orchard of David Comstock, and lands of William Comstock.

Smithfield, RI, DB 1, p.253-255 20 Mar 1731/1732 Hazadiah Comstock, Daniel Comstock, John Sayles [husband of Elizabeth Comstock, a sister], Ichabod Comstock, David Comstock [son of Samuel Jr, dec'd, and a nephew of the others], Thomas Comstock, John Comstock, and Job Comstock sold to John Balcom, 8 acres of land in Smithfield. The land was on both sides of the highway on the north side of the Great Hollow, bounded on the north & west by John Arnold, on the south by Thomas Smith, and on the east with Balcom. [This is undoubtedly a sale of land that belonged to Capt Samuel Comstock, father of most of the above named] The deed was recorded 10 Feb 1735/1736.

Manuscript collection of William A. Mowry, Mss 290, Box 3
Folder 36: Hazadiah Comstock 1733
Benjamin Pain & Henry Mowry
6 Aug 1733
Henry Mowry deposition. He was at the house of Benjamin Pain in Smithfield. Hazadiah struck him blows on his head and kicked him and clinched his hands in the hair of his head and bowed his neck down. Said Pain called to his wife to strike Comstock with the fire tongs. She refused.
[Other files indicate Benjamin Pain/Payne was likely a shopkeeper; also perhaps served strong drink]

1754 Hazadiah and sons, Gideon, & Hazadiah Jr., listed as freemen, Smithfield.

29 Nov 1757 Hazadiah and Martha made receipt for their share of John Balkom's estate.

Will of Hazadiah dated 10 Mar 1763, proved 5 Mar 1764. Bequests to sons: John, Ezekiel, Gideon, Hazadiah. To wife Martha. To daughters Anne Comstock, Rachel Steere, Martha Staples. To children of daughter Catherine Steere, deceased, viz: Elisha, Nathan, David, Rachel. To grandchildren Susanna and Anthony Comstock, children of son Anthony, deceased. To grandchildren Mary Aldrich, Thomas Arnold, and Catherine Arnold.
LDS Microfilm #0959526: p.427 Hazadiah Comstock, 10th day 3rd month 1763, will of Hazadiah of Smithfield. [Could not be read on the film]

The house built by Hazadiah in 1733 was occupied by him until his death, by his widow Martha, then by son Ezekiel and grandson Henry and his heirs until 1858; it was burned about 1885.

Hazadiah COMSTOCK and Catherine PRAY were married about 1706.82 Catherine PRAY, daughter of JOHN PRAY and SARAH BROWN, died on 27 November 1728.82

Hazadiah COMSTOCK and Catherine PRAY had the following children:















Catharine COMSTOCK.



Hazadiah COMSTOCK Jr..



Penelope COMSTOCK was born on 11 February 1717.86 She died on 17 June 1736 at the age of 19.86






Andrew COMSTOCK was born on 22 January 1721.86 He died on 14 April 1738 at the age of 17.86




Hazadiah COMSTOCK and Martha BALCOM were married on 10 August 1730 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.9,55 Martha BALCOM, daughter of Joseph BALCOM and Phebe [BALCOM], was born on 23 May 1714.82,87 She died on 6 May 1794 at the age of 79.82

Martha Comstock's will was dated 30 May 1784 and proved 14 May 1794. She made bequests to grandson Laban, son of Joseph Comstock, deceased; to grandson Anthony, son of Anthony, deceased; to grandson Henry, son of Ezekiel, deceased; and to three children of Ezekiel - Henry, Waite and Hannah; to daughter Anne, wife of Joseph Comstock, to the three children of daughter Martha Staple, deceased, who were Sylvania Whipple wife of Asa, Martha Randall wife of Eleazar, and Diana Staples.

Hazadiah COMSTOCK and Martha BALCOM had the following children:









Phebe COMSTOCK was born on 5 June 1735.86 She died on 25 November 1740 at the age of 5.86



Rufus COMSTOCK was born on 26 October 1738.86 He died on 23 November 1740 at the age of 2.86