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Sixth Generation

441. Jacob COMSTOCK229 was born on 1 November 1747 in Smithfield, Providence County, Rhode Island.9,164

Smithfield RI, DB 6, Pt. 2, p.31 26 Dec 1768 Azariah Comstock of Richmond in the province of New Hampshire, Blacksmith, sold to Israel Comstock, Daniel Comstock, and Jacob Comstock [his nephews, sons of brother Daniel], a tract of 100 acres, one half of all the land "my Honrd Father Daniel Comstock late of Smithfield died Seized of in quantity and quality". Zerviah Comstock also signed the deed. Rec. 10 Jan 1769.
p.41 11 Jan 1769 Azariah Comstock, of New Hampshire, to Israel, Daniel & Jacob Comstock. 45 acres in Smithfield, one-fourth part of land that his father Daniel Comstock, late of Smithfield, deceased, had purchased. Rec. 8 Feb 1769.
p.197 8 Jan 1769 Azariah Comstock, sold 200 acres in Smithfield to Daniel Comstock. It was on the southern side of the highway near John Read, bounding partly on land of John Read and land of Oliver Man, Joseph Comstocks land, Hazadiah Comstocks land, Jonathan Comstock's land, Adam Harkness' land. All the land that Daniel Comstock, late of Smithfield, deceased, died Seized of, all the homestead farm whereon he last dwelt. Zerviah Comstock, wife, surrendered all her Right of Dower. Rec. Jan 1769.

Smithfield RI, DB 6, p.206 27 Jan 1769 Daniel and Jacob Comstock, both of Smithfield, sold to John Read a tract in Smithfield of 17 acres. Adjacent land of Israel Comstocks, corner bound of said John Reads other land. Witnessed by Ephraim Whipple, Israel Comstock, Benjamin Read. Rec. 10 Feb. 1769.
p.360 1 May 1769 Daniel & Jacob Comstock of Smithfield, sold to Nehemiah Shearman, 20 acres of a land on the west of a highway from the dwelling house of Adam Harkness to the Great Road, a bound of Israel Comstocks Land, dividing line between the Colony and the province of Massachusetts Bay. Rec. 7 Jun 1773.

Smithfield RI, DB 7, p.11-12 Feb 1769 Daniel & Jacob Comstock of Smithfield, to Israel Comstock. 50 acres in Smithfield, begin NW corner of Jonathan Reads land that he bought of Obadiah Sprague; road that leads to Adam Harkness. Patience Comstock, wife of Daniel, surrendered all her Right of Dower. Rec. 5 Jun 1769.

Providence Court of Common Please [Civil Cases]
Dec 1776 Daniel Comstock, Jonathan Comstock, Jacob Comstock of Smithfield, Abner Thayer and Nathaniel Landen both of Providence, Merchants vs. Amos Weeks of Providence, Mariner. Damages of 600£'s. Defendant made default. Daniel Comstock & others to recover the damages plus costs.

Census of 1777. Able for arms: Jacob Comstock.
He was in Spencer's expedition against Rhode Island, Oct 1777.

Smithfield RI, DB 7
p. 195-196 17 Feb 1778 Daniel and Jacob Comstock of Smithfield sell to Jonathan Comstock [their father's 1st cousin] of the same town, three tracts in the township of Smithfield. One tract with dwelling houses and other buildings, 200 acres. South side of the highway, the line formerly a straight line between Daniel Comstock, deceased, and Jonathan Read, the River called the Branch, with the stream, to the NE corner of Joseph Comstocks land, running with Grantees [Jonathan's] lnad, a bound of Adam Harkness, the highway from Harkness to the country road. Another tract of 14 acres, bounded partly on land of Harkness, partly on land of grantee. Another tract of 70 acres, running westwardly with land of Elijah Arnold to the land of Oliver Read, the Colony Line, land of Adam Harkness Junr. Patience Comstock, wife of Daniel and Abigail Comstock, wife of Jacob, quit claim to said Jonathan Comstock all their Right of Dower. Signed by Daniel, Jacob, Abigail, but not by Patience. Four seals are indicated.

In 1769, Jacob seemed not to have a wife, but certainly his wife was Abigail in 1778. In 1776, Patience Jenckes Comstock's father named both Patience Comstock and and a daughter Abigail Comstock. I am not at all sure that this first wife of Jacob's was Abigail Bennett - I suspect she was instead Abigail Jenckes, but not necessarily a sister to Patience. Whatever her surname, she died before he married Elizabeth Bennet in 1779.

Pomfret, Windham Co, CT Deeds
Vol. 6, p.180
2 Jan 1778 Jacob Comstock bought 83 acres from Peter Ballow [Ballou] and was "of" Smithfield, RI. This is probably his first land purchase in Connecticut. The parcel was bounded by Ebenezer Grosvenor, the country road, John White's land, land of the widow Sarah Paine and had a dwelling house and barn. Peter Ballou had bought the land from John Grosvenor Esqr on 31 Aug 1773. For
1530 £. Oliver Read & Nathan Frink, JP were witnesses. Recorded on 2 Jan 1778. [sold to Caleb Fuller on 17 Jul 1782]

Vol. 7, p.35, 20 Apr 1778 Agreement between Jacob & James Holmes for division in maintenance of the fence between each other. Signed by both parties but not recorded until 29 Mar 1788.

The following appears to be the first business contact between the Comstocks and Fullers.
Vol. 7, p.9, 17 Jul 1782 Jacob of Pomfret sold land to Caleb Fuller of Providence, 83 acres for 200£ [referenced in Caleb Fuller's deed of 28 Jul 1806] Adjacent Ebenezer Grovenor's land, Country Road, Jonathan White's land, land of the widow Sarah Paine, land of James Holmers with dwelling house & barn being the same land Peter Bellue bought of John Grosvenor Esqr 31 Aug 1773. Signed Jacob Comstock and witnessed by Levine Goodell & Josiah Sabin Rec'd 23 Jul 1782

[Rehoboth, Bristol, MA?] Vol 20, p.659 20 Aug 1782 Josiah Blake of Rehoboth, Bristol Co, Massachusetts, for 1250£'s gold or silver sold to Daniel Comstock of Killingly, Windham, CT, and Jacob Comstock of Pomfret, Windham, CT, the following tracts of land in Rehoboth. 16 acres with the building thereon bounded on the north by the road from Fuller's Ferry to the town of Warren, on the east by land of Leonard Wyat, South by land of Anthony Perry, west by the banks of the river leading to Pawtucket; a small dwelling sold within the boundary. Another piece of land in Rehoboth, 9 acres and 23 rods, bounded on the south by the road from Fuller's Ferry to Warren, East by land of Joseph Franklin, North by land of John Dagget, West by the bank of the river. Another piece of land with a dwelling house, wharff, and other buildings with all my right and title to the Lower Ferry in the town of Providence, county of Providence, commonly called Fuller's Ferry on the river, bounded East on the Bank of the River being the line between Massachusets and Rhode Island, north on land of John Jones, West by channel of the river, South on land of Anthony of Perry, lying within the town of Providence and contained about one acre. Another piece of land in Providence of one acre bounded south on land belonging to the town of Rehoboth, east by the river, the line between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, north by land of John Dagget, and west by the channel fo the River leading to Pawtucket. All the same premises which purchased of Cleb Fuller. Judith Blake, wife of Josiah, released Right of Dower. Wit: John Lyon, Suzanna Lyon. Recorded by Theodore Foster, Town Clerk, 21 Aug 1782.

Providence Court of Common Pleas [Civil Cases]
Dec 1782 Caleb Fuller of Pomfret, Windham Co CT vs. Jacob Comstock of Providence otherwise called Jacob Comstock of Pomfret. Said Comstock was to recover his cost. Plaintiff appealed.
Dec 1782 Caleb Fuller of Pomfret, Windham Co, CT vs. Daniel Comstock of Killingley, Windham Co, CT and Jacob Comstock of Providence. Defendants made Default. Fuller to recover 33.10 debt and costs. Ex Gr [Execution Granted] 7 Feb 1783.
Jun 1786 Joseph Mowry of Smithfield, Executor of the Last Will & Testament of Joseph Mowry, deceased, vs. Daniel Comstock & Jacob Comstock, residing in Providence, husbandmen alias merchants. For recover of debt due by note to Joseph Mowry, deceased, in his lifetime, dated 3 Dec 1777. They have refused to pay although asked repeatedly. Defendants made Default. Mowry to recover 17.11.8 and costs.

Pomfret, Vol. 7 p.207
24 Oct 1787 Caleb Fuller of Pomfret gave to his son Olney Fuller of Providence, phsyician, 23 3/4 acres part of his homestead and the west quarter of the farm purchased from Jacob Comstock on 17 Jul 1782. Rec'd. 25 Oct 1787.

Jacob appears to have moved back to Rhode Island before 1790.
1790 Census, Providence RI. Jacob Comstock. 1 free white male over 16, 1 free white male under 16, 2 females, 1 "other" person

Pomfret, Vol. 10, p.108
28 Jul 1806 Caleb Fuller sold to son Lyndon Fuller, 28 Jul 1806, half of his farm in Pomfret that he had purchased 17 Jul 1782 from Jacob Comstock. $1500, estimated as his portion in Caleb's estate Tract of 83 acres, the South part of his home farm. Bounded at the NW corner by Rufus Burtons land, by the Turnpike road from Pomfret to Providence, the land of Oliver Grosvenor, land of Sarah Paine, land of Benjamin Ducik. The South half to be taken off to contain 41 1/2 acres. Signed by Caleb Fuller; Witnessed by Nancy & Thos. Grosvenor. Acknowledged by Fuller on that date.

Barbour Collection Connecticut Vital Records
Windham County, CT
Births, Deaths, Marriages
1708 – 1850
Name; data; volume; page

Abigail, w. Jacob, d. Jan. 22, 1779; 2; 87
Abigail, d. Feb. 22, 1779; 2; 87

Elizabeth Jenckes, m. Jacob Comstock, July ( )* (*Crossed out); 2; 87
Elizabeth, m. Jacob Comstock, July 9, 1779; 2; 87

[Also in the Pomfret records - possibly daughter of Daniel, niece of Jacob]
PRATT: Isaiah, m. Chloe Comstock, Mar. 25, 1799; 2; 92

Samuel Willett Comstock stated that Jacob had sons Jacob, George & William, but he had never found George. Jacob & William located in Central Masstts.

Jacob COMSTOCK and Abigail ?BENNETT were married about 1773. Abigail ?BENNETT died on 22 January 1779 in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut.

Abigail may have been Abigail Jenckes, sister to Patience Jenckes that married Jacob's brother Daniel. However, the children of Abigail Jenckes Comstock in the will of her mother, don't match the children of Jacob and Abigail as found in The Comstock Family in America.

Jacob COMSTOCK and Abigail ?BENNETT had the following children:




Jacob COMSTOCK and Elizabeth BENNETT were married on 9 July 1779 in Pomfret, Windham County, Connecticut. Elizabeth BENNETT was born (date unknown).

Jacob COMSTOCK and Elizabeth BENNETT had the following children: