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Seventh Generation

686. Seth COMSTOCK96,184,219,277,278 was born in 1773.9 He died on 2 April 1848 at the age of 75 in Fleming, Cayuga County, New York.96,277

Seth is said to have gone West with his father and brother William. Daniel & Seth returned; Seth settled in Adams, Berkshire Co, MA. About 1819 he moved to Cayuga Co NY, first Aurelius and then Fleming. His widow survived him. Mary Arnold was in fact a distant cousin, both descendants of Thomas Arnold of Providence, RI.

Thompson CT Deeds
Vol 2, p.159
25 Aug 1794 Oliver Fuller of Rehoboth sold to Seth Comstock of Providence, tailor, two lots containing 450 acres being the same purchased of Daniel Comstock and recorded in Killingly also known as Thompson. 160£. Signed: Oliver Fuller. Wit: Ann Jenckes, James Arnold. Rec. 12 Feb 1795.
Vol. 2, p.166
21 Feb 1795 Israel Comstock, Seth Comstock, Seth Grosvenor, and the administrator for the estate of Benjamin Ruggles made quit claim to Asa Jacobs for 46£ 1sh 9p, the same three tracks of land in Thompson that had been previously sold for taxes - 205 acres, 20 acres, 3 acres. Signed: Benjmin Durkee, Admr [for Benjamin Ruggles], Seth Grosvenor, Israel Comstock, Seth Comsthock. Wit: Daniel H. Wickham, Thomas Dike. Rec. 21 Feb 1795.

1800 Census. Adams, Berkshire Co MA
Seth Comstock: 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45. 1f under 5, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45
Seth would have been about age 27.

7 Apr 1818: Seth & Mary Comstock deeded land to Daniel Smith & Ira Richardson in Adams, MA

1820 Census, Cayuga Co NY
Seth Comstock, 1m age 10-16 [Daniel], 1m over 45 [Seth was 47], 1f -10 [Pamelia], 1f 10-16 [Mary], 1f 16-26 [Chloe], 1f 26-45 [Polly]

13 Dec 1822 Cayuga Co NY. Comfort Arnold sold two properties in Brutus, Cayuga Co to his son-in-law Seth Comstock. Comstock then sold the larger tract of 50 acres to Judith Arnold, his wife's step-mother, although no relationship is given in the deed.

Listed in 1830 Census in Fleming, Cayuga Co NY. Seth Comstock. 1 male 15-20 [must be Daniel in the wrong colum. 1m 50-60 [Seth age 57]. 1f 5-10 [Sarah], 1f 10-15 [Pamelia], 1f 50-60 [Polly]

Will of Cynthia Comstock dated 25 Dec 1834 in Adams, MA made a bequest to her brother Seth of New York and mentioned sister Abigail Angell of Rhode Island.

1840 Census, still in Fleming. Seth Comstock. 1m under 5, 1m 30-40, 1m 60-70 [Seth]. 1f 20-30, 1f 60-70 [Polly]. It would appear that a married child was living with Seth & Polly and had a small boy.

Seth is buried in an old burying ground on the Earl Warwick Farm [now owned by George E. Duckett] at Fleming North Hill; now called the Arnold-Comstock Cemetery. Some of his children and his in-laws are also buried there. Mary does not seem to be - her parents are buried in that cemetery, perhaps her grave was never marked or she was buried where she was living at the time of her death.
One grave in this cemetery is for Eliza Comstock, b. 1817 and d. 25 Dec 1837. She is either an undocumented daughter of Seth, or, more likely, the wife of his son Daniel.

The probate record of Seth, April 1848, states that Mary Comstock was executrix and named the following heirs:
Pamela Alexander, wife of John Alexander of Howard, Steuben Co, NY
Sarah Clark, wife of Alanson Clark of Fleming
George Clark of Seneca Hills, Seneca Co
Calom & David Wheaton of Lisle, Broome Co NY
Lyman Comstock of Fleming.

Two manuscript collections on the Comstocks are at the NEHGS Library in Boston.
Caroline Porter, daughter of Seth's half-sister Elizabeth, in a letter to Noah D. Comstock now in the Samuel W. Comstock manuscript collection, stated that Seth was a tailor by trade and that Jenckes lived with him for a time. The data on Seth was apparently taken from notes of Samuel W. Comstock and passed on to John A Comstock for The Comstock Family in America.
A note, dated 27 Aug 1935, pasted on John A. Comstock's worksheet in the handwriting of Samuel W. Comstock says:
Old private buying ground on the East Warwick farm at Fleming West Hill, town of Fleming, Cayuga Co, NY:
Seth Comstock died Apr 2 1848, aged 75 yrs [born 1773] [this is a son of Daniel of Rhode Island]
Chloe Milk Comstock, daughter, died May 20 1840 aged 36 yrs [born 1804]
Mary A. Wheaton, daughter born 28 May 1809, Died 1832
Daniel Comstock, son of Seth & Mary born Nov 24, 1806, Died 18 Apr 1843.
Eliza Comstock, Died Dec 25, 1837 aged 20 yrs [born 1817]
Mother & Father of Mary, wife of Seth Comstock:
Comfort Arnold died Mch 23 1827 in 84 yr of his age [born 1743]
Mary Arnold died Sept 7 1818 aged 68 yrs [born 1750]
No head stone of Mary wife of Seth found but she may be buried there.
Note: Mary Arnold wasn't Seth's wife's mother - Comfort Arnold was married three times and this Mary was his second wife.

Another note from Samuel re Seth in the file:
Seth Comstock [Son of Daniel] of Smithfield, RI went West with his father & his brother William his father & Seth returned & Seth moved to Adams, Mass. where 1798 he married Mary Arnold & had a family he was there 1818 & in 1819 or thereabouts removed to Cayuga Co NY & located in town of ?Arelins [no such place now exsists] & finally settled in town of Fleming, same county where he died in 1848.
His chn. Probably all born in Adams, Mass.
Daniel - had son Lyman
His Widow Mary. She survived him
Daniel had died his wife also but a son Lyman C. Comstock was living and later he moved to Auburn, same county NY & died there after 1880. In 1877 he said he & his Aunt are the only remnants of Seth's family left. Seth died on or about the 2nd of April 1848.
Pamelia married John H. Alexander of Howard, Steuben Co NY
Sarah married Alanson N. Clark of Fleming, Cayuga Co NY
one Daughter married George Milk of Senica Falls, Seneca Co NY
one Daughter married either Calvin or Daniel Wheaton & one of the other of them was a grandson. They were of Lisle, Broom Co NY
Lyman was living in Fleming, the time his grandfather Seth died.

I had wondered if perhaps Seth was really the oldest child of Daniel & Patience Jenckes Comstock. His grave marker gives his age at his death as 75 years, indicating a birth year of 1773. I doubt that his parents would have been marred for five years before the birth of their first child. And in fact I eventually found proof that William was likely the oldest. Although William is in the Comstock books as the second son, when Caroline Porter wrote her first letter to Noah D. Comstock she said that Daniel had brought sons William and Seth to Kentucky. William stayed but Daniel and his younger son [Seth] had returned to Providence. In her second letter she lists the children of Daniel & Patience and puts Seth first, giving no birth dates - ever after Seth appears as the eldest child.
This is a much more accurate listing for the Arnold - Comstock Cemetery
The cemetery is located approximately 1/2 mile N of Fleming Hill on the West side of Rt. 34 on a farm owned since 1949 by George E. Duckett, Sr. and family.
ARNOLD, Comfort d. March 23, 1827 ae 84 yrs.
ARNOLD, Mary wife of Comfort d. Sept. 7, 1818 ae 68 yrs
CLARK, Charles A., son of Alanson M. & Sarah C. Clark d. Sept 6, 1850 ae 4 months & 2 D's
COMSTOCK, Daniel son of Seth and Mary Comstock b. Nov 24, 1806 d. Apr. 18, 1843
COMSTOCK, Eliza b. 1817 d. Dec. 25, 1837
COMSTOCK, Seth d. Apr. 2, 1848 ae 75 yrs.
MILK, Chloe daughter of Seth and Mary Comstock d. May 20, 1840 ae 36 yrs.
WHEATON, Mary A. daughter of Seth and Mary Comstock b. May 23, 1809 d. Apr. 21, 1832
WHEATON, Hellen G. daughter of Stephen & Celinda Wheaton d. Sept. 29, 1834 ae 5 years 6 months 5 days
Also in the cemetery are small stone with initials only CA MA CAC ECC HGW MAW

This cemetery has been a "hobby" of mine since childhood. Two years ago my husband, Sam, and I built a new home on my parents farm land adjacent to the cemetery. Feel free to use my E Mail address Shirley (Duckett) Vella , 5185 State Rte. 34, Auburn, New York 13021.
I have additional information of a genealogical nature concerning the family buried in this cemetery accumulated through corresponding with relatives of these people. I'm also the unofficial "tour guide" when relatives have stopped by over the years looking for the cemetery. As you can see I added a couple of names. I also corrected the spelling of Hellen Wheaton - this is how it is spelled on her stone. I listed Chloe Milk under the surname Milk because she was married at the time of her death. Hope this information is helpful, Shirley (Duckett) Vella <>
{I have corresponded with Shirley)

Seth COMSTOCK and Mary "Polly" ARNOLD were married on 15 February 1798 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.9,277 Mary "Polly" ARNOLD, daughter of Comfort ARNOLD and ??? [UNKNOWN], was born about 1777 in Massachusetts. She died between 1850 and 1860 at the age of 73 in New York.

Mary outlived Seth:

1850 Census. Fleming, Cayuga Co NY, Hh 587
Alanson M. Clark, age 30. Sarah C., age 21.
Benj. age 6, Mary E. 4, Seth C. 2, Eliza, age 1, Charles age one month.
Lyman Comstock, age 17/12 [grandson, son of Daniel]
Mary Comstock, age 73, b. Massachusetts
Eliza Byron, age 22, b. Ireland

Lyman was still living with his aunt Sarah in 1860, but apparently Mary had died.

Seth COMSTOCK and Mary "Polly" ARNOLD had the following children:



Pamelia COMSTOCK277 was born on 3 September 1798 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 23 August 1870 at the age of 71 in Howard, Steuben County, New York.

Pamelia married John Henry Alexander of Howard, Steuben Co NY. He was born 11 Nov 1795 in Vermont, died 22 Apr 1874, Scipio, Cayuga Co, NY

1850 Census. Howard, Steuben Co NY, Hh 431
John Alexander, age 55, b. NY. Parmelia, age 52, b. Mass.
Children all born in NY: Martha, age 20. Maria, age 18. Ephraim, age 15. John, age 8.

From a descendant of this line:
I have the records that may be of interest.
They had ten children
1. William Comstock Alexander - (my great great great grandfather)1819-1893 - married Valeria Miller
2. Mary Elizabeth Alexander (1822-1896) married Chauncey Robinson lived in Milwaukee
3. Susan Mahala Alexander (1824-1902) married Seymour Fordyce live in Cayuga New York (I have bible records from the County historian being mailed to me)
4. Eliza Alexander (1824-1902) Married Ormanzo Allen a Judge in Austin Mower Minnesota (I have photo of their headstone)
5. David Smith Alexander 1828-1866 married Clarrisa Bassett died during the civil war of consumption- He was a surgeon
6. Martha Jane Alexander (1830-1913) She graduated from Alfred University and was an instructor. She married a widower Ephriam Culver of Scipio.
7. Maria Louise Alexander (1832-1901)married Wheaton Clark Fordyce - brother of Seymour Fordyce
8. Ephriam Alexxander (1835-1894) married Helen Smith
9. Chloe Alexander 1838-1842
10 John H. Alexander 1842-1863 died during civil war and is buried the Annapolis Hospital Military Cemetery.

Pamelia & her husband are buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Howard, Steuben Co, NY

The Petition of Mary E. Robinson of the City of Milwaukee in the County of Milwaukee, Wis. respectfully sheweth:
That your petitioner is the oldest daughter of John H Alexander late of the town of Moravia in the said County of Cayuga, now deceased: that the said deceased died on or about the 20th day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four: that at, or immediately preceding the time of his death, he was an inhabitant of said County of Cayuga: that he has left no will as far as your petitioner has been able to discover. That the said deceased left no widow; that he left the following kindred, to wit:
Susan M. Fordyce of Moravia, NY
Martha J. Culver of Scipio, NY
Maria Fordyce of Scipio, NY
Eliza Allen of Austin, Minn
William C. Alexander of Eau Claire, Wis
Ephraim Alexander of Wayne, Ill and your petitioner, his children all full age and Dwight Alexander of Baraboo Wis. a son of the a deceased son of the deceased who is a minor having no General Guards ___ to the knowledge of your petitioner
That in the opinion of your petitioner, the whole amount of the Personal Property left by the said deceased will not exceed in value the some on one thousand dollars.
Your petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration upon the estate of the said deceased may be granted to Seymour J. Fordyce of Moravia , NY



Chloe COMSTOCK277 was born in 1804 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.96,277 She died on 20 May 1840 at the age of 36 in Cayuga County, New York.96,277

Chloe married George Milk of Seneca Falls, Seneca Co NY. That she married a Milk is undisputed - that's how her grave is marked in the Arnold-Comstock Cemetery, Fleming, Cayuga Co NY. However no George Milk is found in Cayuga Co in 1830.

There was a David Milk in 1830 and Chloe doesn't seem to be listed with her father's household that year.
David Milk: 1m 5-10, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30. 1f age 10-15 and 1f age 20-30.

In the 1840 census, the only Milk family in Cayuga Co was that of William - he was age 50-60; his apparent spouse age 40-50. He was also in Cayuga in 1830.






Mary A. COMSTOCK277 was born on 28 May 1809 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.96,277 She died on 21 April 1832 at the age of 22 in Cayuga County, New York.96,277

Mary married either Calvin or Daniel Wheaton of Lisle, Broome Co, NY. The other Wheaton name apparently was the name of a grandson.

She is probably buried Arnold-Comstock Cemetery in Fleming, Cayuga Co, NY, but no marker is there.

Her father's estate listed two Wheatons - Calom and David of Lisle, Broome Co, as heirs, 1848.

I believe Mary's husband was most likely Calvin; he would have remarried since she died in 1832.
Found in Conklin, Broome Co NY in 1850:
Hh 93
Calvin Wheaton, age 50, b. NY as was everyone else in the family.
Rachel, age 46
Caroline, age 13; Mary 9; Margaret 5
part of his family?
Hh 257
Ephraim Wheaton, age 52, b. NY
Jane, age 50
Jeptha, age 24
Hh 258
Topher? Wheaton, age 28, b. NY, a carpenter
Elisabeth, age 25
Albert 5, Julia 2, and Emeline, 6 months

These Wheatons may be kin to Calvin:
1850 Census Lisle, Broome Co NY
Hh 789
George Wheaton, age 37 [all his family b. NY]
Abagail, age 38
John C. 18, Emma J. 16, Helen M. 14, Francis M. 10 [male], Jasper A. Wheaton, age 9, and Abby R. age 1 [the surname was repeated for these last two children as though they were not part of George's children]
Hh 803
Joseph Wheaton, age 62, b. MA
Cyntha, age 59, b. CT
Chester Hoyt, age 26, laborer, b. NY
Daniel Hoyt, age 70, laborer, b. CT
Hh 808
Oliver Wheaton, age 74, b. MA
Ellis, age 68, b. CT [male - apparently no spouse living]
Mary 27, Elizabeth B. 24, and Samantha F. age 18 [all born in NY]
Hh 809
John C. Wheaton, age 45 [all his family born in NY]
Elvira, age 40
Joseph C. 19, Daniel C. 17, and Cyntha, age 7.

In Chenango, Boone Co NY in 1850 was
Andrew J. Wheaton, age 23, b. NY living in a boarding house, a Painter.

On various websites, the wife of Oliver Wheaton is given as Ruth Comstock, daughter of Enoch & Anna Weed Comstock. Ruth born in New Canaan, Fairfield CT, 27 Mar 1777 and died 20 Jan 1811 in Lisle, Broome Co NY.
Oliver & Ruth's son Samuel then married Caroline M. Comstock, daughter of Cephas & Nancy Waring Comstock. Caroline, b. 12 Apr 1812, d. about 1862
The Comstock book confirms these marriages - Cephas Comstock was a son of Enoch so Samuel & Caroline were cousins. This is the Christopher Comstock line.
It is likely Oliver had a second wife after Ruth died in 1811. She is often seen as an "Ellen" but the 1850 census has an Ellis Wheaton, male, born 1782, living with Oliver. Oliver appears to have had no brothers named Ellis and the records of the baptisms of his siblings do not show a birth of a child in 1782, though a daughter was born in 1783. However, there is an Ellis Wheaton, a female and a widow counted in Lisle in 1860 - she was then age 78, b. CT and living in the household of George Adams, age 32, S. Frances age 28 and their baby Mary E. age 1. This would appear to be the Samantha F. Wheaton who was 18 in 1850. It seems that her name really was Ellis, but she female. Likely several of Oliver's children were also hers and she's the second wife. Some records show her as Ellen Comstock but there is no record of her in the Comstock book - the only occurence in the book of Oliver is when he married Ruth Comstock.
Oliver died 4 Nov 1853 in Lisle. He was born 13 Mar 1776 in Berkshire Co MA His father may also have been an Oliver Wheaton
Joseph Wheaton apparently married Cynthia Hoyt, but there is no date - this may be an assumption from his census record.

Found online: The following is apparently the elder Oliver Wheaton:
Wheaton, Oliver
Book B page 240
Administration of the estate of Oliver Wheaton of Lisle, NY was granted to Joanna Wheaton, widow of Oliver Wheaton. His children Philo, John, Josiah, Abby and Silah Wheaton, minors, had Pelatiah Brooks of Lisle appointed guardian by the court June 13, 1822
There is a deed:
Wheaton, Oliver, Jr. from Oliver Wheaton Sept. 10, 1813 Town of Lisle

Located on East Maine Road Near Broome County Airport
WHEATON, Calvin 26 Apr 1802 (1806 in another place) 22 Jan 1886 shares stone with spouse Rachel
WHEATON, Rachael 25 Nov 1823
WHEATON, Caroline 83y 11-Aug-1919 [born 1836]
WHEATON, Margaret 85y 1-Feb-1930 [born 1845]



Sarah COMSTOCK277 was born in 1815 in Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 17 October 1892 at the age of 77 in Fleming, Cayuga County, New York.

Sarah married Alanson N. Clark of Fleming, Cayuga Co NY. He was born Jul 1819, Cayuga Co, NC, d. 11 Jan 1901, Fleming, Cayuga, NY. Their child, Charles A. Clark is buried with Seth Comstock and his in-laws. Charles died 6 Sep 1850, aged 4 months, 2 days.

1850 Census. Fleming, Cayuga Co NY, Hh 587
Alanson M. Clark, age 30. Sarah C., age 21 [more likely 31].
Benj. age 6, Mary E. 4, Seth C. 2, Eliza, age 1, Charles age one month.
Lyman Comstock, age 12 - all of the above born in New York
Mary Comstock, age 73, b. Massachusetts
Eliza Byron, age 22, b. Ireland

1860 Census. Fleming, Cayuga Co NY, Hh 177
Lanson Clark, age 41, farmer, b. NY. Sarah, 43, b. MA
Mary 15, Seth 12, Eliza 11, Eddy 9, Hatta 5, William 3
Lymon Comstock, age 22 [nephew]
Crest Heaffron, age 35, b. Ireland, farm labor
Helen King, age 16, b. NY, domestic

1870 Census. Fleming, Cayuga Co NY, Hh 112
Alanson Clark, age 50, b. NY. Sara, 52, b. NY
Mary 25, Seth 22, Elizer 21, Eddie 18, Hettie 16, Willie 12
Aaron Clark, age 63.

1880 Census. Fleming, Cayuga Co NY, Hh 233
Alanson Clark, age 61, farmer, disabled with neuralgia. Born NY, father b. RI, mother born NY.
Sarah, age 61, wife, b. MA as were her parents
Mary E., 34, daughter. Eddie, 28, son. Hattie, 24, daughter. William 22, son.
Thomas Whalen, 20, laborer. John Blourrs, 12, laborer.

Buried Fleming Rural Cemetery, Fleming, Cayuga, NY