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Sixth Generation

386. William COMSTOCK was born on 22 December 1780. He died on 6 April 1842 at the age of 61.

1788, 12 Jul John, for love, deeded 1/2 of the home farm to sons William and Levi.

1792 Said to be a Levi Comstock who appeared in Oneida Co NY in 1792, cleared a farm and build a log cabin. If this is true, he cannot be the Levi Comstock born 1783, buried in Oneida Co. This data found in a bio of a grandson in a county history book - likely the statement is in error and he did not arrive in Oneida Co [which was not even a county until 1798] that early.

1799 The year William and Levi Comstock are reputed to have gone to Oneida Co, NY. They would have been young but their father was dead and their mother remarried. The 1800 census in Oneida suggests they may have gone there with the mother and stepfather and still be living in their household. It has been assumed that this William & Levi were the same as the sons of John who received a gift of land from their father in 1788 when they were quite small - perhaps his way of guaranteeing their future. They are not in the census of 1800 in Oneida Co. under their own names.

1805, 22 Feb William & Levi Comstock of Paris, Oneida Co NY, deed Stephen Charles Mowry 1/2 of a farm in Smithfield, RI, where our father John lived and died excepting the dower of Ruth Hamilton out of said deed.

According to the Comstock books,
William married (1) Martha Lau, and (2) Martha Eastman, 13 Mar 1806

This is an error as they were the same lady.
Consider Law was born New Lebanon, NY in 1756, died 4 Aug 1820 in Westmoreland, Oneida Co, NY He fought in the Revolution. His first wife was Martha Allen, who he married about 1782, but she lived only a short while. They had one child, a daughter Martha. He then married Sarah Grommon about 1786 who lived until 2 Mar 1840. Consider and Sarah had two sons, five daughters. One of his sons was also named Consider.
Consider Law's oldest daughter Martha, married first Luther Eastman, by whom she had a daughter Sophronia. Eastman died and Martha married second William Comstock. The Comstock children were Nancy who married Alcott/Olcott [in another place she was Mary], William, Luther, Martha who married Smith, Ruth who married a Beckwith, John, Nathan, and Daniel.
From Capt Consider Law and His Descendants, as found online.

It appears from the Law family data, that William Comstock was also married twice and Martha Law Eastman was his second wife. The first wife was Lois Eastman, a sister of Luther Eastman, by whom he had a daughter Joanna. That daughter Joanna Comstock married first Consider Law Jr. and after his death she married Abner Waters. I found in a cemetery listing, Chuckery Cemetery, Kirkland, NY: Lois Comstock, died 30 Dec 1806, age 18 years [born 1788]. I would think this is William's first wife - perhaps she died in childbirth.

1810, 3 Sep William Comstock & Patty his wife, Karah Mills & Joanna his wife, all of Paris, Oneida Co NY. Oliver Gillette & Rhoda his wife of Hamilton, Oneida Co NY, are seized in fee of land late in posession of John Comstock, dec'd. The said William, Joanna, & Rhoda being natural heirs of Nancy Comstock, dec'd who was heir of John Comstock, they appoint Levi Comstock their attorney to lands of our sister Nancy, dec'd.

1810 Census for Oneida Co used only initials for given names. There were two W. Comstocks but only one of the right age. No L. for Levi but he might have been living with his brother, since this appears to be two couples.
W. Comstock: 2m under 10. 2m 26-45. 2f under 10. 2f 16-26.

1820 Census. Paris, Oneida Co, NY
William Comstock had 2m under 10, 1m 10-16, 1m 26-45 [himself]. 2f under 10, 3f 10-16, 1f 16-26, and 1f 26-45. He was enumerated near Kanah Mills, his brother-in-law.

1830 Census. Kirkland, Oneida Co, NY
William Comstock, enumerated near both Kanah Mills and Levi Comstock. He had 1m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, and himself age 40-50. 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30, and a female age 40-50.

1840 Census. Rome, Oneida Co, NY
William Comstock: 1m 15-20, 1m 20-30, 1m 50-60. 1f 15-20, 1f 50-60.

William's daughter Joanna was widowed in 1840.
Consider Law [Jr] of Westmoreland wrote his will 8 Jan 1840, probated 6 Apr 1840. Executors were his father-in-law William Comstock of Rome and brother George W. Law of Westmoreland. Wife was named as Joana Comstock. Sons: William C. & Abner W. Law. Daus: Sarah, Maria, Rosina & Caroline. Wit: Martin Clark, William P. Comstock, John Comstock [these last two were Consider's brothers-in-law]
The Law family data suggests that Sarah married Mills, Maria married Halleck, and Caroline married a Best, no married name for Rosina.

William Comstock of Rome, Oneida Co NY left a will dated 5 Feb 1842, probate 25 Aug 1842. Wife was Martha. Sons: Daniel A., William P., Luther, John, and Nathan. Daughters were Joanna Waters, Ruth Beckwith, Martha Smith. Granddaughter, Martha Ann Alcott, daughter of Nancy. Executors to be son John and George W. Law. Wit: Martin Clark of Rome, Alanson Lamphier of Westmoreland.

William and Martha are buried Bartlett Cemetery, Oneida Co, NY
William Comstock died 6 Apr 1842 at age 62
wife Martha d. 6 Oct 1845 at age 62

William COMSTOCK and Lois EASTMAN were married. Lois EASTMAN, daughter of Peter EASTMAN and Lois STRONG, was born in 1788. She died on 30 December 1806 at the age of 18 in Oneida County, New York.

Lois was a sister to Luther Eastman who married Martha Law, daughter of Consider Law. Luther died, as did Lois [at age 18]. William Comstock, then married Martha Law Eastman, 13 Mar 1806.

Either the death or marriage date is wrong, since William likely didn't marry Martha before Lois died. There are so few ladies named Lois Comstock, it seems the grave must surely be William's young first wife.

William COMSTOCK and Lois EASTMAN had the following children:




William COMSTOCK and Martha LAW were married on 13 March 1806 in Oneida County, New York. Martha LAW, daughter of Consider LAW and Martha ALLEN, was born on 3 October 1784 in Washington County, New York. She died on 6 October 1845 at the age of 61 in Oneida County, New York.

Martha's first husband was Luther Eastman, brother to Lois Eastman who married William Comstock. After the deaths of Luther and Lois, William Comstock then married Martha.

William COMSTOCK and Martha LAW had the following children:



Mary COMSTOCK was born on 30 January 1807 in Paris, Oneida County, New York. She died on 24 March 1828 at the age of 21.

Mary married Chatfield Olcott, 18 Apr 1827; she died the next year.

Here is Chatfield in 1850 - he remarried.
1850 Census. Augustus, Oneida Co NY Hh 148
Chatfield Alcott, age 49, b. CT, cabinet maker
Miranda, age 49, b Massachusetts
Squire J. age 16. Abbey M. age 11, b. NY
Delivan Stanton, age 23, chair maker, b. NY
Anner Alcott [female], age 77, b. CT
Other Alcotts on the page, are Junius, age 32, and his family, and Ambrose, age 29 with his wife Ann.



William Pitt COMSTOCK was born on 2 January 1809 in Oneida County, New York. He died in 1892 at the age of 83.

William married 5 Dec 1830, Maria C. Kynion.

1850 Census. Paris, Oneida Co, NY, Hh 1236
Wm Comstock, age 40, b. NY
Maria, age 37
Lydia age 19. Joseph age 11. Irving age 7.
Rose Mathews, age 35, b. Ireland



Luther COMSTOCK was born on 22 March 1811 in Oneida County, New York. He died on 15 April 1860 at the age of 49.

Luther married Sarah Ann Goodrich

1840 Census. Kirkland, Oneida Co NY
Franklin Comstock, age 30-40, and his family were on the same page with his father Levi. A bio of a son of Franklin, M. L. Comstock, will state that Levi was his grandfather. A Luther Comstock, age 20-30 with his family was also on the same page - he's a cousin of Franklin's, son of William & Martha Comstock.



Martha COMSTOCK was born on 5 July 1814 in Oneida County, New York.

Martha married John Smith.

1850 Census. Paris, Oneida Co, NY, Hh 1237, between her brothers William and Nathan.
John Smith, age 39, farmer, b. NY
Martha, age 36.
Seth 16. Emma 14. Nancy 13. Ruth 10.
Patrick McCann, age 22, laborer, b. Ireland
Antionette Knapp, age 22, b. NY.



Ruth COMSTOCK was born on 25 November 1816 in Oneida County, New York. She died on 9 February 1878 at the age of 61.

Ruth married (1) 16 May 1838 to John G. Beckwith, and (2) 9 Jan 1844, Silas J. Beckwith.

1850 Census. Marshall, Oneida Co, NY Hh 984
Silas Beckwith, age 29, farmer, b. NY
Ruth, age 33, b. NY
Ellen, age 11, b. NY
Frederick Clark, age 14, b. NY



John T. COMSTOCK was born on 28 April 1819 in Oneida County, New York.

John married (1) 15 Oct 1840, to Martha Keney; married (2) Sarah Cornwall.

1850 Census. Kirkland, Oneida Co NY Hh 368
John Comstock, age 31, Farmer, b. NY
Martha, age 19
Mary, age 9
Charles Kinney, age 14, b. NY [wife's younger brother?]
Betsey Judson, age 17, b. England



Nathan COMSTOCK was born on 7 March 1822 in Oneida County, New York. He died on 21 May 1884 at the age of 62.

Nathan married (1) 10 Mar 1843, Lydia Colvin Porter and (2) 9 Oct 1848 to Sarah Jewett.

1850 Census. Paris, Oneida Co, NY Hh 1238 [just after his brother William and sister Martha Smith]
Nathan Comstock, age 27, farmer, b. NY
Sarah, age 25, b. NY
Ellen, age 6 months
Patrick Carrol, age 20, laborer, b. Ireland
Wm. Smith, age 13 [is this a son of Nathan's sister Martha?]



Daniel Allen COMSTOCK was born on 24 December 1825 in Oneida County, New York. He died in Gilman, Iowa.

Daniel married 7 May 1845, to Frances Porter.

1850 Census. Paris, Oneida Co, NY Hh 1187
Daniel Comstock, age 24, farmer, b. NY
Mary, age 24, b. NY [was she Mary Frances?]
Susan, age 3 months