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Ninth Generation

1127. Hugh Bonaparte COMSTOCK354 was born about 1827 in Tennessee.362,363

He died on 13 September 1856 at the age of 29 in McDonald County, Missouri.

1850 Perry Co TN Census: p.145a Household 277. Hugh B. Comstock age 24 and Elizabeth age 19. W. R. age 2, James E. age 1. All born in Tennessee.
When Hugh's first wife died after moving to McDonald Co, MO, he married again. He died the following year and the new wife sold everything and moved to Colorado, leaving the two boys who lived with their aunt Caroline and then with Tom Comstock.

Hugh Bonaparte COMSTOCK and Elizabeth Rebecca WEEKS were married about 1846 in Perry County, Tennessee.9 Elizabeth Rebecca WEEKS9 was born about 1831 in Perry County, Tennessee.364 She died on 21 March 1855 at the age of 24.357

They moved from Perry County in 1854, going by ox wagon to McDonald Co., Mo. where they homesteaded 160 acres. According to Gratis, Rebecca was a delicate woman, considered "tubucular" and she died in the first year after moving. During her illness, she painted beautiful pictures on eggshells for her sons. Hugh married again and when he died the following year, the new wife sold everything and moved to Colorado, leaving the two boys to find for themselves.

Hugh Bonaparte COMSTOCK and Elizabeth Rebecca WEEKS had the following children:



William Riley COMSTOCK356,361 was born on 27 November 1848.9

In 1860 was living in McDonald Co MO with aunt Caroline Comstock Randell.
The Comstock book says he left home in 1868 and they never heard from him again. However, the 1870 Census in Franklin Co KS shows William, age 22, born TN, living with William and Caroline Randel, his aunt and uncle.



James Harvey "Harve" COMSTOCK.



Thomas Ewing COMSTOCK was born on 7 April 1852 in Perry County, Tennessee.9,365 He died in 1855 at the age of 3.

Hugh Bonaparte COMSTOCK and Martha TITTLE were married in 1855 in McDonald County, Missouri. Martha TITTLE366 was born (date unknown).

After Hugh died, Martha took or disposed of everything he had and went to Colorado, leaving the two orphaned boys William & Harve to relatives.