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Tenth Generation

1301. Minnie COMSTOCK399 was born on 27 September 1870 in Arkansas.9 She died on 23 September 1944 at the age of 73.480

Minnie and Edwin M Coy were married by A. P. Copeland. He was 25, she was 17. The license was dated 19 Jan 1887 and they married on the 23rd.

1900 Census. DeQueen Town, Bear Creek Twp, Sevier Co, AR, Hh 220
Edwin M. Coy, b. Jun 1860, age 39, married 13 years, b. Kansas, Merchant
Minnie, wife, b. Sep 1870, 29, had two children, both dead, b. AR

Chas F. James of Fort Smith, age 45, married "Miss" Minnie Comstock of Uniontown, Crawford Co, age 32 on 18 Jun 1902; Sam Edmondson, JP performed the ceremony.

1910 Census. Ft Smith Ward 5, Sebastian, AR, Hh 41
Charles F. James, 52, married twice, this time for 7 years, Policeman
Minnie, wife, 39, married twice, no children
Marie James, Grandchild, 3, b AR

1920 Census. Lee's Creek, Crawford, AR, Hh 104
Charles F. James, 61, b. MO, Farmer
Minnie C., wife, 49, b. AR

1930 Census. Union Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 68
H. D. Walker, 31 married at age 25, farmer
Minnie, wife, 59
Ray Monday, hired hand, 26

Minnie had no children. She is buried Uniontown Cemetery.

Minnie COMSTOCK and Edwin M. COY were married on 23 January 1887 in Crawford County, Arkansas.444,489,490 Edwin M. COY491 was born in June 1860.490 He died between 1900 and 1902 at the age of 40 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

Never proven, but Edwin McCoy is said to have been murdered. He was knifed and his body thrown into the Arkansas River by Minnie's 2nd husband, C. F. James.

Minnie COMSTOCK and Charles Franklin JAMES were married on 18 June 1902 in Sebastian County, Arkansas.413,492 Charles Franklin JAMES493 was born on 16 October 1858 in Missouri.282 He died on 13 December 1923 at the age of 65 in Crawford County, Arkansas.413,414

1880 Census. Doylesport, Barton, MO, Hh 38
C. F. James, 22, Farmer
Virginia E., 23, wife
George A., age 8 months, born Sept, son

1900 Census. Bear Creek Twp, Sevier Co, AR, Hh 452
Charles F. James, b. Oct 1857, 42, married 23 years, b. MO, Logging
Jennie E., wife, b. May 1857, age 43, 5 children - 3 are living, b. MO
George A., son, b. Sep 1879, 20, just married, b. MO as were all the children, Logging
Bertha, dau-in-law, b. Aug 1881, 18
Charles E., son, b. Nov 1887, 18
Maud, dau, b. Feb 1854, 16
William Smith, Boarder, b. Oct 1873, 26, b. Wisconsin, Teamster

Grave marker gave only initials C. F. Don C. Reed had full name.
Grave Marker reads "A kind husband"

Minnie COMSTOCK and Hugh Densmore WALKER were married on 7 August 1924 in Crawford County, Arkansas.282,494 Hugh Densmore WALKER was born on 21 October 1898 in Arkansas. He died on 4 August 1964 at the age of 65.

1900 Census. Chester, Crawford, AR, Hh 164
William Walker, b. Sep 1847, age 52, married 6 years, physician
Minnie, wife, b. Feb 1867, 33, 2 children, b. KY
Jackson, son, b. Jul 1899, age 20 (obviously William married at least three times)
Alice, dau, b. Feb 1896, 4
Hughe, son, b. Oct 1898, age 1

1910 Census. Union Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 58
W. R. Walker, 62, married twice, this time for 1 year, b. GA, physician
Ollie, wife, 20, married once, no children, b. AR
Alice, dau, 14, b. AR, father b. GA, mother b. KY
Hugh D., son, 11, b. AR
Edward, son, 8, b. AR

12 Sep 1918. World War I Draft Registration
Hugh Densmore Walker of Uniontown, Crawford Co, AR was 19, born 21 Oct 1899. Worked at gin for Comstock Bros. Dr. W. K. Walker of Uniontown was his nearest relative. Medium height and build, blue eyes, brown hair.

1920 Census. Uniontown, Crawford, AR, Hh 4
William R. Walker, 72, widow, b. GA, Doctor
Alice, dau, 24, Telephone operator
Hugh, son, 21
Evan, son, 18

16 Feb 1942. World War II Draft Registration
Hugh Densmore Walker of Uniontown, Crawford Co, AR, was age 43, born 21 Oct 1898 in Rudy, Crawford Co. Minnie Walker would always know his address. 5' 10" tall, 140 #'s. Blue eyes, gray hair.

Hugh was a devoted father and husband. Hugh worked for the county for several years and drove the Cedarville school bus until he retired after being diagnosed with lung cancer in 1963. He was married to Charlean Lovejoy of Evansville in 1954. He was the father of Darlene Walker (Roach)in 1956 and Hugh Edward Walker in 1959. He has been greatly missed.

Buried Hall Cemetery, Natural Dam, Crawford, AR.