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Seventh Generation

737. Noah Bird COMSTOCK302 was born about 1792 in Warren, Litchfield County, Connecticut.234 He died about 1853 at the age of 61 in Blissfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.234

There is an error in death date of first wife or marriage to 2nd wife, or there was a divorce. I do not know which children belong to which wife.
Noah B. went to Cooperstown, NY early in life; moved to Watertown, NY, then to Trenton, Ontario, Canada; from there to Cleveland, Ohio, and finally to Michigan. He was in the lumber and hotel business. The last 7 children were probably all born in Blissfield, MI.

Noah Bird COMSTOCK and Catherine TOMPKINS were married about 1810 in Dutchess County, New York.302 Catherine TOMPKINS, daughter of Stephen TOMPKINS, died about 1850 in Ripley, Illinois.302 Either this date of death is incorrect or Noah Bird and Catherine divorced, as marriage to 2nd wife is given as between 1825-1830

Noah Bird COMSTOCK and Catherine TOMPKINS had the following children:



Noah Bird COMSTOCK302 was born on 30 October 1815 in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.302 He died on 3 June 1869 at the age of 53 in Illinois.302 Married Laura White.



Daniel COMSTOCK was born in 1816 in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.302 He died before 1867 at the age of 51 in Quagmore County, Illinois.302



John COMSTOCK was born in 1818 in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York.302 May have been born in Trenton, Ontario. He died before 1867 at the age of 49 in Magan County, Illinois.302



Sylvia Ann COMSTOCK302 was born on 4 September 1819 in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.302 She died on 9 May 1887 at the age of 67 in Berlin, Sangamon County, Illinois.302 Married name was Clark.



Henry Tompkins Paige COMSTOCK302 was born in 1820 in Trenton, Ontario, Canada.302 He died on 27 September 1870 at the age of 50 in Bozeman, Gallatin County, Montana.302

Henry was one of the "discoverers" of the Comstock Lode Silver Mine which bore his name. Unfortunately he never fully understood the value of his find; thought the ugly gray rock was worthless - he was looking for GOLD. An article about him is in the Appendix of the Comstock book.

The book A History of the Comstock Silver Lode & Mines, by Dan DeQuille, 1889, states that the discovery of silver, and the Comstock mine, belongs to Peter O'Riley and Patrick McLaughlin. Comstock tried to jump their claim, saying he had located it some time before. He appeared to be causing so much trouble, they agreed to give him a share. He was such a braggert he soon convinced others it was "his" mine; the original was the Ophir Mine. He was primarily interested in the gold which was also present. He sold his interest for $10,000 with which he opened a store in Carson City, but soon went broke. He went to Idaho and Montana where he prospected for some years. In September of 1870, while camped near Bozeman, Montana, he committed suicide, blowing out his brains with his six-shooter. Patrick McLaughlin sold his interest for $3,500 which he soon lost. He worked as a cook at the Green mine in southern California. McLaughlin died while wandering from place to place and odd job to odd job. Peter O'Riley held onto his interest until he received about $50,000, part in dividends. He built a hotel in Virginia City and then began speculating in mining stocks, soon losing everything. He was a Spiritualist, the spirits guiding him into running various tunnel; eventually talking to him so much about caverns of gold and silver that he was sent to a private asylum in California where he died. The men who made millions were those who came after the mines had been prospected.



Malvina COMSTOCK302 was born about 1827.302 She died in 1886 at the age of 59.302 Married name was Wilson



Amelia COMSTOCK302 was born (date unknown).



Mortimer COMSTOCK302 was born (date unknown).



Mary A. COMSTOCK302 was born (date unknown).



Harrison COMSTOCK302 was born (date unknown).



Eliza COMSTOCK was born about 1829.302



Claricy COMSTOCK died about 1840.302

Noah Bird COMSTOCK and Sopia MAUN were married about 1825. Sopia MAUN was born in 1805 in Pennsylvania.302 She died about 1853 at the age of 48.302