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Seventh Generation

599. Amelia COMSTOCK256 was born on 10 March 1775.252 She was baptized on 25 July 1789 in Opelousas, Louisiana Territory.8 She died about 1853 at the age of 78 in Harris County, Texas.96

Name is also seen as Amy and Aimee and Emily and Amanda.

The marriage took place in what would be Louisiana after 1803.
St. Landry Catholic Church, Opelousas, LA
vol. 1-A 201; vol. 1-A page 92 [Church source]
July 25, 1789
Emily Comstock single, age 18 years (a Quaker)
parents: William Comstock & Rachel, his wife (Quakers)
sponsors: Jean Gradenigo & Celeste Chavot
Fr. Pedro de Zamora, Capuchin priest
Southwest Louisiana records: church and civil records (1750-1900), Complete Revision, Rev. Donald J H├ębert, 1974

Southwest Louisiana Records, Hebert
Vol. 1
Amaela Comstock, daughter of Glosio & Rachel Aldrich, married 31 Jan 1791 William White. St. Martin of Tours Church.
[recorded at St. Martinville as Amiee Comstock to Guilaume Whit]
Vol. 2
"Anna" in Succession of William White, dated 14 Sep 1824 [Lafayette Court House: Succ. #51]

In 1850, she was living with her son William in Harris Co, TX, Hh 511.
Wm White, age 33, farmer, b. LA. Martha, age 30, b. PA
children born in Texas: Mary Anne 8, Catherine 6, Joseph 5, Albert 3, Aimie, age 6 months
Aimie Swail, age 76, b. New York
[Her place of birth is curious. I suspect New England confused these folks - one of her sisters said to be "of Boston".]

Amelia COMSTOCK and William WHITE were married on 31 January 1791 in Opelousas, Louisiana Territory.252 William WHITE257 was born on 17 December 1766 in Cheraws District, South Carolina.257 He died on 8 October 1821 at the age of 54 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.257

Post to RootsWeb mail list <White@rootsweb>, 29 Apr 2009, contained lineage of James Robert White and had many details on the family of William White and Amelia "Amy" Comstock.

William's parents were John White, b. about 1736, Culpeper/Orange Co VA, who died Attakapas County, Louisiana, 8 Jan 1807, and Sarah Gambill, born Hanover Co, VA and died 20 Feb 1828, Lafayette Parish. They were married about 1765, either in Virginia or South Carolina, and lived in the old Cheraws District, South Carolina.

This lineage does suggest that all the children of William & Amy Comstock White were born in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana. However, Vermilion Parish was not formed until 1844 from Lafayette Parish. And in fact during the years that the Comstock family and the married daughters were in this area, there were several names. I have converted most of the places to the name in existence at that time.
Prior to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, this area was not part of the United States.
From 1805-1807, a territory called Attakapas County existed in southern Louisiana, created as one of twelve counties by the Orleans Territory.
In 1807, by an act passed by the First Legislature of the Territory of Orleans, the county of Attakapas was changed to St. Martin Parish.
Then in 1811, a lower eastern portion was designated, creating St. Mary Parish.
In 1823 Lafayette Parish was carved out of the western portion, and finally Vermilion Parish was created out of Lafayette's territory

Amelia COMSTOCK and William WHITE had the following children:



Elizabeth WHITE was born on 18 October 1792 in Louisiana Territory.96 She died on 10 November 1809 at the age of 17 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.257



Mary WHITE256,257 was born on 14 August 1793 in Louisiana Territory.96 She died between 1862 and 1870 at the age of 69 in Liberty County, Texas.257

Mary married William Whitlock, 16 Feb 1813, probably St Martin Parish, LA. He was born about 1784 and died in March, 1835, in Texas. Children said to be Robert [1815-1905], Bernard, Henry, Elizabeth, Amanda, Rachel, and Martha.

1850 Census. Liberty Co TX. Mary was living with her daughter Martha. Hh 87.
T. R. Fitzgerald, age 30, b. GA. Martha, age 23, b. TX
Milam, age 7, b. TX. Ophelia J. age 1, b. TX
Mary Whitlock, age 63, b. Louisiana [she was the only Whitlock in Liberty Co - her sons obviously settled elsewhere]



Reuben WHITE256 was born on 28 October 1795 in Louisiana Territory.96 He died in 1848 at the age of 53 in Harris County, Texas.257

Reuben married Christian Faulk, 14 Jun 1818, St Martin Church, St. Martinville, St Martin's Parish, LA. They had children Serena [1819-1841], Leonard [1820-1860], Elizabeth [1827-], Susan [1828-], Sarah [1831]], Sam Houston [1842-], and Andrew Jackson [1847-]

1850 Census. Harris Co, TX. Almost the entire White family can be found on p.29 and 30.
Hh 514.
Christianne White, age 47, b. LA
Alfred, age 26, b. LA. Saml. age 8, b. TX. Andrew J. age 3, b. TX
in the previous household, 513:
Leonard White, age 27, b. LA. Charlotte, 22, b. AL.
John, age 6 months, b. TX. Christianne, age 2, b. TX



Jesse WHITE256,257 was born on 14 March 1798 in Louisiana Territory.96 He died on 3 January 1861 at the age of 62 in Harris County, Texas.

Jesse married (1) Matilda Wilburn who died prior to 1837 in Harris Co, TX. They had daughters Mary Ann [1822-1861] and Joanna [1824-1861]. He married (2) Sarah Faulk Fitzhenry who was born 8 Mar 1797 in Lousiana Territory and died 11 Feb 1857, Harris Co TX. He married (3) Catherine Morgan.

1850 Census. Harris Co, TX. Hh 508, living next to brother Henry.
Jesse White, age 52, farmer, b. LA. Sarah, age 51, b. LA
Josephine Fitzhenry, age 18, b. LA
James Strange, age 64, stock raiser, b. SC



George Wallace WHITE256,257 was born on 30 September 1800 in Louisiana Territory.96 He died in February 1850 at the age of 49 in Harris County, Texas.257

George married Rebecca Morris Phipps about 1828. She died 1842, Harris Co TX.
Children: William [1831-1862], Robert P. [1832-1903], James Taylor [1835-1923], Henry C. [1840-].

Here are the children, 1850, Harris Co TX, Hh 512; they were born in Texas. In the preceding household was their uncle William White and their grandmother; uncles Jesse and Henry in household 508 and 509.
Wm White, age 19, farmer, b. TX. Robert, age 18. James age 15. Henry age 10.



Rachel WHITE257,258 was born on 29 August 1803 in Louisiana Territory.96 She died after 1885 at the age of 82 in Louisiana.257

Rachel married Mark Lee, 20 Jun 1820, in LA. Children were Eveline [1821-], Elizabeth [1823-], Harrison [1825-], Austin [1827-], Cordelia [1833-], Mary [1835-], Mark [1839-]

1850 Census. Western Dist Ward 2, Vermilion Parish, LA, Hh 16
Widow Mark Lee, age 48, b. LA
Harrison, age 25. Austin 23. Caroline 17. Mary 15. Mark 11.
[totally surrounded by French families]



Henry WHITE256,257 was born on 11 June 1806 in Attakapas Dist (now St. Martin Parish) Louisiana.96

Henry married Mary Ann Owens about 1835, probably Harris Co TX
Children: Mary Ann, John [1841-1862], Oliver [1844-1862], Rachel [1846-1875], William Henry [1850-], Alexander Henry [1852-1874].

1850 Census. Harris Co, TX, Hh 509. Next to brother Jesse White.
Henry White, age 36, farmer, b. LA. Mary Ann, age 36, b. LA
John 8, Oliver 6, Rachael 4, Henry, 1/12, one month old.



Celeste WHITE was born on 13 July 1809 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.96



Rebecca WHITE257 was born on 13 April 1813 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.96 She died circa 1849 at the age of 36 in Harris County, Texas.257

Rebecca married Presley Gill about 1831, Liberty Co, TX. He was born about 1798 in Kentucky, died 1848, Harris Co, TX
Children: Harriet [1831-1880], Andrew Jackson [1832-], Julia [1834-1861], Edmond Presley [1847-1915]

1850 Census. Liberty Co, TX
Julia Gill was living with the Bogan family. She was age 16, b. TX. I did not find her brothers.



William WHITE256,257 was born on 28 March 1815 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.96 He died on 13 May 1880 at the age of 65 in Highlands, Harris County, Texas.257

William married Martha Ryan. He is buried White Cemetery, Highlands, TX.

1850 Census. Harris Co TX, Hh 511, two households from his brothers Jesse & Henry. And their mother lives with William.
Wm White, age 33, farmer, b. LA. Martha, age 30, b. PA
children born in Texas: Mary Anne 8, Catherine 6, Joseph 5, Albert 3, Aimie, age 6 months
Aimie Swail, age 76, b. New York



Julia WHITE257 was born on 21 February 1819 in St Martin Parish, Louisiana.96

Married Felix Newman.

Not able to find in the 1850 census.

Amelia COMSTOCK and William SWAIL were married after 1821.96 William SWAIL was born (date unknown).