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Tenth Generation

1289. Nancy Harris COMSTOCK381 was born in October 1862 in Missouri. She died on 29 November 1928 at the age of 66 in Benton County, Arkansas.

Listed with Minerva in the 1870 Census, as Mary - she obviously later used the name Nancy. Descendants report her name as Nancy Harris Comstock [Harris was her father's middle name].

McDonald Co Marriage Book A: Can this be this person? No other Comstock girl of this age know to be in the area. COMSTOCK, Nancy Harrison (age 15), STEPHENS John Thomas (age 19), Dec 1, 1877, J.J. Clanton, JP"

1880 Census, Bright Water, Benton Co AR, p.425A:
J. T. Stevens, age 22, b. MO, father & mother b. MO
Nancy, age 17, b. MO, f. b. TN, m. b. MO
Joseph E. Stevens, age 1 month, b. AR

1900 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co MO, ED 13, Sheet B11, Hh 210
living among several Schell families
John Stephens, b. Apr 1858, age 42, married one time for 22 years. Born MO, father b. MO, mother b. SC. John was a farmer.
Nancy, b. Oct 1862, age 37, 10 children, 8 are living. b. MO, father's birthplace unknown, mother b. MO
Children all born in MO - if true, they must have returned to Missouri soon after the 1880 census. One of the deceased children was surely the baby Joseph listed in 1880.
Bertie, son, b. Mar 1882, age 18
Anna, dau, b. Apr 1884, age 18 [she was 16]
Lisha [probably Elisha], son, b. Oct 1886, age 13
Allice, dau, b. Jun 1889, age 10
Dema, dau, b. Oct 1892, age 7
John, son, b. Feb 1895, age 5
Belle, dau, b. Apr 1897, age 3
not christened, son, b. Dec 1899, age 5 months
Minerva Frye, mother-in-law, b. Nov 1836, age 63, [nothing listed for children] listed as b. MO, parents b. MO

1910 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co, MO
Hh 49
Elisha H. Stephens, age 23, married 1 time for 5 years, b. MO
Minnie A., wife, age 25, two children, b. MO
Elmer H. son, age 3, b. OK
Peart T., dau, age 1, b. MO
Hh 51
John T. Stephens, age 52, married 32 yr
Nancy H., age 47, 12 children, [says 2 are living, but she meant two were deceased]
Burton N., son, age 28
Dema, dau, age 18
John L., son, age 16
Belle S., dau, age 13
Orval W., son, age 9
Hila B., dau, age 7
Rosa B., dau, age 4
Minerva Frye, mother-in-law, age 76, widowed [nothing listed for children]

1920 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co, MO Hh 41
John Stephens, age 61
Nancy, wife, age 57
Arvel, son, age 20
Illie, dau, age 17
Beulah, dau, age 15

By 1930, John was living with a married daughter in McDonald Co MO; Nancy apparently deceased.
Found on There is a death listed in Benton Co AR, 29 Nov 1928, for a Nancy Stephens, but since she was living in Missouri, I very much doubt this is the correct Nancy. At least one of Nancy's sons remained in Benton County - likely this is his daughter.

There is a FamilyTree on Ancestry: Schell, Nichols and Kin. It is surely maintained by a descendant of Nancy and had exact birthdates for all her children.

Nancy Harris COMSTOCK and John Thomas STEPHENS were married on 19 December 1877 in McDonald County, Missouri. John Thomas STEPHENS was born in April 1858 in Missouri. He died on 25 October 1932 at the age of 74.

Although I've found two different sets of parents in Internet databases, only one of these families was living in the area for John to meet Nancy Comstock. In 1860, there were two two-year-old boys named John T. Stephens in the census. One of these was the family of Robert Stephens & wife Ormissy and they were in Chariton Co, MO. The other family was that of Joseph Stephens and his wife Ruth - they were living in Hickory Co, MO in 1860, but in 1870 they were in Barry Co. MO, a neighboring county of McDonald Co where John married Nancy in 1877. I would feel quite comfortable in saying this was most likely John's family - he and Nancy also named their first born son "Joseph".

1860 Census. P.O. Black Oak Point, Hickory Co MO, Hh 46
Joseph Stephens, age 32, b. NC. Ruth, age 31, b. NC
Children born in Missouri: Rebecca L. 10, Nancy 8, Joseph M. 6, James A. 4, John T. 2 and William L. age 3 months.
1870 Census. Sugar Creek Twp, Barry Co MO, Cassville P.O., Hh 335
Joseph Stephens, age 41, b. NC. Ruth, age 41, b. NC
Rebecca 20, Nancy 18, James 14, John 12, William 10, Mary A., age 7, b. Arkansas, and Greenbery, age 5, b. Texas.

See Nancy for censuses during their married life.

1930 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co, MO Hh 30
Nancy apparently deceased
John Stephens, age 71, married at age 19.
Ran Roller, son-in-law, age 30, married at age 19
Hiley, dau, age 27, married at age 17
Doyle, gson, age 7
Eva, gdau, age 8 months

Nancy Harris COMSTOCK and John Thomas STEPHENS had the following children:



Joseph E. STEPHENS was born in 1880 in Benton County, Arkansas. He died in 1885 at the age of 5.



Burton Nathaniel STEPHENS was born on 25 March 1882 in Missouri. He died on 13 November 1964 at the age of 82 in Benton County, Arkansas.

A family website gives his name as Albert - I've not ever found it that way. FamilySearch has his name as Burton - I have records of only "Bert".

Married Bertha Ferry. Marriage License image on Arkansas Marriages: Benton Co.; Bert Stephens of Jacket, McDonald Co MO, age 29 to Bertha Ferry of Pea Ridge, Benton Co AR, Aged 22. License dated 16 July 1912. The ceremony was performed by Y. A. Giemari, MG on the 17th of July.

World War I Draft Registration:
Bert Nathaniel Stephens, living Rt. 5, Bentonville, Benton Co, AR. Age 36, born Mar. 25, 1882.
He was farming for himself at Pea Ridge.
His wife Bertha E. Stephens listed as nearest relative.
Bert was tall, medium build, brown eyes, dark hair. No disabilities
12 Sep 1918.

1920 Census. Mount Vernon, Benton, AR, Hh 289
B. N. "Stevens" age 37, b. MO, parents b. MO. Engineer at a Saw Mill.
Bartha, wife, age 41, b. MO
Mildred, daughter, age 6, b. MO

1930 Census. Mount Vernon, Benton, AR Hh 52
Bert N. "Stevens", age 48, married at age 38, b. MO, father b. TX, mother b. MO, works at the saw mill
Bertha, wife, age 22 at marriage, b. MO
Mildred J., dau, age 16, b. MO

1942 World War II Draft Registration
Bert Nathaniel Stephens of RFD 4, Bentonville, Benton Co, AR, was age 60, born McDonald County, MO, 25 Mar 1882. Mrs. Bertha Stephens of Bentonville would always known his address. He was self employed. Signed: B. J. Stephens.



Anna STEPHENS was born on 19 April 1884 in Missouri. She died on 21 November 1956 at the age of 72 in Cassville, Barry County, Missouri.

Birth record from McDonald Co, MO has her name as Merly Ann Stephens and as Marty Ann. She married Walter E. Henry whose brother Andrew Jackson Henry married Ann's sister Dema.

1910 Census. Ash, Barry, MO, Hh 77
Walter E. Henry, age 24, married one time for a year
Annie, wife, 26, no children yet

1920 Census. Ash, Barry, MO, Hh 94
Walter E. Henry, age 34, b. MO, farmer
Anna, wife, 35, b. MO, parents b. MO
Clyde O., son, age 6, b. MO
Odell, son, age in months but unreadable, b. AR

1930 Census. Ash, Barry, MO, Hh 112
Walter Henry, age 44, married at age 23, b. MO
Annie, wife, age 45, married at 24, b. MO
Clyde, son, age 16, b. MO
Odel, son, 10, b. AR
Dexter, son, b. MO
Vivian, dau, age 5, b. MO

1940 Census. Ash Twp, Barry, MO, Hh 71
Trent Creek Road - lived in same house in 1935
W. E. Henry, 54, farmer Ann, 56, wife, housewife
Clyde, son, 26, farm laborer. Odell, son, 20, laborere - road construction. Dexter, son, 17, farm labor. Vivian, dau, 15, non-paid female worker
Leslie Hedrick, nephew (abset) age 18, in 1935 he lived in Hutchinson, Reno Co, Kansas, laborer, reforestation project

Missouri Death Certificate.
M. Ann Henry of Washburn, Barry Co MO died 20 Nov 1956. She was married. Born 7 Apr 1884, McDonald Co MO, age 73 at death. Her parents listed as John Stephens and Nancy Schell [sic-Comstock - her mother was a Schell]. She died of flu and pneumonia. Walter E. Henry was the informant. Buried Kings Cemetery, Washburn.
Buried King Cemetery, Seligman, Barry Co MO
Joint grave marker
Ann M. 1884-1957
Walter E. 1885-1966

W. Clyde Henry
"Gone but not forgotten"

Oliver Odell Henry



Elisha Henry STEPHENS was born on 2 October 1886 in Missouri. He died on 24 December 1949 at the age of 63.

Elisha married Minnie A. Armstrong, 5 Feb 1905, Barry Co MO

1910 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald, MO, Hh 49
Elisha H. Stephens, 23, married for 5 years, b. MO, parents b. MO, Farmer
Minnie A., wife, 2 children, b. MO
Elmer H., son, 3, b. OK
Pearl T. daughter, age 1, b. MO

World War I Draft Registration:
Elisha Henry Stephens, of Jacket, McDonald Co, MO, age 32, b. 2 May 1886 [May doesn't agree with the census or family records - they say Oct of 1886]. Farming and stock raising. Nearest relative is Miney Stephens.
Elisha was of medium height, medium build, gray eyes, hair color unreadable.
12 Sept [no year, prob 1918]

1920 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald, MO, Hh 46
E. H. Stephens, 33, Farmer
Minnie, wife, 34
Elmer, son, 13 [b. OK]
Pearl, dau, 11
Eva, dau, 9
Frank, son, 2 years 3 months.

1930 Census. Blackdog Twp, Osage, OK, Hh 48
Elisha H. Stephens, age 43, married 1 time at age 18, b. MO, farmer
Minnie, wife, 45, married at 19
Frank, son, age 12, b. MO
Carl, son age 9, b. OK
Ralph, son, age 6, b. OK

1940 Census. Collinsville Twp, Rogers Co, OK, Hh 158
Lived in Collinsville, Tulsa Co, OK in 1935
Elisha Stephens, 53, b. MO
Minnie,wife, 54, b. MO
Carl, son, 19, b. OK
Ralph, son, 16, b. OK

Buried Ridgelawn Cemetery, Collinsville, Tulsa Co, OK



Alice STEPHENS was born on 14 June 1889 in Missouri. She died on 15 February 1967 at the age of 77 in Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

Alice married George Day, 7 Oct 1908, Benton Co, AR. He was 33 and lived in Powell, McDonald Co, MO. Alice was 19, living in Pea Ridge, Benton Co, AR. Married by Lon Williams, County Judge

1920 Census. Sugar Creek Twp, Benton Co, AR, Hh 91
George Day, 43. Alice, wife, 30
Leara, dau, 9. Carl, son,8. Clifton, son, 6

1930 Census. Blackdog Twp, Osage Co, OK, Hh 176
George Day, age 53, married at age 32, b. MO, farmer
Allice, wife, 40, married at 19
Lara, dau 19, b. MO
Carl A., son, 18, b. MO
Clifton R., son, 16, b. MO
Bent, son, age 8, b. MO
Virginia, dau, 5, b. OK



Dema STEPHENS was born in October 1892 in Missouri. She died before 1920 at the age of 28.

Dema married 15 Dec 1912 to Andrew Jackson Henry, brother to Walter Henry that married Dema's sister Anna. They were sons of John Price Henry.

The children with Jack in 1930 would have been Dema's children.
1930 Census. Ash, Barry, MO, Hh 32
Jack Henry, age 39, married first time at age 23
Alpha, wife, 33, married at age 32
Velma, dau, age 15, b. MO
Zelva, daughter, age 11, b. MO



John Luther STEPHENS was born on 18 February 1895 in Missouri. He died on 7 July 1951 at the age of 56 in McDonald County, Missouri.

Married Annie Urtle Morgan, 14 Sep 1912, Barry Co MO.

1920 Census. Ash, Barry, MO, Hh 24
John L. Stephens, age 23, farmer
Urtle A., wife, age 24
Elsie B., daughter, age 6
Loyd E., son, age 5
Wanda, dau, age 9 months

1930 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co MO, Hh 44
John Stephens, age 37, married at 18, b. MO, farmer
Urtle, wife, age 36, married at 17
Elsie, 17. Loyd, 15. Wanda, 11. Gertrude, 7.

Son Lloyd registered for the World War II Draft: His full name was Loyd Enlow Stephens and he was living on RFD 4, Bentonville, Benton Co, AR, age 25. He was born "Berry" Co Mo on 18 Jan 1915. Mrs. Urtle Stephens, his mother would always know his address. He was working for Johnnie Stephens.



Belle STEPHENS was born on 18 April 1897 in Missouri. She died on 29 September 1970 at the age of 73.

Belle married Harvey Monrow Stephens about 1917. His parents were Nathaniel & Jane Stephens.

Harvey's World War I Draft Registration, 12 Sep 1942
Harvey Monrow Stephens of Jacket, McDonald Co, MO was age 20, born 23 July, 1898. He was a farmer. His nearest relative was wife, Sarah Elvadey Stephens (was he married twice?)
Tall, medium build, blue eyes, light hair.

A Harvey Stephens, age 27, a single man, was living alone in Ash Twp, Barry Co MO in 1920 - but there should have been a family, but then this Harvey would have been about 21, 22 in 1920.

Did not find the family in 1930.
FindAGrave has these children:
Ephraim Earl Stephens, b. 1914, d. 1999, buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery with his wife Mary Belle Bates.
Zelda Estes Stephens, b. 4 Jun 1918, d. 23 Jan 1986, buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, as Zelda E. Pruitt. Arkansas Marriages had that Zelda Stephens married Talmage Pruitt, 7 Nov 1936. He was 19, and she was 18 - both living in Hiwasse, Benton Co, AR. They were married by F. F. Floyd, JP.

1940 Census. Hiwassee, Dickson Twp, Benton Co, AR, Hh 126
Lived in the same house in 1935
Harve Stephens, age 41, b. MO
Bell, wife, 42, b. MO
Dudley, son, 16, b. MO

1942 - World War II Draft Registration
Harvey Monroe Stephens of Rt. 1, Hiwasse, Benton Co, AR was now age 43, born in Benton Co, AR on 23 Jul 1898. Mrs. Belle Stephens would always know his address.
He signed: Harvey Monrow Stephens

James Dudley Stephens of Hiwasse, Benton Co, age 19 married Miss Carl Dean Wood, age 17, of Pea Ridge on 3 March 1943. Joe Beasley, County Judge, married them.

Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Gravette (or Hiwasse), Benton Co, AR
Harvey is buried there, too, b. 23 Jul 1898, d. 20 Nov 1981



Orville W. STEPHENS was born on 24 December 1899 in McDonald County, Missouri. He died in April 1970 at the age of 70 in Benton County, Arkansas.

Married Lavina Ellen "Pet" Pendergraft, about 1923. Married (2) Adeamae Ruth McNelley, 3 Jan 1953.

1930 Census: Dickson Twp, Benton, AR, Hh 61
Orville W. Stephens, age 30, married at age 23, b. MO, parents b. MO. Machinist at the saw mill.
Pet, wife, age 26, married at 19, b. MO
Streva, daughter, age 5, b. AR



Hila Bertha STEPHENS was born on 3 January 1902 in McDonald County, Missouri. She died on 16 June 1976 at the age of 74 in Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas.

Hila married Randolph Roller, Benton Co, AR. He was of Pea Ridge, Benton Co, AR, age 21 and Hila was from the same place, age 18. License dated 27 Feb 1920. G. Lyle Smith married the couple on the same day.

1930 Census. Mountain Twp, McDonald Co, MO Hh 30
Nancy apparently deceased
John Stephens, age 71, married at age 19.
Ran Roller, son-in-law, age 30, married at age 19
Hiley, dau, age 27, married at age 17
Doyle, gson, age 7
Eva, gdau, age 8 months

Buried Twelve Corners Cemetery, Pea Ridge, Benton Co, AR



Rosa Beulah STEPHENS was born on 21 November 1903 in McDonald County, Missouri. She died in June 1977 at the age of 73 in Reno County, Kansas.

Rosa married in Benton Co, AR. Carson Hedrick of Pea Ridge, age 21, marriage license to marry Miss Bulah Stephens, also of Pea Ridge, age 16, dated 27 Feb 1920. G. Lyle Smith married the couple on the same day.

Said to have married Clarence H. Norman, circa 1927 and (3) Donald Eugene Fletcher, 1933.

1930 Census. Center Twp, McDonald, MO, Hh 104
Clarence H. Norman, age 22, married at age 20, farmer
Beulah wife, age 25, married the first time at 15
Valdonce, daughter, age 10 months, b. MO
C. L. Hedrick, stepson, age 9, b. MO
Sylvia, stepdau, age 8, b. Kansas
Leslie, stepson, age 6, b. MO
Donald Lee, stepdaughter, female, age 4 and 5 months, b. MO

Buried Memorial Park Cemetery, Hutchinson, Reno Co, Kansas.
Stone has Beulah R. Fletcher, born 21 Nov 1903, died, 29 Jun 1977