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Fifth Generation

10. Robert CLOPTON8,12 was born on 27 January 1683 in York County, Virginia.10 He died between October 1747 and November 1750 at the age of 64 in New Kent County, Virginia.14

The first mention of Robert in St Peters Vestry records is in Sept of 1718 when he was paid for 47 foot of plank. He was a tobacco viewer in 1724-1729. In September of 1732, he was on a commission to view the Glebe report on the condition of the houses & garden pailing. He was also being paid for keeping Chas. Barker. The meeting of 1733 reveals that Charles Baker had died and been buried during the year & Robert Clopton was reimbursed for his expenses. In Oct of 1747, Robert was paid for making a coffin for George Mason.

Robert CLOPTON and Sarah Ann SCOTT were married on 18 December 1711 in New Kent County, Virginia.13 Sarah Ann SCOTT died on 24 August 1719 in New Kent County, Virginia.13

Robert CLOPTON and Sarah Ann SCOTT had the following children:



Bertha CLOPTON was born on 19 August 1712 in New Kent County, Virginia.15 She was christened on 28 September 1712 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.16



[Daughter] CLOPTON was born in July 1714.17,18

Baptized 29 Aug 1714 or 1715 - there's some confusion about the date; much of this entry has been lost. Name may have been Ann.



Margaret CLOPTON was born on 8 April 1717 in New Kent County, Virginia.19

Robert CLOPTON and Mary CRUMP were married on 22 March 1720 in New Kent County, Virginia.12 Mary CRUMP8 was born (date unknown).

At the Vestry meeting in November of 1750, Mary Clopton was paid for keeping Mary Gozard. She received the value of 600#'s of tobacco each year through 1758 when the Parish minutes end. For Mary to receive this payment, she would of necessity been a widow, otherwise the payment would have been to her husband. I can therefore assume Robert was deceased by this time. Mary is said to have been the daughter of William Crump, Jr.

Robert CLOPTON and Mary CRUMP had the following children:



Frances CLOPTON was born on 2 February 1723 in New Kent County, Virginia.20



William CLOPTON was born on 11 November 1725 in New Kent County, Virginia.21






Abner CLOPTON was born on 29 November 1731 in New Kent County, Virginia.11