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Fifth Generation

11. WALTER CLOPTON23 was born about 1688 in Virginia.24 He died after 1758 at the age of 70 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,25

The first appearance of Walter Clopton in the St. Peters Parish Vestry records of New Kent Co is September 29, 1719 when he is paid 275 lbs of tobacco. Discussion during the vestry meeting reveals that he was allowed this sum for burying (and other charges) one Thomas Burdenwin. Walter was to deliver to the church wardens (Richard Allen & his father William Clopton) the sevant man's mare which came out of Essex County until the owners pay the 275 lbs of tobacco, or equivalent, to the Parish. On 30 Jul 1723, Walter Clopton took the oath and was appointed Vestryman. He was appointed to view & number the tobacco plants each year from 1724-29. 20 Apr 1731 he was elected Church Warden.; he took the oath at the May meeting. In Sept of 1732, he was replaced by Carles Massie as Warden but continued to serve as a Vestryman. He was collector for the Parish levy for some of the years. On 29 Sep 1740, Walter was again chosen church warden (two-year term) to serve with Daniel Parke Custis whose wife Martha would marry George Washington after he died. In 1741, Walter was paid by the Parish for keeping a bastard child of Mary Ashberry. In 1751, Walter Clopton was appointed one of the processioners - to work with Robert Jarratt (likely his brother-in-law) - they were both appointed again in 1755. In 1758, when the minutes end, Walter is still serving as a Vestryman as he has done for 35 years.

One of the last entries of the Vestry minutes of St Peters Parish is dated 22 Nov 1758 and Mr. Walter Clopton is listed as one of the Vestrymen present at that time.

He was a slaveholder as were his brothers and father. The Register of St. Peters notes that Nanny, a Negro of Walter Clopten died 6 Apr 1720; Jammey a Negro belonging to Walter Clopton was born 31 Mar 1726; Richard a Negro boy belonging to Walt Clopton was born 12 Mar 1757 and baptized on 20 June; Sarah a Negro girl was born 16 Nov 1757 and baptized 22 Dec.

VA Patent Bk 11, p. 46 17 Aug 1720. 400A Henrico Co, N side James R.

Married St. Peter's Parish Church

Hanover Co Court Record Book 1733-1735; Charles P. Blunt IV
4 Oct 1734 Walter Clopton gent. Of St Peter's Parish in New Kent Co to James Hill, innkeeper of St. Peter's …for 2£ sterling, 200 acres south side of the South Anna River at mouth of Horse Shoe Creek. Part of 400 acres granted John Syme, patent 17 Aug 1725 and sold by said Syme to Walter Clopton by deed in Hanover Co 6 Jan 1726
Wit: J. Markland & Barttelot Anderson
Deed ack. Mary, wife of Walter relinq dower 4 Oct 1734

Here is evidence of that same tract that ended up in Louisa Co.
Lousia Co DB A
p.59   4 Dec1741   James Hill of St. ?Johns Parish,King William Co, to John Hill, St. Martins Parish, Louisa.  30#'s. 200 acres  South side South Anna River, mouth of Horseshoe Neck, up the River. part of 400 acres granted John Syme, Gent by patent 17 Aug 1725; conveyed to Walter Clopton by deed, 6 Jan 1726; conveyed  by Clopton to sd James Hill, Hanover Co, 4 Oct 1734.  Signed:  James Hill. Wit:  John Clarkson, John Bailey,William (x) Long.  Proved by wit. 14 Mar 1742.

WALTER CLOPTON and MARY JARRATT were married on 7 April 1711 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,26 MARY JARRATT, daughter of ROBERT JARATT and MARY [JARRATT], was born in Virginia.24

Robert and Mary Jarratt were Mary's parents. Records:

CAVALIERS & PIONEERS; Vol II, p.6: As early as 9 Jun 1666, a Robert Jarratt received a patent for 284 acres in the neck between the York & Chickahomamy Rivers.
p.270: On 20 Nov 1683, Mrs. Elizabeth Terrell & Thomas Corell patented 720 acres in New Kent Co on the south side of the York River on branches of the Chickahominy Swamp. This tract was adjacent PoyntDexter's path; Mr. Boothe; and the land of Thomas Mishell [Mitchell] & Mr. Robert Jarrett.

CAVALIERS & PIONEERS; Vol II, p.253 Thomas Mitchell, Planter of New Kent Co., 2436 acs. in sd. Co. being the land he lives on; 28 Feb 1682/3 PB 7, p.232. Beg. at Mr. ROBERT JARRETT, by Westover Path; by an Indian field, to line tree in the bounds of the County line, neere a branch of the Skimino; by Mr. Lancelett Bathurst's fence; by Towwink Sw., by the Rotten Br; by the horse roade, etc. Bounded on all sides by marked lines. Part of sd. land granted to Thomas Mitchell by patent dated 15 Jan 1662 and the other part granted to John Lewis & the said Thomas Mitchell on the same day, which sd. Lewis sold his title to sd. Mitchell & acknowledged same in the Co. Ct. of New Kent on 18 Feb 1672.

In June of 1698, Robert Jarrat was asked to help "Cleer the Roades" in his Parish precinct.
Sarah, a Negro girl belonging to Mr. Robt Jarrott was born in August of 1708.

"Mr. Robt Jarrott Departed this Life January the 21st, 1709."

Grandson, Rev. Devereux Jarratt stated Mary was a native of Ireland.
"Mary ye Wife of Mr. Robt Jarret obijt 31st Mar 1707."

WALTER CLOPTON and MARY JARRATT had the following children:



Ann CLOPTON was born on 3 July 1712 in New Kent County, Virginia.24 She was christened on 3 August 1712 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.16

Baptized 3 Aug 1712



William CLOPTON27 was born on 19 November 1714 in New Kent County, Virginia.24 He was christened on 19 December 1714 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia.18

The Parish Records of St Peters include the birth of Mary, daughter of William & Cassandra Clopton on 13 Nov 1736, bapt on 5 Jan 1737; and Walter, son of William & Cassandra born 29 Apr 1739, bapt May 27. This appears to be this William as the sons of Robert and William named William were too young, unless the uncle William married a second time.



Mary CLOPTON was born on 29 August 1716 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,28



Walter CLOPTON was born on 24 March 1721 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,29

Died in infancy



Robert CLOPTON was born on 4 January 1725 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,30



Devereaux CLOPTON31 was born on 30 August 1727 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,32

In 1751 and 1755, Devereux Clopton was a Processioner for Precinct 11 in St Peters Parish. He signed the list of Freeholders found undated in the Parish records; based on the fact that his name (rather unusual) is there, I'd place that list in the 1750's.



Margaret CLOPTON was born on 9 September 1729 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,33

Baptized 12 Oct 1729






Naomi CLOPTON was born on 11 January 1735 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,34

Baptized 21 Mar 1735



Walter CLOPTON was born on 18 February 1740 in New Kent County, Virginia.24,35

Baptized 30 Mar 1740.