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Eighth Generation

105. Olive Judith Michaux PERKINS61 was born on 1 August 1800 in Goochland County, Virginia.44,61,63 She died in 1881 at the age of 81.44,61

Grave marker apparently gave 1797 as her birthyear.

First Baptist Church met at the home of Bro Perkins (1824) Baptized included Judy and Rebecca Perkins.

Grave marker gives year of death as 1891.

Olive Judith Michaux PERKINS and Col. Thomas GRUBBS were married on 18 January 1825 in Logan County, Kentucky.83 Col. Thomas GRUBBS84,85,86,87, son of John GRUBBS and Sarah HOPKINS, was born on 12 December 1786 in Hanover County, Virginia.60,61,88 He died on 22 December 1880 at the age of 94 in Saint Louis, Missouri.61,88

Married first in 1812 in Barren County. Married second, the mother of two his daughters, one who married James Mosby and Martha who married T. H. Becker and a son, Dr. Thomas H. Grubbs. 3rd marriage was to Judith Perkins.

Logan Co KY Order Book 6 [Nov 1813 - Sep 1817] p.208, Jun 1816. John Obed Feazel and Jubel Feazle aged 12 on Oct last, apprenticed to Thomas Grubbs, brick layer.

At the December 1817 Term of County Court in Logan County. Thomas Grubbs & William Owens asked that a writ of ad quo dammum be issued so they could erect a water grist and saw mill.

The record of the organization of the First Baptist Church of Russellville on Nov. 24, 1818 merely gives the names of the ten who were the first membership and who constituted the first organization; no record in the old minutes state as to where and what church the ten had received their letters of dismissal. The history of Union Church (Now New Union) says "In April, 1818 another colony of ten was dismissed to form the Baptist Church in Russellville." On November 24th 1818 "the following members of the church met at the Meeting House - To wit:
Spencer Curd
Thomas Grubbs
William Kercheval
Drury W. Poore
John Poindexter
Elizabeth Rollins
Catherine Owens
Mary Kercheval
Catherine Curd
Betsy Poor
having received letters of dismission for the purpose of being constituted into a Church State in the Town of Russellville met in said town on the 24th day of November 1818. And our Brothers Elder Leonard Page, Ambrose Bourne, Sugg Fort together with a number of Brethren from our Sister Churches called for the purpose of constituting them into a Church State on the following principles....

Logan Co. Ky. Deed Book "H" page 308-date, July 29, 1819. The trustees of the Russellville Baptist Church in a deed of agreement for the use of the House to the trustees of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. "Agreement between William Kercheval Sr., Thomas Grubbs and Spencer Curd of the first part to James Wilson, Hiram A. Hinds and Alexander Downey of the second part for the use and occupancy of said Meeting House, on the second and fourth Sundays of each month and meetings more than one day."

Thomas Grubbs was elected Clerk of First Baptist Church in Russellville in 1825 and served 14 years. He was ordained a Deacon Dec 1839 and was still serving in 1870. As a Trustee of the Baptist Society he & Spencer Curd & William Kerchival agreed to combine with the Cumberland Presbyterian Society and form the Russellville Union Meeting House to be built in Amos Edward's addition to Russellville [Deed Book H, p.152]. An agreement of the use of the Union Meeting House contained the provisions that the Baptists would use it the 2nd & 4th Sundays; the Presbyterians the 1st & 3rd Sundays [Deed Book H, p.308, 29 Jul 1819]
Thomas Grubbs was also a Trustee of the town of Russellville: DB R, p.406 18 Mar 1833 Thomas Grubbs, Joshua Rizier, Peyton L. Parish, William. J. Morton & Samuel Poindexter, trustees of the town of Russellville. To Epraim M. Ewing. Lot in Polly Lathams addition.
Rec. 27 Apr 1833

Logan Co DB U, p.177 9 Jan 1836 Thomas Grubbs & wife Judith to William H. Grubbs for $325. Lot in Robert Lathams addition to Russellville. Hereby assign interest purchased from Alney McLean on 28 Nov 1834, as recorded in DB T, p.340. Judith relinquished dower. Rec. 9 Jan 1836.

Logan Co DB V; p.332 2 Sep 1836 Thomas Grubbs & Judith his wife of Russellville to Constant A. Wilson. Tract on Muddy River adj the land on which Mrs. Margaret Wilson now lives. 20 acres. Corner to Wilson & Grubbs; Littlejohn's line. Signed: Thomas Grubbs. Ack 10 Sep 1837

Logan Co DB X p.214 14 May 1837 Thomas Grubbs to William Cooper. $75. Lot #104 in Robert Lathams addition to Russellville. 200 feet on the street, running by the Tan yard. Signed: Thomas Grubbs, Judith M. Grubbs
Ack & Relinq & rec. 29 Feb 1840.
Logan Co DB X; p.441 16 Jul 1841 Thomas Grubbs & Judith M. Grubbs his wife to Silas Gilbert, Green Gilbert & Michael Gilbert. $275. Lot in Town of Russellville in Robert Latham Addition. Partly on Lots 104 & 106. Thomas Blakey's NE corner on South Cross Street; William First corner, sd Blakey's line near the well. Signed: Thomas Grubbs, Judith M. Grubbs
Rec. 3 Aug 1814

Thomas also had a daughter named Sarah. Logan Co DB W, p.19
5 Oct 1838 Agreement between Thomas Grubbs and his son-in-law Edward Cash, for love and affection toward daughter Sarah Cash and her husband Edward D. Cash. One certain yellow woman slave.
Logan Co Marriages: Edward Cash to Sarah Grubbs, 21 Aug 1838, MB 1, p.143. She probably was born approximately 1820, so was not a daughter of Olive Perkins.

1850 Census. Russellville, Logan, Ky, Hh 872
Thomas Grubbs, 63
Judith M. 49
Judith A. 16
Agnes Perkins, 63

1860 Census. Russellville, Logan, KY, Hh 800
O. C. Rhea, 34, Editor, Russellville Herald, b. KH
Judith A. Rhea, 27, b. KY
Nannie, 4, b. KY
Thos Grubbs, 73, b. VA
J. M. Grubbs (Judith Michaux), 60, female, b. VA
St. Clair L. Walker, 20, apprentice printer, b. KY
H. W. Martin, 21, Jounr. printer, b. MD

1870 Census. Russellville, Logan KY, Hh 27
Thomas Grubbs, 83, brickmason, b. VA
Judith M., 69, b. VA
Arden Harrison, 40, cook, b. TN
Thomas 7, Mary 7 - Harrison children b. TN

1880 Census. Gordonsville, Logan Co, KY, Hh 252
Mortimer G. Owens, 57, farmer. Susan C., 52, wife.
Ida Underwood, 30, daughter
Josie, 9, granddaughter
Warren, 6, grandson
Thomas Grubbs, 93, father-in-law, b. KY, father b. VA, mother b. NC
Ollie M., 79, mother-in-law, b. KY, parents b. VA
Vergual Allison, mulatto, 19, Servant, Farm Labor
Matilda Bowes, Black, 34, Servant
Ida, 8, mulatto
Effie, 4, mulatto
Maggie McGowan, 32

Descendants of Nicholas Perkins says that Thomas Grubbs died in St. Louis, MO.
St. Louis MO Death Register, December 1880
#7024. Dec 22. Thomas Grubbs. Married. Age 94, b. VA, place of death - 2528 Dixon St, died of old age & debility. C. M. Brown, attending physician, buried Calvary Cemetery. Smithers, Undertaker.

Olive Judith Michaux PERKINS and Col. Thomas GRUBBS had the following children:



Susan Catherine GRUBBS.



Judith Ann GRUBBS.



[Daughter] GRUBBS84,88 was born (date unknown).

Married Bryce Grubbs; lived in Memphis.
"Descendants of Nicholas Perkins" lists Walter Bryce Grubbs as a son of Thomas & Olive.



Henry Harrison GRUBBS88 was born on 12 June 1837 in Logan County, Kentucky.89 He died on 15 March 1849 at the age of 11 in Logan County, Kentucky.89