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Seventh Generation

60. OLIVE JUDITH CLOPTON was born on 5 July 1762 in Goochland County, Virginia.46,47 She was christened on 15 July 1764 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginia. She died on 17 August 1800 at the age of 38 in Goochland County, Virginia.53,54

Baptized Jul 16 1764

OLIVE JUDITH CLOPTON and WILLIAM PERKINS were married on 5 October 1784 in Goochland County, Virginia.55,56 WILLIAM PERKINS57, son of JOHN PERKINS and LUCY MITCHELL, was born on 1 August 1763 in New Kent County, Virginia.58 He died on 22 August 1827 at the age of 64 in Logan County, Kentucky.58,59

Date of birth in Ancestral File: 1 Aug 1763, St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co VA

Marriage: Judith Clopton, daughter of Benjamin Clopton. Surety: Edward Martin. Wit: Mary Clopton and Benjamin M. Clopton

Goochland DB 14
p.239 20 Feb 1786 John Perkins to William Perkins for 10£. Tract on branches of Lickinghole Creek. Meanders of branch; Jenning Pulliam; Pulliam & Cardin; John Perkins'; Martin Sampson & Perkins; Carters Ferry Road; corner on John Houston; corner on Elam. 255 acres.
Ack. By John Perkins 20 Feb 1786
Another deed on the same day was to Archelaus and did specify Archelaus was a son.

Goochland DB 15, p.272
16 Jul 1789 Gideon Mims & David Alves to Jesse Mims. Tract of 100 acres on Lickinghole Crk. James Robards, Isaac Winstons, south side plumtree Crk, corner pin on Winston & Gideon Mims, on Riddles Road, Lewis Chaudoing & William James
Signed: Gideon Mims, David (x) Alvis
Wit: Archs. Perkins, Wm. Perkins, Greif Perkins
20 Jul 1789 Proved by Archs, William & Grief Perkins

Goochland DB 16
18 Mar 1793 William Perkins to William Crutchfield, both of Goochland. 25£. Tract in Goochland. Branch of Lickinghole Creek, meanders of a branch, part of Tract the said Perkins now living on, 20 acres by suvery. Signed: William Perkins
18 Mar 1793 Ack by Perkins

I don't know if the following could be the same William:
A list of Noninhabitant & Insolvent muster fines from list of Fines imposed Oct 1787. Returned by William Royster, D.Sh. for William Royster, late Shff.
William Perkins - noninhabitant, one fine
19 Mar 1793 Presented to Court

Marriage to Mildred Bagwell: Surety: Grief Perkins. Married 4 Apr by Rev. Charles Hopkins. This marriage also listed as 31 Mar 1801 in Greenbrier County where many of the Perkins' seem to have lived.
The marriages of the children of William Perkins and Mildred Bagwell were all found in the Logan Co Marriages book. Not yet confirmed by any other source. [4/4/98]

1810 Census. Goochland Co VA
Wm Perkins. 2 males under 10, 2 males 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m over 45
2 females under 10, 1f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f 26-45

George D. Blakey stated that William Perkins came from Virginia about 1820, along with his brother Grief Perkins who came in 1819 and lived near the Whipporwill bridge. He refers to William as the "venerable Revolutionary sire" of Judith Perkins Grubbs.
Listed in "Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army During the War of the Revolution" by Francis B. Heitman, c1914, p.436: Perkins, William Harding (VA). Colonel, Virginia Militia, 1777-1781. I do not know if this is the same man.

Logan Co Deed Book N:
p.19 10 Nov 1824. Jacob H. Fort surviving partner of Wm A. Fort & Co, formerly comprised of Jacob H. Fort, Wm A. & James Fort the two last being now dead of Robertson Co TN to William Perkins of Logan Co. for two hundred, seven hundred & fourty-four dollars [obviously some sort of recording error - perhaps $274?]. Land on Dry fork of Big Whipporwill part of two original surveys, one in the name of Simons and one in the name of David Caldwell ??? of William Allen. Begin on bank of dry fork ...Peter Simons north boundary line ...corner to Ewing ...corner to Wm Blakey Peter Simons . 343 acres part of the tract conveyed to Fort by Samuel H. Curd & others including the House where William Curd formerly lived.. Signed: Jacob H. Fort, Cynthia Fort. Ack in Robertson Co. Cynthia Fort relinquished her dower rights. Rec. Logan Co 23 Nov 1824

17 Jun 1825. Kentucky Land Grant to William Perkins, on the Fork of the Big Whipporwill, 343 acres surveyed on this date.

Logan County Court Records, Sep Term 1826, p. 250 - Ordered that Wm Perkins be exempted from the payment of County levy on an old negro man John in future. John is also recognized in the Will of William Perkins and is to be provided for by whichever heir will "treat him well"
Logan Co Will Book C pp.350-352 Will names all 13 children: from 1st marriage to Olive Judith Clopton daughters Agnes, Lucy Winston, & Judith Grubbs; and from 2nd marriage to Mildred Bagwell: Rebeckah, Mary Ann, and Adaline. Sons William, Benjamin, Jesse, John, Anthony; and from 2nd marriage: James & Samuel. Executors James and Anthony. Probated 3 Sep 1827. Will refers to my "Ten Children who are at this time in Kentucky" and lists all but William, Benjamin and Jesse who each received $100.
Logan County Court Records, Nov Term 1827, p.334 - appraisement of goods and chattles of Wm Perkins dec'd returned and ordered to be recorded. The sale of his goods was recorded by the Court 10 Dec 1828.

Logan Co WB D, p.148 Report of sale of goods and chattels of Williams Perkins, Deceased. 10 Dec 1828. Buyers included Grief Perkins, John Perkins, who bought a number of small items, Thomas Grubbs, James Perkins, Cardwell Breathitt, Presley Morehead, James Blakey bought seven sheep. Smith Perkins bought a sorrel horse. Agnes Perkins bought a bed and furniture. Approved and ordered recorded 5 Jan 1829. Teste: Spencer Curd, CLCC; Kentucky Probate Records; Image 80-84.

WB D, p.170 James Perkins, Exr of Wm Perkins, dec'd. 10 Dec 1828. Amount of Public Sale.
Settlement of Commr with James Perkins. $587 remaining in hands of sd Executor. 31 Jan 1829. Spencer Curd, Presley Morehead, M. B. Morton

Logan Co DB T, p.164 23 Dec 1833. James Perkins & Anthony C. Perkins, Executors of the LW&T of William Perkins dec'd to Soloman Hardy. $1200. Tract on both sides of Dry fork of Whipporwill. Begin W branch of creek. 300 acres. Parcel from Samuel H. Curd, Spencer Curd, Wm Curd and William Stewart to Jacob H. Fort dated 14 Feb 1822, in DB K, p.187. Said Curds reserved a ½ acre of land as a family burying ground; same reserve is hereby made by the Executors. Ack. on 28 Dec 1833 by Anthony C. Perkins. Ack by James 12 Jul 1834.

OLIVE JUDITH CLOPTON and WILLIAM PERKINS had the following children:



William PERKINS.



Agnes PERKINS60,61 was born in 1787 in Virginia.44,60

First Baptist Church April meeting, 1830. Agnes Perkins admitted by letter. In the 1850 Census Agnes lived with sister Judith and Thomas Grubbs.









Benjamin PERKINS.



Anthony PERKINS62 was born on 9 November 1795 in Goochland County, Virginia.44,63 He died in Madison County, Mississippi.44

Lived with his brother Jesse in Madison Co MS in 1850 census.






Olive Judith Michaux PERKINS.