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Third Generation

4. Rev. WILLIAM CLOPTON was christened on 19 April 1613 in Boxted, Essex, England. He died before June 1671.

Clopton attended Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, receiving his BA in 1634 and his MA in 1637. He was Rector of Much Horkesley, Essex, and All Saints, Rettendon, Essex. He married before 1653 to Elizabeth Sutcliffe, daughter of the Rev. Isaiah Sutcliffe, of Rettendon. They were devised part of the manor of Eastwoodbury after her mother's death. He was ejected "for conscience sake" in 1662, and thereafter resided near Eastwood. His will was dated 24 oct 1670, proved 4 Jun 1671. Elizabeth died at Paglesham in 1683.

From The Clopton Chronicles:
"William Clopton graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge, considered by his time to be "a nursery of Puritanism." The Cloptons had married and remarried into a network of the great Puritan families of East Anglia. For many, their ties with the Church of England was all but a distant memory. Their timing could not have been worse. Charles II regained the monarchy in 1660 and proceeded to make life miserable for the Puritans. William was one of more than 2,000 clergymen who refused to embrace the High Church or Anglo-Catholic rituals, and were "ejected from their livings.” Their son, William, would flee to America and become the patriarch of the American Cloptons."

Rev. WILLIAM CLOPTON and ELIZABETH SUTCLIFFE were married before 1653. ELIZABETH SUTCLIFFE died in 1683 in Paglesham, Essex, England.

Caughter of Izaiah Sutcliff and Elizabeth Jolye

Rev. WILLIAM CLOPTON and ELIZABETH SUTCLIFFE had the following children:






Margaret CLOPTON (private).