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Second Generation

6. Wilson BROWN was born in 1809 in South Carolina.32

1830 St. Francois Co MO, Pendleton Twp, p.421. Wilson Brown. 1m -5, 1m 20-30 [Wilson], 1f -5, 1f 20-30 [first wife] These two older children are unidentified.

1840, Searcy Co AR, p.183. Wilson Brown. 3m -5 [John, Samuel & Solomon], 1m 5-10 [William J.], 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40 [Wilson]. 1f 5-10, 1f 30-40. It would appear Wilson's first wife was living in 1840 - there are at least two older children who have not been identified.

1850 Searcy Co AR Census, Tomahawk Twp, p.170-1, Household 100. Wilson Brown age 41, b. SC. Mary Ann, age 29 [probably 2nd wife]; William J. age 17, b. MO. Remainder of children born in Arkansas: Solomon J. age 14, Samuel S. 12, John O. 11, Sarah Ann 9, Joseph 7, and Olive J. 2. Also Elisabeth Jones age 5 [possibly a child of Mary Ann's from a former marriage.]

Mary Ann was obviously a 2nd wife given the ages of the children. Nothing is known about the first wife. Mary Ann may also have been the widow Jones when she married Wilson Brown. A 5 year old child, Elisabeth Jones, was living with them in 1850 and I would think she was Mary Ann's child. Also the only gap in the ages of Wilson Brown's children is between Joseph age 7 and Olive age 2 - I would suppose his first wife died after the birth of Joseph and Olive is the only child of Wilson and Mary Ann born by 1850.

Solomon Jones lived first in St. Francois Co MO, then in Searcy Co AR. He came to St. Francois from TN. In 1830 Elisha & Solomon Jones were on the same page of the St. Francois census. Given the name of the child Solomon J., it's possible Wilson's first wife was a daughter of Solomon Jones. I suspect the 2nd wife Mary Ann as being the widow Jones when she married Wilson.

I did not find Wilson or a widow Mary Brown in Searcy Co in 1860 - only the sons Solomon and possibly John.

Wilson BROWN and Mary Ann [BROWN] were married.32 Mary Ann [BROWN] was born in 1821.32

I suspect only Olive J. is a child of Mary Ann and Wilson. I think the other children are from a first wife.

Wilson BROWN and Mary Ann [BROWN] had the following children:



William J. BROWN was born in 1833 in Missouri.32



Solomon J. BROWN was born in 1836 in Arkansas.32

Given the name of this child as Solomon J., I would suspect the first wife of Wilson Brown was a Jones, perhaps a member of the family of Solomon Jones. Then Mary Ann the 2nd wife of Wilson seems to have been a Jones widow; perhaps his sister-in-law?

1860 Searcy Co AR, Tomahawk Twp, p.885; Dwelling 581. Solomon Brown age 24, b. AR, Katharine, age 24, b. TN. His brother John seemed to be living a couple of houses down. I didn't find any of the rest of the family in 1860.



Samuel S. BROWN was born in 1838 in Arkansas.32



John O. BROWN33 was born in 1839 in Arkansas.32

1860 Searcy Co AR, Tomahawk Twp, p.885, Dwelling 583. John D. Brown, age 21, b. AR, farm laborer. It's difficult to tell if he's living with the family of William Pearce age 27, who follows, and Samuel Grinder, age 41 whose household is just preceeding John D. Brown. He's on the same page with his brother Solomon. The rest of the family not found in 1860.

1870. Calf Creek, Searcy Co AR, p.24, Hh 34
John O. Brown, age 31, b. AR. Chloey, age 28, b. AR.
Jane O., age 21, b. AR [Is this John's sister, Olive J. in 1850?]
Elmira J., age 13, b. AR.
Harmon L., age 3, b. MO
John R., age 2, b. AR
Missouri J., age 4 mo, b. AR in April
J. Sharm Tucker, age 9, b. AR
Irena Hodges, age 54, b. AL.

A John O. Brown was living on Calf Creek in Searcy Co in 1880. He was 41. However, gave both parents as born in Virginia, neither were if he's the same as the son of Wilson. His wife was Chloe Hodges as evidenced by Irena Hodges, age 62, mother-in-law, who also lived in the household.



Sarah Ann BROWN was born in 1841 in Arkansas.32



Joseph BROWN was born in 1843 in Arkansas.32



Olive J. BROWN was born in 1848 in Arkansas.32