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Third Generation

4. Ann Smith BROOKES1 was christened on 11 April 1770 in Gloucester County, Virginia.1,16 She was born in April 1770.1,16

Mother's name not given in Kingston Parish register.

Is this the right marriage for Ann - there seems to be a conflict. She was certainly married to a Solomon Graves. Graves publications list only a single wife for Solomon - Frances Lewis - and believe she was the mother of all his children. The son that appears to be oldest, William B. Graves, was age 59 in the 1850 census in Randolph Co, GA, or born 1791. Ann Smith was living when her father's will was written, 3 Oct 1789. She is completely omitted in the will of Ann Brookes, widow of Richard, but Ann may not have been her mother ...or perhaps Ann was deceased. When Solomon Graves died his wife was named in his will as Joanna, adding to the doubt that Solomon had only a single wife named Frances.

Ann Smith BROOKES and Solomon GRAVES were married on 8 June 1788.1 Solomon GRAVES17,18,19, son of John GRAVES and Isabell LEA, was born on 29 April 1766 in Caswell County, North Carolina.20,21 He died in October 1830 at the age of 64 in Graves Farm, Newton County, Georgia.20,21

Richard Brookes named son-in-law Solomon Graves as executor of his will in 1790.

1800 Census, Caswell Co NC. Soloman Graves.
3m -10, 1m 10-16, 1m 16-26, 1m 26-45, 1m over 45; 1f -10, 1f 10-16, 1f 16-26, 1f 26-45, 1f over 45. 11 slaves. It would appear there is an older couple in the household.

1810 Caswell Co NC Census, p.17. Solomon Graves, 1m 26-45; 3m under 10; 1m 10-16; 2m 16-26; 1f 10-16; 1f 26-45. Wife was Ann Smith Brooks. Listed with 49 slaves.

Caswell Co NC DB V, p.114
8 Jan 1821. Solomon Graves of Caswell to Bartlett Yancy of same for $1305, negroes Henry age 22, Colson age 21, Edward about 14. Wit: John Scott

Caswell DB V, p.307
Proved Oct Court 1821, dated 21 Oct 1803. Deed from John Bennett to Solomon Graves for $200, 94 1/2 acres on Rattlesnake Creek, adjacent Richard Bennett and Graves.
Also dated much earlier - 30 Nov 1803. Richard Bennett to Solomon Graves for 201 #'s, 10 shillings, 101 1/2 acres adjacent John Shelton. Wit: Azariah Graves, Samuel Morton, Jun.
24 Oct 1821 John Stamps to Azariah Graves & Solomon Graves, all of Caswell, in debt to Solomon Graves for $62, for $5, 3 negroes Hetty age 33, Caty 5 years, Bassil a boy about 3 years. Acknowleged in court.
28 Nov 1821 Solomon Graves to John Woods, both of Caswell for $750, 260 acres on Reedy Fork & Hico adj Thomas Wilie, James Richmond, land purchased of Sarah Black. Wit: Azariah Graves, Jno. L. Graves.
30 Nov 1821 Solomon Graves of Caswell to Griffin Gunn for $3000, 387 acres north side South Country Line Creek adj Azariah Graves, Jonathan Starkey, Thomas Haralson, Carter. Wit: James Graves, Jacob Graves
29 Nov 1821 Solomon Graves to Azariah Graves for $8966.88, 1,212 acres on Country Line & Rattlesnake Creeks adj Sarah Carter, William Tapley. Wit: Jno L. Graves.
DB U, p. 146
28 Nov 1822. Solomon Graves of Caswell to Thomas Haralson of same, for $291. 30.4 acres on County Line Creek. Wit: Azariah Graves, Tho. W. Harralson.
DB W, p.255-7
9 Dec 1825 Solomon Graves of Newton Co, GA to George Williamson of Caswell for $1550, 310 acres north side Country Line Creek adj Azariah Graves, on main public road from Caswell Courthouse to Milton and crossing the road adj heirs of Jesse Carter, John Poteat, the mill lot. Wit: Azariah Graves, Jno. G. Womack
17 Dec 1825 Solomon Graves of Newton, GA to Thomas Slade of Caswell for $900, 4 negroes, Siller and her three children - Isom, Malinda, Tilmon. Wit: E. Slade, Wm. Slade
DB X, p.101-2
Dated 26 July 1822 (according to abstract) - proved April Court, 1827. Solomon Graves of Newton, GA to Barlett Yancey for $1000, lot #34 in Milton, 1/2 acres with tenements. Wit: A. Graves, Jno L. Graves
1 Dec 1827 Solomon Graves of Newton GA to Thomas D. Johnston for $800, 247 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj Azariah Graves, Miles Poteat, George Williamson, to the public road. Wit: Thos. Graves, Barzillai Graves.

By 1822, Solomon was living in Newton Co GA. His will names his wife as Joanna. I have seen this wife as Frances Joanna Lewis, and Frances Byrd Lewis, Frances Lewis and Joanna ??, and have seen Frances placed as being the first wife, with second wife Ann Smith Brookes who he married in 1788. However, the children are usually attributed to Frances, yet census records show they were born beginning about 1792. Obviously there is a conflict about the order of the wives and who the mother of the children was. There is no doubt about the date of the marriage to Ann Smith Brookes, but the other dates vary. I suspect Joanna is a third wife, which still leaves doubt about the mother of the children.

Caswell Unrecorded Wills - at the NC State Archives, but not in Will Books of Caswell Co.
Solomon Graves, of Newton Co, GA, wrote his will 18 Sep 1830. Wife Joanna Graves. Son John Graves to have land in Newton Co where he now lives. Son Solomon to have land in Newton Co. where he lives adjacent to testator. Son Barzillai to have 1/2 interest in home of testator and 1/2 of same held in trust for son Sidney Graves. If Sidney does not survive or has no heirs, his part to sons John, Iverson, Barzillai, and daughter Frances Graham. Land on Alcore River to be sold and rest of personal property and from proceeds pay $1000 to Frances Graham in lieu of land, also same to sons including William for benefit of him as Barzillai sees fit. Land already deeded to son Iverson.
Exec: sons John, Iverson, Barzillai, and Solomon Graves.
Wit: John Wright, Joel Williams, Jno. W. Graves, Thomas T. Foster
Probate Nov 1830.

Caswell DB EE, p.320
3 Jan 1838 Power of Attorney: Iverson L., Barzillai, Solomon, & John L. Graves, exec. of Solomon Graves late of Newton Co, GA to John Kerr Jr. of Caswell, to deliver to Matthew Dodson title to tract of land now in possession of Dodson and executed formerly to Richard H. Griffith.

Caswell Deed Book EE, p.305-6
30 Sep 1839 Iverson L. Graves, Barzillai Graves, Solomon Graves & John L. Graves, exec of Solomon Graves decd late of Newton Co, GA sold to Matthew Dodson for $1000, 270 1/2 acres on Rattlesnake Creek adj Levi Page, James S. Henderson, George Williamson, William Hooper, Woodlief Hooper, James Miles. By John Kerr Jr., atty. Wit: J. W. Norwood, A. G. Anderson.