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Second Generation

2. Richard BROOKES was born about 1730.1 He died about 1790 at the age of 60 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

Born in Gloucester Co or England?

Richard is believed to perhaps be the same Richard Brookes listed in the Virginia Gazetter as Master of The Purcell, a sloop involved in an ordeal off Antiqua in 1751. If so, he was probably born some years prior to the estimated birth year of 1730 or the ship's captain was an uncle.
13 Sep 1751, St. John's Antigua. Sunday the 8th Instant, we had the most violent Hurricane that has been known in the Memory of the oldest Man living.....Damage sustained in Town is very great.... List of vessels put ashore in the harbor of St. John's included the sloop Purcel, capt. Brookes, Antiqua, will get off.

From the Surveyor's Book of Gloucester: Tract of land in Kingston Parish in company with Wm. McKay and Mr. Hugh ___ the land of Joseph Brookes & Wm Higgins land belonging to Gregory Iverson.... by John Throckmorton
4 Apr 1754. Surveyed for Joseph Brooks, 300 3/4 acres in Kingston Parish on Queen's Creek; samll chestnut near Rich'd Brooks corn field.... John Throckmorton.

VIRGINIA TITHABLES FROM BURNED RECORD COUNTIES, Robert F. Woodson and Isobel B. Woodson, 1970.
Richard Brookes, Stafford Co, 1768, 180 acres.

Virginia Gazette:
13 Mar 1769:
J. H. Borton notified the pulbic that he holds a mortgage on Mr. Edward Cary's land, slaves, houses & furniture, and also on a brigantine commanded by Capt. Brookes (now out of the country) and a river sloop....
21 Jun 1770:
Court on May 3, 1770. Edward Cary, plaintiff, agst Richard Brookes & Christopher Dawson, executors of Anne Brookes, dec'd, defendants.
Richard "being beyond sea", the court ordered the other defendant to deliver up his effects of a sufficient value.

Caswell DB E, p.300
14 Feb 1788 George Barker to Richard Brookes for 100£. 400 acres adj Alex Kerr, Williams' line on Stony Creek. Wit: William Barker, David Barker.
[Leigh Brookes' papers list this surname as Baker rather than Barker. Abstracted as Barker by Karr.]

Ann may have been Richard's second wife. First child almost too old to have been this Ann's child.

Will written 3 Oct 1789 and probated April 1790. Names beloved wife Ann Brookes and leaves her one third that is to be equally divided among the four youngest children at her death again indicating these may have been her children: William Bird Brookes [under age 21], Betsy Brookes, Frances Armisted Brooks, and John Brookes. Dau: Ann Smith Graves received two slaves [possibly her mother was not Ann]. Exec: Ann Brookes, and son-in-law Solomon Graves. Wit: W. F. Smith, Israel Barker.
Caswell WB B, p.321

Will of Richard Brookes, 1789
Caswell County, North Carolina
In the Name of God Amen, I Richard Brookes of the County of Caswell and state of North Carolina, Being in a low state of health, but of perfect sense and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the blessing. But taking into Consideration the shortness and Uncertainty of this Transitory Life, and that it is appointed for all Men once to die, do make Constitute and ordain this my last will and Testament to be performed, In manner and form following that is to say first and Principally I recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it me and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken to be Buried in Decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executors whom I shall hereafter nominate and appoint - and unto such worldly goods as it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me in this life with I Give Dismiss and Depose of the same in Manner and form following and first my Desire is that all my Lawful Debts be paid, .... Item; I lend to my Beloved Wife Ann Brookes, the Land and Plantation whereon I now live, with one third part of the rest of my Estate both real and personal, during her natural life or Widowhood, and at her Death or Intermarriage to be Equally Divided among my four youngest children (to Wit) William Bird Brookes, Betsy Brookes, Frances Armisted Brookes, and John Brookes, Excepting the land and plantation whereon I now live, which at my wifes death or Intermarriage I leave to be Equally divided between my two sons to Wit, William Bird Brookes and John Brookes and their heirs.
Item; I give and bequeath to my Daughter Ann Smith Graves one negro woman named Hannah, and one Negro boy named John,
Item, I leave all the remaining part of my Estate in the hands of my wife until my son William Bird Brookes shall arrive to the age of twenty one years and then to be equally divided among my four youngest children to Wit, William Bird Brookes, Betsy Brookes, Frances Armsted Brookes, and John Brookes. Except my Wife should Intermarry before my son William Bird Brookes arrives to the age of Twenty one years and then and in that case my will and Desire is that the division should be made at her intermarriage.
Lastly I appoint my beloved wife Ann Brookes and my son in law Solomon Graves, Whole and sole executrix and Executor of this my last will and Testament to be performed. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand affixed my seal this third day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Nine. Signed: Richard Brookes
Signed sealed published and Declared in presents of
W. Smith (Jurat)
Israel Barker, Jurat

This may or may not be the same Richard Brooks, referring to his land back in Mathews Co VA.
Deed fragment from Mathews Co VA, 1791, Jul 19th. Henry Rispess sold a tract on Milford Haven, formally the Property of Richard Brooks who sold it to John Callis Senr, dec'd, 102 the mouth of the creek where the said Brooks formerly lived.

Caswell WB C, p.367
January Court 1799. Division of slaves of Richard Brooks, dec'd. To Ann Brooks, William B. Brooks, James Shepperd in right of wife Frances, John Brooks. By James Williamson, Nathaniel Rice, John Henslee. 14 Nov 1798.

Caswell DB R, p.128
2 May 1809 William B. Brooks to James Shapard of Orage Co NC. Richard Brooks decd owned 420 acres on Stoney Crk adj Alexander Kerr and same to be equally divided between sons, Wm B. & John Brooks. Wm B. Brooks conveyed to William Clifton his part. Part of John Brooks divided to Wm B. Brooks, James Shapard in right of his wife Frances Armistead Brooks. For $120 Wm Brooks sells to Shapard all his right & title to said land. Wit: William Clifton, Wylie Yancey.

Caswell Co Deed Book T, p.92-4. Deed of trust from James Shapard of Orange Co to Jeremiah Lea of Caswell includes 400 acres on Country Line & Stoney Creeks adjacent Alexander Kerr or so much of this tract as willed by Richard Brooks, dec'd to his son John Brooks. 18 Jul 1818.

Richard BROOKES and Ann [BROOKES] were married.1 Ann [BROOKES]1,2,3 was born about 1755.1 She died before January 1808 at the age of 53 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

May have been Ann Armistead, daughter of Robert & Catharine, born Gloucester Co VA Sep 12 1756.

Caswell Co NC 1800 Census: Ann Brookes, head of household, age 26-45, 1m 10-16 (John); 1m 16-26 (Wm Bird); 1f 16-26 (Frances). If Ann's age is correct in this census she would have been very young when daughter Ann Smith was born - possibly Richard was married earlier?

Left Will dated 4 Mar 1806; probate January Court 1808 leaving her estate to her grandchildren. Nothing was left to the children of Ann Smith (Brooks) Graves. However, Ann Smith may have died soon after her marriage, leaving no issue. Another possible suggestion this Ann was not the mother of Ann Smith. There was also no mention of Betsy or John; probably both deceased. William B. was executor.
Caswell WB E, p.379. The will named son William B. Brooks; nine grandchildren: Wm B. Brooks sons, John Robert & William, and daughters Betsy, Ann, & Joanna. Frances A. Sheppard's daughters Ann, Betsy, and Polley. Exec: Wm. B. Brooks. Wit: Sol. Graves [husband of Ann Smith Brooks], S. Graves, John L. Graves.

In the name of God Amen – I Ann Brooks of the County of Caswell and State of North Carolina – on this 4th of March 1806 – being in perfect mind, health and memory thanks be given unto the Supreme being for the same calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is once appointed for all men to die, recommending my spirit to God who gave it, and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian-like burial at the discretion of my Executors; nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again through Christ, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it pleased God to bless me with in life I give demise and despose of the same in the following manner -
To Wit. I give to William B. Brooke’s son Jno. my young Sorrell Mare at my death Item I give the resideue of my estate to my nine grand children Viz. William B. Brooks’s sons John Robert and William and daughters Betsey, Ann, and Joanna, and Frances A. Shepard’s daughters Ann Betsey and Polly to be equally divided at my death and my three granddaughters Ann Betsey and Polly Shepard equal parts to remain in the hands of my Executor until they marry or arise to lawful age and then paid by my Executor to them as they come of lawful age or marry.
Lastly I constitute and appoint my beloved son William B. Brooks the whole and Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament – revoking and annulling all other wills and testaments heretofore made by me and declaring this to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I Ann Brooks doth set my hand and affix my seal the day and year above within signed and sealed in the presence of
Sol Graves (Jurat)
S. Graves Jr
John L. Graves
Ann Brookes(sealed)
Caswell County Lawful court 1808
The Executor of this will was duly proved in open court by the oath of Solomon Graves Esquire one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and on Motion ordered to be recorded. At the same time William B. Brooks qualified Executor.
Test A Murphey CC
Recorded Book E folio 379
Test A Murphey CC

Sale of her estate was held in February of 1808; proceeds were 135.0.10. Many of the articles bought by William B. & Jonathan Brooks. Caswell Co Original Estates. CR.020.508.8. Ann Brooks. 1808.

Inventory of Estate January Court 1808. Caswell Co NC

Richard BROOKES and Ann [BROOKES] had the following children:



Ann Smith BROOKES.



William Bird BROOKS.



Betsy BROOKES died before 1808.

Betsy was mentioned in her father's will, but not later in her mother's will. Likely she died without heirs.



Frances Armistead BROOKES.



John BROOKES1,4 was born about 1785. He died before 1808 at the age of 23.

Caswell Co NC Deed Book R pp.128-129: 2 May 1809. William B. Brooks of Caswell County NC to James Shapard of Orange County NC ...Richard Brooks, dec'd on the Waters of Stoney Creek and Rolands fork ..420 acres ...adjacent Alexander Kerr, Williams being Willed by said Richard to be equally divided between his sons William B. Brooks and John Brooks. ...William B. Brooks hath conveyed his part to William Clifton. John Brooks dying, willed his part to William B. Brooks and James Shapard in right of his Wife Frances Armistead Brooks. ..for $120. William B. Brooks ..sells to James Shapard all right and title to said tract. Signed W. B. Brooks. In presence of William Clifton, Wylis Yancey.

18 Jul 1818
Caswell Co DB T, p.92-4 Deed of Trust James Shapart of Orange Co to Jeremiah Lea of Caswell with Benjamin Lea security. Slaves, lots in Milton, 100 A tract, 400 A tract on Country Line & Stoney Creeks adj Alexander Kerr or so much of this tract as was willed by Richard Brooks decd to his son John Brooks.

Caswell DB DD, p.17
20 Jul 1834 James K. Lea, Alvis Lea, Calvin Lea, Conelia Lea, Swift Williamson & his wife Mary, heirs at law of Benj Lea dec'd to John Simmons Jr. 252 acres on the Hillsboro Rd on Country Line & Stoney Creeks [or so much of said land as was willed by Richard Brooks decd to his son John Brooks]

Caswell DB EE, p.3
7 Apr 1838 Frances A. Shepard, heir at law of John Brooks dec'd, to John Simmons. 252 acres on Country Line & Stoney Creeks on the Hillsborough Rd or as much land as was willed by Richard Brooks decd to his son John Brooks the brother of Frances A. Shepperd. Wit: Richard Smith, William B. Shepard.

Apparently died before 1809, even though the deed descriptions continued to mention his land. See above, Deed Book R, pp.128-120.