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Third Generation

15. Thomas BROOKES Jr.1,5,34,61 died in 1793 in Caswell County, North Carolina.10,34

Caswell DB E
24 May 1786 Samuel Morgan to Robert Blackwell for 133£. 300 acres on Moon's Crk. adj Brankin's line, William Morgan. Wit: Thos. Brookes Sen., Thomas Brookes

Marriage record gives her name as Jane "Flipping".

Among the papers of the Estate settlement of Thomas Brookes Junior is a receipt dated 4 Aug 1793. William Holderness loaned "Sixty Hard dollars" to Thomas which he promised to pay when he returned from the ?nord [word illegible].
17 Oct 1793 - Bill of debts to Armistead Flippen for Thos. Brookes, Junr. included 1 pound, 10 shillings for coffin and 14 shillings to Parson O'Donil for Funeral. So Thomas died between 4 Aug and 17 Oct of 1793.
Inventory of Thomas Brookes Junior filed January Court 1794.
18 Feb 1794 - Sale of the Estate of Thomas Brookes, Junior. Buyers included Jane Brookes, Armistead Flippin, Charles B. Brookes, Edmonds Williamson, Jonathan Brookes, William Page Senior and Azariah Graves. Armistead Flippin, Executor and Jane Brookes Executrix for Thomas Brookes, Junior. Total proceeds were 720 pounds, 14 shillings, 6 pence. Account returned and ordered to be recorded April Court 1795.
27 Apr 1798 Final accounting of Estate. After all bills paid 684 pounds, 13 shillings, 1 pence due the Estate.

Caswell Co NC 27 Jan 1794 - Jane Brooks and Armistead Flippin posted administrator's Bond for estate of Thomas Brookes, Jr. deceased.

WB C, p.69
January Court 1794 Inventory of estate of Thomas Brooks by Armistead Flippin, adm.
At the same court his father's name as Thomas Brooks, sheriff, was noted in the account of the county trustee for 1790.
April Court 1795 Sales of estate of Thomas Brookes Jun. on 18 Feb 1794. Buyers were Jane Brooks, Armstead Flippen, Charles B. Brooks, Edmund Williamson, Jonathan Brooks, Will Page, Sen., Azariah Graves. Returned by Jane Brooks & Armistead Flippin, adm.

Caswell Co April Court 1798, p.308
Settlement of estate of Thomas Brooks, Jr. Payments to numerous men to include William Holderness, Jonathan Brookes, John Lea, Paul Watlington
Expenses to and from Raleigh, 5 #'s
By Jane Brooks and Armstead Flippin, Adm.
Examined by John Yancey, Jesse Carter, James Burton

Caswell Co NC DB V, p.228-9
5 Jul 1821
George Williamson sheriff, deed to Henry Cobb due to execution against Thomas Brooks Jr. which was recovered by Solomon Graves & Son, $223, 170 acres adjacent Joseph Bracken.

Included with estate papers for Thomas Brooks, 1824, is a receipt I believe should be part of this Thomas' estate. Joseph Brackin is listed as administrator of Thomas Brooks, Jr. in right of his wife Jane Brackin and the original paper does not have a complete date. Mentions the personal estate of Thomas Brooks, deceased father of Mary Adkins, wife of James Adkins, and her share of $250. The document was entered into record on Apr 3 , 1824. William Morgan Junior and Warren Watford witnessed the original receipt.

Thomas BROOKES Jr. and Jane "Jenny" FLIPPIN were married on 16 February 1791 in Caswell County, North Carolina.10,62 Jane "Jenny" FLIPPIN5, daughter of Thomas FLIPPIN and Dorothy BROOKES, was born on 10 February 1775 in Gloucester County, Virginia.63 She was christened on 1 April 1775 in Gloucester County, Virginia.63 She died in 1838 at the age of 63 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

I think this is "Jenny Flippin", daughter of Thomas Flippen and Dorothy Brooks of Gloucester County VA. Thomas Brooks Sr. was guardian of Jenny at her request 20 Apr 1790. I think it's likely Dorothy was Thomas' sister or a niece - she's slightly too old to be his daughter.[I believe this to be the Jane Flipping that married Thomas Brooks Jr.]

I found the later marriages:
Jenney Brooks to Robert Dixon.
Joseph Brackin to Jenny Dixon.

Caswell WB I, p.300
Apr Court 1824 Receipt of James Adkins, 18 Jul 1824, from Joseph Bracken adm. in right of his wife Jane Bracken of personal estate of Thomas Brooks, Junr. dec'd. Amt. $250 in full claim of wife Mary Adkins of personal estate of her dec'd father Thomas Brooks. Wit: Warren Weatherford, William Morgan, Jr.

Thomas BROOKES Jr. and Jane "Jenny" FLIPPIN had the following children:






Mary "Polly" BROOKES.