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Third Generation

12. Jonathan BROOKES1,44,45,46 was born on 7 June 1762 in Gloucester County, Virginia.1 He served in the military in 1778 at Capt. George Moore's Co., Col. James Sanders' NC Regt in Revolutionary War. He died about 1834 at the age of 72 in Guilford County, North Carolina.25

Jonathan's birth stated in Pension application.

Moved with father when quite young to Brunswick Co VA for 4-5 years, then moved to Caswell Co NC.

Caswell DB H, p.396
18 Feb 1794 Thomas Brooks to Charles B. Brooks for 100£. 200 acres on Moon's Crk adj Page, Swift. Wit: William Holderness, Jonathan Brooks, Ann Brooks.

Caswell DB J, p.287
6 Apr 1796 Thomas Brookes to Jonathan Brookes for 100£. 270 acres on Moon's Crk. Wit: William Holderness, John Goodson.

Caswell DB K, p.192
24 Jan 1798 Jonathan Brookes to Thomas Swift for 133£, 6sh, 8p. 270 acres on Moon's Crk adj Samuel Moore. Ack. by Brookes.

1810 Caswell Co NC Census, p. 2. Jonathan Brooks; 1m over 45 [he was 48]; 2m under 10 [William & John]; 2m 10-16 [George & Thomas]; 1m 16-26 [Iverson]; 1f over 45 [Ann]. 7 Slaves.

Caswell DB R, p.401
14 Oct 1816 Jonathan and Geo Brooks [probably his son] witnessed deed of William Gillespie to Zachariah Groom for 30 acres on Country Line Crk adj Thomas Payne, Pendergrass, Rice old line.

Caswell DB S, p.66
20 Dec 1817 John Page to Jonathan Brooks for $1099. 314 acres on Moon's Crk adj Boyd, Brooks. Signed by John & Betsy Page. Wit: Armistead Watlington, David Boyd

1820 Caswell Co NC Census, p.45. Jonathan Brooks; 1m over 45 [he was 58]; 1f over 45 [Ann]; 3m 16-26 [prob. Thomas, William & John] 13 slaves.

Caswell Co NC Deed Book X p.112-114 Two deeds dated Apr & Oct of 1826 - Jonathan Brookes to son John ..569 acres adjacent Robert Holderness and Sally Brookes [widow of Charles], Watlington, Thomas Graves; and all personal property and chattels including 21 slaves. Witnesses: Emanual, Paul, and Armistead Watlington.

Caswell WB L, Apr Court 1826
p.73 Power of attorney. William Oliver of King & Queen Co VA to Jonathan Brooks of Caswell to transact business relative to the estate of Elizabeth Garner dec'd in state of NC. William Oliver is adm. of her estate in King & Queen Co. 14 Oct 1825.

DB Y, p.133
17 Nov 1827 John Brooks & Jonathan Brooks to Thomas Graves for $790, tract on Moon's Crk adj Holderness, Watlington, Swift. Wit: Woodlief Hooper, Paul A. Haralson

1830 Guilford Co NC Census, p.201. John Brooks: 1m 30-40, 1m 60-70. 2f 15-20, 1f 50-60. [There was also a younger John - the age of Jonathan's son - young John will still be in Guilford Co in 1850. Not sure if this is Jonathan or not.]

In a letter concerning Jonathan Brooks Revolutionary service from the Pension Service to Cornelia Graham: "He married Miss Ann Lewis, daughter of John Lewis (a lawyer) and Sarah Iverson. Ann Lewis was from Spotsylvania Co VA. [I believe Ann was instead a granddaughter of John & Sarah & that she probably was not from Spotsylvania Co] They had 5 children and Rev. Iverson Brooks of Abbeville, SC was the oldest. He was born in Rockingham Co NC in 1793."
Jonathan enlisted Oct 1778 from Caswell County and served in Capt. George Moore's Co., Col. James Sanders' NC Regt. Was transferred to Col. Archibald Lytle's Regt. in the battle of Brier Creek and discharged 10 Apr 1779. Enlisted again in Oct 1780 and served 3 months in Capt. James Wilson's Co., Col. Moore's Regt. in pursuit of Tories. Allowed pension 23 Oct 1832. Lived at that time in Guliford Co., NC. He was paid $37.77 annual allowance, but recieved only two payments.
The pension application refers to his birth record in a Bible in the hands of his nephew Robert Holderness which would reinforce the supposed relationship that Sarah "Sallie" Brooks Holderness was indeed a daughter of Thomas and sister of Jonathan.

Jonathan Brookes testified at the Superior Court of Rockingham Co NC on 30 Oct 1832 in support of the pension application of William H. Rice. He was at that time living in Guilford Co. He stated that he and William H. Rice had lived in the same neighborhood in Caswell County before the commencement of the Revolution. Jonathan entered a Militia Co in Caswell Co, the early part of Nov 1778. It was commanded by Capt. George Moore and the enlistment was for 5 months; William H. Rice was drafted in the same Company at the same. Col. James Saunders commanded the Regiment. Rice continued to serve until the expiration of the tour of five months and they were both discharged at Turkey Hill, 10 Apr 1779, South Carolina. Brookes was drafted in a Militia Company commanded by Capt. Wilson in Caswell Co, the latter part of Sep 1780 for three months. William H. Rice was drafted by the same company at the same time and continued to served until the end of the tour. They were discharged at Salisbury the latter part of December. In August or September of 1781, Brookes enteres a Militia Company commanded by Capt. John Oldham for three months, Caswell Co. William H. Rice again served in the said Company, as Lieutenant for the three months. Brookes served the same period. Signed: Jonathan Brookes.

Jonathan BROOKES and Ann LEWIS were married.10 Ann LEWIS10, daughter of Iverson LEWIS and Frances BIRD, was born about 1763 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. She died on 25 July 1833 at the age of 70 in Guilford County, North Carolina.

Said to be born in Spotsylvania Co VA

"From a Raleigh, NC newspaper of Friday 16 Aug 1833: 'In Guilford County [NC], on the 25th ult. [ultimo], in
the 70th year of her age, Mrs. Ann Brookes, consort of Jonathan Brookes, Esq.'

Jonathan BROOKES and Ann LEWIS had the following children:



Rev. Iverson Lewis BROOKS20,47,48,49,50 was born on 2 November 1793 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.10,51 He died on 14 March 1865 at the age of 71 in Woodville, Aiken County, South Carolina.20

Found in Wilkes Co GA records: John P. Johnson dec'd. Isaiah T. Irvin, administrator, 1828. Receipt from Iverson L. Brooks for the distributive share of his wife Prudence E. Brooks. Irvin appointed guardian of John P. Johnson, orphan, 20 Jan 1829.
Married (1) Lucinda Sarah Walker on 22 Aug 1822, dau of William Walker, b. abt 1804 Putnam Co GA and d. 1826. He Married (2) Prudence Echols Irvin on 15 Jan 1828 in Wilkes Co GA. He married (3) Sarah Julia Oliver in 1832. There were children by all three marriages.

Iverson is said to have been a lieutenant in the War of 1812. His first pastorate was at Georgetown, SC in 1818; by 1820 he was at Eatonton, GA. He was also pastor at Penfield, Antioch and Bairdstown, GA. Was the principal of the Female Institute in Penfield.

1850, Edgefireld Co SC: Iverson L. Brooks age 57, Baptist Preacher, b. NC. Value of Real Estate - $50,000. Sarah age 48 b. GA, Louisa 21 b. GA, Virginia 17 b. SC [as were the rest of the daughters], Cornelia 16, Josephine 14, Julia 12, and Ann 10.

1860, Edgefield Co, Hamburg P.O. I. L. Brooks age 66, Baptist Preacher. Value of real estate -$50,000, Personal property $104,850. b. NC. Sarah J. age 58, b. GA, Louisa 31, b. GA, Cornelia E. age 26, b. SC, Julia E. age 22, b. SC, Anna V. age 21, b. SC

There are family markers in the Augusta Cemetery, Augusta GA for Lucinda, Sarah, and Iverson Lewis Brookes. Lucinda's states her body rests elsewhere. Prudence is buried in Wilkes Co GA.

Sent by "Patrick M Stevens IV" <> Jan 2006
Michael Sawyer of Aiken SC, preserved a wonderful two-page document in Iverson's hand, found in 1964 in the old plantation house where Iverson Lewis Brookes died. He sent me a copy in November, 2002. It is a sort of summary biography and might be only the beginning of a longer piece. There is no date but I would guess he wrote it in the late 1850s or 60s before his death in 1865. Iverson Lewis is his mother Ann's father. Lemuel Hargraves might be the Lemuel who was deeded land about 1805 in Bollinger Co., Missouri.
"Iverson Lewis, having attempted an expensive enterprise of the drainage of the Dragon Swamp, together with the expense of educating his son, William Bird Lewis in Europe, was thrown under pecuniary embarrassment at the time of my mother's marriage, so that she received only a small patrimony; and my grandfather Thomas Brookes having failed in the mercantile business gave my father but little assistance. The pecuniary condition of my parents being moderate, they were under necessity to have their children, 5 brothers, do manual labor in the occupation of farming.
"My mother taught me the English alphabet and rudiments of spelling at an early age. But there being few children in the neighborhood, no school was convenient, and my father considered it more profitable to put his children to work than to board them out at school while young. And no school being established in proper distance for us to attend till I was about 14 years old, I began to be deeply mortified especially on visiting my relatives or others of my age who had made some attainments in education. In 1807 (Decr) Lemuel Hargraves made up an English school within 2-1/2 or 3 miles of my father's to which myself and several brothers were sent in January 1808. I was prepared to estimate aright my opportunity for mental improvement and my chagrin at finding so many a head of me prompted me to make the best use of my time. I studied day and night and soon began to overtake and pass a head of many in the school. It was the custom to form the school into one class to spell by heart in evenings and every Friday evening to spell and define from the dictionary; it was not many months before I felt the satisfaction of standing at the head in spelling. Through the affliction of the teacher's family the school was discontinued at the expiration of eight months at which time I could spell and read, fluently write a fair hand and had advanced through the principle rules of Arithmetic."

Iveson Lewis Brookes (1793-1865) of Caswell County, NC, was one of five sons born to Jonathan Brookes and Annie Lewis. Entering the University in 1816, he became a member of the Dialectic Society. Brookes preached in local Baptist churches while he was a student, graduating in 1819. He married Lucine Walker, with whom he had a son, and later married Sarah Myers, a widow, who bore him at least four daughters. Each marriage increased his holdings of lands in Georgia and South Carolina. A plantation owner and defender of slavery, Brookes spent most of his life teaching. Shortly after graduating from the University, he taught at Greensboro Academy (NC). In the 1820s he served as rector of Eatonton Academy (GA), and in the 1840s he was principal of Penfield Female Academy (GA).
Source: From DICTIONARY OF NORTH CAROLINA BIOGRAPHY edited by William S. Powell. Copyright
(c) 1979-1996 by the University of North Carolina Press.

Brookes is buried in the Augusta Cemetery, Augusta GA.
Inscriptions on the family tombs:

BORN 1804
DIED 1826

BORN 1800
DIED 1889

BORN NOV 2 1793
DIED MARCH 14, 1865

His wife Prudence Irvin is buried in Wilkes County under a stone reading:

In the Milledgeville Paper of July 17, 1830 is the following article:
"On the 13th inst. of bilious fever, MRS. P. E. BROOKES, consort of Elder I. L. BROOKES of Jasper County
and dau. of MAJ. I. T. IRWIN of Wilkes, Ga. in her 21st year. Had been twice married. Leaves three children--a son not yet four years old, by the first marriage, and two daus, by her surviving husband, the elder two years old and the younger about 3 months old. Was member of the Baptist Church prior to her last marriage."



George BROOKES48,52 was born between 1790 and 1800.

Caswell DB R, p.401
14 Oct 1816 Jonathan and Geo Brooks [probably his son] witnessed deed of William Gillespie to Zachariah Groom for 30 acres on Country Line Crk adj Thomas Payne, Pendergrass, Rice old line.

1830 Census. Caswell Co NC
George Brooks, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40. 3f 10-15, 1f 30-40

Probably this George in Caswell. He seems to be the only George still living there.
DB AA, p.336
24 Nov 1832 George Brooks of Danville to Luke Palmer, negroes Judy about 22/23 years, James about 30 years. Sold for $400 as security of Luke Palmer on debt due the Bank of Virginia in Danville. Wit: M. A. Price
DB BB, p.111
3 Jun 1833 Edward M. Jones to Wm. S. Hatchett, 1/2 acres on Moon's Crk adj Joseph King. Wit: John C. Totten, Geo. Brooks
DB BB, p.245
2 Jan 1832 John Brooks of Guilford [probably his brother] to George Brooks of Caswell for $900, 294 acres on Moon's Cr adj Thomas Graves, Robt Swift, James Atkins, 105 acres called the Swift tract adj Caswell Tate, Ralph Glaze, Page old line, Sarah Brooks, Thomas Watlington. Wit: Emanuel Watlington, Bennett Capp. Sarah Brooks, his aunt, widow of Charles Brooks.
DB DD, p.446
31 Oct 1835 George Courts of Rockingham Co to W. H. nunnally for $125, all his claim to 86.2 acres adj. Powel, Nunnally, Ford. Wit: Geo Brooks, John B. Lawson.
DB CC, p.336
3 Jan 1832 George Brooks to Emmauel Watlington for $410. 205 acres on Moon's Cr adj Ralph Glaze, Thomas Watlington, Sarah Brookes, Swift, Page. Wit: Jas. Watlington, Armistead Watlington. See DB BB, p.245.
DB DD, p.251
17 May 1833 George Brookes to Edward M. Jones, both of Caswell, for $350, 187.3 acres on Moon's Cr adj Thomas Graves, Robert Swift, James Adkins. Wit: John C. Harvey, Thos. D. Connally Apparently part of 294 acres bought from his brother John, see DB BB, p.245

George may have died between 1835 and 1840. In 1830, he was living next door to a Jesse Foster. In 1840, a Sarah Brooks was living between two Foster families and her family make up was this: 1m 10-15. 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50. This Sarah was not the same lady as George's aunt - she was still living and is also in the 1840 census, age 70-80.



Thomas BROOKES48,52 was born in 1796. He died in August 1824 at the age of 28 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

From "The Free Press" published in Halifax, 3 Sep 1824, North Carolina Deaths: "Caswell County. 12th ult Thomas Brooks, aged 28. LDS Microfiche #6046798. [This is approximately the time I first believed the senior Thomas had died from the estate records. Perhaps the above estate papers administrated by Jonathan Brookes are not for his father at all. The grandson, Thomas III, son of Thomas Jr., was approximately 4 years older than this Thomas and could not have been younger based on the year his father died. Jonathan did have a son named Thomas who could very well have been this age, if born 1796. Nowhere in the estate papers is the relationship between Jonathan and Thomas stated.]

There is an Administrators Bond, Caswell Co, dated Oct 1824, as written on the back of the Bond. Jonathan Brooks, Thomas Graves & Armistead Watling made bond for $2000 on 14 Oct 1824 for Jonathan Brooks to administrate on the estate of Thomas Brooks, dec'd. [Jonathan signed as Jonathan Brookes.] There is a list of the property of the estate of Thomas Brookes JUNR, dec'd, which includes the Negro man Ned and Negro woman Rosette, one horse & saddle, two feather beds, two cows, 15 head of hogs, one table, one trunk, one cubbard, one looking glass, plantation untisils, etc. There was a pair of spurs and a silver watch. There is no date on the Inventory, signed Jonathan Brookes.

Caswell WB I, p.17
Apr Court 1825 Inventory of property of Thomas Brooks Jr., dec'd by Jonathan Brooks.

Note: there are references in the Caswell record books in the mid 1820's that refer to three different Thomas Brooks "Junior" making a total of four men named Thomas Brookes/Brooks. One is this man, son of Jonathan. One of the Thomases, is truly Thomas Brooks, Jr. by today's definition who had been deceased for a number of years and was a son of elder Thomas Brookes, as was Jonathan. Thomas Junior, son of Thomas Senior, also had a son named Thomas, who was also referred to as Thomas Brooks "Junior" since his father, the intermediate generation, had died. In fact in one document both the deceased Thomas and his son who was signing a receipt for his inheritance were called Thomas Brooks, Junr.



William L. BROOKES48,52 was born (date unknown).



John Lewis BROOKES.