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Fourth Generation

26. ROBERT HOLDERNESS42,43,76,77 was born in 1783 in Caswell County, North Carolina.78 He died on 4 October 1833 at the age of 50 in Caswell County, North Carolina.78

Birth year calculated from "Died in his 50th year".

Caswell Co NC Deed Book M p.302. Wm Holderness deeded to Robert four negroes named Beth, Dabney, Dick & John, 20 head of hoggs, 13 head of cattle, a bauld faced horse, a sorrel filly and all his household furniture. Witnessed by Sarah Holderness and Thos. Holderness. Proved by Thomas at the Oct Court 1802.

Caswell Co WB G, p.54
January Court 1815 Debts due Elizabeth Harden, admin of Henry Harden, dec'd. Names included Robert Holderness, Thomas Holderness.

Caswell Co NC Deed Book T, p.108. 27 Aug 1819. Thomas Brooks Senr to beloved grandson Robert Holderness for love and affection, 3 slaves, Ede & her future increase, boys Lewis and Abram. James Watlington witnessed. This is part of the scant proof that Sally Brooks Holderness was the daughter of Thomas Brooks. The Revolutionary pension application of Jonathan Brooks refers to "nephew" Robert Holderness which would reinforce the relationship that Sarah "Sallie" Brooks Holderness was indeed a daughter of Thomas and sister of Jonathan.

Caswell Co DB U, p.62
15 Jan 1822 Sarah [Sally] Brooks to Edmund McCubbins, 3 undivided lots former property of Elizabeth Williams Dec'd on Brown Cr, 2 of which she purchased of Joseph Williams & Nathan Williams & 1 lot her part of 100 acres which belonged to her mother. wit: Rob Holderness, Wm. Merony

Caswell Co Deed Book U, p. 233-235. Two deeds from Philip Pearce to Ibzan Rice - $825 for 150 acres on Moon's Creek adj old line of Edmund Williamson, Brooks, Jethro Brown. And $121 for 24.2 acres on main road from Brown's Store to the Courthouse adj Samuel Moore, Rice. 22 Apr 1823. Wit: Robt Holderness, Anderson Willis. [Ibzan Rice was married to two of Elizabeth Brooks Holderness' sisters so he was a brother-in-law.]

Caswell Co Deed Book X, p.113-114. A deed of gift from Jonathan Brookes to his son John Brookes of 569 acres lists the neighbors as Thomas Graves, Robert Holderness, Watlington, Sally Brookes. [Jonathan is an uncle to Elizabeth Brooks Holderness; Sally is his sister-in-law and mother of Elizabeth.]

1820 Caswell Co NC Census; 1m -10 [William Henry] 2m 26-45 [Robert was about 37]; 1m +45; 1f 16-26 [Elizabeth was 26]; 1f over 45. Total of 13 slaves. Robert & Elizabeth married in February of 1819 - they had son William Henry. There are two extra males and an older female. Elizabeth's mother has her own household. [ Conjecture: the older female is Robert's mother still living in 1820 - his mother was in the 1810 census as a widow; the other adult males are his two brothers. There was a male 10-16 in the mother's household in 1810 - he should appear as 16-26 but does not unless the ages of the males is wrong.

Caswell DB Y, p.132 10 Oct 1820 Edward Watlington Jun to Thomas Graves, 178 acres on Moon's Crk adj Holderness, Edward Watlington Sen., Leven Roberts, Smith. Wit: A. L. Bennett, F. Smith

Caswell DB Y, p.133 17 Nov 1827 John Brooks & Jonathan Brooks to Thomas Graves. Tract on Moon's Cr adj Holderness, Watlington, Swift. Wit: Woodlief Hooper, Paul A. Haralson.

Caswell DB Z, p.38
30 Mar 1830 Daniel Gwyn Sen to Lyttleton A. Gwyn for $1200, 277 acres on Country Line & Moon's Creeks adj. Ibzan Rice. Wit: William Graves, Robt Holderness
30 Mar 1830 Daniel Gwyn Sen to L. A. Gwyn, for $700, 2 negro slaves Carrington & Cincinnatus. Wit: William Graves, Robt Holderness
30 Mar 1830 Daniel Gwyn to John Gyne for $1025, negroes Austin, Valentine, Joshua. Wit: William Graves, Robt Holderness

6 Jan 1834 - Abner Mills is appointed administrator of Robert Holderness. Security with Thomas Graves & Thomas D. Johnson for $10, 000. However, it's possible Robert had died immediately after being appointed Admin. for his brother Thomas since Elizabeth made purchases at Thomas' estate sale. Also another Admin was appointed for Thomas scarcely one month after Robert had been appointed for him.
Jan Term 1834 - Court of Caswell Co laid off and allotted to the widow Holderness one years support
15 Feb 1834 - Inventory of Estate of Robert Holderness by Abner Mills, Admin. The Sale was held on the 3rd & 4th days of Feb 1834. Mrs. Elizabeth Holderness bought all of the household items. Livestock and crops were sold - the sale brought $739. Subsequent livestock sold on 2 Jan 1835 brought another $91. Slaves were hired out for 1834 and 1835 - Dick, Hall, Jerry & Silva [Dick may be one of the slaves from his father William in 1802] Elizabeth kept the slave women Ede and Chaney, their children and the children of Silva for their food and clothing. [Ede was one of the slaves given to Robert by his grandfather Thomas Brookes.] Elizabeth was entitled to one child's part of the estate under NC law.

Caswell WB M, Jan Court 1836
p.554 Account current of Robert Holderness, dec'd by Abner Mills, adm. Cash received of E. Watlington for keeping Thos. Holderness' horses at Robert's house until his death. Paid widow for keeping negroes. Paid Reuben C. Trayhan for coffin - $5. Thomas W. Graves for crying sale; John Kerr atty fee; paid widow's allowance; paid Eliza Holderness widow, her part of balance, being one child's part.

Caswell Guardian Accounts
1837, p.303 Abner Miles for Thomas B., William, Robert C., George W., James, Jonathan I., Algernon S. & Sarah Holderness. Rec'd from adm. of Thomas Holderness estate.
1838 p.13 Abner Miles for 8 Holderness children. Pd. C. Brooks for board for Wm. Holderness.
Guardianship Accounts, Caswell Co NC
1843, p.222 Abner Miles. Receipt of James M. Holderness for all claims and demands. [James has just turned 21]
1845, p.316 Abner Miles. George W., Jonathan I., Albernon S., Robert C. & Sarah B. Holderenss. Pd. C. W. Brooks & A. C. Lindsey for tuition.
1846, p.365 Abner Milles. Receipt of Thomas B. Holderness for full demands of guardian.
1847, p.392 Receipt of Sarah B. Holderness for full claim.

ROBERT HOLDERNESS and ELIZABETH BROOKS were married on 20 February 1819 in Caswell County, North Carolina.64 ELIZABETH BROOKS1,25,79, daughter of CHARLES B. BROOKS and SARAH "SALLY" WILLIAMS, was born in 1795 in Caswell County, North Carolina.25 She died on 9 June 1858 at the age of 63 in Calhoun County, Arkansas.25,80

Sarah/Sally Williams Brooks did have a daughter named Elizabeth. Family tradition holds that the father of Elizabeth Brooks was Charles. Many of Robert & Elizabeth Holderness' children had traditional Brooks family names. Elizabeth's widowed mother made a deed of gift to all fifteen of her children, including Elizabeth.

Marriage date is Date of Bond [Have copy]. Bondsman: James Watlington Test: Azariah Graves.
Elizabeth and Robert were first cousins.

Caswell County NC Will Books, 1777-1814: 1784 Tax List; Katherine Kerr Kendall, p.119
Caswell Co Oct Court, 1834.
Allotment to Elizabeth Holderness widow of Robert Holderness dec'd for her family. 28 Jan 1834
Jan Court 1835
Sales, property of Robert Holderness dec'd sold 2 Jan 1835 to Elizabeth Holderness and Elisha Evans. By Abner Miles, Admin.

1840 Caswell Co NC Census, p.130. Elizabeth Holderness with 2m 5-10 [Algernon & Jonathan]; 2m 10-15 [George & Robert]; 1m 15-20 [Thomas]; 1f 10-15 [Sallie] and 1f 40-50 [herself]. [This film viewed in B'ham Library - too pale to copy] Total of 11 slaves.

Elizabeth Holderness is listed in 1850 Caswell Co NC Census with property valued at $4000, age 55. William, James M., Sarah E., Robert C., Jonathan I., Algenon S. all listed with her. By 1851, the land has been sold to William and the proceeds divided among the heirs. In the proceedings, George and Thomas are stated to be in Arkansas.
Elizabeth had 17 slaves - from a woman age 65 down to several very young children.

Caswell Will Books/Guardian Accounts of 1848-1868; p.59; from Book R, p.10 - Mrs. Holderness made purchases at the estate sale of Alexander Moore on 26 Oct 1852 - so she was still in Caswell at that date.

Land Patents to Elizabeth Holderness in Calhoun County, AR:
3 11S 14W 39.67a 1855/03/01 SW 1/4 NW 1/4
9 11S 14W 80a 1855/03/01 NE 1/4 NE 1/4 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 S10
10 11S 14W 80a 1859/07/01 (Elizabeth had died by this date, but perhaps had already started the patent process.) NE 1/2 NE 1/4
3 11S 14W 80a 1859/07/01 Ne 1/4 SW 1/4 and NW 1/4 SE 1/4
3 11S 14W 40a 1883/12/20 SE 1/4 SW 1/4

Son Thomas B. also has land patents for 1855, son Robert C. in 1856, son Algernon not until 1883, but his was in Dallas Co as were some of the land patents of Thomas & Robert.

Buried Double Springs Cemetery, Calhoun Co AR.
Birth: unknown
Death: Jun. 9, 1858
Inscription: "Mrs."; Age 64 years
A picture appeared on FindAGrave but I cannot quite make out all the inscription. When I wrote the contributor - this was his incredible reply:
I will add a better photo when I visit Double Springs again. I don't do very well with pictures. The next time I will have my daughter take the picture. The monument was originally walled with bricks and the marble slab laid on top. When I was young the slab was about two feet off the ground. About twenty years ago, a tree fell across it and broke the slab in several pieces. I removed what was left of the brick wall and lay the slab on the ground and poured a concrete retainer around it. Last winter another tree fell across it. You can see the sawdust where my cousin and I removed the tree. The original house that Ms Holderness lived in is still standing. My family purchased it in the 1860.s and one of my nieces lives there now.
With your permission I will take some water and try to clean slab to get a better picture. It was originally white.

ROBERT HOLDERNESS and ELIZABETH BROOKS had the following children:



William Henry HOLDERNESS.



James M. HOLDERNESS81,82 was born in 1822.83 He died on 22 January 1884 at the age of 62 in Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto County, Texas.84,85

Guardianship Accounts, Caswell Co NC
1843, p.222 Abner Miles. Receipt of James M. Holderness for all claims and demands. [James has just turned 21]

Texas land records of Palo Pinto County reveal J. Holderness was Grantee of a tract of land. Abstract #1581 on file at county courthouse and at TX General Land Office - this could be either James or Jonathan.

1860 Caswell Co NC. James was living with his brother William, William's wife Sarah and daughter Julia age 5.

1870 Caswell Co NC, Locut Hill Twp. James Holdiness lived alone. Age 49, Farmer.

In 1880 in the Palo Pinto TX Census, James was living with Jonathan and suffering from rheumatism.

Buried Palo Pinto Cemetery.



Thomas B. HOLDERNESS was born on 24 September 1823 in Caswell County, North Carolina.86 He died on 2 December 1904 at the age of 81 in Anson, Jones County, Texas.86

According to 1850 Census, born 1825. 1860 Census he was born 1828.

In the 1850 Census of Dallas Co AR, Jackson Twp, p.12, Dwelling 160, George D. Holderness age 21 and Thos. B. Holderness age 25 are living with Samuel A. Saunders a physician born in Tennessee. They are both listed as Merchants.

Posted on the Caswell County Historical Association mail list, November, 2011, are excerpts from the diary of Alanson M. Lea, describing a wagon train trip from Caswell to Dallas Co, AR. The train left on 21 Sep 1847. Few names are in the diary entries but it seems likely the two young brothers, Thomas & George Holderness, were part of this venture. William A. and Phillip Thomas may have been as well - they were brothers of their sister-in-law, Virginia Thomas. The 1850 census reveals over 500 persons living in Dallas Co AR that were born in North Carolina - wonder how many of these families were from Caswell Co.

1 Mar 1855, Thomas B. Holderness was issued a land patent in Dallas Co for 80 acre, NE 1/4 NE 1/4 of S33, T10S, R14W and SE 1/4 SW 1/4 S33, T10S, R14W. A second patent was issued for another 40 acres in S18, T9S, R13W.

Federal Land Patent dated 1 Sept 1856 shows that Thomas B. and Goerge W.
Holderness bought 80 acres in Calhoun County, AR. This was for NW 1/4 SW 1/4, S10, T11S, R14W and NE 1/4 SE 1/4, S9, T11S, R14W.

In 1860, Both Thomas & George W. are in Monticello, Drew Co AR. p.158; dwelling 491. Thomas is 32; George W. 27. Both merchants, born in North Carolina.

On 17 Feb 1863, both Thomas and George paid to the Confederate States of America their County and War tax in the Sherriff's Office of Drew Co. Thomas paid 81 cents, G. W. paid 82 cents. (receipt found in Algernon Sidney Holderness manuscript collection at the Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, AR)

I am not sure that this tax is for Thomas, nor who the partner might be, but I suspect it is the firm that Thomas & George had started - George of course died in 1864.
2 May 1866 United States of America, Receipt for Direct Taxes
Holderness & Bro. has this day paid the sum of $7.40 that being the amount in full for taxes, penalty, interest and costs charged under the Act of Congress, entitled, “An act for the collection of direct taxes in insurrectionary districts within the United States and for other purposes,” approved June 7, 1862 upon the following tract or lots of Land, situate in the County of Drew and State of Arkansas, and described as follows: one town lot $2,000.00. Signed at Pine Bluff by the Commissioners of Direct Taxes for Arkansas.

There is a Thomas Brook Holderness on a voter registration list in California. On 28 Jul 1876, address, 537 Sacramento, San Francisco, CA. He was age 52, born about 1824, in North Carolina. This would certainly seem to be the same person. This would be the only record of his middle name which was probably Brooks, rather than "Brook". I have never found him in the census in 1870 or 1880.

Fort Worth Daily Gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.), Vol. 14, No. 199, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 29, 1890
Methodist Colleges at Anson
An Enthusiastic Meeting for the Purpose of Raising Money
Anson, Tex, April 26. Yesterday evening ..meeting of the citizens was held in the courthouse to receive subscriptions for the Methodist colleges. It is now proposed to build female college just north of town..
...donors are as follows ...T. B. Holderness, $100

Article Title: The Texas Western
Article Date: June 10 1925
The only paper published in Jones County.
A newspaper is a mirror of the town represented from week to week. The Texas Western, first copy published in Anson January 16, 1883. At that time the town boasted only two hundred people, and had but few business. The old paper indicated that there were no banks, nor regular hardware stores, etc., in Anson at that early date. A drug store owned by F. T. Knox, the Tipton Inn, the Anson House, Stage Line from Anson to Abilene, A. J. Nichols feed and wagon yard, R. H. Foard & Co., dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., T. B. Holderness, grocery store; L. M. Hinds & Bros., Dry Goods store; J. H. Naler, Dry Goods store; Carr & Pendley, livery and feed business, are represented in the early day issue.

The Taylor County News. (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 1, No. 32, Ed. 1 Friday, October 23, 1885
Six bales of cotton were brought to Abilene Tuesday from Jones county and placed on the market. Messrs. Samuel McGhee and T. B. Holderness were the producers.

5 Apr 1888 W. A. Chambers and E. A. Chambers his wife of Jones Co TX sold 320 acres school land to T. B. Holderness for $200. Recorded in Book 5, p.467 of the Deed Books of Jones Co TX
8 Nov 1888 T. B. Holderness sold the same 320 acres to D. L. Lindsay for $500.00. Recorded 14 Jan 1890 in Vol 10, p.58 of Jones Co Deed Records.

1900 Jones Co Census; ED 99, L21, Precinct 1. Tom Holderness, born Sep 1823, age 76 and living in a boarding hotel. He and both parents born in NC. No occupation listed.

Dallas Morning News, 5 Dec 1891
Burglary at Anson.
Anson Tex., Dec 2 - The grocery stores of Holderness & Roland and H. J. Groce were broken into last night. The cash drawer in each store was broken, the burglars obtaining from H. J. Groce a copper cent and from Holderness & Roland, a nickel. Some other little articles are missing. The entrance was effected by breaking out the back window in each instance. No clew [sic] to the perpetrators.

Buried Mount Hope Cemetery, 2 miles east of Anson TX on Hwy 180.

Pine Bluff Daily/Weekly Graphic. Pine Bluff, AR, Sunday, 4 Dec 1904, p.2
Death of T. B. Holderness
Many of the older citizens of this city will regret to learn of the death of T. B. Holderness, at one time one of the most prominent merchants of southwest Arkansas, who died at Anson, Texas, Friday morning. Mr. Holderness was an uncle of H. I. Holderness of this city, and had scores of friends here.



Sarah E."Sallie" HOLDERNESS.






George W. HOLDERNESS87 was born about 1829. He served in the military in 1862–1864 at Owens Battery (Light Artillery), Arkansas Volunteers in Civil War.88 He died on 17 November 1864 at the age of 35 in Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.88 George was buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama.

In the 1850 Census of Dallas Co AR, Jackson Twp, p.12, Dwelling 160, George D. Holderness age 21 and Thos. B. Holderness age 25 are living with Samuel A. Saunders a physician born in Tennessee. They are both listed as Merchants.
In 1860, Both Thomas & George W. are in Monticello, Drew Co AR. p.158; dwelling 491. Thomas is 32; George W. 27. Both merchants, born in North Carolina.

According to 1850 Census he was born 1829; the 1860 census shows 1833.

Federal Land Patent dated 1 Sept 1856 shows that Thomas B. and Goerge W.
Holderness bought 80 acres in Calhoun County, AR. This was for NW 1/4 SW 1/4, S10, T11S, R14W and NE 1/4 SE 1/4, S9, T11S, R14W.

On 17 Feb 1863, both Thomas and George paid to the Confederate States of America their County and War tax in the Sherriff's Office of Drew Co. Thomas paid 81 cents, G. W. paid 82 cents. (receipt found in Algernon Sidney Holderness manuscript collection at the Arkansas History Commission, Little Rock, AR)

Merchant of Monticello, AR
Enlisted in Confederacy by Capt. J. A. Owens at Monticello, AR 8 Feb 1862 for 1 year; later extended to 3 years or the War. Served as Sgt. Major in Owens Battery (Light Artillery) of the Arkansas Volunteers. He was sent to Ross Hospital in Mobile AL on 19 Oct 1864 where he died on Nov 17th. His complaint was acute diarrhoea. His Effects were list as "sundries" and he was owed $91.75.

Fragment of a letter from George to his brother Algernon was found in a collection of Algernon's papers at the Arkansas History Commission. Here is a transcription of that letter.
Camp near Selma, Ala.
June 9th 1864
My Dear Brother
I have no letter of yours to answer. I have had none from you Since Feby last which was as I have written to you Several times Since and forwarded by persons going to the Trans Miss Dept. I hope you have received them. I have the satisfaction to inform you again that my health is Still very good and has been Since I last wrote you. I hardly know what I can write that will interest you. I Suppose you have all the army news from this side of the river before I could communicate it by letter. There have not any general engagements taken place yet in Lees and Johnston’s armies. The Enemy have made assaults upon diferent points of our lines in both armies almost daily but have been repulsed with heavy losses in every instance, and every thing looks well for us and our army and people are perfectly confident of our ability to hold Richmond and Atlanta from the enemy. I hear of no movements of much import any where else on this side the Miss. River. We learn that The Confeds have gained great victories over Steel and Banks in the Trans Miss. Department but have never yet received a reliable Statement of the actual result. I hope you have freed Ark. Of the Vandals. I learn that they have committed great depredations in Drew County. I do not know what they done in other parts of the State. Our Company has been for Several months attached to Genl. Wirt Adams Brigade of Cavalry under command of Col. Mabry and we have been operating between Big Black and the Miss. And Yazoo Rivers and have been in very active Service there as There have been yankee raids out from Vicksburg most all the time. Since we crossed Big Black, We have, however Succeeded in driving them all back. Our Battery assisted by Col. Griffiths 11th Ark Cavalry and a detachment from Woods Miss Cavalry captured the U.S. Gunboat Petrel at Yazoo City on the 22nd Apr. It was a fine Prize. We saved all her guns consisting of Eight 24 Pdr. Dahlgreen guns, and a good many valuable Small arms and a great quantity of Stores. I have been drinking pure coffee ever Since The capture of the Petrel. We have only had one man killed, John Young, Sandusky’s Step-Son – Head Shot off with Shell, and one wounded severely (Dr. F. T. Crockett of Drew Co. a Sergeant of the Battery) in the battery in all the engagements we have had lately. On the 28th May we were ordered by Maj. Genl. S. D. Lee to turn over our Battery to a company of Withers Artillery and report at this place, which we did immediately and arrived here on the 5th Inst. Our Boys were very much mortified at the idea of giving up our Battery to another company, and thought that Some disparagement to the company was meant and a good many of them left forthwith to go back to Arkansas and Said they would never support him under the circumstances, fifteen left at the time….

Inscription found on back of picture in Haden House in Ladonia, Texas, Christmas of 1994 when Don and I visited Cathy & Stuart. "My brother Dock. Died in War" Since this is a brother of Dr. Robert C. Holderness and did die in the Civil War, I can only assume it could have been his picture. This picture did not again surface in any of the papers later retrieved from the Haden House, so has been lost. has his military marker pictured in Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, AL.



Jonathan Iverson HOLDERNESS89,90 was born in March 1832 in Caswell County, North Carolina.83 He died on 13 May 1907 at the age of 75 in Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto County, Texas.85

The given name Iverson also occurs in the Brooks and Gwyn families in Caswell Co - they may have come from Gloucester Co VA at the same time. The surname Iverson is found also found in the records of the Kingston Parish in Gloucester.

15 Aug 1860 Federal Land Patent - Calhoun Co AR, issued at the land office in Champagnolle. Military Warrant under the Scrip Warrant Act of 1855, Jonathan I. Holderness and Algernon S. Holderness. 80 acres located in S32, T12S, R12W, the S1/2 SW 1/4. Originally issued to Graves Gunn, Warrant #35386, Corporal, Captain Patterson's Company, Kentucky Militia, War of 1812. Said warrant having been assigned by Graves Gunn to Jonathan I. Holderness and Algernon S. Holderness in whose favor the tract has been located.

Article from Hopkins Co Heritage, Mar 1998, stated Jonathan was a farmer & stock grower in Palo Pinto Co TX.

In 1870, Jonathan, was living with his brother Robert in Black Jack Grove, Hopkins Co TX. Occupation - Farmer, age 35, born NC.

27 Aug 1877. 160 acres school land surveyed and assessed for J. I. Holderness in Palo Pinto Co. His application dated 15 Jun 1877. land on the waters of Elm Creek, about 3 miles NC of Palo Pinto. Patent dated 8 Mar 1886.

Census 1880 Palo Pinto TX; ED 155, Precinct 30, Dist 155. p.135; Household 231. Jonathan Holderness age 45, Farmer, he and both parents born in NC. [He was actually 48] Living with him was James, age 60, a brother with Rheumatism.

Census 1900 Palo Pinto TX: ED 119, S9, L77, Precinct 1. Holderness, J. I. Born Mar 1832, age 68, Stock Farmer. [living alone]

Letter dated 29 Sep 1905, Palo Pinto TX from J. I. Holderness to Mrs. J. B. Hayden.
My dear niece,
No doubt you think I have been very negligent in not answering your letter before this time but I hope you will excuse me as I have not been very well and we have had so much hot weather and have been called on to give up another one of our dear relatives - Bob who died in Aug it makes me feel so bad but that is something we all will be called on to do sooner or later so let us try to be redy when the time comes to go. [Nephew Robert N. Holderness died in Aug, 1905.] Hope this letter will finde you all well and that Mr Harris, Jennie and Kate have returned from Colorado improved in health. I will be compelled to stay here for a while as my stock water has all dried up in my pasture but have a plenty close by in another pasture and I have to be here to see that my cattle get water. It looks at this time a little like it might rain. I want to sell my cattle as soon as I can get a fair price for them as I don't feel able to look after them. Cattle are very low at this time. Crops of all kinds are good here - corn is making from 30 to 40 bushels per acres, and other crops in proportion. Cotton will do better than at first it was thought it would - the dry weather has been a great help to cotton. it will make about 1/2 bale to the acre and is bearing a good price now.
I will have to close as I have writen more than I thought I would be able to write.
Much love to you and Mr. Hayden and your children.
J. I. Holderness
P.S. Old people don't write very good as you will see. [He was 73.]

Buried Palo Pinto Cemetery. The Cemetery book had 1885? for year of birth - stone probably getting difficult to read. On FindAGrave he is also listed as J. I. Holderness 1885 - 13 May 1907. There is also a note: Tex SGT US Army World War I. That note could not refer to this man who died in 1907, ten years prior to the war - I believe it is a confusion with Junius I. "Ive" Holderness. I have since taken over management of the site and corrected the information.



Algernon Sidney HOLDERNESS MD.