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Fourth Generation

25. Christopher Williams BROOKS7,8,64,65,66,67 was born on 11 September 1781 in Caswell County, North Carolina.68 He died on 31 August 1840 at the age of 58 in Caswell County, North Carolina.1

There is some question about Christopher's middle name. It is often abbreviated in records as "Wm" but in at least one instance, his name was recorded as Christopher Williams Brooks. Since Williams was his mother's maiden name, that is definitely a possibility.

NC Land Grants in TN [Listed by Grant Number, different from Warrant Number]
p.83 #90 Christopher Wm Brooks 1000 acres South side Cumberland River
p.125 [Appendex A] BROOKES, Christopher William. Military Grant 90. Heir of George Brooks, Sgt.

TN Land Entries
#3989 25 Nov 1783 Warrant 312 Cr.William Brooks, heir of Sgt. George Brooks, 1,000 acres delivered to Henry Williams; 84 months; file #13. Grant to Christopher William Brooks. [Vol 3, p.336] [for grant see file #104 in Davidson Co; warrant not mentioned in Glasgow land fraud]
[Christopher William Brooks is believed to be the son of Christopher Brooks who died in 1781 and his wife Susannah Williams, daughter of the above Henry. We know from the records of Christopher Brooks that Henry Williams was administrator of his estate. The logical explanation is that Sgt George Brooks, his uncle, had also died during the Revolution - under the laws of Primogeniture still in effect during the War, if George had no issue, any bounty land would revert to his eldest brother, and if he were also deceased but had sons, the brother's eldest son would then inherit.]

#10382. Warrant 312; location 253 Jul. 10. Christopher W. Brooks, heir of Go. Brooks, 1000 acres about 6 miles SW from Stoners Lick; includes a spring and white oak tree marked "D W I E" and runs as law directs; removed.
Earliest Tennessee Land Records, Griffey:
Chris.Wm.Brooks, heir of George. File 104. Davidson Co. 1000 acres. Grant 90 dated 14 Mar 1786. Entry 312, book 63, p.37. South side Cumberland River. Military
[non-commissioned officers received 1000 acres from North Carolina]

These entries - apparently all for the same 429 acres involve a Thomas Brooks - probably father of George.
TN Land Entires.
#3988 25 Nov 1783 Warrant 311. Sgt. Andrew Haddock, 429 acres delivered to Henry William; 36 months; file #3. Grant to Thomas Brooks. [see frant file #108 in Davidson Co; warrant not mentioned in Glasgow land fraud]
#10383. Warrant 311; Location 667 Jul 10 Thomas Brooks assignee of Andw Haddock, 429 acres about 7 miles E of Stoners Lick; includes Indian Camp Spring and a shugar tree marked "A T" and a poplar "M R" and runs as the law directs; removed. [Part 6, p.1037]
#10714 Warrant 311. Location 476. Thomas Brooks, heir of Geo. Brooks, 429 acres on S side of Cumberland R about a mile above Wells Cr; border; begins 200 yards above a pond and runs up the river. May 2, 1785 removed & continued by Saml. Martin; Aug 11, 1785 discontinued by Saml. Martin
#10911 Warrant 311. Location 667. Mar 4 1785. Thomas Brooks to Andw Haddock, transfer 429 ac on S side of Cumberland R; border; begins at the first bluff above mouth of Red R, runs down the river, & W; John Eliot. [Part 6, p.1075]

Caswell Co Wills 1777-1814, p.57
Oct Court 1797, p.262
Christopher Williams Brooks, orphan in account with William H. Rice, guardian [his stepfather]. Cash paid to George Somers, William Holderness. Tax paid for 1796, 1797.

Caswell DB O, p.249
Oct 1803 Christopher Brooks & C. Harris were witnesses to a deed from Robert Goodloe to Marmaduke Williams. 157 1/2 acres on Horsley Crk both sides Dix's Ferry Road adj Pepper. Another tract of 7 acres, part of tract granted to Timothy White adj John Dill.
Christopher Brooks was a witness to the will of Thomas Rice dated 20 Mar 1804 and recorded in Caswell Co Will Book 3, p.13.

Caswell WB E, p.150
Sale of estate of Thomas Rice, dec'd, 15 Nov 1804. Thomas was Christopher's stepfather's father. Christopher Brooks & Wm. H. Rice both made purchases at the sale.

Caswell DB Q, p.233
15 Jul 1808 Nathan Williams to Christopher Wm Brooks for 200£, between 185 & 200 acres purchased of Howell Massey where Massey lives adj Benjamin Lane, Cuthbert King, Jeremiah Bush, David Hart, legatees. Wit: Henry Williams, Jesse Payne.

Caswell DB Q, p.316
6 Dec 1810 Robert G. Parks to Christopher W. Brooks for 410.4.6, two tracts on Blue Fork Cr. a branch of a fork of Country Line Dr; 116 1/2 acres on wagon rd adj John Anthony, Solomon Parks, being the tract conveyed by Col. Robert Parks; 118 acres conveyed by Col Robert Parks adj this tract, Hiram Parks and Solomon Parks. Wit: Solomon Parks, Sol. Debow.

Marriage date is Date of Bond [have copy]. Christopher Brooks and Salley Holderness, both of Caswell County, NC. Bondsman: James Scott. Test: Alexander Murphey.

1810 Caswell Co NC Census, p. 2. Christopher Brooks: 1m age 26-45 [he was 29]; 1f age 16-26 (Salley Holderness).

Sally didn't live long after their marriage, and Christopher married second to Isabella Kerr, 28 Nov 1812. He had eight children by Isabella, to include a son named Robert Holderness Brooks.

Caswell DB R
18 Aug 1814 Thomas Vaughan Jr to Nathaniel L. Rice. 160 acres on N. Hico adjacent James Currie, Starling Warren, Micajah Pleasant. Wit: Christopher Brooks, Jacob Graves
18 Nov 1816 Division of lands of John Kerr dec'd to legatees. Survey by Daniel S. Farley. Tract with mansion house and Stoney Crk tract valued at $5 per acre.
Mansion house tract: allotted to Mary Kerr, James Kerr, Solomon Kerr, John Kerr,
Christopher Brooks [in right of his wife Isabella], Benjamin Lea, Jere Lea, Barzillai Kerr, Joseph Penix
Stoney Crk plat: allotted to Zephaniah Kerr, Alex Kerr, dec'd
County Line plat: allotted to each of above. Comrs: Joseph Benton, Hugh Walker, Thomas Loyd
Rec. Jan Court 1817

Caswell DB T, p.323
12 Jun 1810 [I suspect the date is an error; it's among deeds dated 1818-1820]
Christopher W. Brooks to Elijah Barton for $375, about 185-200 acres which he purchased of Nathan Williams where Howell Massey lives and was purchased of Massey who purchased it from John Watlington, John Scoggins, Jeremiah Bush, Zachariah Hastins, James Ray. Adj Benjamin Lane, Cuthbert King, Davis Hart's legatees. Wit: Nathan Sims, Burnley Barker.
See DB Q, p.233 for the purchase

Caswell WB G, p.356
Jan Court 1817 Inv and sales of estate of Alexander Kerr, Junr. Sale held 15 Nov 1816. Buyers included Christopher Brooks, Barzillai Kerr, Jeremiah Lea, Benjamin Lea, John Kerr Junr. James Kerr, Adm.
Jan Court 1817. Sale of estate of John Kerr, Senr. 14 Nov 1816. Buyers included Christopher Brooks. James Kerr & John Kerr, Adm.

Caswell DB U, p.96
22 Sep 1819 Nathan Williams to Pleasant Rudd, 34.4 acres on Country Line Crk being part of land of Joseph Bush dec'd adj Richard Martin. Mary Bush, widow, has a dower on such land as long as she lives. Wit: Edmund Herndon, Christopher Brooks.

1820 Caswell Co NC Census, p.44. Christopher Brooks: 1m age 26-45 [he was 39]; 2m -10 [John Kerr & Robert Holderness]; 2f -10 [Mary Graves and an unknown female child]; 1f 26-45 [Isabella was 30] 11 slaves

Caswell DB AA, p.69
31 Dec 1828 Alfred Parks to Thomas Bigelow. 140 acres, Country Line Cr adj Hiram Parks, Dameron, on Pinson's Road. Wit: Wm. Florence, C. W. Brooks. Proved by oath of Christopher Brooks.

1830 Casell Co NC Census, p.284 Christopher Brooks: 2m -5 [Iverson & Alexander], 2m 5-10 [Christopher & James], 1m 10-15 [Robert], 1m 15-20 [John], 1m 40-50 [Christopher], 1f 10-15 [Mary], 1f 30-40 [Isabella] 21 Slaves.

Caswell DB CC, p.282
7 Aug 1833 William Walker to Christopher W. Brookes for $700. 176 acres on South Country Line Cr where Walker lives adj Thomas Bigelow, said Brookes, Hiram Parkes. Wit: Richard Whitmore, Q. Anderson.

Caswell DB DD, p.274
5 May 1835 Thomas Bigelow to John Kimbro for $700, 180 1/2 acres on Country Line Cr adj Alfred Parks, Samuel Dameron, John Wilson, Christopher Brooks. Wit: E. Graves Thos. W. Owen.

Caswell DB EE, p. 236 5 Mar 1839
Commissioners to divide land & slaves of Zachariah Pattillo dec'd were Levi Walker, Wm. Florence, C. W. Brookes, Abner Walker. Heirs of Pattillo included Mary L. Pattillo, widow; Thomas M. Kimble for wife Ann; Lewis A. Pattillo, Zachariah, Frances, Albert Pattillo who must have been minors as several slaves were not allotted because of the minority of the heirs and these three received no slaves, although they had been allotted land.

DB EE, p.431 22 Mar 1839 Thomas Bigelow to Micajah Pleasant for $1040, 209 A on S Country Line Cr adj Alfred Christopher Brooks, Alfred Parks on Pinson Rd, Barnwell. Wit: E. Benton, Robert H. Brooks, C. W. Brooks. [Is this Christopher Brooks & the clerk slipped in an extra Alfred or forgot a comma?]

1840 Caswell Co NC Census, p.124. Christopher Brooks: 1m 5-10 [Iverson], 1m 10-15 [Alexander], 2m 15-20 [Christopher & James]; 1m 50-60 [Christopher was 59 and died later in 1840]; 1f -5 [Sarah], 1f 40-50 [Isabella]

Will Book O; p.126.
Oct Court 1840. Written 15 Sep 1837. Will of Christopher W. Brooks. Names sons John K., Robert H., Christopher, James, Alexander, Iverson. Daughter Mary married to James Boswell to have slaves in her possession. Daughter Isabella Brooks. Wife: Ibby.
Exec: sons John, Robert & Christopher
Wit: Q. Anderson, Jno. Q. Anderson
John K. and Robert H. Brooks qualified as executors.
Jan Court 1841 Inventory of the estate of Christopher Brooks decd taken 30 Dec 1840, John K. Brooks & Robert H. Brooks, exec. There is a bond on John C. Totten; acct on John Stamps.

Christopher Williams BROOKS and Salley HOLDERNESS were married on 9 February 1810.64 Salley HOLDERNESS64, daughter of WILLIAM HOLDERNESS and SARAH B. "SALLIE" BROOKES, died before November 1812.68

[Probable sister to Robert & Thomas] The Holderness book does not list a sister. Christopher Brooks married Isabella Kerr two years later, after the marriage to Sally Holderness, BUT they named a son Robert Holderness Brooks in 1817 and a daughter Sarah Isabel Brooks in 1832. The Brooks family researchers believe Sally to have been a daughter of William Holderness. It appears Sally died soon after the marriage - perhaps a close relationship between all these families. The Kerrs lived near the Brooks & Holderness families.

Christopher Williams BROOKS and Isabella KERR were married on 28 November 1812 in Caswell County, North Carolina.68,69 Isabella KERR70, daughter of John KERR and Mary GRAVES, was born on 12 June 1790.68 She died on 4 February 1851 at the age of 60 in Caswell County, North Carolina.20,71

Isabell, age 60, widow, in 1850 Caswell Census. James and Sarah Isbel both at home. Also Martha Boswell, age 10, probably granddaughter born in Mississippi, daughter of Mary Graves who married a Boswell and a Mary ??? age 35. This Mary would be the right age to be Mary Graves Brooks Boswell - her surname is unreadable but definitely not Boswell, possibly begins with an O. She was born in Caswell Co.

Christopher Williams BROOKS and Isabella KERR had the following children:



John Kerr BROOKS68,72,73,74 was born on 19 November 1813 in Caswell County, North Carolina.68 He died about 1852 at the age of 39.

Married Eliza Malone. Had a son Dr. John Kerr Brooks Jr. b. 30 Aug 1852, who moved to Arkansas with his uncle Iverson Brooks.

Caswell DB CC, p.209
6 Jul 1835 Stephen Sawyer to Elenor Furgason of Orange Co NC, 66 1/2 acres on Tom's Crk adj Mary Kerr's dower line, Orange Co line. Wit: Jas Kerr, John K. Brooks [Mary Kerr was his mother-in-law]

DB CC, p.386
30 Mar 1835 Power of Attorney. Richard Vaughan of Halifax to Thomas Bigelow to demand & recover any legacy from estate of Thomas Vaughan Senr, dec'd. Wit: Jno K. Brooks, Jno Buchanon
p.387 also on 30 Mar 1835 Richard Vaughan of Halifax Co VA to Thomas Bigelow for $40 all interest in estate of Thomas Vaughan dec'd including land & negroes. Wit: Jno K. Brooks, Jno Buchanon.

Caswell DB DD, p.211
23 May 1827 Anthony Foster in debt to John K. Brooks for $55.41 to Thomas Bigelow, 3 bay mares. Wit: James N. Parks.

Caswell DB DD, p.254
13 Oct 1835 Leonard G. Heydon to John C. Smith, 103.75 acres on Hico adj George Prendergast, Clendenning old line, Thomas Davis, Pattilo, Ruffin Pleasant. Wit: John K. Brooks, Wm Barnwell.

Caswell DB DD, p.279
10 Apr 1835 Thomas Bigelow releases to James Vaughan for $100, land bequeathed by Thomas Vaughan Dec'd to son Richard Vaughan. 246 acres. Also slaves. Bigelow to have slave Nelly and other property they share jointly. Wit: John K. Brooks

Caswell DB DD, p.425
25 Jun 1838 William Henslee in debt to John K. Brooks as trustee for benefit of John Kimbrough & Thomas Bigelow, to Thomas Bigelow for $1, all claim to negro girl Frankey; livestock, furniture. Wit: David S. Barton

Caswell DB EE, p.196
2 Apr 1835 Power of Attorney. Lucy Griffin, heir & legatee of William Pleasant, dec'd, did name William Warren her agent to receive from said estate. Warren has given power to Thomas Bigelow to demand of James Pleasant, adm. of William Pleasant, monies or property due her except her interest in negro man Wesley now at suit in court of equity. Thomas Bigelow assigns said power to William Pleasant and accepts $235 for Lucy as full payment. Wit: J. K. Brooks, Henderson House
2 Apr 1838 [these were probably done on the same date and one of them misread] Thomas Bigelow to William Pleasant for $250 all interest which Bigelow bought from William Rasco & wife Airest from the estate of William Pleasant dec'd. Bigelow gives power to James Pleasant adm to collect said money for Rascoe. Wit: John K. Brooks, Henderson House

DB EE, p.297
4 Feb 1839 William Miles to Macajah Pleasant, 100 acres near N Hyco. Wit: Thos. Prendergast, Carter Barnwell, J. K. Brooks

DB EE, p.416 Sheriff's sale against John H. Crockett. Property sold to Augustine C. Finley & Nathaniel Lea. Wit: A. Slade, J. K. Brooks

Caswell WB O, October Court 1842
p.429 Bond of John K. Brooks as Sheriff of Caswell Co. Signed by Thos. W. Graves, Thomas Bigelow, A. Willis, Lancelot Johnston, Alexis Howard, Saml Moore, James Kerr, James K. Lea.
p.430 Bond of John K. Brooks as county tax collector and collector of the poor tax.
p.431 Bond of John K. Brooks as public tax collector.

Found in 1850 Caswell Co Census, p.216, household 639: John K. Brooks, age 35, Sheriff. Wife Eliza A. age 30, John K. age 2.

Caswell Co Will Book
Book Q 1852
p.678 Haywood Co TN. James M. Brooks appointed guardian of John K. Brooks, minor son of John K. Brooks dec'd late of Caswell Co. Bond by Robt. H. Brooks, Iverson L. Brooks, and David P. Green of Haywood Co TN.
p.680-83 James M. Brooks adm, in acct with estate of Jno. K. Brooks dec'd.
p.684-98 Statement of money rec'd and money due estate of John K. Brooks. Long list of accts.

This is probably John K. Brooks, Jr. 1880:
Census Place: Collins, Drew Co, Arkansas
Source: FHL Film 1254043 National Archives Film T9-0043 Page 510A
Jno K. Brooks, age 30, b. NC, Physician, parents both born in NC
Ella Brooks, wife, age 27, b. AR, Keeping House, father b. MS, mother b. LA
Norma, Daughter, age 7
Fannie, Daughter, age 7
Willie, Son, age 3
Henry, Son, age 2 [All children show father b. NC, mother b. AR
George Wilson, age 23, b. AR, Druggist, his parents born in GA.

Arkansas Marriages, 1837-1956;
31 Jan 1871. John K. Brooks to Ella Bailey. Drew Co, AR.



Mary Graves BROOKS70,75 was born on 18 November 1815.68

Married James Boswell according to will of Christopher W. Brooks.

Isabell Brooks, age 60,widow, in 1850 Caswell Census. James and Sarah Isbel both at home. Also Martha Boswell, age 10, probably granddaughter born in Mississippi, daughter of Mary Graves who married a Boswell and a Mary ??? age 35. This Mary would be the right age to be Mary Graves Brooks Boswell - her surname is unreadable but definitely not Boswell, possibly begins with an O. She was born in Caswell Co.



Robert Holderness BROOKS.



James Malone BROOKS68,70 was born on 13 December 1821.68,70

Married Lucinda Bird in Caswell Co NC. Moved to Tennessee. Still lived at home with his mother in the 1850 Caswell Co Census.

1860 Census. Haywood Co TN, District 8, p.45, Hh 1362
James M. Brooks, age 38, J.P. & farmer, b. NC
John K. Brooks, age 12, b. NC



Christopher W. BROOKS23 was born on 5 April 1824 in Caswell County, North Carolina.68 He died before 1851 at the age of 27 in Caswell County, North Carolina.23

Died as young man; probably before 1851.



Alexander Graves\George BROOKS68 was born on 30 December 1826.68 He died in 1892 at the age of 66 in Black River, Wilson County, North Carolina.68

Changed his name to George in adult life. Had the following children: William A., Preston R., Dr. Thomas L., and Wade R. Actually the census shows other children - he had two children by an earlier wife.

The only Alexander Brooks I found in North Carolina in 1850 of the approximate age was A. G. Brooks, age 25, Doctor, living in the household of Elizabeth Whitley, in Johnston Co NC. If Alexander was trained as a doctor, perhaps he did not remain in that profession.

North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979,
A. G. Brooks married Patience Simms, 23 Dec 1851, Edgecombe Co, NC
I've not found the marriage to the second wife, Alice, but the marriage record of son Wade gives his parents as Alexander G. & Alice Brooks.

1860 Census. Black Creek Twp, Wilson Co NC, p.16, Hh 109
A. G. Brooks, age 32, farmer, $12500 value of real estate, $31249 value of pers prop
Patience, age 28.
John K. age 3, Ella 1.
29 slaves listed in the 1860 slave schedule.

1870 Census. Black Creek Twp, Wilson Co NC, p.450, Hh 8
Alex. G. Brooks, age 42, farmer, b. NC
Alice, age 24. [2nd wife]
John K. 14. Ella M. 12. William A. 3. Preston R., age 6/12, born Nov.
Harriet Taylor, age 24, domestic servant.
Littleton Langester, age 25, farm superintendant

1880 Census. Black Creek Twp, Wilson Co NC, Hh 94
Alx.G. Brooks, age 51, farmer, b. NC as were his parents.
Alice, age 34, wife.
John K. age 24, son. [obviously not Alice's child]
Wilie A. 13, son. Preston R. 9, son. Thos. L. 3, son. Wade R., age 7/12, born Nov, son.
Wm. Brooks, Black, age 20, servant.



Iverson Lee BROOKS.



Sarah Isabel BROOKS70 was born on 3 August 1832.68

Living at home with her mother and brother James in 1850 Caswell Census.

Said to have married David P. Green and be in the 1860 Drew Co AR census. [I didn't find them there] Said to have moved to Monticello AR about 1859.

At some point the Greens were in Haywood Co TN:
Caswell Co Will Book
Book Q 1852
p.678 Haywood Co TN. James M. Brooks appointed guardian of John K. Brooks, minor son of John K. Brooks dec'd late of Caswell Co. Bond by Robt. H. Brooks, Iverson L. Brooks, and David P. Green of Haywood Co TN.