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Third Generation

13. CHARLES B. BROOKS1,53,54,55 was born about 1764.56 He served in the military in 1779 at Capt Turner's Co., Caswell Co, NC in Revolutionary War. He died before 1816 at the age of 52 in Caswell County, North Carolina.56

There is no particular documentation for this date of birth; it is a guestimate.

A book on the Jennings family, DOCUMENTED NOTES ON JENNINGS AND ALLIED FAMILIES, by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie, provided some unexpected data. George, son of Charles & Sally Williams Brooks, married a Jennings descendant. The book states that George was a son of Sarah Williams, called Sally, & Charles B. Brooks of Caswell Co NC. He was a grandson of Elizabeth & Henry Williams of the same place; a great, grandson of Ursula Henderson & Daniel Williams. [This information was not new, but was a nice reinforcement for what is already known.] A Charles Brooks served in the Revolution in Capt Turner's Co., Caswell Co, under command of Col. McDowell from 15 March to 30 July 1779. Given that two of his brothers were in the Revolution and no other Charles Brooks are known in Caswell, it's likely this is Charles.

Caswell DB A, p.254
3 Mar 1779 State of NC Grant #30 to Thomas Brooks. 570 acres both sides Moon's Crk & McCorkles Crk of Moon's. chaincarriers: Wm. Holderness, Chas. Brooks.

Caswell Co NC Minutes 1777-1877 by Katherine Kerr Kendall c1976 (Holderness/NC/110)
Sept 1782 & Jul 1785. Charles Brooks was named as one of patrolers of St. Davids District

Caswell DB B
7 Jul 1784 Henry Williams and wife Elizabeth to George Barker Sen. for 400£. 142 acres adj Alexr. Kerr, Thomas Hart, crossing Hart's Hillsborough Road. Wit: Charles Brooks, Alexander Kerr.
7 Jul 1784 Henry Williams & wife Elizabeth to Alexander Kerr for 500£. 177 acres adj Williams & Kerr, George Barker. Wit: Charles Brookes, Goerge ???

Caswell DB C, p.105
10 Jul 1785 William Holderness to William Page for 161£. 266 acres on Moon's Crk adjacent Robert Embry, Thos. Brooks, Henry Cobb, William Adkins. Wit: Tho. Brooks Sen., Charles Brooks

Caswell DB E, p.18
11 Feb 1786 John Graves Sen. to John Payne for 533£. 160 Acres on Country Line Crk adj Jno Graves' old line, John Lay. Wit: Greenwood Payne, Charles Brooks, Barzillai Graves

Caswell Co DB J, p.230
12 Feb 1788 Charles Brookes to Conrad Strader for 100£. Negro woman Hanna aged 24 years which came to him from Henry Williams, dec'd. Wit: Abedego Cooksey, Ann Stublefield.

Caswell DB K, p.153
12 Jul 1797 Charles Brooks to John Cobb for 66£. Negro girl Milly about 14 years old. Wit: C. Dixon, W. Morgan

1800 Census. Hillsboro, Caswell Co, NC
Chas. Brooks: 1m -10 [Henry], 2m 10-16 [Blacknell & George], 1m 26-45[Charles]. 4f -10 Elizabeth, Ursley, Susannah, Jane], 2f 10-16 [Patsy & Polly], 1f 26-45 [Sally]

Caswell DB P, p.326
12 Mar 1804. Charles Brooks relinquished all right in warrant #1759 granted Henry Williams; his interest in consequence of wife Sally being an heir of Henry Williams.

1810 Caswell Co NC Census, p.3. Charles Brooks: 1m over 45 [Charles]; 1m 10-16 [Henry]; 1m 16-26 [George]; 5f under 10 [Sally, Frances, Rebekah, Dolly, Henrietta, with Melinda perhaps not yet born]; 2f 10-16 [Susannah & Jane]; 3f 16-26 [Ursley, Polly, Elizabeth]; 1f 26-45 [wife Sally Williams]. Oldest daughter Patsy married in 1805.

Charles Brooks was a witness to the will of Robert Blackwell, written 28 Nov 1812 and presented to the April Court, 1813. Robert Blackwell named his wife Zillah; sons Robert, John, Carter, Levi, Thomas and Garland Blackwell; daughters Nancy Malone dec'd, Polly Watt, Kitturah Watt, Betsy Malone dec'd without heirs. Exec: wife Zillah, Thomas & Robert Blackwell. The other witness to the will was Charles Mitchell.
Charles Brooks was also one of the buyers at the estate sale of Robert Blackwell, 7 May 1813.
Note: I have wondered if Robert was possibly a relative of Charles's mother Mary Blacknall....and the name has morphed somewhat or been transcribed wrong.

Will written 7 Oct 1815; Proved Jan Court 1816. Names beloved wife Sally Brooks to raise children. Appoints brother-in-law Nathan Williams and son George Brooks as Executors. Wit: Henrietta Rice, Jesse Payne.

Caswell WB G, p.134 Will of Charles B. Brooks presented, Jan Court 1816. Sally is to dispose of estate at her discretion.
Apr Court 1816 29 Jan 1816. Sale, estate of Charles B. Brooks: 1 sorrel mare and 1 bay horse sold to George Brooks.
p.178 Statement of property of Charles B. Brooks, dec'd. Note against Edmund Rice, due 1815. Nathan Williams, George Brooks, Exec.

CHARLES B. BROOKS and SARAH "SALLY" WILLIAMS were married.56 SARAH "SALLY" WILLIAMS56,57,58,59, daughter of HENRY WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH [WILLIAMS], died in 1840.59

Deed Book R, p.273-4: Sally Brooks of Caswell Co to Beloved children [names all 15 children] to receive all her property after her decease. If 3 youngest are under 12, her brother Nathan Williams and son George are to set aside for their schooling. If she dies, each to share equally except a colt known as the Medley Colt. If she is so thoughtless as to remarry, each to have 15/16 of her estate. 21 Mar 1816. Wit: Gregory Hightower, John Walterfield [?].

1820 Caswell Co NC Census, p.44. Sarah Brooks. 1m 16-26 [Henry]; 1f -10 [Melinda];
3f 10-16 [Henrietta, Dolly & Rebecca]; 2f 16-26 [Frances & Sally]; 1f 26-45 [Susannah or Ursley - neither of them yet married]; 1f +45 [Sarah]. 6 slaves.

Caswell County Deed Book U, p.62. 15 Jan 1822. Sally Brooks to Edmund McCubbins three lots former property of Elizabeth Williams, dec'd, on Brown Cr purchased from Joseph Williams, Nathan Williams, and one lot being her part of 100 acres belonging to her mother. Robert Holderness (son-in-law) witnessed.

DB U, p.113-4 1 Apr 1826 Jonathan Brooks to son John for love and affection 569 acres adj Col. Thomas Graves, Robert Holderness, Watlington, Sally Brookes. Wit: Emanuel, Paul, & Armistead Watlington.

WB L, Apr Court 1826
p.52 Debtors to estate of Dr. Edward Foulkes, accounts dating back to 1818, included Salley Brookes (widow of Chas.)

1830 Census: Caswell Co NC, p.311. Sarah Brooks 1m 30-40 [Henry?], 1f 15-20, 1f 20-25, 1f 60-70 [Sarah] 9 Slaves. She was listed next to Ibzan Rice. He had 2m -5, 1m 5-10, 1m 60-70 [Ibzan?], 1f -5, 2f 5-10, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40.

Estate file at NC Archives for Sarah Brooks. George Brooks posted bond for administration of estate on 4 Jan 1841. Jan Term 1843: final settlement after sale and payment of expenses was $5116. Her slaves were purchased: Stephen by Richard Jones, Squire by Saml. Moore (who also signed as security for George Brooks on the Administration), Nicey & child by Henry Cobb, Dice by Ibzan Rice [who married two of the Brooks daughters], and Anderson, John, and Sealy & child by Henry W. Brooks [probably the other son of Sarah]. Inventory of her estate showed the slaves, Stephen, Squire, Anderson, John, Sealy & child, Nicey & child & Dice to have the total value of $4377. Her household goods, tools, rents from the Plantation & hire of the slaves was valued at another $1526. Some of the accounts paid included Nate Armd. Brooks, Dr. J. E. Williamson, Thos. L. Lea, John Kerr-Attorney.

Caswell WB O, p.198
Mar Court 1841. Inventory of personal property of Sarah Brooks, dec'd, by Geo. Brooks, Adm.
p.482 Mar/Apr Court 1843 Settlement with George Brooks, adm of estate of Sarah Brooks dec'd. Pd notes on H. W. Brooks, Gunn & Bow, William Russell, Neal & Johnston, Dr. J. E. Williamson, Thomas J. Brown, John C. Totten for crying sale, John Kerr atty, N. S. Graves, George Brooks. Rent of plantation to Ithamer ARmfield. 14 Feb 1843.

1840 Census. Caswell Co NC
Sarah Brooks: 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30, 1f 70-80
Another Sarah Brooks was enumerated in 1840, she had the following:
1m 10-15. 1f -5, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 40-50. This Sarah Brooks lived between two families named Foster. In 1830, George Brooks, son of Jonathan, and his cousin Thomas, son of Thomas Jr, had a Jesse Foster living between them. Thomas's wife was Susanna Adkins - possibly this younger Sarah is the widow of George, son of Jonathan.

George Brooks with Samuel Moore and Littleton A. Gwynn signed Bond for George to administer the estate of Sarah Brooks on 4 Jan 1841.

Have found possible marriages for several of the daughters in Liahona's "North Carolina Marriages to 1825". Further research needed, as little seems to have been done, especially regarding the younger daughters.

CHARLES B. BROOKS and SARAH "SALLY" WILLIAMS had the following children:



Blacknell BROOKS58 was born (date unknown).















Henry W. BROOKS.



Ursley BROOKS.



Susannah W. BROOKS.






Sally BROOKS58 was born (date unknown).



Frances BROOKS.



Rebekah BROOKS58 was born (date unknown).



Dorothy "Dolly" BROOKS.



Henrietta BROOKS58 was born (date unknown).



Melinda BROOKS58 was born (date unknown).