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First Generation

1. CORNELIUS BOWMAN1,2,3,4 was born in 1740 in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.5 He died on 5 January 1826 at the age of 86 in Owsley County, Kentucky.5,6

Note from Tom Ashworth, researcher and descendant:
We know that Peter Bowman is the father of Cornelius because of a note written by family members in 1901. In that note, it states that "Aunt Sythe" (my gg-grandmother Siretha Seburn) had sent a record, apparently written in her mother's hand (in other words, written by Sarah Bowman Gabbard, b. 1798), outlining family relationships. According to the note, which is in the possession of David Travillion Bunton of Russellville, Arkansas (and is shown in the Cornelius Bowman book recently written by Edward Bowman): "Grandfather Cornelus Bowman Neal - Grandfather Neal Bowman was son of Peter Bowman and Margaret Bowman. Grandma Bowman married a Van Peldt" ... "Written by Sally Gabbard for ???? Aunt Sythe sent record to ???? ???? their mother's hand." In another place, the note states: "Grandma Elizabeth Gentry Gabbard was bornd April the 23rd Day 1833. Edward Gabbard & Sarah Bowman her parents." [The note is displayed on page D 30 of Ed Bowman's book, "Cornelius Bowman, A Founding Father of America and some of His Ancestors and Descendants".]
Two records of the general time of Peter's death place Cornelius in the same general area where Peter lived: (1) a record from the Peaked Mountain Church shows Cornelius "Boman" marrying Susannah Pointer on March 19th, 1764; and (2) the April 16, 1767, record of the court martial of Cornelius for missing militia meetings. Again, the first record mentioned apparently gives the name of Cornelius' wife - Susannah Pointer. The Peaked Mountain Presbyterian Church was in Augusta Co in 1764 but an area that became Rockingham Co in 1778; the court martial of Cornelius is found in the Augusta County Court records. All of this is well documented in the Ed Bowman book.

There is a problem, contained in the following records of Peter Bowman - there is always the possibility of confusion with men of the same name. The record mentions a Cornelius Bowman, father of George & Peter - yet this Cornelius who died in Owsley Co KY, had no known son named either George or Peter, nor do these given names appear in the next generation.
Records of Peter Bowman of Augusta County, VA
Chalkey's Chronicles, Vol 1,
Augusta Co Court Records, Order Book, No. VII, p.462
Feb 17, 1763
Margaret Van Pelt qualified admx. of her late decd husband, Peter Bowman
p. 116
Augusta Co Court Records, Order Book No. IX, p. 162 (either a younger man, or exempting his estate since he's deceased
Nov 21, 1764 Israel Robinson, Peter Bowman, & Thomas Beard, exempted from levy.
County Court Judments, Augusta Co.
March 1764 (B)
Bowman vs. Bird. Cornelius Bowman, father of George and Peter Bowman. Peter Bowman's widow, Margaret, married Van Pelt.
Chalkey's Chronicles, Vol III, p.76
Abstracts of Wills of Augusta Co, VA; Augusta Co Court
Will Book No. 3, p.234
17th Feb 1763. Daniel Smith (on behalf of Margaret Van Pelt's bond, (with Francis McBride) as administrator of Peter Bowman.

A brief article "Migration of the Cornelius Bowman Sr., Family" published in the Clay County Ancestral News, at Manchester KY, Vol 3, No. 4, Oct 1987, p.37. outlines the moves and migrations of Cornelius. The article submitted by Arch B. Bowman of Booneville, KY.
Cornelius Bowman was mentioned by Commissioners in Rowan Co NC Inferior Court Minutes, 5 Aug 1774, when he was ordered to lay out a road.
Wilkes Co was created out of Rowan in 1777 and there is a survey for Cornelius in Wilkes in 1778. He made a land entry on Buffalo Creek, Upper Yadkin River in 1777/78 - but of course an entry does not guarantee he actually patented that land.
Then on 30 May 1781, he was appointed Tax Assessor for Washington County - then NC but later part of Tennessee.

Washington Co TN Deed Abstracts
24 Oct 1782 NC Grant #306 to Cornelius Bowman for 100 acres N side of Watauga River and lower side of Roan Creek including the mouth of Cobb Crk. DB 1, p.33
10 Nov 1784 NC Grant #593 to Samuel Tate for 100 acres on Roans Crk adj Cornelius Bowman & William Reynolds DB B, p.334
9 Feb 1793 Samuel Tate to Richard White. 100 acres on Roans Crk. Cornelius Bowman was a witness. DB E, p.87
4 Nov 1795 NC Grant 1195 to George Engle, Assignee of Cornelius Bowman for 100 acres in Washington Co on Watauga River, N of Roans Crk. DB A, p.4

A Tennessee Taxables List, 1790, Washington Co. shows Cornelius Bowman.
U.S. Census Reconstructed Record, 1660-1820, on Cornelius Bowman was in Washington Co, Territory South of the Ohio River, 1790. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace for Washington Co on 10 May 1791.

In 1793, the Three Forks Baptist Church of Wilkes Co NC, established a branch church on Roan Creek in Washington Co. They ordered Cornelius Bowman to stop preaching in this branch church. He may have changed his affiliation to Methodist, but was still preaching in the Baptist church. Sometime after this, the family moved to Madison co, KY.

Madison Co KY Court Orders Book B: 1 Dec 1795: Deed from Robert Flemin & Mary his wife to Cornelius Bowman proved by Edward Jones & Daniel Lee & ordered certified.
4 May 1796: Same deed proved by Rebekah Lee & ordered recorded. Also appointed commissioners to determine boundary of a 2000 acres entry on Muddy Creek - Cornelius Bowman was one of the commissioners.
3 Dec 1799 Cornelius Bowman granted a certificate to obtain letters of administration on the estate of John Bowman, dec'd, whereupon he entered into bond with Elisha Bowman and Cornelius Bowman.

1810 Madison Co KY Census: Cornelius Bowman: 1m +45, 1f +45. Cornelius Jr. also in this Census.

It is believed that the Bowmans located on the Betty Bowman Branch of the South fork of the Kentucky River, in the part of Madison Co that became Clay Co in 1807 [although they were counted still in Madison in 1810]. This would become Owsley Co in 1843.

17 Apr 1817. Land dispute, Clay Co: Archibald Murphy order of ejectment to get Cornelius Bowman, his son Jacob Bowman, Elisha Bowman, and Jacob Gabbard, off his land. Depositions were taken at Richmond, Sep & Oct of 1818. Cornelius Bowman and others won their suit.
Gabbard-Gabbert Family Newsletter, Vol. 10, No. 2, Summer 2000, p. 14

1820 Census. Clay Co KY
Cornelius Bowman: 1m under 10, 1m 26-45. 1f 26-45 [probably Cornelius Jr]
next door to Elijah Bowman, 1m under 10, 1m 16-26, 2f under 10, 1f 16-26.

Estill Co CD gives date of death as 1 Jan 1826 in Marion (now Owsley) Co KY. I've also seen that his date of death was 5 Jan of 1826 - and was in Clay Co. There is a photo on Find A Grave Memorial# 98019533, that appears to be the "Deaths" page from a Bible. The year 1865 is at the top, but then it says Cornelius Bowman was Born in the year 1740 and died in January 5th 1826, so it may not be a contemporaneous record.

FindAGrave has a memorial page showing Cornelius and Susannah bured in "the Bowman Cemetery" - but this note has been posted:
Cornelius was married to Susannah Painter. Cornelius and Susannah are not buried in the Bowman Cemetery. They are buried in unmarked graves on a farm on Betty Bowman Branch Road near Booneville in Owsley Co.

CORNELIUS BOWMAN and SUSANNAH POINTER/PAINTER were married on 19 March 1764 in Augusta County, Virginia. SUSANNAH POINTER/PAINTER was born in 1745 in Virginia.5 She died on 13 May 1810 at the age of 65 in Elliston, Madison County, Kentucky.5,6

Although Susannah's surname is sometimes seen as Abbot, I believe it was instead Susannah Pointer/Painter. See notes for her husband Cornelius Bowman.

Estill Co CD gives a date of death of 1802.

Note of a direct descendant left on FindAGrave had her exact death date.
FindAGrave has a memorial page showing them bured in "the Bowman Cemetery". However, this note has been posted:
Cornelius was married to Susannah Painter. Cornelius and Susannah are not buried in the Bowman Cemetery. They are buried in unmarked graves on a farm on Betty Bowman Branch Road near Booneville in Owsley Co.







William BOWMAN6 was born about 1770.6 He died about 1840 at the age of 70 in Claiborne County, Tennessee.6

Married Elizabeth McLeain. Another reference suggests her name was Lynch - however, Elizabeth Lynch was the wife of William's son Cornelius.

from Ancestry message board:
William BOWMAN, probably born in VA, died and is buried in Well Springs Community, Claiborne Co., TN, 1832. His supposed children include John (b.1788), William (1790s), Cornelius (1797), Nelson (1802), Susan (1806), James E. (1811), Elizabeth (1812) and Mary. He and his father, Cornelius BOWMAN, Sr., lived in foothills of Blue Ridge on the NC side in 1780s, then moved to today's Johnson Co., TN, by 1790s or so. Then Cornelius moved to Madison Co., KY, by 1795. It's before this time William probably moved to the Powell Valley in what was thought then to be Virginia but turned out to be today's Claiborne Co., TN, when the surveys were done.






Cornelius BOWMAN Jr..



Elisha Williamson BOWMAN.



Judah "Judy" BOWMAN.



Hezekiah BOWMAN6,7 was born circa 1780. He died before 1842 at the age of 62 in Estill County, Kentucky.6

Married Elizabeth Sercey, 6 Oct 1806. Madison County Marriages 1786-1822. Cornelius Bowman was Bondsman. Minister's return was made the next day. The Kentucky Marriage database on, has Elizabeth Lackey.



Rev. Thomas BOWMAN.






Deborah BOWMAN.