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Fourth Generation

72. Siretha GABBARD was born on 3 February 1830 in Clay County, Kentucky.9 She died on 25 June 1919 at the age of 89 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

As Cyntha Gabbard, married Jacob Seaborn, 16 Sep 1849, Laurel Co KY, LDS Microfilm, 1028586

1860 Census. Buena Vista Twp, Schuyler Co, IL, Hh 884 [next door to Nathan & Sally Harrison]
Jacob Seburn, age 30, farmer, b. KY
Serith, 30, b. KY
Nancy J. 9. Robert H. 7. Sarah E. 6. Elijah 4. Wm. W. age 1 - all born in Kentucky
Theadore Bridgewater, age 6, b. IL, living with the family

1870 Census. Twp 90, Range 43, Plymouth Co, Iowa. P.O. O'Brien in O'Brien Co, IA. Hh 5
Jacob Sebourn, age 40, farmer, b. KY
Serenthy, 39, b. KY
children b. KY: Robert 17. Elizabeth 15. Eliza 13. William 10.
children b. Illinois: Samuel 8. Lewis, 3. Charles, age 1.

1880 Census. Crawford Twp, Washington Co AR
Hh 161 - G. W. Revercomb, age 29, b. VA, parents b. VA
Elizabeth, wife, age 25, b. KY, parents b. KY
Leman, son, age 5, b. Iowa. Karmina, 5 months, dau, b. AR
Hh 162
?Arenia/Srenia Seborn [age blurred - maybe 49, maybe not], b. KY, parent b. KY
then a page turn....
William W., age 21, son, b. Illinois
Samuel 19, son, b. Illinois
Louis, 14, son, b. Illinois
Charles, 11, b. Iowa
Jacob 7, son, b. Iowa
Jacob Seborn, age 50, father, farmer, b. KY, parents b. KY

1900 Census. Porter Twp, Crawford Co, AR, Hh 58
George Revercombs, b. May 1850, age 50, married 22 years, b. AR, father b. Ireland, farmer
Lizzie, wife, b. Feb 1854, age 46, three children, only 1 living, b. KY
Jackson Lee, stepson, b. Jun 1874, age 24, b. Iowa
Jacob Seabourn, Father-in-law, b. Mar 1830, age 70, married 50 years, b. KY
Sytha, Seabourn, mother-in-law, b. Feb 1831, age 69, 7 children - all living, b. KY Note: I can account for 9 children, perhaps two had died before 1900

Re: Gabbard Family
TVAinArkansas Posted: 2 Sep 2001 9:28AM
Hi Terry,
I don't have much information on Nancy, and what little I have came from distant relatives.
I have her listed as Nancy Jane Sebourn. She was born on December 22, 1850, supposedly in Madison Country. KY. I have her listed as dying on June 4, 1896, in Arkansas. I am told that she is buried at Wright (Becky) Cemetery at Chester, Crawford County, Arkansas (not too far from me - less than 30 miles).
I have her husband James Murdock listed as being buried at the same location. I have no information on her Smith husband.
I only have two children listed for her, a son Bob Murdock, and an unknown daughter.
I would appreciate receiving any information you can share on who her children were, etc.
I have considerable information on Nancy's parents. If you have not seen it and would like to have a copy, please let me know. I lost some information because of a hard-drive crash, but I still have about 95% of it. Some of the information I lost showed the Revolutionary War veteran, Jacob Seaborn (various spellings) paying taxes on land in Kentucky during the early 1790's. Other lost information included an interesting story of a cousin of ours having a shoot-out with a murderer in Kentucky during the 1880's. Our cousing, Hiram, had 16 rounds shot at him. Some bullets passed through his clothes, but he was apparently unharmed - as was the murderer. The murderer was hunting the men who were hunting him. Fun times, I guess.
Thanks for your interest. Hope to hear from you.

My great-grandfather was William Wesley. He is the oldest person I remember well. He was born in Illinois during 1858. "Will" was my maternal grandmother's father. All of her ancestors were from Kentucky. Many people from the Madison, Clay, Laurel county area moved to the most rugged areas of the Arkansas Ozark mountains - the Boston Mountains - during the 1870's. It must have almost been like a homecoming to them. Names of my families from Kentucky who moved to Arkansas include: Sebourn, Gabbard, Bowles, Copper, and a gg-grandmother from Kentucky was born a Hedrik (Hendrick, etc). I'm sure you have countless cousins in the hills/mountains of Arkansas - they're called "hillbillies" - and I'm one of them.

Siretha GABBARD and Jacob "Jake" SEBOURN were married on 16 September 1849 in Laurel County, Kentucky.9 Jacob "Jake" SEBOURN77 was born on 12 March 1830 in Laurel County, Kentucky. He died on 12 April 1909 at the age of 79 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

Family has his name as Charles Jacob, but I've no record with that name.

I believe he is the Jacob Seborn who served in Co B, of the 119th Illinois Regt. The 119th was organized at Quincy, IL, Sep of 1862 - they were moved to Columbus Kentucky and Jackson, TN. Eventually assigned to Memphis and to Vicksburg, then various places in Louisiana and Mississippi and were moved to Jefferson Barracks, MO to fight Price. They were finally mustered out 26 Aug 1865, and arrived in Illinois 4 Sep 1865.

Jacob is buried Gayler Cemetery on top of Mt. Gayler in Crawford Co. His marker says "Company B, 119 Illinois Infantry". His wife Siretha Gabbard is believed buried next to him, though her grave is not marked.

Jacob born 12 Mar 1830, Laurel Co KY, died near Winslow AR 12 Apr 1909. Jacob and Siretha had 10 children. Jacob was the son of Robert Seabourn [b. abt 1801 Madison Co KY] and Mary Ann McClure. Robert's parents were Jacob Seabourn & Ann Harris; Jacob born abt 1760 probably in Virginia. Served more than two years in the Revolution under Gen. Nathaniel Green at the Battle of Eutaw Springs in SC and under General "Mad Anthony" Wayne in Georgia.
< >

Post from the Ancestry Message Board, Madison Co KY
Cynthia Gabbard, the wife of Jacob Seaborn. They settled in the mountains of Arkansas during the 1870s. After being married in KY, they moved to Illinois and lived there until after the Civil War. Jacob served more than three years in an Illinois Regiment. They then moved to Iowa for a few years, then to near Winslow, Arkansas, a small town just south of Fayetteville. They are buried on top of Mt. Gayler, just off HW 71. In Arkansas they are known as Siretha Gabbard Sebourn, and Jacob Sebourn

Obit from unidentified newspaper in Ancestry FamilyTree.
A Sad Accident
Mr. Jacob Sebourn accidentally shot and killed himself on Monday, April 12, at 11:30 a.m.
He was preparing to go hunting and before loading his rifle, set it on the floor, placed his foot on the hammer and blew into the barrel, as was his custom, not knowing that the gun was already loaded. His foot slipped from the hammer and the ball entered his mouth. His face was in no way disfigured, not even a tooth broken. Mr. Sebourn's age was seventy nine years and one month. He had been a resident of this place for many years. He leaves his wife, seven sons, and one daughter, fifty-five grandchildren and thirty-nine great grandchildren, most of whom live in this vicinity.
A number of relatives and friends, among them his daughter, Mrs. Geo. Revercomb, sons Wm. and Jacob Sebourn, grandchildren, Chas. Sebourn, Lee Innis, Mr. & Mrs. Jim Huff, Mrs. Dick Pounds, and Jim Tremble, the latter being of Richmond, Kentucky, cam up to attend the funeral which was held at the Gaylor Cemetery Wednesday afternoon.

Siretha GABBARD and Jacob "Jake" SEBOURN had the following children:



Robert H. SEBOURN was born in January 1852 in Kentucky. He died on 28 April 1940 at the age of 88 in Jefferson County, Arkansas.

I hoped to find Robert in 1880 - to find the name of the first wife and a child Charles. The only Robert 'Seaborn' I could find was born in Kenrucky, 1853, living in Grand River, Sedgwick, Kansas and he seems to be the right man. (households have no numbers)
Robert Seaborn, 27, Servant, Laborer - possible in the household of John R. Friddle who had a large household - b. KY, parents b. KY
Mary, 21, wife, b. IL, parents b. KY
Mattie B., age 2, dau, b. AR
Wm, age 11 months, b. July 1879, son.

I found the marriage to Hannah C. Pense, 1 Jan 1890, Crawford Co, AR. He was 36; she was 18.

1900 Census. Winslow, Crawford, AR, Hh 61
Robert H. Sebourn, b. Jan 1852, age 48, married 10 years, b. Iowa, Blacksmith
Hannah C., wife, b. Feb 1872, 38, 4 children - 3 are living
Margret S., dau, b. Dec 1891, age 8
Crecy M., dau, b. May 1893, 7
Eva L., dau, b. Mar 1899, age 1

1910 Census. Mountain Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 146
Robt H. Sebourn, 56, married twice, the last time for 20 years, Blacksmith, b. KY
Hannah, wife, married once, 6 children - all living, b. Arkansas
Crecia, dau, 16. Eva, dau, 12. Lloyd, son, 10. Fleetie, dau, 8. Callie, dau, 6, Robt, son, 3

1920 Census. Mountain Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 42
Robert H. Sebourn, age 67, widowed, Blacksmith, b. KY as were his parents
Lloyd, son, 19. Fleeta, dau, 16. Callie, dau, 14. Robert, son, 12. Albert, son, 7 - says their mother born in Illinois

Re: Gabbard Family
Mike Sebourn Posted: 6 Jan 2002 8:23PM; Gabbard Message Board,
Hello, I was hoping to get more information on Nancy Jane Murdock Smith. We believe that she is the mother [a second post corrected this - she was a sister] of my great, great Grandfather. He is Robert Hillary Sebourn, married to Hannah Pense. If you have any information on Robert's parents or anything tied to Nancy, we would love to see that.

Gabbard Message Board
1 Oct 2013
...I am Mark L. Sebourn, I live in Missouri. I am the great great grandson of Robert H. (aka) Black Bob Sebourn. His oldest son Charles H. was my great grand dad, his son Morris L. Sebourn Sr. "Bubs' was my grand dad, and his son Morris L. Sebourn Jr. "Kayo" is my dad. My branch of the family has lived in Missouri since about 1920. ...
My note: I've never found a Charles in the family of this Robert H. Sebourn. I did find a Charles Sebourn living in St Louis in 1930, age 42, b. AR, married 19 years, and he had a son Morris, age 19, b. AR. This would suggest Charles was born in 1888 which would have been prior to the marriage to Hannah Pense, but he would have been only 12 years old in 1900 and should have been living with them. In 1920, they were in St. Louis, Charles was 33, b. AR, parents b. Iowa. Sons Maurice, 9, and Charles, 6 months, b. Arkansas. In 1910, Charles, age 26 was in Crawford Co, AR and had a daughter Mary, age 1 year, 1 month, who apparently didn't survive. In 1900, Charles simply cannot be found - perhaps he was left out of the family.



Nancy J. SEBOURN was born in 1854 in Kentucky. She died on 4 June 1896 at the age of 42 in Arkansas.

May have married a Murdock, then a Smith.

Re: Gabbard Family
TVAinArkansas Posted: 2 Sep 2001 9:28AM; Gabbard Message Board;
Hi Terry,
I don't have much information on Nancy, and what little I have came from distant relatives.
I have her listed as Nancy Jane Sebourn. She was born on December 22, 1850, supposedly in Madison Country. KY. I have her listed as dying on June 4, 1896, in Arkansas. I am told that she is buried at Wright (Becky) Cemetery at Chester, Crawford County, Arkansas (not too far from me - less than 30 miles).
I have her husband James Murdock listed as being buried at the same location. I have no information on her Smith husband.
I only have two children listed for her, a son Bob Murdock, and an unknown daughter.

Re: Gabbard Family
Linda (Garrison) Smith Posted: 11 May 2003 3:42PM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith, Sebourn, Gabbard, Bowles
My husband's (Benny Smith) Grandmother was Nancy Sebourn and Grandfather John Robert Smith according to a delayed birth certificate of his father, Hugh Franklin Smith of Chester, AR (b) 3-28-1886 (d) 2-14-1957, buried in Castle Cemetery, Okfuskee, OK. This information was confirmed by Nancy Sebourn's brother, L. M. Sebourn in 1951 and list his age as 84 at the time.
I would like to have any additional information on Nancy Sebourns husband(s) and her children if any of you might have this information. I do have the 1880 census of her and J. R. Smith living in Chester, AR. I am mainly interested in finding out more details and her husband's, John Robert Smith, family.
Thank you,
Benny and Linda (Garrison) Smith
Earlsboro, OK

1880 Census. Mountain Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 104
J. R. Smith, age 23, farm laborer, b, IL
Nancy, wife, 26
Johnny, son 10. Robert, son, 7. Mary, dau, 5. Seretha, dau 2. Elizabeth, dau, 9 months - born Aug 1879.



Sarah Elizabeth SEBOURN was born on 26 February 1854 in Madison County, Kentucky. She died about 1929 at the age of 75 in Winslow, Washington County, Arkansas.



Elijah SEBOURN was born on 23 November 1856 in Kentucky.

In 1860, the enumerator recorded this child as "Elijah" a male, age 4. In 1870, she was recorded as Eliza, age 13, female. Birth records from Kentucky on list a male child, Elijah Seaborn, born 23 Nov 1856, Estill, KY to Jacob Seaborn and Sarethy Gabbard.



William Wesley SEBOURN78,79 was born in 1859 in Kentucky. He died on 17 April 1953 at the age of 94 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

The 1860 and 1870 censuses says William was born Kentucky - the 1880 says Illinois.

William W. Sebourne, age 23, married Nannie Ehott, age 22, 30 Oct 1881, Crawford Co. AR. Daniel Blevin, Ordained Minister, married them.

1900 Census. Winfrey Twp, Crawford Co, AR, Hh 115
William W. Seborn, b. Apr 1859, 41, married 19 years
Nanna E., wife, b. Wug 1859, 40, 7 children
Fred M., son, b. Sep 1884, 15
Lizzie G., dau, b. Mar 1887, 13
Nettie B., dau, b. Jun 1889, 11
Jesse J., son, b. Nov 1891, 8
Bessie J., dau, b. Nov 1891, 8
Pearl, dau, b. Oct 1895, 4
Eda M., dau, b. Sep 1898, age 1

1910 Census. Van Buren Ward 3, Crawford Co, AR, Hh 142
William W. Sebourn, 51, married 35 years, b. Illinois, Deputy Sheriff
Nancy, wife, 50, 12 children - 7 are living, b. KY
Jessie, son, 18, Delivery boy, grocery store
Bessie, dau, 18
Pearl, dau, 14
Ida, dau, 11
Ruby, day, 3

1920 Census. Van Buren Twp, Crawford Co, AR, Hh 371
931 William Penn Ave
W. W. Seabourn, 60, b. IL, Motorman, street car
Nannie, wife, 57
Pearl, dau, 21, divorced
Ida, dau 19
Ruby dau, 13
Jos/Jas Hutchinson, grdson, age 4 years, 9 months

1930 Census. Van Buren First Ward, Crawford Co., AR, Hh 257
William W. Sebourne, 62, b. IL, Merchant, Groceries & Gas
Nannie E., wife, 60, b. KY
Ruby H., dau, 21, b. AR, Bookkeeper, Dentist parlor

Fairview Cemetery, Van Buren, Crawford Co AR:
Wm. W. Sebourn, born 15 Apr 1855, died 17 Apr 1953
Nannie E., Sebourn, b. 20 Aug 1860, died 1 Jul 1932

Although buried in Arkansas, an Ancestry family tree of a descendant has his death place as Spiro, LeFlore Co, OK.



Samuel SEBOURN was born on 22 August 1861 in Illinois. He died in 1926 at the age of 65.80

Buried Mount Gayler Cemetery, Crawford Co, AR.



Lewis M. SEBOURN was born in 1866 in Illinois. He died in 1958 at the age of 92 in Crawford County, Arkansas.78,80

Lewis M. Seborn, age 26, married Hannah Satterfield, age 17, 1 Dec 1889, Crawford Co, AR.

1900 Census. Winfrey Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 110
Lewis Seborn, b. Jul 1866, 33, married 9 years, b. Iowa, Day Laborer
Hannah, wife, b. Nov 1873, 26, 5 children - 4 are living, b. AR
Mary S., dau, b. May 1892, 8
Nicy E., dau, b. Apr 1894, 6
Martha, dau, b. Mar 1896, 4
Dewey, son, b. 1898, age 1

They are buried in the cemetery on top of Mt. Gayler, Crawford Co.
Lewis M. Sebourn 1866-1958
Hannah R. Sebourn 1875-1911



Charles James SEBOURN was born in January 1869 in Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa. He died on 29 October 1963 at the age of 94 in Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas.

1900 Census. Winfrey Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 90
Charley J. Seborn, b. Jan 1869, age 31, married 8 years, b. Iowa, parents b. KY
Martha, wife, b. Jun 1873, 26, 3 children - all living, b. AR, parents b. KY
Bell, dau, b. Jan 1893, 7, b. AR
Fannie M., dau, b. May 1896, 4, b. AR
Silva, dau, b. Dec 1898, age 1, b. AR

1910 Census. Winslow Twp, Washington, AR, Hh
Charles Seaborn, 40, married once for 18 years, b. Iowa, parents b. KY
Martha, wife, 36, 6 children, b. AR
Belle, dau, 17. Fannie, dau 14. Sylvia, dau 11. Myrl, dau, 8. Everett, son, 5. Jewel, dau, 3.

1920 Census. Winslow Twp, Washington, AR, Hh 128
Charles J. Sebourn, 51
Martha, wife, 46
Fannie, dau, 23
Evart, son, 15
Jewel, dau, 12
Edwards, son, 9

1930 Census. Winslow, Washington, AR, Hh 215
Charles J., 61, married at age 23, b. Iowa, Parents b. KY, has a truck farm
Martha A., wife, 56, married at 18, b. AR
Everett H., son, 25, b. AR
Edd, son, 19, b. AR

1940 Census. Porter Twp, Crawford, AR, Hh 35
Fannie Gaylor, 43, widow, b. AR
Hilda, dau, 11. Leta, dau, 3
Charles Sebourn, Father, 71, widow, b. Iowa, laborer (seems to be the only one employed)
Everett Sebourn, brother, 34, b. AR
Fannie & Hilda lived in Crawford Co in 1935; Charles & Everett lived in Washington Co AR



Jacob SEBOURN was born in 1873 in Iowa.