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Fourth Generation

71. Susan Jane GABBARD was born on 26 December 1829 in Clay County, Kentucky.9 She died on 4 March 1917 at the age of 87 in Jackson County, Kentucky.

1860 Census lists Thomas Lakes as a Blacksmith, born in Kentucky. He was 33. susan was age 30. Jacob 10. Mary Jane 8. John 6. Edward 5. Lewis 2. William age 1 month.

1870 Census. River Prec 7, Jackson, KY, P.O. Middle Fork, Hh 3
Thomas Lakes, 44, Farmer. Susan, 42.
Jacob 21. Mary J., 17. John 15. Edward 14. Charles L. 13. William D. 10. Deborah L. 7. James E., age 6.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co KY. Hh 89
Thomas Lakes, 53, farmer, b. KY, father b. NC, mother b. PA
Susan, 51, wife
Elbarger, 15, son. Mary, age 5, word daughter appears to have had a "g" placed in front - she was probably a granddaughter
Susan's parents were also living with them.

On the same page, in 1880, were the sons of Thomas and Susan and their families, Edward, John, and Jacob, and sons Charley & William, two young bachelors had their own household. Daughter Mary Jones was there and daughter Deborah Smith on the previous page.

Thomas and Susan Lakes are buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Threelinks, Jackson Co, KY. Year of birth on her marker is 1826. Note on FindAGrave, says her death certificate gives her date of birth as 26 Dec 1826. The census records suggest the 1829 year might be closer. Inscription on her stone, "She lived and died a Christian" His stone also has an inscription - difficult to read but perhaps says "Sheltered and safe through sorrow"

Susan was living with her son John "Jack" Lakes in 1900.

Susan Jane GABBARD and Thomas LAKES were married on 5 March 1848 in Madison County, Kentucky.9,38 Thomas LAKES9,75, son of John LAKES and Mary ABRAMS, was born on 23 December 1824 in Madison County, Kentucky.76 He died on 23 December 1890 at the age of 66 in Jackson County, Kentucky.

Buried Pine Grove Cemetery, Threelinks, Jackson, KY

Susan Jane GABBARD and Thomas LAKES had the following children:



Jacob LAKES38 was born on 31 March 1849 in Madison County, Kentucky.48,75 He died on 6 October 1913 at the age of 64 in Jackson County, Kentucky.

Married Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie Ann" Johnson in Jackson Co KY.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co KY, Hh 93
Jacob Lakes, age 30. Elizabeth, wife, age 24.
Thomas 6, son. Edward, 5, son. James, 3, son.

There was another Jacob Lakes in Horse Lick Precinct, Hh 87 - his household amazingly similar, great possibilities for confusion between men of the same age. Or perhaps the same man counted twice.
He was age 32. His wife Eliza was 23.
Sons were Jerry, age 7. Edward, age 6, and James age 2.

There was great difficulty in finding anything that resembled this family in 1900. I do believe I found two of the sons - on the same page with their uncle John "Jack" Lakes.
Horse Lick, Jackson,KY - the young Jake, was in Hh 231 as:
Jakey Lakes, b. Sep 1881, age 18. Fanny, wife, b. Apr 1885, 17, - just married, no children.
Hh 233 was:
James L. Lakes, b. Oct 1877, age 22, married 3 years
Julia A., wife, b. Feb 1878, 22, had 2 children, only 1 is living
Nancy J., dau, b. Jan 1898, age 2

1910 Census. Horse Lick, Jackson, KY, Hh 128
Jacob Lake, 63, married once for 39 years
Liz A., wife, 54, 12 children - 11 are living
Fed, son, 20, divorced
Tomie, son, 18
Suckie, dau, 17
Rhoda, dau, 12
Rhoda Johnson, mother-in-law, 84, widow, had 12 children - 7 are living, b. TN
Hh 129
Jake Lake, 30, married for 11 years
Fannie A., wife, 27, 6 children - all living
Isaac, N., son, 9. Lize J., dau, 7. Chester, son, 5. Clara B., dau, 4. Bertha, dau, 3. Estill H., son, 3 months.



Mary Jane LAKES38 was born on 15 February 1852 in Kentucky.75 She died on 16 March 1947 at the age of 95 in Montgomery County, Illinois.

Married Robert "Red Bob" Jones.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 96 [same page with her brothers and parents]
Robert Jones, age 20 [Either Robert's age is wrong or he was not the father of Mary's older son!].
Mary, age 29, wife.
Charles, 7, son, and John W., age 9 months, born Sept 1879.

She is in the Illinois Death records on Mary Jane Jones died 16 Mar 1947 in Litchfield, Montgomery Co, Illinois, age 98. She was said to have been born 15 Feb 1849 (which seems a few years too early) in Jackson Co, Kentucky. Her parents given as Thomas Lakes and "Mary" Gabbard. She had been married to Robert Jones and was buried March 18th.



John "Jack" LAKES38 was born in January 1853 in Kentucky.75

Married (1) Jane Morris, Jackson Co KY; (2) Vina Hines.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 92
John Lakes, 26. Jane, 18, wife. Susan age 1, daughter. Richard, age 5 months, b. Jan 1880, son.

1900 Census. Horse Lick, Jackson, KY, Hh 229
Jack Lake, b. Jan 1853, 47, married 2 years
Vina, wife, b. Mar 1878, 25, has had 3 children
These must all be children by the first wife - although there is a possibility that one or two of the children is a stepchild, born to Vina by a former husband since she claims 3 children: John, son, b. Jan 1880, 20. Job, son, b. Oct 1881, 18. Lewis, son, b. Oct 1883, 16. James, son, b. Oct 1885, 14. Flora, dau, b. Apr 1888, 12. Fannie, dau, b. Mar 1890, 10. Frank, son, b. Jan 1893, age 7
Seems a bit too early for someone married two years in 1900:
Lizzie, dau, b. Jan 1898, 2.
Surely a child of this marriage:
Jack, son, b. Jan 1900, 4 months
Susan, mother, b. Dec 1829, age 70, widow, had 8 children - all living



Edward LAKES38 was born in 1855 in Kentucky.75 He died in 1947 at the age of 92 in Madison County, Kentucky.38

Married Lucinda Drew.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 91
Edward Lakes, 24. Loucinda 19, wife. Green, son, age 1.

Listed on as having died 1947, Berea, Madison Co, KY.



Charles Lewis LAKES38 was born in October 1858 in Kentucky.75

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co KY, Hh 94
Charley Lakes, 22, occupation, "Keeping Batchelor" and William Lakes, 20, brother, and listed as "Servant'

Married Mary Wyatt Young.

1900 Census. Horse Lick, Jackson, KY, Hh 227
Lewis Lake, b. Oct 1858, 41, married 15 years
Mary, wife, b. Sep 1859, 40, 11 children - 10 are living
Henry Y., son, b. Jun 1884, 15
Thomas, son, b. Mar 1887, 13.
Debby J.,, dau, b. Apr 1889, 11
Eva, dau, b. Apr 1891, 9
Aims, son, b. Jun 1893, 6
Charles, son, b. May 1886, 4
Richard, son, b. Sep 1827, 2



William D. "Will" LAKES38 was born in 1860 in Kentucky.75 He died in 1947 at the age of 87 in Jackson County, Kentucky.

Age 1/12 at time of census at the time of 1860 census.

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co KY, Hh 94
Charley Lakes, 22, occupation, "Keeping Batchelor" and William Lakes, 20, brother, and listed as "Servant'

Married Francis Hellard.

1900 Census. Horse Lick, Jackson, KY, Hh 228
William Lake, b. Apr 1860, age 40, married 14 years
Frances, wife, b. Mar 1870, 30, 2 children
James E., son, b. Jan 1888, age 12
Martha, dau, b. Apr 1890, 10.
Thomas Forbes, Boarder, b. 1878, age 22

Kentucky Death Records, He died 1947 in Jackson Co - parents listed as Thomas Lakes and Susan Gabbard; wife was Frances Lakes.



Deborah Louisa "Debbie" LAKES38 was born about 1863.38

Married Wiley Smith. The "L" in her name must have been for Louisa.
1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 85 [the page just before her parents, brothers, and grandparents]
Wyley Smith, age 20. Louiza, wife, age 17. Susan, dau, age 4 months, born in February.



James Elbert LAKES was born about 1864.38

Married Belle Hellard, daughter of David Hellard and Martha Cole, 2 May 1902, Jackson, KY. He obviously had an earlier marriage to Sally - see 1900 census.

1900 Census. Horse Lick, Jackson, KY
Elbert Lakes, b. Jul 1876, 35, married 14 years
Sally, wife, b. Dec 1872, 28, 5 children
Willie, son, b. Sep 1888, age 11.
Amanda, dau, b. Sep 1890, 9.
Lillie, dau, b. Jan 1892, 8.
Thomas J., b. Nov 1874, age 5.
Vina, dau, b. Jan 1897, age 3.