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Third Generation

19. SARAH "SALLY" BOWMAN was born in 1798 in Madison County, Kentucky.9,19 She died after October 1886 at the age of 88 in Jackson County, Kentucky.20

In 1860, Sarah is listed as age 62 - or born 1798.

R. Michael Smith copied the following from the actual marriage documents at Clay Co KY from File Drawer #2: 2 Mar 1818 Jacob Gabbard, Cornelius Bowman & Nicholas Bowman gave permission for Edward Gabbard & Sarah Bowman to marry. On 8 Mar 1818, Edward and Sarah were married by E. W. Bowman.

The oldest son's census records indicate he was born 1815, but this is very likely an error since the next son was not born for another five years.

SARAH "SALLY" BOWMAN and EDWARD GABBARD were married on 8 March 1818 in Clay County, Kentucky.4,21 EDWARD GABBARD19,22,23, son of JACOB GABBARD and MARGARET "PEGGY" SMITH, was born in 1798 in Carter County, Tennessee.9 He died after October 1884 at the age of 86.21
Copied at the Clay Co Courthouse, Manchester, KY, Sep 2011
Marriage Bond
Know all men by these presents that we Edward
Gabbret &Nicholas Bowman acknowledged our
Selves indebted to the Commonwealth of Kentucky
in the Sum of $50 Current money Which
payment wrll and truley to be made we bind
ourselves and each of our heirs & ____ and
Sincrally Firmley by these presents sealed
With our seals and dated this 8th March
1817 The Condition of the above obligation is such
that Whereas the above bound Edward Gabbret is
about to obtain a license for a marriage entered
between the said Sd Edward & Sarah Bowman
Now should there be no lawfull cause to Ob-
strust said Marriage then this obligation
Shall be Void Else remain in full force &c
Signed:  Edward Gabard, Nicholus Bowman
Teste:  Baker
Clay County March the 2nd 1818
To the Clark of Said County Greeting
Mr. Baker Sir this to Certify you that I
give My free Consent that you Issue out
Marrage Lisence to the Barer Edward Gaberd
to Marry My Daughter Sarah Bowman
And in So Doing you will Oblige Your friend
and humble servent.
Signed:  Elijah Bowman
To:  Abner Baker
Clark of Clay County
Wit:  Nicholes Bowman, Cornlas [sic - Cornelius] Bowman
Mr. A. Baker Sir I do hereby
Certify that I have no objections
to my Son Edward Gabberts obtaining
Marrage License But am inturly
willing given under my hand this
2 day March 1818
Signed:  Jacob Gabbert
Wit:  Nicholas Bowman, Cornelas Bowman

1820, Clay Co KY, p.122
Edwd. Gabbard, age 26-45, 2m under 10 [Elijah & John Wesley], 1f 16-26 [Sally]

Kentucky Land Office Warrant #13583 to Francis Clark, 50 acres for $5, 13 Oct 1824. Receipt included.
On back:
I assign the within Warrant to Abner Baker for Value receivd 1824 November 6th. Signed: Francis Clark
I assign the within Warrant to Edward Gabbard for Value received 1826, February the 22nd. Signed: A. Baker

Survey, Clay Co KY, 22 Mar 1826. The plat shows a very irregular tract both sides of Bowman's fork, near where it enters Rock House fork of Sturgeon and including the Big Branch where it enters Bowman's fork.
Surveyed for Edward Gabbard, 100 acres on two KY land office Warrants:
#12194 assigned by Spencer Daniel to C. White, by him to A. Baker, by him to Jacob Gabbard, and by him to Edward Gabbard
#13583 assigned by Francis Clark to Abner Baker & by him to said Edward Gabbard
In Clay Co on Bowman's fork of the Rockhouse fork of Sturgeon. Begin west bank of the big Branch, waters of sd Bowman's ford; line of a 100 acre survey for Elias Gum, crossing Bowman's fork; bank of Rockhouse fork at the mouth of Bowman's; running thence Rockhouse fork, crossing Rockhouse fork. Signed: Andw. Bradley, SCC
Reuben Gabbard, Jacob Gabbard Sen, sworn chain carriers. Edward Gabbard, markers
On back: Edward Gabbards plat & Cert of Survey 100 acres. Recorded Book B, p.285, 16 Aug 1826. Grant 17 Jul 1827.

Grant Book T, p.247. The grant repeats what is in the survey. Granted by Joseph Desha, Governor, 17 Feb 1827.

In 1830 Edward Gabbard lived in Clay Co KY and is found on the census, p. 169.
Edward Gabbard, age 30-40. 1m under 5 [Jacob], 2m 10-16 [Elijah & John Wesley];2f under 5 [Sally & Susan], 1f 5-10 [Nancy] and 1f 30-40 [Sally]

1840 Madison Co KY census. Edward Gabbard, age 40-50, 1m 16-20 [Jacob B.] three girls under 5 [Eliza, Margaret & Mary] 2 girls 5-10 [Elizabeth & Siretha] 1 girl 10-15 [should be two this age - Sally & Susan as neither were married], 1f age 30-40 [Sally] Son John Wesley, b. 1820, was also no longer at home although he wasn't married yet.

Next door to Nathaniel Harrison in 1850 Census. Son John W. in next house.
Edward was 51, Sally 50. Margaret 16. Jane 14.

Jacob B. Gabbard also in Madison Co in 1850 He is listed as age 25, born KY; Mahaly age 26; Mary age 3; Nancy age 2; Edward age 1. Lived 4 households away from Edward Gabbard.

Kentucky Land Grant. Order for Survey 17936, Edward Gabbard, 50 acres of vacant land, he having paid $2. 19 Sep 1849.
28 Mar 1851, same day as survey for John W. Gabbard. Surveyed for Edward Gabbard, 38 acres, part of a 50 acre warrant on Hootons branch of Indian Lick Creek. Markers: 2 small white oaks near the county line & near the creek, white oak marked E. G. on a narrow bench, large white oak marked J.H.P. near a large rock on a hillside, a gum on a point, white oak on a narrow bench, a pine & white oak, a forked Black oak on a hill side, to a stake and back to the beginning. Nathan M. Harrison & Jacob G. Gabbard were chain carrioers. Edward Gabbard, markers. John H. Parish, Surveyor.
Granted by Lazarus W. Powell, Governor, at Frankfort 18 Dec 1851.
Note: Hooten, Indian Creek are within the bounds of Jackson Co.

Jackson Co 1860 Census; Jackson Co formed 1858 - they may have found themselves in a new county.
Edward Gabbert was age 62. Sarah, 62.
Margaret 23, Elijah age 1.

1870 Census. Travellers Rest Precinct, Owsley Co, KY, Hh 212
George M. Baker, age 28, b. VA
Jane 30, b. KY
James A. 8. Sarah A. 3. Joanna 2., all b. KY
Edward Gabbard, age 73, b. VA
Sarah Gabbard, age 72, b. KY

1880 Census. Horse Lick Precinct, Jackson Co, KY, Hh 90
Edward Gabbard, age 83, father-in- law, living with Thomas & Susan Lakes. Born KY as were his parents
Sallie, his wife, 83, b. KY as were her parents.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book, Bk 4, p.33
Tuesday Morning May the 2nd 1882 Court...
It appearing to the Satisfaction of the Court that Edward Gabbard and his are very old and destitute of the necessary means of Support. It is therefore ordered that they be allowed the Sum Of $10.00 in aid of their Support payable out of the levy for the year 1882.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p. 77
 04 Oct 1882    Upon motion of J.N. Culton it is ordered that Edward Gabbard and Sally Gabbard who have been declared paupers this court be and they are hereby allowed the sum of $25.00 each making in all for both the sum of $50.00 and Thomas Lakes Sr. be appointed committee for said paupers and that he execute bond with approved security for the faithful discharge of his duty as committee aforesaid with a stipulation that said paupers are not to be any further expense or charge upon said county for and during the next twelve months from this date.
 [Note:  Edward and Sally Gabbard were Thomas Lakes' in-laws, parents of his wife Susan, nee Gabbard.]
Found in Genealogy Report, "Descendants of William Senr. Lax" Author stated in document as Andy Altevers, created 7 Sep 2000. Also copied from microfilm of court Order Book.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p. 161
Oct Term, 1st Day, October 1st 1883
Ordered by the Court that Edward Gabbard and Sally Gabbard his wife be declared and continued as Paupers of this county.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p.248
October Term, 3rd Day, October 7th, 1884
Ordered by the Court that Edward Gabbard and wife Paupers of this county be allowed twenty dollars each making $40.00 for both and that Thos Lakes be their committee for same.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p.353
October Term, 2nd Day, October 6th 1885
Ordered by the Court that Sally Gabbard a pauper be allowed the Sum of Twenty dollars and Thos Lakes be her committee for same.

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p.445
October Term, 1st Day, October 4th 1886
ordered by the Court that Sally Gabbard be declared a Pauper

Jackson County KY Circuit Court Order Book,  Bk. 4, p.449
October Term, 2nd Day, October 5th 1886
It is ordered by the Court that Sally Gabbard be allowed the Sum of $20.00 and that Thomas Lakes be her committee.
Note: This is the last time that Sally appears in the Court records.

There is a Kentucky death record for a Sally Gabbard who died in Owsley Co, Oct 1879 - she was said to be age 79, born in Virginia as were her parents. She was said to have been a resident of the county for 50 years. R. P. Franklin was her physician. Ancestry of course attempts to link this death to Edward Gabbard's wife, but the above court record would seem to be in dispute, as would the fact that Edward and his wife Sally were living in Jackson Co in 1850. In fact, I believe Sally of this death record to have been the wife of Mattias Gabbard who was still living in Owsley Co in 1880 with a grandson.

SARAH "SALLY" BOWMAN and EDWARD GABBARD had the following children:



Elijah G. GABBARD.



John Wesley GABBARD.












Susan Jane GABBARD.



Siretha GABBARD.



Elizabeth Gentry GABBARD.



?Mary GABBARD was born in 1834.9

I'm not sure there was a daughter Mary - she seems to have been confused with Margaret.



Margaret E. GABBARD.



Eliza Jane GABBARD.