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Eighth Generation

48. Philander AVERY was born on 13 June 1822 in Franklin County, Ohio. He died on 9 May 1907 at the age of 84 in Schuyler County, Illinois. He was buried in Lynn Cemetery, Schuyler County, Illinois.46

Philander was born 13 Jun 1822 in Franklin Co OH and died 9 May 1907 in Schuyler Co IL.

Elizabeth had three children by Mr. Meeks: Miria, Columbus [b. 1831] and Helen. She had two children with Philander Avery - Mary Ann who drowned in a stream when fifteen, and James.

Schuyler Co, IL, Camden Township History:
Philander Avery first visited Camden Township in the fall of 1830, but he migrated to Knox County and it was not until in the 'fifties that he returned to make his permanent home in the township.
From: Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Schuyler County, 1908, edited by Howard F. Dyson.

1850 Census. Knox Co, IL, p.332, Hh 311
Philander Avery, age 26, b. Ohio
Elizabeth, 37, b. NC
Holoman, male, age 14, b. Ohio [this child not mentioned anywhere else]
Mary, 6, b. Ohio
James, 4, b. Illinois
Colum Meeks, age 19, b. NC

5 Feb 1855. Philander Avery, appointed guardian of Charles G. Avery, age 17, Sept 9, last; and Margaret J. Avery, age 9 on Sept 4, last, minor heirs of Daniel Avery, deceased.

1860 Census. Camden, Schuyler Co IL, p.213, Hh 1407
Philander Avery, age 38, b. Ohio
Elisabeth, age 49, b. NC
James, age 14, b. Illinois

Schuyler Co DB 30, p.236
2 Apr 1862 Philander Avery & wife Elizabeth to Thomas Wightman, for $65. Lots Number 3, 6, 7, and 10 in Block 12 of the Town of Camden.
Signed: Philander Avery, Elizabeth (X) Avery.
Deed acknowledged and dower released the same day. Filed 7 Apr 1864.

Records of Marks & Brands in Schuyler Co, IL, by Lavina Walton & Edna Renner
977.3475 R2w, Family History Library
Philander Avery, Camden, Cut in dewlap from 2-4 inches 4 Dec 1865

1870 Census. Camden, Schuyler Co IL, p. 18, Hh 130
Philander Avery, age 49, b. Ohio
Elizabeth, 52, b. SC
George Meeks, age 19, working on farm, age 19, b. IL
Elizabeth Carter, age 18, blind, b. IL
Hh 131
James Avery, age 23, b. IL
Martha, 19, b. IL

Also in the 1870 Census in Camden, is a Charles Avery, age 32, b. MO, who named a son Philander. This young Philander was age 9, born in Illinois. The mother was Juliann, age 29, born IL. Charles was Philander's younger brother for whom he had been guardian.

From The Schuyler Citizen, 14 Mar 1872
On Thursday night last Mr. Philander Avery, while walking home from a meeting near Erwin, the night being very dark, stepped off the bridge this side of Mr. Gray's residence, a short distance beyond Erwin, and falling down among the logs broke his leg between the knee and thigh.

1880 Census. Camden, Schuyler Co IL, p.379, Hh 83
Philander Avery, age 57, b. Ohio, father b. NY, mother b. Ohio
Elizabeth, 68, b. NC as were her parents
Elizabeth Carter, age 24, niece, b. IL as were her parents, marked as Blind
Nancy Carter, age 15, servant, b. IL as were her parents
Frank Mickels, age 68, gardener, b. PA
Hh 84
James Avery, age 32
Martha, age 28,
LaFayette, age 9
[they also had two farm laborers listed - Thomas Elder age 21 and Thomas Carnes, age 63]
The Charles Avery found in 1870 was also still in Camden.

1900 Census. Camden, Schuyler Co IL, p.82, Sheet 13A, Hh 362
James Avery, b. Jul 1844, age 55, married for 32 yr, b. IL, father b. Ohio, mother b. NC
Martha, b. Sep 1847, age 52, one child who is living, b. IL, parents b. KY
Philander, father, b. Jun 1823, age 76, Wd, b. Ohio, father b. PA, mother b. Ohio
Ava V. granddaughter, b. Aug 1895, age 4
Joseph T. Lynn, laborer, age 38

From World Vital Records LDS database is the following. Unfortunately this does not agree with other indications that she was nee Elizabeth Bryant and was first married to Mr. Meeks. Since the marriage took place at Lee, Iowa - it is possible that Philander went at least to that place with the Mormons before turning back to Schuyler Co, IL
Marriages in the Nauvoo Region 1839-1845
Avery, Philander
Married: 31 March 1842 to Elizabeth Meeks at Lee, Iowa
Meeks, Elizabeth
Born: 2 July 1823 in Spencer, Indiana
Daughter of Priddy Meeks and Mary Bartlett
The database contains records of early marriages in the greater Nauvoo area. In the database, find names, birth dates, and marriage dates. The names of the individuals performing the marriage ceremonies are also included.
Note from compiler: The purpose of this study was to (1) identify early saints marrying in the Nauvoo region from 1839-1845 who had not received their temple ordinances, and (2) complete the temple work for these saints. Unfortunately, as I identified each saint, I found that some of the statistical information recorded by the saints and their posterity was inaccurate, conflicting, or incomplete. Where possible, research was done to alleviate this problem. I acknowledge my respect and admiration for the saints marrying in the Nauvoo region from 1839-1845. A knowledge of their sacrifice, devotion, and contribution to the kingdom of God has enriched my life.

There are many errors in the following bio:
PHILANDER AVERY, one of the large land owners of Schuyler county, resides on section 26, Camden township. He first came to the county in 1832, being a native of Franklin county, Ohio, born June 13, 1823. His parents, David [the father was Daniel Avery Jr., not David] and Margaret (Adams) Avery, were natives of Pennsylvania and Ohio. The grandfather of the subject was born in Ireland, but came to the United States when a boy and for some time was a sailor. He then farmed and followed the carpenter trade. [Absolute bunk - the Averys had come from New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, before Illinois - the grandfather was probably the fifth generation born in this country. However, the grandfather was a carpenter] Some time after his children were settled he emigrated to Illinois, settled in Schuyler county, where he died at the age of eighty-five. His wife also died in Schuyler county. They had ten children: Stephen, Chancey, Pelatin, Nancy, Maria, Daniel, William, Polly, Betsy and Sarah. [these are children of the grandparents of Philander] The father of the subject was born in New York State, July 1, 1797, and when a boy removed with the family to Ohio, where he worked at the trade of carpenter. He was married in 1821, in Ohio, to Margaret Adams, who was born in Franklin county, Ohio. In 1832 he came to Colwell, Illinois, and resided for eight years in Rushville, then settled in Woodford county, where he entered some land. He next spent three years in Missouri and on his return went to Camden township, where he owned eighty acres. He died in 1851, aged fifty-five years. His wife died two months later, aged fifty-four. They had nine children, Matilda, deceased; Rebecca, deceased; Nancy, deceased; Sarah Carter, deceased; Elizabeth J., deceased; Charles resides at Industry, Illinois, and Zavin, deceased.
Philander is the second of the family. He came with the family to Illinois and has remained a farmer ever since. After his marriage he removed to Knoxville, where he resided until 1851 and then returned to Schuyler county and purchased eighty acres of land in Camden township and has since been a resident of the place. He now owns 700 acres of land and deals largely in live stock. He has always been a good, hard-working man, and is known well and favorably all over the county. He is a Democrat in politics and has always been an outspoken man. He is uneducated in schools, but has been educated in the great school of experience.
He was married in 1842 to Mrs. Meeks, nee Bryant. She was born in Stokes county, North Carolina, and married there, coming to Illinois with her husband, Mr. Meeks. She had three children by him: Miria, Columbus and Helen. She bore her second husband two children: Mary Ann, who was drowned in a stream near home when fifteen, and James, who resides in Camden township. Mrs. Avery died, November 16, 1891.
Mr. Avery is a member of Camden Lodge, No. 648, A. F. & A. M. He is worth a good deal of property, which he has made himself.
James Avery was born in Knox county, Illinois, July 30, 1844. He has always lived with his father, although he owns 120 acres of land himself. He is a Democrat and has been Highway Commissioner and member of the School Board. He is a member of Camden Lodge, No. 648, A. F. & A. M. He has worked as a carpenter.
He was married in 1868, to Martha Dixon, daughter of Lawone and Hannah Dixon. She was born in Brown county, in 1848. They have one son, La Fayette, born July 3, 1870.
Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois, Biographical Review Publishing Co., Chicago, 1892, pages 181-182.
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Membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1830-1848
Name: Avery, Philander (Source: Temple Patron Notification Reference: Marriages In Nauvoo Region. Easton, Susan W. 1839-45 Civil Marriages in Nauvoo 1839-45. Cook, Lyndon Temple Index Bureau (TIB) History Of The Church. Smith, Joseph
Volume: 6 A Comprehensive History of the Church. Roberts, B. H.
Volume: 2 Page: 198 )
Gender: Male (Source: Temple Patron Notification Reference: Marriages In Nauvoo Region. Easton, Susan W. 1839-45 Civil Marriages in Nauvoo 1839-45. Cook, Lyndon Temple Index Bureau (TIB) History Of The Church. Smith, Joseph Volume: 6 A Comprehensive History of the Church. Roberts, B. H.
Volume: 2 Page: 198)
Birth Date: 1822 (Source: Temple Index Bureau (TIB))
Birth Place: Lee, , IA, USA (Source: Temple Index Bureau (TIB))
Father: Avery, Daniel
Mother: Adams, Margaret
Spouse: Meakes (Meeks), Elizabeth
Marriage Date: 31 March 1842
Marriage Place: Lee, IA, USA (Source: Temple Index Bureau (TIB) )
Temple Ordinance Data: Baptism Temple Index Bureau (TIB) Date: October 1, 1959 Endowment Temple Index Bureau (TIB)
Date: May 3, 1960 Temple: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA
Comments: Philander was kidnapped on November 19, 1843 and escaped by December 14, 1843. Philander signed his name on the list of those covenanting to assist one another to remove from the state of Illinois. History Of The Church. Smith, Joseph
The database is comprised of a 50-volume list created by Susan Black about people who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1830 to 1848 and who lived in the United States, Canada or Great Britain. The database was compiled using more than 300 primary and secondary sources on early Latter-day Saints, but it does not necessarily include every member of the Church who lived during the time period, and all the information is not necessarily accurate.

Article believed to be from The Schuyler Citizen - sent by the Schuyler Jail Museum.
16 May 1907
Pioneer Resident of Schuyler County Died on Thursday of Last Week
Philander Avery, one of Schuyler county's oldest, most prominent and wealthy citizens, died at the home of his son, James Avery, in Camden township, at Noon on Thursday of last week. Altho in his eighty-fifth year Mr. Avery enjoyed fairly good health and his fatal illness, which began with an attack of pneumonia, developed serious symptoms soon after he was taken down and death soon followed.
Mr. Avery was a man who was well known thruout Schuyler county. In the early years of his life he had taken an active interest in politics and was a staunch Democrat. Then, too his large business interests brought him into close touch with the commercial side of life, and in politics, business and social affairs he was held in high esteem by his fellow men.
On Sunday morning at the family residence near Erwin, funeral services were held, conducted by Rev. Andrew D. Potter. Camden lodge A.F. & A. M. [Antient Free and Accepted Masons] of which the deceased was a charter member, attended in a body and conducted the burial rites at the grave. Our Camden correspondent sends us the following obituary:
Philander Avery was born in Columbus, Ohio, Jun 13, 1822; died May 9, 1907; aged 84 years, 10 months, and 26 days. In 1833 he came to Schuyler county with his parents, Daniel and Margaret Avery, who located in Rushville where they made their home for several years. From there he went to Iowa and in 1851 returned to Camden township, locating on the old father Avery homestead, where his grandson Lafayette now lives.
Mr. Avery was married in 1847 to Elizabeth Meeks of Camden township, who departed this life Nov. 16, 1891. To this union were born one son and one daughter. The death of the daughter Mary occurred by drowning on June 6, 1856. The son, James, lives near the old homestead, where the father has made his home since the death of his beloved wife in 1891, and where he was tenderly and lovingly cared for by both relatives and neighbors.
Mr. Avery was converted and joined the United Brethren church in his younger days and ever after exemplified the Christian life in justice, mercy and truth. He was a charter member of the Camden A.F. & A.M. fraternity, and was always in honorable fellowship with the same.
In the political world Father Avery was a life long Democrat, after the Thomas Jefferson type, and his party honored him several times by electing him supervisor, which office he filled efficiently.
Starting in life as a poor boy he marvelously succeeded by industry, economy, justice and square dealing in accumulating quite a fortune, his holdings being several hundred acres of real estate besides an equal amount in cash and securities. But the greatest of all these riches, things which stand above all else, was that he was rich in golden deeds and righteous character. He is no longer here, God hath taken him to his home eternal to rejoice with his father and the angels.

Philander AVERY and Elizabeth BRYANT were married on 31 March 1842. Elizabeth BRYANT was born on 2 July 1814 in Stokes County, North Carolina. She died on 16 November 1891 at the age of 77. She was buried in Lynn Cemetery, Schuyler County, Illinois.47

Elizabeth had three children by Mr. Meeks: Miria, Columbus and Helen. She had two children with Philander Avery - Mary Ann who drowned in a stream when fifteen, and James.

Philander AVERY and Elizabeth BRYANT had the following children:



Mary Ann AVERY was born in 1842 in Illinois. She died on 6 June 1856 at the age of 14.

Mary Ann may have been born early in 1843 - the year is determined by the statement that she drowned in 1857, age fifteen. Her father's obituary gave a date of death for Mary Ann.



James AVERY.