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Third Generation

3. John AVERY1 died before 1731.1

Some genealogies place John as a son of Thomas & Joan, rather than their grandson.

New Hampshire Residents 1633-1699
Jay Mack Holbrook
Holbrook Research Institute, Oxford, MA, 1979
Name Yr of Record Location Purpose Source
Avery, John 1690 Portsmouth TR 18 POR 645:291
TR - Tax Rate [rates payable]
POR645 Portsmouth 1645-1713 Town Records, Vol 1, Concord NHSL

In 1703 John bought a half interest in a sawmill on Winnecut River. John Avery signed the deed of Thomas & Abigail Avery, 17 Mar 1710. He was living in 1728, Elizabeth was his survivor in 1731.
They are said to have had a son John, Jr. who married on 18 Mar 1724/25 to Bridget Huggins. Since John and Elizabeth could not have married until after the death of her first husband, William Davis, whose will was probated in June of 1707, it is doubtful that John Jr could be her son. Possibly the elder John had an earlier marriage and John Jr was Elizabeth's stepson.

From New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1874, Vol. 28, pp.251-254
The first settled minister was Rev. William Allen who continued in the ministry until his deaath in 1760, at the age of 84 years, the 54th year of his ministry. From 1712 to 1753 there were 1092 baptisms, averaging 26 per year. Rev. Allen kept records. There were 29 souls in covenant before his ordination; those admitted since his settlement, after 1712, included the following:
In 1712, Elizabeth Avery wife to John Avery.
In 1728, Sarah Avery wife to Robt Avery, Junr.
and Mary Avery wife to Robert Avery, Senr.

Vital Records of Greenland, NH
Compiled from the Town's Original Record Books: 1714 - 1820
Priscilla Hammond; Concord, NH 1938
Reprinted by Higginson Book Co 1997
Roll Containing an account of baptisms administered by the Rev. William Allen from 1712 to 1753 inclusive in all 1092.
Children baptized and some growne persons who ownd the Covenant - Greenland
p.50 John Avery, son of John Avery

Before 23 Sep 1723, John had moved to Stratham - he bought land on that date from John Pett and wife Abigail.

24 Dec 1731, Elizabeth Avery and son John sold the land of John Avery, deceased.

John, the son, continued to live in Stratham. Avery Family of Groton has placed him in error as a son of Samuel & Susanna (Palmes) Avery. He had numerous transfers of land. One sale, 8 Apr 1745, along with his wife Bridget, John Avery sold to William Huggins of Greenland "all right & title that said William Huggins hath in possession that his grandfather's Nathaniel Huggins Sr. late deceased" - apparently young John Avery married Bridget Huggins.

Also in Salem - surely not this John, but of course the appearance of a John there only added to the confusion surrounding the Thomas Averys.
Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts
Vol. I 1636-1656
Essex Institute, Salem, MA 1911
The following is likely an earlier John Avery, and he may have been John Averill, instead. Since John is such a common given name, there could even have been one of each in the earlier day, as well as the John, son of Thomas. Some try to make this Avery and Averill the same surname and it may have derived from a common name, but I believe it was a different surname by the time the families arrived in New England. However, it is obvious the court clerks were confused because often the name was spelled each way in the same document.Mar 1654 p.334 John Avery testified about a yearling heifer which Isaac Cumins bought of Mr. Simond's son - Avery said he was dwelling with Goodman Cumins the last year. There is a record of Thomas Avery when he was associated with Cummins, but there was a Thomas Averill in the records who continues to appear long after the Averys had gone to Portsmouth.
Apr 1656 p.422 John Averill Fined for striking Jonas Grigs several times in the meeting house at the time of the public ordinance on the Sabbath day
Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County Massachusetts
Vol II 1656-1662
Essex Institute, Salem, MA 1911
Court at Ipswich, 30 Sep 1656 p.1 John Averill vs Mr. Daniell Epps. For not returning a cow which the latter had to winter
Jun 1659 p.156 Sarah Marshall appeared to answer charges of John Averill before Samuel Symonds. He not appearing, was discharged, Averill to pay her costs.

John AVERY and Elizabeth HILL were married after 2 June 1707.1,4 Elizabeth HILL, daughter of John HILL and Elizabeth ?STRONG, was born in 1670 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. She died on 14 December 1747 at the age of 77.1

A Rockingham County Deed, Book 16, p.216, Mr. Avery with his wife sold land "granted by the town of Dover to my father John Hill".

Death listed as "John Avery's mother". Presumbly this Elizabeth is whose death was meant.

Admitted to the Church of Greenland by the Rev. William Avery.
1712 Elizabeth, wife of John Avery
NEH&G Register 1874, Vol 28, p.253

John AVERY and Elizabeth HILL had the following children:



John AVERY Jr..