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Fourth Generation

10. ROBERT AVERY1,3,7,9,10,11 was born about 1704. He died on 26 September 1756 at the age of 52 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.12

All of the Avery databases give a birth for this Robert as 28 Nov 1681 in Greenland, Rockingham Co, NH. This makes him 44 years older than his nearest brother as shown in the databases. Also makes him age 43 at his marriage - there were 11 children born between his marriage in 1724 and 1749 by which time he would have been 68. Possible, but seems rather farfetched. I suspect the 1681 date to have possibly been the 1st Robert whose wife was Mary, not this man.

Robert is said to have purchased land in Townsend, MA in 13 Dec 1729, from his father-in-law.

Genealogical Dict. of ME & NH states that "Robert Avery of Greenland in 1726 and 1729 deeded his homestead in halves to his sons Robert (m. Sarah Pett 5 Nov 1724) and Edward. Both sons had childen." Edward is given a birth year of 1725 in the above mentioned databases which is obviously wrong in light of this gift of land. Additional research required - the gifts were likely given when the sons reached their majority or married, so likely both Edward and Robert were born between 1700-1709.

Robert Avery married Sarah Pett, 5 Nov 1724. Marriage performed by Rev. William Allen of Greenland, New Hampshire. NEHGS Journal 1911, Vol. 65, p.353
Rev. Allen performed other Avery marriages:
p.40 Michael Woren and Rebeckah Avery, Decem. 18 1718
p.41 Clemt. Steel and Johanna Avery Mar 7 1721/2 [possibly Robert's sister Jeane/Joan?]
p.44 Abraham Harris and Abigail Avery Jun 10 1728 [probably Robert's sister]

Greenland, N.H. - Early Ministerial Records.
Presumably Baptism records in 1729
Jonathan, son of Robt Avery Junr
Petition for the Protection of Township #4. 31 Dec 1746
[Petition to seek protection from "repeted skirmages those Inhabitance have had with the Indian Enemy"]
From Townsend: Robert Avery

Administration of the estate of Robert Avery is in the probate records of Townsend in 1757 - #561 and #564.
Sarah Avery was the administratrix.

There is a Middlesex Co Deed, Book 80, p.365, 14 Jul 1778, involving five of the children of Robert Avery. Jonathan Avery of Temple, HY, Samuel Manning [husband of Abigail] of Townsend, Isaac Patch [husband of Elizabeth] of Westford, and John Willard [husband of Lucy], of Lancaster bought land in Townsend from Samuel Lawrence [husband of Mary].

From the Introduction to Townsend Vital Records:
"Townsend was originally the northern part of a plantation known as Turkey Hills (the southern portion becoming Lunenburg), and was incorporated as a town in 1732. During the decades in the early eighteenth century when Townsend was being settled, migrations in New England were moving generally in an east-to-west direction, so that most of the early settlers came from older established towns in Middlesex and Essex counties. Also, because Townsend bordered directly on New Hampshire, many marriages are seen in which one party was from Townsend and the other from a nearby New Hampshire town."
"Through most of the eighteenth century and into the nineteenth, the population of Townsend, as in so many New England towns, remained relatively stable, and the same mix of family names is seen from decade to decade. But by the middle of the nineteenth century some changes may be noted, with the beginnings of Irish immigration. Because the marriage intention records and cemetery inscriptions published in this volume go beyond 1850 (the usual stopping point in the vital records volumes published earlier in the century) we also see the beginnings of other changes in the ethnic composition of the town. In these later records appear some of the Finnish families who began to settle in Fitchburg, Ashby and Townsend in the last quarter of the nineteenth century."

ROBERT AVERY and SARAH PETTS were married on 5 November 1724 in Rockingham County, New Hampshire.9 SARAH PETTS3,13, daughter of John PETTS and Abigail HARRISON, was born (date unknown).

Sarah Avery was accepted into church membership in Greenland, 1728, and joined the Townsend church by letter after removing there, he previous residence clearly state.

Sarah's parents are said to be John Petts and Abigail. However, death records for the burials of John and Abigail Patts in Townsend would seem to make them too young to be Sarah's parents. Abigail died in 1761 at age 43; John died in 1767 at age 54. And birth dates of their other children begin in 1713. Sarah could have been the eldest and married at 14/15. One of the heirs of John Petts was named as daughter Sarah Avery. It has also been suggested she could have been a child of David Petts, a deceased son of John & Abigail, but that seems to stretch the math even further. All the names of John & Abigail Petts children were repeated in the names of the children of Robert & Sarah Avery.

Robert2 (?-1756) who in 1724 married Sarah PETTS, the daughter of John (1681-1757) and Abigail HARRISON (1685-1735) PETTS , the former of whom was one of the earliest settlers on a tract of land which became incorporated as Townsend, MA in 1732. Sarah PETTS' siblings were John (1713-1767), Ebenezer (1717-?), David (1719-?), Mary (1721-?), Abigail (1725-?), Anna (1725-?) and Jonathan (1727-?).

Admitted to the Church of Greenland by the Rev. William Allen
1728 Sarah Avery, wife to Robert Avery Jr.
NEH&G Register 1874, Vol 28, p.254

Sarah was administratrix of the estate of Robert Avery in 1756. She was likely the widow Sarah Avery who went to Westford in 1766. No more is known about her.

More about John Petts, possible father of Sarah:
John Petts was one of the earliest settlers on a tract of land which became incorporated as Townsend, MA in 1732.
Children named in the settlement of John Petts estate were John Jr., eldest son, born ca 1713, according to his gravestone; Jonathan, b. 15 oct 1727 at Townsend; David, dec'd who had left heirs; Sarah, who had married Avery; Abigail; and Anna.
The names of all the children of John Petts were repeated in the names of the children of Sarah & Robert Avery.

ROBERT AVERY and SARAH PETTS had the following children:



Sarah AVERY3 was born on 5 October 1726 in Greenland, New Hampshire.14

Sarah and Jonathan's birthdates are recorded out of order though they were born before the family moved to Townsend and then their births were recorded with their siblings in Townsend.

Sarah was accepted [prob baptized] into the Church of Greenland in 1727:
Sarah, Dau of Robert Avery
NEH&G Register 1874, Vol 28, p.423

Sarah married James Byam of Groton, 14 Apr 1747.



Jonathan AVERY.



Abigail AVERY.



Robert AVERY Jr. was born on 24 August 1733 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14 He died on 20 January 1757 at the age of 23 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14

I'm not sure that this is the same Robert Avery, but it seems so.
From the New Hampshire Gazette 1757.
[A list of Roger's Rangers who were killed, wounded, or captured in an action with French & Indians near Lake Champlain Jan 18, 1757]....Capt. Spikeman's Company Himself [killed], Lt. Kennedy [killed], Thomas Brown [killed], Robert Avery [killed], Samuel Fisk [killed]
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Elisabeth AVERY was born on 1 November 1739 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14

Elizabeth married Isaac Patch, 14 Jun 1760. Isaac born 8 Feb 1739, Groton, Middlesex Co, MA. They had the following children:
John Avery Patch, b. Peperell; baptized 4 Jan 1761
Isaac Patch Jr., b. 1 Oct 1762
Asa Patch, born Groton, MA; baptized 21 Oct 1764. Married Lydia Lawrence 3 Jun 1784, Wesford< MA
Elizabeth Patch, b. 20 Jun 1766, d. 24 Mar 1846
Abel Patch, b. Townsend, baptized 16 Apr 1769. He married Rebecca Nutting, 18 Nov 1788, Pepperell, MA
Arvilla Patch, baptized in Townsend 19 Sep 1771. Married Oliver Woodward, 17 Apr 1818.

Also from Massachusetts, Births & Chrsitenings, 1639-1951 at
Ralph Patch was baptized 17 Oct 1773, Groton, Middlesex, MA - parents were Isaac Patch and Elizabeth.
Huldah Patch was baptized 11 Jun 1775, Groton, Middlesex, MA - parents were Isaac Patch and Elizabeth.



Anna AVERY was born on 23 April 1742 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14

Anna married Joshua Johnson Jr., 21 Jan 1761, in Lancaster. She was called "Hannah Avery of Groton" in the marriage record. (perhaps she doesn't belong here...) Children baptized at Lancaster were:
Robert, bap. 22 May 1768
Anna, bap. 31 Mar 1771
Timothy, bap. 21 Mar 1773
Rachel, bap. 6 Aug 1775
Joshua, bap. 1 Jun 1777



John AVERY was born on 10 February 1743 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14 He died on 14 October 1760 at the age of 17.14



Rachel AVERY.



Lucy AVERY was born on 11 July 1749 in Townsend, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.14

Lucy married John Willard, 1767, in Lancaster. In the marriage record she is called Lucebe Avery