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Fourth Generation

12. John ARNOLD12 was born on 1 November 1670 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51 He died on 27 October 1756 at the age of 85.36

Birth in Quaker dating: 1st day, 9th month, 1670.

Married 1st Mary Mowry; 2nd Hannah Hayward. He married Hannah at Smithfield, 31 Oct 1742, the day before his 72nd birthday.
2 Sep 2001
Transcription of East Greenwich Monthly Meeting Births and Deaths, East Greenwich, Kent Co, RI.
Smithfield Monthly Meeting set off from here circa 1712.
John Arnold of Providence, born 1st day, 9th month 1670 [1 Nov 1670]
William, son of John, 9th day 10th month 1695 [9 Dec 1695]
John, s., 27th day 5th month 1697 [27 Jul 1697]
Daniel, s. 1st day 3rd month 1699 [1 May 1699]
Marcy, daughter of John, 22nd day 10th month 1701 [22 Dec 1701]
Anthony, s. 12th day 1st month 1704 [12 Mar 1704]
Seth, s. 26th day 7th month 1706 [26 Sep 1706]

John wrote his will 5 May 1753, as John Arnold of Smithfield, miller, being an ancient man. The will proved 1 Nov 1756. Widow Hannah received half the homestead and dwelling house for life and 700£. Eight children were named: William, Daniel, Anthony, Seth, and Israel Arnold; Mary Lapham, Abigail Bartlett, and Susan Malavery. Grnadson: Moses, Noah & david Arnold, Arnold Pain, Nicholas Lapham.

5 Apr 1757, the following children sold their rights to 53 acres in Glocester which had been laid out to John Arnold, 19 May 1743, on the west side of the Seven Mile line. William Arnold, Esq., Daniel Arnold, and Seth Arnold, all of Smithfield, and Israel Arnold, Esq. and Abner Bartlett, blacksmith, & Abigail his wife, all of Glocester.
10 May 1757, Hannah Arnold of Smithfield, widow, sold land left to her in her husband's will.

John is buried Arnold-Vose Cemetery, Woonsocket, Providence, RI, with first wife, Mary Mowry.

John ARNOLD and Mary MOWRY were married in 1693.38,51,52 Mary MOWRY, daughter of Nathaniel MOWRY and Joannah INMAN, was born in 1675.38 She died on 27 January 1742/3 at the age of 68 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.38

Buried Arnold-Vose Cemetery, Woonsocket, Providence, RI.
Here lies ye body of Mary Arnold the wife of John Arno (stone broken)
Died Janewary the:27:1742/3 in ye 68 year of her age.

John ARNOLD and Mary MOWRY had the following children:



William ARNOLD53 was born on 9 December 1695 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51

William married (1) Hannah Whipple, 27 Dec 1717, daughter of Eleazer Whipple. He married (2) Margaret Capron, 5 May 1729, at Smithfield. He married (3) Hannah (Baxter) Hayward of Mendon, MA, 1 Apr 1740. Hannah's first husband was John Hayward. William married (4) Hannah (Whipple) Eddy at Smithfield, 18 May 1755. She was a daughter of Job Whipple and widow of Nathaniel Eddy.

William was admitted as a freeman in Providence in Oct of 1720.

There were 14 children by the four wives.



John ARNOLD was born on 27 July 1697 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51 He died on 12 March 1727 at the age of 29.



Daniel ARNOLD54 was born on 1 May 1699 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51,52 He died on 30 July 1773 at the age of 74.52

Daniel and Bathseba were married by Samuel Wilkinson, JP.

Daniel was a lieutenant in the Smith field militia 1732-33 and served as a captain from 1735-1753. He became a freeman at Smithfield in 1754.

Daniel died at Smithfield, 30 Jul 1773. He wrote his will 21 Dec 1770, proved 16 Aug 1773. One-third of his estate was left to wife Bathsheba. Son Uriah received his carpenter's tools and 2/3 of the homestead plus his mother's third at her death, and 20 acres of land Daniel bought from Caleb Baron. Daughter Anna was to have the right of dining with her brother Uriah at his expense and living in the west end of the house. She received land in Mendon that had been purchased from Ebenezer Cook. The other three daughters - Mary Comstock, Rachel Arnold, & Dorcas Cargill received land in Providence Daniel had bought from his son Uriah. Grandson David, son of Uriah, a minor, received a farm in Cumberland. Grandson Joseph, son of Enoch Arnold, dec'd, a minor, received a farm, the mill lot and 200 acres. There was a granddaughter Mary, daughter of Enoch and a granddaughter Amy Arnold.



Mercy ARNOLD55 was born on 22 December 1701 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51 She died in August 1756 at the age of 54 in Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Mercy married Nicholas Lapham, 1st day 10th month 1725 at the Smithfield Society of Friends. He was a son of John and Mary (Mann) Lapham.



Anthony ARNOLD56 was born on 12 March 1704 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51

Anthony married Sarah Fish at the Dartmouth, MA Society of Friends 29th day, 8th month 1731. She was a daughter of John Fish. By 1739, the family lived in New Milford, CT, just east of Dutchess County, NY. By Septemeber of 1750, they lived in Crum Elbow Precinct, Dutchess Co. Anthony and Sarah belonged to the Nine Partners MM in Dutchess County, in 1761



Seth ARNOLD38,57 was born on 26 September 1706 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.51 He died in 1801 at the age of 95.38

Seth's father was John Arnold who owned land at Woonsocket and built first mill there in 1710.

Seth had the following children by Hannah: Nathan, Hannah,Abigail, Levi & Seth. After Hannah's death, he married Mary Cargill on 25 Oct 1750 and had children George, Phoebe, James, and Anthony.

A case before the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Seth Arnold on the 5th of January in 1741 at Clocester did pass in payment to Anthony Arnold of New Milford [his brother] fifteen false and counterfeit bills of the denomination of twenty shillings, knowing them to be false and counterfeit. On Friday, the 28th of May next, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon to stand in the Pillory in Newport ...and be confined and have your ears cropped or pay a fine to the General Treasury of 300£. Before the 28th of May give bond in the sum of 500£ and make good double damages to the persons injured thereby and pay all charges of prosecution and all lawful fees and to remain secured in His Majesty's Gaol in Newport until the sentence is performed.
A similar charge and sentence was placed on Azariah Comstock of Smithfield, who collaborated in forging, counterfeiting, imprinting and signing the counterfeit bills.
On the 2nd Monday of February 1743, Seth Arnold and Daniel Comstock, Jr., paid their fines and petitioned the General Assembly for return of their freemen's privileges. Their petition was supported by signatures of 51 of their Smithfield neighbors who stated that had been honest men until they fell into the affair of counterfeiting bill.

Seth's will was dated 27 Sep 1798 at Cumberland, RI, and was proved 15 Dec 1801. He named sons James, Nathan, dec'd, Levi, Seth, dec'd, and George. He named daughters Hannah Aldrich, wife of Simeon; Abigail Comstock, wife of Nathan, Phebe Arnold, wife of Luke. Grandsons Samuel & Nathan Arnold were sons of Nathan, dec'd.



Israel ARNOLD38,58 was born circa 1708. He died in January 1781 at the age of 73 in Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island.



Anna ARNOLD38 was born circa 1711.59

Anna married Benjamin Paine, 24 Dec 1731, Smithfield, as his second wife. His first wife was Elizabeth Owen.

There were two children, Anna, and Arnold, born 12 Feb 1734. Anna died shortly after the birth of Arnold.

Benjamin Paine married (3) Annie Mowry, and (4) Jemima Eston in 1751. He died at Smithfield 1 Jan 1784. His will mentioned son Arnold and well as children by the other three wives.



Abigail ARNOLD38 was born circa 1714.

Abigail married Abner Bartlett, 30 Apr 1734, at Smithfield. Abner died 13 Dec 1784. Abigail wrote her will 21 May 1799 and it was proved 5 Nov 1811. She named sons Elisha & Caleb and granddaughters, Ester & Joanna, daughters of Caleb. A son Rufus was also named in the will of Abner and he must have died prior to 1799.



Susanna ARNOLD38 was born circa 1716.

Susanna married John Malavery, 26 Dec 1736, Smithfield. He was the son of John N. and Experience (Mowry) Malavery.